Murphy on Morning Joe to Discuss Socialism and Why She's a Proud Capitalist

out so that's fascinating all right so moving on now we're going to be bringing in our next guest joining us now member of the House Ways and Means Committee democratic congresswoman Stephanie Murphy of Florida she is co-chair of the Blue Dog Coalition and out this morning with a new op-ed in the Washington Post entitled I'm a proud Democrat and I'm also a proud capitalist Joshi answered your questions with a question and she okay that was easy so you are a capitalist explain you know I wrote that op-ed because I felt like I needed to interject and have a voice in this whole conversation about socialism because of my personal story just really shortly briefly I escaped communist Vietnam with my family we were rescued by the US Navy I've had a chance to pursue the American dream here I care deeply about the direction this country is going in and I also remember a time when I was a child packing up basic supplies and shipping them back to family members in Vietnam who were suffering from shortages as a result of the implementation of socialist economic policies and so I've seen the darker sides of socialism just as many of my constituents in Florida who have experienced Fidel Castro's Cuba or medoras Venezuela and so I find this whole conversation that we're having in the greatest democracy greatest capitalist system in the world this casual conversation we're having about socialism really you know disconcerting that we would think about going to that form of economic policies that we've seen fail so so much across this world so Nancy Pelosi who obviously is a lifelong progressive has been quite clear that the Democratic Party believes in capitalism do you think do you think that what we hear from some more vocal members talking about democratic socialism and attacking capitalism do you think that's more the exception than the actual rule in the Democratic Party yes there are a number a small number of voices that are talking about socialism but the broad swath of the Democratic caucus is not embracing those policies I think what you see also is the Republicans for cynical and politically advantageous reasons trying to paint the entire party as socialist when that is from the truth if you look at the number of new Dems that there are those are pro-business Democrats there's over 100 of those I lead a coalition of 27 Blue Dog Democrats also folks who do not embrace the socialist policies but let's let's be clear that there are concerns about you know inequality in this country and so we have to use our democratic systems as duly elected officials and try to improve our capitalist system to make sure that we take care of give equal opportunity to everyone that's the best way to beat back this whole conversation about socialism congresswoman it's an interesting choice right now to write this op-ed and I think it's an important decision and a conversation that should be had and always within political parties there are certain tribes but do you see this as the ascendancy of socialism as part of the conversation within the Democratic Party do you see it as a threat to the potential of Democrats to regain the white house in 2020 I would say that if there's an ascendancy of the conversation around socialism it's one that is in part manufactured by the Republicans as a tactic in the 2020 election as opposed to it being a true conversation that is somehow dividing the Democratic caucus as I've said you know the Democratic caucus I think on the whole my colleagues and I believe in our capitalist system we believe in making it better but you know we have to make sure that we don't allow the Republicans to weaponize this word and try to paint the party you know in an irresponsible way they're doing as much to normalize the conversation around socialism as the handful of Democratic members who embrace those policies all right representative Stephanie Murphy thank you very much for being on the show this morning we really appreciate it great to be with you

  1. I'm kind of tired of people conflating Progressive Capitalism with 3rd World Authoritarian Socialism and Communism. Some of us want a little more Denmark and a little less unbridled Capitalism where the spoils keep going to the entrenched interests . Nobody with my views want Venezuela or what Vietnam was 50 years ago anymore than we want another four years of Trump.

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