Murder at America's Border: The Story of an Anti-Immigration Vigilante

  1. noticed when the victim shoots back, the attackers flee. The USA government does NOT want you to survive an armed attack, this is why they want to take your guns. Also notice how VICE down plays this self defense.

  2. Sure, evil people are out there. Some of them are white ; crazy doesn't care about race. There are also evil people coming across our border – not all, but some. Isn't SOME evil enough to care?!?!

  3. were all human beings on a planet spinning in vast space-we draw lines build walls inspire hate- I will never hold a gun out to someone needing help-or considered different-but I will always hold my hand out-always—

  4. If this shitbird government would let actual men secure the border, and let the border patrol do their job, you wouldn’t have women going nuts and wreaking havoc.

  5. Vigilante groups are unable to arrest border crossers, and they are not allowed to kill unless in pure self defense. It’s important for the government to watch these people and solve the border problem so no American will ever feel the need to take justice in their own hands. The border problem can’t be ignored, it will only get worse if we fail to secure it.

  6. Hearing that 911 call reminds me why i need my shotgun. Id rather be on trial for defending my family and for shooting some piece of garbage that broke into my home than in a bodybag. For reference i live in massachusetts and my right to defend myself even inside my home is not recognized

  7. VICE is scum and shame on YT for pushing this propaganda onto the viewers, here, see what is really being done to America:

  8. $135 Billion is spend in None-citizens that cross the border illegally on Welfare, We have 100,000 Homeless in California, but the left wing politicians preferred to spend billion for new voters. No wonder Afro-American can't get free education, because those illegals are taking all those billions yearly.

  9. Patriotic dilutions my ass, that woman is a Patriot, doing what the government officials refuse to, even though it’s their chosen profession.

  10. As Vice News bashes white people once again over immigration, Vice News remains silent about the genocide of white people in South Africa! The racist black government has told white farmers to hand over their farms or their children will be killed, but nobody cares because the children are white!
    Vice News is the ENEMY of the white race!

  11. Vice News has REFUSED to condemn the attempted murder of 51 White Italian Children by a Black Man in Norther Italy!!!! Racist is a word used only on white people! And who is behind Vice News???
    Why none other that Jewish George Soros who gave them 250 million dollars!

  12. lol a bunch of inbred hick motherfuckers descended form their coward ancestors who left their home and people behind in Europe running from tyranny only to instill it on African Mexican Caribbean and Native Americans later on down the line masquerading as [patriots in a land that isn't theirs. The only true American patriot is a Mexican or a Native American. Everyone else is just here on borrowed time.

  13. The woman's explanation beginning at 14:53 is the pinnacle of white feminism .
    It's astounding how she can take the murder of an innocent family in cold blood and spin it into "misogyny? not in my racism!"

  14. Our UNITED STATES Government (so called Government), has been infiltrated by pro-commies, and worse than pro-commies. They work for the New World Order Socialist Commies/Satanists.
    They torture and slaughter born in the UNITED STATES Citizens freely and gladly. While they have a great desire for our Country to be over run by mass illegal immigration- to surely destroy our Country. As it is all intentional, all according to their plans.
    There is so much more it would take a volume set of books story to even tell a smidgen about the now fallen UNITED STATES Country. Here in this now once upon a time UNITED STATES Country.
    All relative to like the corruption that stands in this video, it's happening everywhere these days- in and out of the so called UNITED STATES Government (for what it's worth- nothing, as nothing will change in this now land of total corruption, and worse than corruption).

  15. This Video is Propaganda For White People… The Drug they inject is Guilt & they keep it pumping so Whites will roll over for the Invasion don't let them!

  16. These killers were opportunist looking for a Big HIT of cash or Drug to feed their expensive  Life style , just like Corrupt cop robbing drug dealers in Miami .

  17. The lady at the beginning talking about the patriot man sound's a bight like myself as i'm living in the wrong country and people her just don't like me, They seem to fear me for unknown reason and i so urn to leave yet i have not been pushed in the right direction.

  18. One nut ball – ten years ago commits a brutal crime and it becomes the manicure for anyone who apposes border control! you social communists make me sick! your socialist paradise awaits you in Venezuela!

  19. Ha, they say he did help the bad guy's, the husband that died. Then he was Killed by a crazy guy that the stupid lady let in her group.
    I am suppose to care why, the dad did not care enough to stop.
    The town'a people saying everyone at sometime was part of helping the bad guy's. So that make's it okay!
    You people are a waste of time. An it is you people that played with the bad guy's that got that kid KILLED.

  20. Smuggling drugs and smuggling people that one guy called it "a way of life"! Yes thats what he said! They were involved in illegal corrupt crimes and I cannot believe he pushed it off like no big deal it was just "a way of life"! Sick people smuggling children and women for prostitution and killing our youth and country with drugs calling it simply, "a way of life"? Amazing he should be in prison himself for turning a blind eye to it!

  21. How about we put those 96,000 "ILLEGALS" that came across our border illegally this month so far this month of May of 2019. Lets take all these illegals and put them in the homes of all the leftest reporters, all the sanctuary cities that don't want to help law enforcement and to every Democrats homes in America that support open borders! They can have all the illegals! They are "ILLEGALS" if they didn't come here legally! But as I said in my first statement murder is murder and the guilty should be punished preferably the death penalty. There are leftest liberals that believe American citizens should be executed but not "ILLEGALS" that commit the same crimes!

  22. Normally thats what illegal Mexican's do to American Citizens, but killers are killers and should be executed for killing innocent people! American citizens or illegals!

  23. Why do they keep using the term illegal immigrant. There is no such thing. Immigrants are those that are documented and here legally. Those that are here illegally are undocumented migrants or trespassers, that are violating our sovereignty.

  24. Obama's FBI set this woman up!.. The wife to jr. Moved and hasn't been heard of since… Fast and the furious??? Obama's corruption!!… This lady who had a nice car dressed well stole costume jewellery… Nah" this is set up bc the lady was getting recognized she had a voice.. And one the GOVERNMENT wanted to shut down! Perfect F.F…. B.s.


  26. Odd, but a 'cage' ? Not MY job, not looking for one. Just 'tired of reinventing the 'wheel', find a 'good' woman and 'settle' DOWN! Child support might keep you 'alive'.(Don't miss a 'payment' though, and NEVER see what you're payin' for!).

  27. Wait wait wait.. what do illegals have to do with 9/11?? Don't get me wrong I'm all for fighting the Muslims and the Jews but I'm pretty sure Mexicans had nothing to do with 9/11 lmao

  28. Animal killers! These were not patriots. The poor young mother who was shot and left for dead described the fat short white lady, she is definitely guilty. Then they come back and finish her, poor family, I will think kinder about the immigrants from now on. So sad that this family was just gunned down and no one helped them.

  29. This is the first time I've heard of this. I hope that bitch and her gang are executed for the crime. What a beautiful child and poor man. Terrible thing!

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