1. Can we do half and half? I still need to make money for myself, and do the social business at the same time.

  2. THREE JOURNALIST, ONE BUSINESSMAN, REST WITH REAL EDUCATED WITH NEEDED PLACES ONLY. FIVE BEST STUDENT IN THE BANGLADESH FOR ANYWHERE IN THE COUNTRY. ONE BEST STUDENT REAL SCHOLAR OF ISLAM PASSED BY FOREIGN COUNTRY UNIVERSITY. No one under bachelor degree in the cabinet PERIOD. So please share this cabinet every where if you love Bangladesh. If you like BNP, OR AWAMALIG OR JAMAT, don't worry its not for you. Its only for who love Bangladesh. Its only for people who are smart not nonsense.

  3. Bangladesh should have this cabinet to run and will win and will take the country forward, will be one of the best country in the world. I challenge any one in the Bangladesh if I am wrong. DR. YOUNIS, ERSHAD, MOLANA RONI, ANDOLIB PARTHO, BADROOD DOZA, MAHI CHOWDURY, DR. KAMAL (PRESIDENT) , FIVE RTD. HONEST ARMY , FIVE RTD. NAVY , FIVE AIR FORCE, FIVE UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR, THREE HONEST DOCTOR, THREE ENGINEER , THREE AMERICAN STUDY WHO LIVED IN FOR AT LEAST 1O YEARS IN USA PERSON,

  4. والله ما ضيعنا الا انت الله يهديك يامحمد يونس

    الجامعة مالقت الا هل المقطع تخليه واجب *-*

  5. Great ideas and everything…but you need those rich folks in the first place to get the funing for these organizations. Id love to run a non for profit, but i need a small business in the first place to even DREAM of having enough overhead to pull it off. The guy is clearly selfless and a huge inspiration, but he also is kinda dreaming unless that room is full of people with deep pockets.

  6. Hmm,,, why are you suddenly being fascinated with socialism? helping all the poor sounds good, i would be very careful.

  7. Amazing. This man deserves his Nobel Peac prize!!

    I hope the next person to win a Nobel prize is Salman Khan for creating 'Khan Academy'. Bringing free education to the world on a scale never seen before.

  8. @kicksnareaudio Haha! Still working on it, but much closer to making it real. We really want to make a good impact on society. Thanks for reminding me of this speech in a crucial moment!! You really don't know how much this helps.

  9. @Passiflora101 He is from my country that is "Bangladesh", so we know better…:). and it is in his full name Dr. Muhammad Yunus…Muhammad, so muslim..right??

    here u can know about him & his work better…:)

  10. @Passiflora101 he is a muslim… and these are the themes of islam or quaran… and prophet Muhammad (SM) told hadeses about these… i can't tell u from exactly the name of Sura, which tell these words, bt definitely it is from Quar-an!!!..:)

  11. i think that mr mohammad is a factor that made the world poor he is the cause of the world crisis so we need to tell him thank you for your help

  12. Social business that centers about others…Business to do good for people and for the planet, that is profound.
    I am glad he won the Nobel Prize.

  13. @666norton420 Same with me. Only I'm doing it the other way around. Making a movie to start a social business, so I can have the money to make a series of movies.

  14. overpopulation is the cause of pollution and now we feed the poor in order to make them recruitable for the corporate. It looks like we grow our children to serve the corporate which at the end pollute and consume all the resources of the Earth.A profit maximisation can be reach also by feeding and maintaining healthy the majority poor uneducated but potential cheap labour for the corporate, isn't it?…this is total paradox.

  15. @bogsider16

    Why are the rich still trying to "maximize profits" when they could spend all that money on such projects? Your real world, which you seem to love so much sucks as hell my friend.

  16. Excellent ideas, if everyone thought like Mr. Yunus the world would become a Paradise without poverty and wars.

  17. @qix2112 What makes Yunus's theories different from socialism is that Yunus's theories are an improvement on private enterprise. I do not like to call anything socialism unless it focuses on creating state-run monopolies.

  18. If he can get it to work then all the more power to him. I'm saying we should focus on finding a way to make money out of making poor people less poor. If there is a buck to be made this way you get what decades of pleading for alms hasn't, less poverty.

  19. Muhammad Yunus idea of micro credits first given to Bangladeshi women and later on to the entire third world is nowadays well picked up by profit maximizing western banks, BECAUSE it is profitable for them. Try to get in literature of or about Muhammad Yunus and you will easily see that it is no dream world he has dedicated his life for. This is best practice for a solid basis of a peaceful co-existence of mankind.

  20. The only people I know who are in debt are those who have bought a house within the past 10 years.

    The problem in the U.S is not privately owned banks. Its the failing of the State to provide simple basic rules for the economy and even more its the fault of over consumption. I don't have much sympathy for people who's financial misery is self inflicted. China is a capitalist country with private banks. What is your point? Do you mean to say that democracy is not necessary for progress?

  21. With the current banking system, almost every other person is burdened with debts. It only create illusion of prosperity, but it comes crashing down once the bubble bursts. Just look at US for example. Even companies like Intel and AMD are in loss, while banks like barklays still made millions during recession. The problem with capitalism is that it very much favors the parasitic bankers, which actually earn by doing nothing! Capitalism is not a must for Industrial Progress. China is an example!

  22. A socialist banking system then? I'm sorry but the free market has a superb track record compared to socialism in its economic variations. I live in a country which is quite socialist compared for example to the States, but our prosperity would be impossible to maintain without a fully free market and the entrepreneurship that is its engine.

  23. omegavalerius, I'm not a fan of Islamic banking either. Infact, I want us to abolish capitalism altogether. That is, fiat money, fractional reserve banking and interest. Instead we should have a gold and silver currency, no fractional reserve banking and no interest. The government can take the responsiblity of all savings and from that pool can lend people at 0% interest. In my opinion the commercialization of moneylending is what is causing recessions, depressions, inflations and poverty

  24. Interest free loans would be a social business but we have experience that even loans with interest work very well. The key idea with having interest rates is to lure the big financial players into the game. This means more money with which to solve the problem.

    I'm not a big fan of the Islamic baking system because of their tendency to replace interest with payment. You don't pay interest but you pay a fee for the money.

  25. The exact problem with charity is that it doesn't help people out of poverty, it makes sure they are kept in poverty. The rich should rather put their money into social businesses and banks who supply micro loans than give it to people like Mother Theresa or other lovers of poverty.

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