Move to Communism from Capitalism

hey there kiddos assist Iran coos and today I wanted to talk about how I think at least in my opinion the best way we could try to get to an automation communist system from our current capitalist money based system so to quickly start off the first thing I would endorse the pushes on that direction would be a universal basic income now I know a lot of my communist comrades are against ubi and I understand it's just basically a way that a lot of the bourgeoisie are trying to extend their control and shift all the burden onto the government that they use but honestly they're more likely to put ubi in more recently than they are to give us you know same pay shorter work hours and shared work or taking all the profits and just giving it to us those both are just not more likely to happen than we already hit ubi so I just figured you know what why don't we just take ubi and use it our to our advantage against them instead of having have two part-time jobs you just need one part-time job you will have more free time people if they manage it correctly could say you know what I'll just make it to where I live just trip up ubi and that can be a political activist and I can go all around the country fighting against the bourgeoisie because either way like for instance the idea of fighting for an increased minimum wage it's a noble idea but well it's just Lemoore more companies to push for automation more quickly and that's why we got to hurry up because jobs are getting automated more quickly and more quickly and we're losing our negotiating power and how we can hurt the bush huazi and then of course there's a whole subject of Union if you keep saying we need stronger unions I agree it's wonderful we should have stronger unions but once again it's the same problem he just leads companies to say ok well just off short or automate it there we don't need you anymore I was reading a story recently about how they're getting rid of a lot of the truck drivers and crane arm operators off the docks of Chicago where they take all the Carter off the giant ships and they're putting in these self-driving car crane arms they pull the Freight off the trucks and now that it's like a big bag between their Union and then automating it right now but and the long run they're all gonna lose because hey it's just out it's especially since the bush huazi still rule everything so when it comes to making it to other corporations either give it a shorter work hours but same pay or we just get more pay from the profits of the company or unionizing honestly I just those are all good thing but I don't see those happening sooner than I see you be I coming into play here so that's why I usually just say let's use ubi trial ev8 the suffering and then try to use it against the bush huazi so that we could push and say you know what things are being automated they're not even really creating anything although as I said before no one really creates anything you just take what you see in your surroundings and just find interesting new ways to put them together no one actually invents anything it's like the age-old question imagine of color you've never seen before it you can't you don't take what you see in your surroundings and find interesting new ways to combine it but anyway but for now I just see ubi is a system that we can try to use against the bush huazi and have more free time to fight politically and just go around saying hey everything is being automated and with copy of royalty rights the owner class is just gonna keep accumulating more wealth and then weed the rest of the working class we're gonna have nowhere to get up and I mean most times when they do when someone does make a interesting little device and makes a big success out of it what usually happens to them nowadays they just get bought out for like a couple of million our couple billion dollars so then the company just gets more stuff and that's why you got so many industries now giving their toes into other industries because it's just hey why focus on one industry let's get into the head like Amazon was supposed to be a book online shop now it has grocery stores and not so on and so forth so we need to use the ubi to fight and say you know what we just need to get rid of money and capital of them all together most of these things are heavily automated they should become public utility rights and then on another note I will post some links below from a person called Paul cockshott who goes through all the details on how we can do a planned economy using current today technology and computers how we could make it to where everyone can have what they want in a planned economy system instead of this current great chaotic random system of all these organizations hiding each other's information etc etc so if you want to learn how we can get to a planned economy you can go and check out those videos and then also he also talks about how we can get to a digital direct democracy and how we can make sure we find ways to where it doesn't get hacked and how it work so rather than electing suppose–and representatives to represent us we would basically have it or we vote now of course we could also do the whole system or we elect expert on subjects and at any time if they don't do a good job we can get rid of them so if you want to elect somebody who's supposed to be responsible for the plumbing of the nation okay I'll look for them but if they start screwing up you can just take away your vote I think the term they use is called a liquid democracy where you vote for somebody and then at any time you could take away your vote and if they get to below then someone else gets elected and then of course that can apply that many other things for the whole direct democracy because as he explains that the idea that we have a democracy the people that actually created it the ancient Greeks would laugh at it when they would have a system where they'd just say hey this position is open and they just pick a random ball and like okay yo you got that position because a democracy be where everyone got a vote everyone we have what we some people call a representative Republic or not a democracy to say the least but we should push for and we could have pushed to her by now but just like we could have got rid of monarchy a lot sooner than we did it's the same thing with representative Republican capitalism was today's technology we could get rid of it we could get rid of the market system well the type of technology we have we could have a plant economy we could have a digital direct democracy but those are brand new things and so we're slow to act on it but this videos goes into more details of how it can get to a planned economy and a digital direct democracy so with all that in mind we just need a push for worker ownership of the means of production get rid of the owner class get rid of private property and push for personal property and if you want to know what that means y'all can look that up I'll put some links in the description below on that as well of what the difference is between personal and private property but eliminate private property and push for personal property and then we just need to automate automate automate anything that can be automated will then become a public service utility so get rid of the owners make everything worker owned now I'm hoping with you bi and people having more free time and then just becoming abundantly obvious Wow the owners are just gonna own everything just because they own it not because they do anything to earn it of course it's gonna be even harder for the now than it already is to justify oh yeah this is mine even though I didn't know work and I don't do anything with it I just tell them what to do it's gonna be even harder when you got a computer doing it all think you just told a computer to do it but use having to oh the computer and so now you get to have all this wealth so that'll be hard for them to make that argument so we just need to keep on pushing saying no it should be the workers and it's automated then it just needs to become a public utility and then also push for the whole idea that you know what living shouldn't cost so many are use automation technology to make it to where housing water electricity internet transportation medicine those are just outright rights now luxury goods those you'll still need to pay for and we'll still have some more of a money system although Paul Cox Reid also talks about how good to get rid of money and move to a more for credit system where you go ahead you work and whatever the material and hour and labor cost that it is to do that job whatever it is you're doing you get a credit and then you use that credit and then just goes away it disappears it doesn't accumulate he goes through all the details of how that whole worker currency credit system would work replacing money at least until we get to the system of where we don't need money at all we get to for communism the whole stateless moneyless classless system so anyway we'll get you bi we have more free time we use that to fight politically to make it to where we the workers have control over the means of production and get rid of the bourgeoisie class perhaps try to push a wealth cap saying okay yet no more rich people because of as I've always said the rich are nothing but a threat to democracy and also never forget you could only have rich people by having a lot of poor people you want to get rid of poor people well that means the few rich got to go and of course they always like to toss the term oh well then we'll all be poor it's like well eh why is that bad but B know we all won't be poor we'll just all be more equal and we'll all be risen up higher and once again the main push for all this is that we need to use the technology the society and civilization of humanity creates the technology we all help contribute in our own small and/or bigger ways but the bourgeoisie have taken all that technology and they privatize it for their own personal gain and say it's theirs with coffee royalty rights even though on top of that most of that came from the public government sector and they just take it and make it their own same thing with medicine we need to make it tour no this is our collective civilization achievements we should all benefit from it not just a few rich little spoiled brats and then once we get that it could go either way to where we say you know what way are you bi well fighting either we fight for worker ownership and then having like 50% of on the board directors be workers that's possible but then of course that I may once again push to just automate even more we could push for shorter work hours at the same pay or same work hours but get higher pay but once again you run to the palm where they'll just say okay more automation or more offshore but probably as time progresses more just automation and then it's become even it'll become even more abundantly clear like okay so now we don't hardly have any work you make all these products and stuff but we can't afford it and then it's be kind of kind of become more apparently obvious that we're gonna end up in a New Age feudalism where there's the massive poor people who are always gonna be poor and the owner of class are gonna keep the wealth indefinitely now on another side note I'm not too worried about life extension and immortality as technology progresses because I think everyone's gonna have access to it any nation that doesn't give their citizens life extension before they live longer healthier lives and a more youthful way is this gonna cost more either you give the medicine make it cheap with automation on top of that something you have a bunch of young healthy people around or you spend billions of dollars trying to take care of a bunch of sick old people constantly in pain it's like yeah I'm not worried about that aspect but I'm worried that we could end up in a New Age feudalist system with automation as Steven Hawkings put it before he died eventually pretty much everything's gonna become automated and just wait until we fuse our minds with the internet with neural link and things like that then who knows what happens after that and then of course transhumanism but as Steven Hawkings put it if we continue on down our current road with automation and continuing this capitalist system where there's a few winners and they steal it from the majority of the people yeah it's gonna be a dystopian future there were past attempts of communism some of them did a lot of good things some of them did a lot of bad things so let's take the good and what the lessons we learn from past communist movements and look at today's world and what the situation is now which because it's quite different than before and then also we have a lot more technology than we did before as well and let's see what we can do with that I mean like for instance on the whole planned economy thing it was very hard to decide how the crops were doing you had to send out people there the look of the crops write it down said the report back etc just based on their experience now as today's technology you had drones fly over the crops and constantly monitor and know how the doing it how much it can produce so on and so forth let alone hydroponic towers and genetically grow meat so we can get rid of the mass farms of cows which will also help solve a lot of problems when we could just genetically grow the meat so we need a push for getting rid of the bourgeoisie our way we will be in a new age feuless system so we have our more free time with UVA we fight the rich fight back they try to automate and then make it or we have nothing so we just say you know what okay now on all these companies maybe worker-owned and then hopefully if we get that to where they become worker-owned then things will be a lot more easier then we can use our government actually represent us again and then we are in control push refined economy use automation to go ahead and make things more like a mass access economy rather than a mass private property Society or it's just more about having access to the thing rather than everyone needing to buy an individual thing for themselves so we could stop depleting our world's resources get rid of planned obsolescence things like that and the private proper ownership of the means of production altogether and then just do the whole worker credit system and then eventually as things just continue to get automated as I said before turn them into public service utilities and as more and more things that automate it we just say okay guess what that jobs gone wonderful now no one has to do that anymore it's great um I currently it's like oh no my jog out on may not be poor on the streets it'll be hey I think got automated great now I'm more free time to do whatever I want and on another side note who knows how much this will all be influenced by things like augmented reality glasses how much that's gonna change our civilization and like I said before neural link where we can connect our brains to the internet and much more faster and quicker things will be able to be done that's probably dramatically changed the ball game as well but at least until both those things hit the world I think that's the best way and the most realistic way I would love shorter work hours and shared work but same pay or get work the same but get paid more but I just don't see the bourgeoisie doing that they don't care they want absolute control I think a lot of them want to make a new modern-day feudalism so push for you be I get it have more free time use that to make your own local communities get rejuvenated because of course the state's not gonna do a thing to help the local communities and then use that power to fight back more politically and not worry about it because you're not going to be threatened with destitution nearly as much as we are now today then we fight we point out how they enjoy getting automated and then how the corner class is destroying everything and how they're stealing everything and then point out how copy and world he writes stifles innovation and slows things down and then the big part that'll be the biggest part is in trying to take political control of either the government or the corporations and then making it to where hey from now on these companies are worker-owned we government do a lot of these things instead of the private industry for instance no water can no longer be done by private industry that is a public government system run by the people same thing for things like mmm or health care or water and electricity and Internet so on and so forth the private sector can make contributions in these things but they will no longer be under the control of the private sector because these are the necessities of life now luxury goods fine but of course then the government could also make a whole system work it has a massive production line of manufacturing everyone can make these cool little gadgets and throughout the year people can vote on it whether they like or not and it's the top ten ones that win get mass-produced so then everyone get that cool gadget and then it changes in six months later but the point is it's run by the people in the masses through the government not Bush huazi and their giant corporations and then during all that once we get control of the government back from the boys huazi then we need to push for digital direct democracy where everyone gets to vote on it now there's a whole way we can go about that like you go to a library you have to watch a video of actual people debating a subject and then you know where they come from and if they're bought off or not and then you get to vote on it and then if you say I don't want to walk while they're watching the debate video of the subject of the matter of whatever it is I'm going to vote on then you know me to vote on it but if you do want to vote on then you watch the video see all the sides have the evidence shown of who's bought off by who if they are bought off by somebody and then you make a decision to vote or we could also at the same time do that of a digital direct democracy and they do liquid democracy where we elect people to represent us on particular fields and they're experts in that field and if they do a bad job you pull your vote for them and then they're out so then once again after we have control the government in that way and the force of the people then I think everything will be pretty much smooth from then on we can push for work or credit system get rid of money push for more automation take everything that is automated and turn it into a public service utility and initially we'll just get to the point of hey we don't need money and we will finally have accomplished communism but those are just my ideas on how we can achieve getting to automation communism I'll post a bunch of links of playlists that I'm gathering up for different topics of whether I agree with them or think they're good ideas but the main thing is if we don't change our ways if we don't fight against the bourgeoisie we're gonna end up in a feudalist Lorde system we need to use the previous lessons of communist movements take the things that did right and apply them to today's world and we use automation for ourselves rather than the Bush huazi using automation to get rid of us and return us to feudalism you need to use automation and workers rights and worker power to get us to where the workers and the owners no longer fight each other and just get rid of the underclass altogether and then everyone can use the technology to free themselves but yeah go and check out the playlists and those videos and then you'll have more details on how we get to our mission communism and all the different URLs that we'll have to overcome but before I close this out I would like to mention one other idea now I don't think it'll happen before universal basic income but I have had people tell me that another good idea be universal basic services so housing food water electricity medicine all that stuff would be free so you would still have your job you would earn money but the things that are necessary to survive all those things are just free so instead of universal basic income it's universal basic services something and the main goal of it is to keep the power away from the rich because to a small degree universal basic income does still help bullish quasi but if we had universal basic services and then all those things are necessary to survive transportation etc then that would do a lot better for the people because that's the service provided by the government that hopefully is controlled by the people and some form a direct democracy rather than just getting money just to spend it on private corporations from the bit for them to get richer so I like the idea of universal basic services more but still at least in the current climate that just seems less likely to pass first but we'll see and that's the end of this video for today so doc tilde here well that's the video for today kids and don't forget to check out the little card on the top right corner to check out the video suggest usually their playlists and videos the things I like are think are interesting or that I agree with are important to know but that's the video for today and until next time

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