Motivational Speech: Take Responsibility For Your Life | Self Responsible

you've been given a gift that's only for you and it's frustrating to watch you walk around make excuses and say that somehow you're not capable of making it work that you don't have it in you that there's this problem in that problem and this person is stopping you and this thing is in the way and that you'll never get there because you never learn this or that and you didn't grow up in the right place and people didn't teach you and the system is against you and it's all a bunch of BS it's your belief system it's your idea of how things are you think you dare to think that you are not good enough that you somehow don't have it in you but the only truth is that you just haven't gone there you haven't pushed yourself you haven't tried your best you haven't given it your all you didn't put it all on the line and then you expected results to come anyway you're settling you're allowing somebody else's idea of who you should be become who you are instead of taking that deep inner voice that you have and following it I want you to follow it I want you to go after that passion of yours because for all you know there's one chance there is one opportunity right here for you to make things right for you to deliver on your talents on your abilities on the gifts that have been given to you if you feel that there is only one person to blame and you'll know because at the end of the road we all get to lay there sit there and think back and you'll know that if you don't chase your passion right now you'll be sitting there knowing that it was your fault because although right now you might be finding a bunch of convenient excuses and reasons why you can't do what you're supposed to do later on it will all be very clear and you'll know you'll find out that all along you were the one who was stopping you you're the only one that can stop you you're the only one that can hold you back and stop you from achieving your own goals your own ideas your own visions and dreams that have come to you you the only one that's sabotaging you your growth your progress and your life and if you will stop and just look at what's going on right now and all of the excuses that you have and all of the people that you've blamed and all of the things that just aren't working out for you and then instead of pointing the finger everywhere else you point it back at yourself you'll get a lot of power you'll feel like wait a second yes that does hurt it's things it really stings because it's you and when you find out or when you feel that you become a little bit bitter and disappointed and you know that you could have done better and that sucks because if you have somebody else to blame it's very convenient that it's very easy to just keep shoving it off but when you do take that self responsibility the other thing the most amazing thing that comes with it is the actual power to decide and choose you can't always decide what is going to happen to you or what is going on around you you can't really control the people that are in your life but what you can do is have full control over yourself stop treating yourself as somebody that you don't have control over because you can choose how you respond to any situation anything that's going on and I promise you you can figure out a way all those people that you idolize all the people that you look up to all the people that you think are so great are no better than you they just did one thing differently they pushed through they did what they were supposed to do this spite all of the circumstances and many times when we look at our idols we say well it was because they came for that background that made them struggle and then they had to fight in that character yet if you were to go through the same struggle you can say that that's what ruined your life and of course because your mother wasn't in your life or because your brother hit you or because somebody said something to you when you were kidding me just stop believing in yourself that could be the thing that stopped you from achieving your goals so long as you keep pointing the finger at those people in the past's those people around you right now all of the things that you've been through that's as long as you'll never be successful in your life but the moment that you point at yourself it's the moment that you have all the power yes it hurts it hurts big time in the beginning but it's worth it because you now can actually decide what you want and go after it with no excuses and accomplish it you

  1. I have many goals in my live, but one big problem is having not enough money to start it or lets say I am just scared to spend my money to it. I have now 1k euros so that is not a lot.

  2. You are truly an inspiration. Being 25 in a limbo at the moment is the most surreal moment of my life so far. Watching these videos helps to regain perspective. Thank you.

  3. nothing can stop you there is no such think as cant do it just takes time all you need to is work it out and get what you want

  4. Oh man a new video in the middle of the night! (least for me 🙂

    Great stuff man, these talks are really motivating! 😀

  5. Another amazing content my friend keep up the good work! You're an amazing person! Thanks for every single thing you did for us. You did a lot my friend you changed lifes. You made them better!~ Saad Austin

  6. Thank you very much bro,I wish someday I can become motivation speaker like you,keep up your good work 🙂

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