Moron Charlie Kirk Thinks Socialism Is Working For Free

so you guys all know doofus paid propagandist charlie Kirk who's a believer in the religion of trumpism and he is quite the doofus as you guys all know I've pretty well documented how he's both a hypocrite where he will credit the Trump administration for doing things that the Obama administration also did but when you go back and look at his tweets about what the Obama administration did which were the exact same actions he vilified him for them so this guy's a hack he's not one to be taken seriously in any way shape or form but it is pretty crazy how stupid this guy is it really is pretty remarkable actually so here's a tweet that he sent out just today actually here's what he said he said Elizabeth Warren is running on eliminating student loan debt and cracking down on colleges which is odd considering she was part of the problem she made over 429 thousand dollars in one year at Harvard if professors really believed in socialism why don't they teach for free so so many things of this right so when he says that Elizabeth Warren is for cracking down on colleges I don't know what that means I don't know what cracking down on colleges means I have no clue whatsoever um but then he says he brings up her Harvard salary now Bernie Sanders is planned for free College which I believe was co-sponsored by Elizabeth Warren does not make private universities free Harvard as a private university is not a public one so you know college at Harvard is not going to be free so that's like a totally separate thing now Warren's plan to cancel student loan debt that does I believe that does reach out to people who would be at Harvard but of course that has nothing to do with her salary at Harvard or how that affects them in any way I don't really understand that plus once you wipe you know the student loan debt slate clean and then you are to set up you know a free college system now again private universities want to be affected by that for obvious reasons but I don't understand that but all so the most important point here is what does he mean by if professors really believed in socialism why don't they teach for free a socialism is the workers owning the means of production what is the purpose of socialism the purpose of socialism is for the workers to essentially you know kick off the owner class and basically maximize their own profits that's the purpose of socialism so the idea there's this seems to be this idea amongst conservatives that socialism is when workers make nothing no that's actually when workers want to you know like I said kick off the owner class and instead the laborers take control and they maximize their profits and also there's the obvious point of like people are gonna do labor for free and they're also you know they need money for okay like you need money to eat you need money to pay for you know your home and stuff like that so it's obviously very stupid it doesn't make any sense but that's Charlie Kirk logic for you there

  1. So CEOs sitting on their ass exploiting their workers while their checks get bigger and bigger isn't working for free?

  2. Hey ….. I would of thought a young guy like Charlie boy would be right behind the student debt being wiped out , I mean someone with his "genius" level intelligence must have racked up a whole bunch of debt whilst at college/university getting those degree's in ……. what were those degree's for again ?
    No seriously this guy must have one in politics , history , mathematics etc etc etc right ?
    What do u mean no ?
    But listening to him talk or reading his tweets u would think for sure this guy must of gone to Trump University & graduated with honours , I mean he's almost as wrong on everything as "dear leader" Trump himself , that alone must take years of studying to reach that level of dumb

  3. Conservative A : Socialism means no one will work

    Conservative B : Socialism means you'll work for free.

    I'm thinking they're just hearing "free" and "work" and then just make shit up about socialism instead of reading a dictionary.

  4. Not a single conservative pundit seems to actually know what socialism is. I honestly can't tell if they are actually this ignorant or they are knowingly arguing in bad faith knowing their audience is ignorant and won't call them out on how badly they misrepresent socialism. It's astounding how so many Americans are so strongly against socialism, yet have no idea what it actually is.

  5. Capitalism is much closer to working for free because the vast majority of your wages are sucked away by your CEO

  6. well, yesterday a moron tried to convince me that biden is left. of course with no arguments just his feelings.

  7. It’s impossible to make it big in the arena of right wing punditry without parting with your soul but gaining the art of the hack. That’s one way and the other would be what those nestle far up the anal cavity of the right call a unicorn. Laura Ingram is a unicorn.

  8. Socialism is the labor theory of value, receiving your full product in value. You know what Adam Smith, David Ricardo, John Stuart Mill etc… advocated

  9. Charlie Kirk looks like one of those kids in airhead commercials that get their heads blown up into a ballon.

  10. There's an argument to be made that capital's goal is to get people to work as close to free as possible. That's why there's such an anti-labor tendency from capitalists. Many of them would prefer slavery if they could get away with it.

  11. Karl Marx: Communism requires "from each according to their ability; to each according to their contribution" first

  12. How is it not completely disqualifying to say something that displays such an ignorance of an extremely basic definition

    This actually sheds a little light on his "living like a capitalist every single day" bs

  13. In the Soviet Union, China, Vietnam….ect you are paid a wage in Stalinism. In the Soviet Union you got an apartment and you never had to worry losing it. Under Democratic Socialist states like Canada and the rest of the developed World you get free Universal Healthcare and free or discounted Higher Education. Maybe he is referring to the American supported Pol Pot regime. Reagan funded the Khmer Rouge.

  14. Socialism is when the government does stuff. The more the government does the socialister it is.-Charlie Kirk

  15. Socialism like Scandinavian socialism?🤣

    Their default fall back is always Venezuela, Cuba, Soviet Union

  16. That's Not even communism but proably you don't have time to make Sense when you live like a Capitalist EVERY SINGLE DAY

  17. Isn't that what inmates do in the US? They almost work for free, wonder why he isn't pointing that out?

  18. Of course he'll be a demagogue against socialism. What's to be expected from a rich brat being paid off by billionaire far-right wing donors?

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