Morgan Community College- Welcome

I think that Morgan Community College
is a great place and I am really grateful to be a student here, and I’ve
really enjoyed my short time here so far, so I can’t wait to see what this next
year and a half has in store. All of the resources are right here. There’s no
better choice for me than MCC, it just fit into my lifestyle perfectly. I
absolutely love working at MCC. The students are amazing.
We have students of all different ages, all different walks of life. We have a
phenomenal instructor to student ratio and so students can get a great deal of
one-on-one support that can get a lot of help. It’s a great place to be. With
concurrent enrollment, I was able to work out my high school schedule with my
college schedule. When I graduated, I had already graduated with one year completed
of college, and then MCC would pay for my extra year after I graduate and that
would be completely free and I graduate my associates, which I already did. I’m
really proud for several years in a row that the college has been able to
provide a scholarship to every student who applies. Everybody that I mentioned
that to is always surprised that that’s the case, but it goes to show investment
that the community has in Morgan Community College. What I love about Morgan
Community College is I love to teach. We have great faculty, which gives you loads
of opportunity to expand into different areas.
My favorite memory at MCC is the staff. They truly are amazing. They help you
with everything. I really like all the hands-on activities that we have here at
MCC and its really just super friendly campus and there’s a lot of great people
here. Don’t let your fears stop you. Even at my age–I’m pretty getting pretty old,
I am–so don’t let your fears or don’t let anybody tell me you can’t. I’d like
to be the first one to welcome you here at MCC. We have an incredibly highly
qualified staff, who is here to provide you with a personal and affordable
experience for you to get your higher education experience. MCC is much more
than just a community college. We offer all kinds of chances for you to complete
degrees specific to workforce areas as well as transfer. Welcome to Morgan
Community College. We look forward to seeing you on campus in the future.

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