1. I have had my own business for three years and I have one employee and thats me . It's real out here . Went to the county for help they had a workforce program to train young ados adult and they pay their salary for three months . Looked in the local paper yesterday the county is being sued for misuse of funds for workforce program. REPARATION NOW

  2. In my sociology glass at Wayne State, they are great at telling why you are oppressed and why you aren't able to succeed, but remain mute on an answer to the problem. They definitely don't mention reparations. Immigrants get more grants and scholarships then ADOS

  3. Most black commentators have very little to offer in the way of real black information and that in my opinion includes Yvette Carnell who seems to like to hear herself more than provide info that will get black folks out of the hole we seem to keep digging in spite of the fact that no one is coming to our rescue. All of that said, I stumbled upon this young brother's channel and he is one of only a few who is really providing a service that black folks need to take advantage of. At 58 and a black male who thinks integration was in some ways a step back, I wish him the very best.

  4. Black society upside down, educated political astute individuals who have community interest are marginalized and @tip Clifford and @cthgod Lenoird are allowed to pontificate. These ppl are clueless, wealthless, and determintal to #ADOSPolitics.🔥

  5. I don't even think they're feeding us Candy, Tone. I think they just letting us put pictures of food on our vision boards. Great video.

  6. Great show!

    When homie said cis and hetero, I thought we were gonna go into sexual preference politics but he kept it on track for the most part….

    The decadent veil is falling… Slowly but it's still falling. We coming!

  7. It is an interesting gesture for a Black Man to bail out one school and its another for any of us to look at that as Reparations. Our people don't really know what Reparations is and what it should look like (it needs to come from America). Plus, If that generous Black man had been serious and in the corner of Black America, he could have created an Endowment that Benefits all HBCUs. No student should have had to drop out of school because of poverty or debt (by the way, he needs to be pulled back to benefit along with the rest of his class). What you are seeing my dear Tone and Yvette, is power picking the weakest links to deal with (insofar as T.I. and Charlemagne are concerned). Shame on the CBC. Shame on T.I. and Charlemagne. Shame on all of them for not insisting upon pulling you in so they (and the President) can hear some Real Talk. Narcissism is as deadly as Genocide to Black America. Great Broadcast. Keep up the Good Work.

  8. Thanks Tone, you NEVER cease to amaze me with your wit and logic. You are APPRECIATED 👑💜💜💜💜🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✌👊👌KEEP GOING #RESPECT #OUR #REPARATIONS #ADOS

  9. Still trying to figure out how anyone who does research and listens to you and Yvette with proven facts and data can think any celebrity can help our plight!

    Keep up the good work!!

  10. I never knew about the Nixon angle. Makes sense. These mf's recycle the same shyt and give it to us like its new. Thanks for the information.

  11. Sounds like Jordan was bitter, iam sure not every brother who graduated didn't come from a 2 parent home. Oprah didn't donate to us and we complain, this brother donates to directly impact individuals and we still complain. I don't get it. Damn

  12. I didn't watch the vid(I'm about to), I just wanted to say this first. I'm an 80s baby raised by a single mother. She knows she raised a man ad best she could. As a man she respects my opinion and quickly asked me about this because I always call out melinated BS as we deserve better.

    With this college donation, I told my mother that the scam is THIS… "they" want us to be like him. Wealthy with THEIR money and with THEIR women. Hence… no more black families.

    I told her that a BETTER gesture would have been to give each of those young men that tuition (about 50k) and told them to start a business… THAT would have been news worthy. That would have built melinated families and communities as well as strengthened the school.

  13. I just found this news segment about San Diego.
    Concerns after prices jump in 'opportunity zones'

  14. I’m confused. The man made a gift to the college of Morehouse and it’s something bad? The man worked hard, exploited an specific avenue, and was able to maximize profits. This behavior has been consistent since the 1800’s or even before then. The major issue is that we cry and beg the rich for alleged money that they owe us instead of creating an avenue for ourselves or community. In fact, there is no community. There is nothing holding these work able men and women from being productive and being financial educated. Instead, we attack the rich to erase the ignorance we are toooo insecure to deal with. Take all the money from the rich and poverty will still exist. Debt will still be prevalent. Crime will not change. This is a societal issue of thought. We are low key advocating draconian tax laws. Bitter and ignorant goes hand and hand.

  15. I was trying to save this vid til Monday so I could have something to listen to at work but I couldn't even make it.

  16. Its all cultural identity politics. The CBC using a hustlegang hashtag is disgusting. The continued glamorization of Drug Dealing culture is disgusting.

  17. I’m not even ADOS and I say keep the fire burning tone this is education for all of us 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  18. Had to give the stank face JUST OFF THE FIRST COUPLE MINUTES!!🔥🔥🔥💥that part about the millionaire and the tax cuts…..

  19. Don’t want clown 🤡 rappers representing me. Asians can get EO 13872 which tells them what economic benefits they’ll get. No legislative bodies were consulted. We can’t even get politicians to say the word BLACK.

  20. My brother has a master degree and don't have a job in the field he went to college for on top of that his job pays him salary but I still take him to work.

  21. That was true about the restaurant with TI but he got screwed by his boy playing with the money he was just the face but the restaurant wasn't his just like the nets and Jay-z deal

  22. take all blessings and fix the community one step at a time……..find people you can trust relate too and have the same mission without toxic, dangerous, narcissistic , ambition

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