Moon propose regional community, building upon free trade and peace

in the Chinese city of Chengdu president
Mun Jane has attended a threeway Business Summit where he emphasized on
the importance of free trade economic cooperation and peace on the Korean
Peninsula for more we connect live to our presidential office correspondent
Shin Semin who is traveling with the president Simon tell us more about what
president moon said in his remaining schedule right here in president moon
jae-in is currently taking part in the three-way tripartite summit meeting with
premier leaker China’s China and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a of Japan and June
all three leaders will be holding a joint press conference but first before
going into the summit the Korean leader at a Business Summit shared his thoughts
on using peace on the Korean Peninsula as a way to boost economic potential in
the region from Google Talk on gumtree zero energy from donkey ba from Jo
condom chan kam-lam but Ruggiero iranian dunya here–we philosophy on to
manageable kinship brother hua from neural pitch 5ch in general they do play
her only dokgo Yong GI Sumida he also called on the leaders of
China and Japan to strengthen the free trade order this on top of the ongoing
negotiations for the FTA deal signed back in 2015 the president also calls
for the neighbors to upgrade their corporation and new industries in the
face of the approaching fourth Industrial Revolution now summon left on
the president’s schedule today is an official summit meeting with his
Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe a right so what’s the general expectation from
the top office on this well the general sentiment among officials at the top
office also traveling with the president are somewhat common sight of this
important summit with the javanese prime minister
the first official meeting in 15 months much of the focus today looks to be on
expert controls initially sparked by issues of bilateral history and supposed
security concerns which ties up their lowest ebb in ears of the meeting
between president moon and Prime Minister Abe a could serve
turning points in a positive direction ahead of their summit today the Japanese
government announced last Friday that it has relaxed some of its export
restrictions against solar a move viewed as a conciliatory gesture to which South
Korea’s top office but although the moves represents some progress it’s not
all that sufficient enough to put the issue of trade controls to bed so we
should definitely keep a close attention on the important meeting this afternoon

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  2. The regional peace in East Asia will be established by the strong economic sanctions to N. Korea. The messenger of N. Korea Moon can't achieve it.

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