Moon promises definite change in New Year to help realize ‘peace community of co-prosperity’

president moon jaein and his message for
the new year said he will continue his drive for peace on the Korean Peninsula
he also said he’ll work to promote new industries and innovative reform
promising clear change in the new year Shin Semin with the details president
moon jae-in’s first message of the year promising to realize a peace community
of cool prosperity on the Korean Peninsula
the president speaking before a roomful of business leaders and representatives
from all corners of society at the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry said
that Wiggy backdrop of international support for peace on the Korean
Peninsula his country will push on with its Peace Initiative commando camara
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Kishida such remarks perhaps hinting at the president’s untrained resolve in
looking to narrow the gap between North Korea and the u.s. despite the regime’s
leader Kim jong-un having said that he no longer feels bounded by a
self-imposed moratorium on nuclear and long-range missile tests when it comes
to domestic issues the president also promised to complete prosecution reform
and other changes to promote social justice sarin – general Mandarin mãe de
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moon stress that no powerful institution exists above the people and that social
trust can only be established when all people are treated equally and fairly by
law indicating a speedy reform of the prosecution on the economic front the
president also assured the people that his administration will continue to
support efforts to promote new industries and innovative reforms
president boons efforts to boost the economy can be seen through the event
being held at the Korea Chamber of Commerce
in industry this year and the Korea Federation of SMEs last year since I’m
in Arirang news

  1. pres. moon needs to just be focused on south korea. The north has been offered everything and still said go f**K yourself. One way diploymancy has no chance of working. Just continue to let the north stay in poverty, if they cross the line with wmd. Lets just be ready to smack'em upside the head. Every effort with the north has just been a total waste.

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