Module 2: Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) meet Microsoft Teams

Our school has a great
topic for a book study this school year to help us in meeting our student achievement targets. What we need now is a way
to keep everyone organized and learning collaboratively. We’re going to see how Teams
can help drive the success of our professional learning community. We log into our Office 365 account and click on the Teams app. Then, to create our PLC
team, we clicked on Add Team at the bottom left corner
of our teams portal. We chose to name our PLC 6th Grade PLC since our entire group
of sixth grade teachers will be working together. We also set this PLC to
private since we are going to be sharing our students’
test scores with each other. Whether we are meeting
in person or virtually it is important to get our meetings set. There are two easy ways to
meet with people using Teams. When you click on meetings
you have the opportunity to set a meeting and the
invite looks very much like setting a calendar
meeting in Outlook. In fact, it will appear
in my Outlook calendar. If you want to brainstorm
additional topics for the PLC meeting with a co-leader, you can talk to them
immediately using Meet Now. Whoever is online and free to join can jump in on the conversation. You know they are online
by the small green circle with the check mark at the
bottom corner of their picture or name icon. Our PLC debated on how to manage the files and information we would need. We could use the Files
part of our PLC team, but we elected to use the
integrated PLC OneNote Notebook because it has templates already created and it is based on the
DuFour model for PLCs. As we locate great articles we post them for all to consider. We also keep meeting
notes as we cover topics from our book study. This is also another great
place for us to easily access student data through the Power BI app. PLC conversations now carry on long after our formal meetings since
we started leaving comments as we work through new information. I don’t know how we ever managed our PLCs before we had all these
amazing tools with Teams.

  1. What is with the maddeningly repetitive music in all these videos? Completely unnecessary, totally intrusive and distracting. Please, re-upload with either the volume of the background music lowered, or ideally with it completely removed except when you're showing transitions or titles.

  2. Well I have done this and there is no integrated workbook – why do my screens never look like yours? Abd yes i agree the music is irritating and too loud.

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