Module 12, Social Judgement Theory

hello my name is Nicholas Luna and today
we’re gonna be covering module 12 chapter 14 which covers a social
judgment theory now one of the main whole points of this whole chapter was
evaluating and the way we a society interpret messages which is gonna go
hand in hand with the social judgment theory the social judgment theory is a
perception and evaluation of an idea by comparing it with current attitudes
we see this now a lot of that goes hand-in-hand with political views and
one of the main other focuses that goes hand-in-hand with what the what the
political views is ego involvement ego involvement is the importance of a
centrality of an issue to a person’s life offers demonstrated by membership
in a group with a known stand now this definition goes perfectly hand-in-hand
with the political parties of course in the United States two political parties
Republican and Democrat Republicans have this one social conservative
viewpoint where you know they believe that the Second Amendment is you know
everybody in the US has a right to the right to bear arms they don’t they’re
more on pro life that really looking at are the circumstances of what the
certain what the woman is doing with with the child looking at that situation
of how the child became to be a Democrat on the other hand look at more of a pro
choice look at more things from the exact opposite of a of a social
conservative you know they’re looking at ways to prevent gun violence and looking
at ways to help out global warming which is what I talked about my previous video
so creative number one go hand-in-hand with the ego involvement and her and
then this social judgment theory but the main focus that I want to focus on this
chapter that we kind of hinted on is but gun control and a lot of the messages
that are are sitting here are going by certain attitudes and that person’s
judgment of that attitude a perfect example is this is gonna be some of the mass shooting that happened within this past year and the one I’m going to talk
about specifically he’s the one that happened in El Paso if you don’t know
what happened with El Paso we had a white white male dragged down all the
way down from Dallas all the way down to El Paso and shoot up a local Walmart
which hit very hard with Democrat 2020 presidential Beto O’Rourke
Beo O’Rourke is against gun control and has been against control before this
but now that his since it hit home of his hometown in El Paso Texas this really
hit home with him and with his stand on on on gun control so his his main
evaluation it’s looking at the view of gun control and how that he saw this and
it happened in his own town where he was born and raised and where he was a big
part of their community so be able to see that hand to hand that has definitely
enhances view of somehow trying to find a way to control and find ways to buy
back all these gun which is what his goes with is ego involvement which is
with his issue with the gun control is that there’s people who have access to a
AK 47s and a military type like guns but it’s trying to find ways to buy a
back and that’s how it goes hand-in-hand with the equal evolvement and his ego is
that he must have buy back these guns and take back these I’m trying to
prevent more of these horrific events are happening but when you turn it to
the other side of a Republican you will look at people like Ted Cruz or like
Donald Trump who are going on a exact opposite because they believe in these
standards and their attitude is that they go back to the Constitution which
was written years ago that the that every US citizen has a right to bear
arms and as their final say they won’t look at anything else they’re not really
comparing it with anything else they just compare it but to that because
it’s written and now it’s or one viewpoint and that’s the way they view
on a lot of things you look at it we go into more depth of these of these mass
shootings of what’s going on if you look at more to what they say Donald Trump
doesn’t really critique how they got the guns they just say long as they have the
right to the bare arms they technically these citizens have the right of the
bare arms which is totally morally wrong and beyond the situation but that was
the main focus of this chapter and I felt like gun control and political
parties like Democrat and Republican fit really well with the social judgment
theory which is we’re looking at attitudes and show
what our viewpoint is thank you

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