Mitch Nathanson on Social Status and Sports

what you had in America was was was a system where somebody can move from the lower class to the upper class or from the upper class to the middle class to the lower class this this was seen by the people in the upper class as something that wasn't so great because what was yours today could be someone else's tomorrow so what happened was a lot of of the wasp elites in the eighteen and mid eight min 19th century cordoned off cricket and used it as a marker of status as opposed to making it a game just as a game so they they think they sort of commandeered cricket made it a status marker and and discouraged others from playing the game they restricted entry into their clubs to others who were like them and this left out a lot of people who financially were as well off as they were but who didn't have the necessary proper background and so these people were left out of those clubs people who started the baseball clubs the merchants and artisans who had some wealth but not status generally due to a familial background these were many of them many of these people were Irish German German Jews these are people who were kept out of the cricket clubs they wanted to be seen as Americans and so they started their clubs formulated around baseball and portrayed themselves as true Americans by saying we were playing the American game cricket as a British game baseball is an American game this is the American pastime this is the national pastime

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