Misrepresenting Anarchism

hey Larkin Rose here every once in a while somebody points out to me some article or some news story in the mainstream media that talks about anarchism and almost always misrepresents what it is and so there's this article in Teen Vogue called anarchy what it is and why pop culture loves it which I immediately assumed without having read it was going to be stupid leftist garbage but then I read it and it was stupid leftist garbage and so I'm here to do this video pointing out all the things it lies about and pointing out the agenda that I think is behind stories like this because I don't think this is by accident and the person who wrote it may just be expressing what they think but the fact that this is what shows up in the mainstream whenever the word anarchy is used is not by accident so here we go I'm not gonna read the whole thing I'm gonna read the bits and pieces that actually matter and try to get to the philosophy so Anarchy what it is and why pop culture loves it this is by Kim Kelly the thing says writer Kim Kelly is an anarchist based in New York City and an organizer with the metropolitan anarchist Coordinating Council just sort of a strange term sounds slightly Chairman Mao ish but whatever I assume Kim's female name but that might not be the case I'm just gonna assume that unless I find out in other words so first line is it's a complicated philosophy that's more than just a punk rock phase it's not a punk rock phase and it's not a complicated philosophy it literally means rule by no one and our key just like monarchy means ruled by one person and our key means rule by nobody no rulers rule by no one it's a simple word it's a simple concept it's not complicated however what happens and what you will see in this article is that certain people like to just tack on a bunch of preferences they have usually socialist communist BS and declare that that's what anarchism is and you'll see them doing exactly that in a minute and it's this this weird habit they have of trying to like grab a monopoly on the term of like only we're allowed to use the term and now it doesn't just mean no rulers it means no hierarchy and no currency and no property and yes you're not allowed to wear hats on Tuesday and you're not allowed to eat pork products like I made up the last two but it's that stupid you don't just get to take your random collection of preferences stick them onto an actual concept and declare that that's what the concept means anarchy means rule by no 1 anarchism means advocating a society that doesn't have a ruling class period end of sentence and a paragraph and book the end that's what it means and there are people trying to say well no historically traditionally that's referred to both historically and traditionally it comes from the Greek it means rule by no one the end and yes in the past there are a bunch of friggin commies who tried to hijack the term and pretend that only they are true anarchists when they're not even true anarchists but we're going to get into that as we see that what this article does because this article very predictably does the leftist route routine thing in a pop cultural sense at least the idea of Anarchy has been characterized by either a middle fingers up no parent no parents no rules punk attitude or a panicky more conservative outlook used by national and state sources to rep represent violent chaos and disorder slightly awkward sentence but ok close enough in other words the authoritarians try to use the word Anarchy to mean chaos and mayhem today we can see an extremely serious radical leftist political philosophy on t-shirts at Hot Topic it's not inherently leftist in fact we'll get into why it isn't leftist at all so what is anarchism what do those people raising black flags and circling A's really want here's what you need to know what that really means is here's what the mainstream media wants you to think nevermind what's actually happening never mind the ideas that are actually spreading versus the anarcho comet that's just stagnating because most people as soon as they understand what it means realized oh that's just dumb and child isn't a bad idea but the media wants people associating that with the term anarchism just like they want anti-shah a bunch of whiny brats breaking people's windows for no apparent reason because they're mad about something or other they want that to be the image of anarchism in most people's minds so this goes along ironically it exactly goes along with the agenda of the ruling class to make people think anarchism means whiny socialists so what is anarchism anarchism is a radical revolutionary leftist political philosophy no that advocates for the abolition of government close enough hierarchy as in abolition of hierarchy no dead wrong and all other unequal systems of power nope dead wrong completely made up you just pulled that out of your body hierarchy voluntary hierarchy is all over the place and if you try to have society without it it becomes a gigantic mess feel free to try I won't forcibly stop you but it doesn't freaking work anarchy doesn't mean you can't have football teams because football teams are a hierarchy there's a captain that decides what the plays are none of that to be a real anarchist you can't have football teams or baseball or somebody telling somebody else what to do on the jobsite or anybody ever being instructing anybody else on didn't know they're making up the complaint against hierarchy it doesn't mean no hierarchy it means no rulers there's a difference and you really have to be just a clueless whiny commie child to think that hierarchy is is inherently bad and wrong it's like try to do anything try in fact try to go to your metropolitan anarchist Coordinating Council and have anybody there say anything they want at any time like you don't have to be on the council you can water it if I walked in and said I'm going to give a 3-hour speech here they're gonna demonstrate hierarchy because they're going to say no this is our club and here this is our meeting here's what we do oh that's called a hierarchy you hypocritical doofus and you can't have society without hierarchies voluntary hierarchies which are all over the place are perfectly useful they're downright necessary so when they suddenly make up that Anarchy means no ruling class and no hierarchies and no other unequal systems of power by that they don't mean ruling classes because they always said they already said no government they mean anything they think is sort of vaguely unfair by whatever arbitrary definition of that they mean and a lot of times they mean inequality of outcome especially financially well you have more money than me so that counts as you oppressing me somehow now it freaking doesn't and anarchy doesn't mean two people are everybody's going to have the same amount of stuff that's stupid that's made up and that dole is idiotic and inherently immoral because the only way to get there is my way of violence which is what communists actually advocate but we'll get to that so immediately gets wrong what anarchism is it seeks to replace what its proponents view as inherently oppressive institutions like a capitalist society at totally absolutely wrong now most tommy's are mushy as hell in their head about what the term capitalism means if they're just complaining about the corporate fascist crony authoritarianism that violently steals resources I'm against that – that's not what anybody who's for capitalism is for it's not what anarcho-capitalist why obviously so a lot of the things they complain about and call capitalism I complain about – and just say that's not what capitalism means but talking about it being oppressive to have a capitalist society they are literally saying somebody offers them a job like hey I'll pay you this much if you do this job you're oppressing me and if you think that's an exaggeration go read what how these a narco comics are they think they're entitled to the means of production if some somebody who has a little business offers them hey I'll pay you to do this they think they're entitled to all his stuff did you steal his business and take it over and then collectively cooperate and share it steal it and then get all the profits from it and heck with him because they're just entitlement mentality thieves so yeah a capitalist society if you know what the word actually means literally means a society in which people can trade voluntarily without government coercion so no that is not oppressive duh they complain about the prison industrial complex good senator why and so there are it's saying that anarchists seeks to replace all that with non-hierarchical wrong horizontal structures wrong powered by voluntary associations between people yay you got something right however the thing you got right contradicts almost everything else you said because voluntary Association results in inequality of outcome and inequality of wealth because people trade and they work different amounts and they end up getting of different amounts of stuff and according to communist no we all collectively own everything you're not allowed to have more than me now you're oppressing me so they are very much anti voluntary Association and voluntary trade because when the result of voluntary trade is inequality which it's always going to be for one way or to one degree or another therefore a violent conversation confiscation so but the horizontal structures is another thing they just make up that's not what anarchism means and by horizontal structures they mean like picture a company and like we all have an equal say and and ownership and we all get together and have these blah blah blah and there have been people who tried that every once in a while a business can just barely work up a little bit when they do that and in the vast majority of cases it doesn't freakin work it works way better when you have somebody who actually knows how the whole thing works and then people under them who know how pieces of it work and then people under them who have their little you know segmented part of the job and they do their part of the job you know imagine a horizontally organized car manufacturer where everybody there alright we have 10,000 employees they all have an equal say on what the car is gonna look like how well you think that's gonna work know the engineers decide what the car is going to look like you just put it together and if you do it any other way it's not gonna freakin work so but I mean the important thing here is that they're pretending horizontal ISM is is like essential to anarchism or that that's what anarchism means no it freakin isn't so anarchists torque around to keep set of principles including horizontal ISM no mutual aid well yeah you can do that autonomy of what I'm not sure what she means by autonomy like everybody being self-sufficient because it doesn't mean that or just everybody owns themselves and runs their own life which it does mean but totally conflicts with communism so I'm not even sure what she means but and I would bet money she's not sure what she means by that either yes communists rarely do solidarity a good happy feel-good term that doesn't mean anything like solidarity between who like the guy running the business you're not really including his solidarity if you're saying let's go steal shit he's your victim direct action which usually means like vandalism and stuff and direct democracy no you democracy is inherently political it's about government it is about electing it is about people voting for controls to be imposed on other people so no direct democracy with the perfect example of direct democracy is gang-rape as I often as I and many other people often point out is that anarchism no is that good no is that voluntary no and direct democracy a form of democracy in which the people make decisions themselves via consensus wrong on both counts that's not what it means consensus and democracy are mutually exclusive consensus means everybody agrees and if everybody agrees fine that's voluntary that that's voluntary ISM if there's four people in the room say what do we have for ya what's we order for food today for lunch and everybody says pizza Pete say yeah Pizza good we got pizza that's consensus that is not democracy democracy is three people say pizza one guy says Chinese and the three say you have to pay for pizza and you have to eat it too because the people have spoken and now you're an enemy of the people in your account or revolutionary and we will crush you so democracy and consensus are not at all compatible and so it says where people make decisions themselves via consensus as opposed to representative democracy of which the United States government is an example which no it isn't but I won't even get into that but yeah people directly voting to force the will of the majority on the minority is not anarchism and it's not voluntary and it's not moral so util lulu's three-strikes-you're-out quote I would define anarchism as the nine higher non-hierarchical non-elect oral direct action-oriented form of revelry revolutionary socialism end quote mark Bray a lecturer at Dartmouth College and author of anti-shah the anti-fascist handbook tells Teen Vogue I would define anarchism to mean a big purple giraffe making tuna noodle casserole and juggling armadillos you don't get to just randomly make shit up and pretend that's what a word means when it's already existed for a really long time it actually means rule by no-one that's what it means don't make up random unrelated shit and pretend that's what it is and say I would define it is something that has nothing to do with what it means no revolutionary socialism a is stupid and B is not anarchism and the thing is this is what the mainstream media and the ruling class want people to associate with anarchism because revelare revolutionary socialism is what mal did it's what Stalin and Lenin did it's what you have in North Korea it's what's failed horribly and resulted in mass violence and nobody wants that so what the current ruling class wants is for people to associate the term anarchism with this stupid crap revolutionary socialism when it means nothing of the sort and the fact that it's been a long time that people that some people have been pretending it means this doesn't mean it means that anarchie it's from the greek you don't get to go back and change what greek me it means rule by doing so this lecturer at Dartmouth is an idiot oh and he also wrote anti fraud the anti-fascist handbook which I haven't read that so I don't want to totally judge it but it's pretty probably in favor of them and ignores the fact that an tyfa is totally fascist they're absolutely violent control freak idiots complaining about their mirror image in other fascists and they're too dumb to know as the new york city-based anarchists group metropolitan energist Coordinating Council how hmm whatever of which I'm a member writes on its website quote we demonstrate a vision for a society and fundamental opposition to the brutal logic in opposition to logic okay in opposition to the brutal logic of contemporary capitalism you don't have capitalism we have we have halfway to socialism and halfway to fascism and they're calling that capitalist whatever so they advocate a society based on mutual aid cooperation and medical democracy which is not anarchism and it's not moral in to stop volunteering way to go you lose where did anarchism come from is the next question that's a stupid question well it could be a smart question if your answer is it came from no rulers and people advocating no rulers the end that's where it came from but what they do as I said before is the commies like to pretend well traditionally why the entitlement mentality commies call themselves anarchists so they get to decide what the term means and it only means all this not hierarchy and all this random shit that they piled on top of it because they wanted it to mean that when it doesn't anarchism has ancient roots with the word itself stemming from the ancient Greek and Arcos or without rulers yeah you got it right and then immediately ruin it but it's fully bloomed as a political philosophy no it means ruled by no one it doesn't need to fully bloom into anything there can be other ideas there can be other philosophies communism socialism other stupid collectivist yet that means other stuff anarchism means what it means it's a very limited very simple very basic concept but they're pretending it fully bloomed as a political philosophy in Europe in the US during the 19th century at the time communist thinker Karl Marx's ratings lovely had become popular and people were searching for alternatives to the capitalist system the Paris Commune in a brief period in 1871 when Paris was controlled was controlled by anarchists and communists controlled by comma so communist I mean Ericka's were politically control and get a dictionary you don't know what the hell you're talking about there isn't such thing as a political system controlled by anarchists inspired more young radicals to take up the cause sometimes too violent effect when they embrace the philosophy of propaganda by the deed don't know what that refers do don't really care by the early 20s three anarchism it spread throughout the world but government repression often made it difficult for anarchists to organize and achieve their goals not surprising pierre-joseph Proudhon price don't know how to pronounce it is generally recognized as the first self-proclaimed anarchist and his theories continued influence whiny commies today I mean anarchist thought today if you've ever heard the phrase property is theft that's straight from proud Hans 1840 book what is property that in a nutshell sums up the stupidity and the not anarchist nature of communism property is theft you make something with your time and effort with raw materials nobody was using nobody claimed they think it's theft for you to have that and they think them needing it and therefore stealing it from you isn't theft and they think voting for a Central Committee to say yeah we're gonna steal your stuff and give it to them isn't theft and isn't government these people are just confused as hell now proud Hall also said the property is freedom so he's like trying to be all wise and mostly he's just being wishy-washy and the thing is a bunch of these like crowd humming and Bakunin and and Kropotkin Kropotkin yeah I always pronounce that wrong like they had legitimate criticisms of a bunch of the authoritarian structures and then they come up with this mushy headed crap of everybody just owns everything and it's bad so they're against things that you should be against but then they pile on this stupid collectivist garbage that never works can never even be defined like good luck defining means of production in any objective way and like as I say and I'm not kidding and not exaggerating means of production refers to stuff that communists want to steal and oh and private property refers to stuff that communists want to steal personal property which they're in favor of refers to stuff that communists don't want you taking from them the only difference in definition there is nothing closely resembling an objective definition between the two except shit they want to be able to steal from other people because they feel entitled in their own shit they don't want other people to steal from them that's literally the distinction and if you ask them to clarify and draw the line and define the difference you'll see it's just they're entitled other people's stuff but you're not entitled to mine just completely childish mentality that they try to pass off as a philosophy so all right so she goes into the history of commie supposin anarchists other famous contributors to anarchism development included include kaput can Bakunin and emma goldman and lists a bunch of names some of them haven't heard of someone they have in addition to these names countless others oh and they I don't know about the ones I haven't heard of but all the ones she listed we're totally commies and conspicuously left out Albert J nock and Lysander Spooner and because she is trying to make you think that communism equals anarchism or that anarcho-communism that's what real anarchism is in addition to these names countless others whose identities have been lost to history of help refine and spread the ideology of Anakin today anarchism is a fully global intersectional philosophy with particularly strong roots in Latin America Spain Germany and as of 2012 the Middle East how does anarchism intersect with other political philosophies anarchism is a philosophy as a philosophy lends itself to many ideas there is no one way to be an anarchist Wow way to completely demolish your whole point in one sentence that's actually true to be an anarchist there's one requirement don't advocate a ruling class anything else you do or think or advocate is irrelevant to whether you're an anarchist or not you can be a you can be an anarchist together I'm chopping people up that's not nice you wouldn't be a voluntary asay I don't want a ruling class but I'm gonna kill my neighbors you're an anarchist if you say I'm totally a pacifist and I don't know anybody I don't even hurt animals and I don't believe in ruling class you're an anarchist all the other stuff is irrelevant and unrelated so yes there is no one way to be an anarchist she says after pretending you have to be an anti hierarchy anti all these other things commie to be an anarchist classic anarchist traditions okay here we go again they're trying to say we we use this term for a long time so it's ours classic anarchist traditions include mutualism which is I'm not sure it's worth going through all these subcategories of collectivist stupidity and our Koo communism which which favors community ownership of the means of production well gee how do you accomplish that there's some guy and he makes a little business he makes a little factory look I know how to make widgets in my house well we think the community should own the means of production really how you gonna get it from that guy oh violence by way of a central authoritarian Committee deciding he has to hand it over which makes you not an anarchist and it makes it not voluntary anymore which was why anarcho-communism is BS and the abolition of the state and capitalism which they put together anarcho-syndicalism she is through this different and individualism okay so she finally gets around in the individualism which has similarities with libertarianism and emphasizes individual freedom above all more recent more postmodern school of thought including Antarctica feminism God okay an arc of feminism black anarchism queer anarchism green or eco anarchism and anarcho pacifism have found firm footing in today's anarchist communities those aren't things those are unrelated it's like saying I'm an anarchist who eats lima beans on occasion iemon and our goal I'm Abena Stitz unrelated black anarchy that doesn't mean anything like you're black and you're an anarchist and they have nothing to do with each other what kind of ruling class do you not advocate if you're a black anarchist as opposed to if you're a queer anarchist it's just made up bullshit terms that just confuse and muddy the waters which the ruling class has to love because they don't want people actually understanding the very simple concept of let's not have a ruling class so they love all these you know subcategories of mushy bullshit so finally she gets around to this which is hysterical anarcho-capitalism which is itself which is interested in self ownership and free markets is much rarer and is considered by most anarchists to be illegitimate because of anarchism is inherent opposition to capitalism bullshit bullshit and bullshit it is not much rarer it has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years so that now there are hundreds of thousands of anarcho-capitalists while the stupid commie mentality has been stagnating and they're still wallowing around and whining about same crap that will never catch on to a majority of the population because as soon as somebody actually understands what they're advocating they realize that's just childish and stupid and can't work and never does but it's interesting that that you know this is totally this is a government-approved message that it's much rarer like those people over there who want actual freedom and like you um the fruits of your labor and stuff they're much rarer bald-faced lie now she might just think that cuz while she's hanging out in her little committee with fellow commies she doesn't hear the tens of thousands the hundreds of thousands of actual voluntary artists out there she might just not be aware of it but just pretend it's rarer like a narc apoco last time there was one and a half thousand people there many events were one and a half thousand a narco communist show up which is probably because they can't have a hierarchy so they can't organize a goddamn thing sorry but I digress no it's not much rare any considered by most anarchists to be illegitimate this is utter BS this is a bunch of whiny commies trying to grab a monopoly on the use of the term anarchism when it doesn't even apply to what they believe for reasons already pointed out they just desperately want to say you're not really an anarchist because you accept like voluntary hierarchies and different kinds of trade and currency and and you know people being able to do things in a bunch of different ways no you have to do it the comments what communist way or you're not an anarchist it has to be right within this specific centrally controlled master plan or it's not anarchism no that's the exact opposite of how our enteric ism works it just means no ruling class it doesn't mean you get to make up this giant stupid economic model and force it on everybody uh because of and then she says err anarchism is inherent opposition to capitalism which is just stupid and it's it's absolutely false it isn't just her tagging something on the end of it and pretending that's what the word means which would be bad enough it's all the way 180 degrees in the wrong direction capitalism what the what the word actually means you know as anarcho-capitalists used it which is trade not hindered by violence in the state is absolutely essential to anarchism you can't have anarchism without it because by definition if it means trade without the state if you don't have it it means you have the state because that's all it means is you're allowed to trade and there's not a government robbing you to pretend that that isn't compatible with anarchism when it is an arc ism it's the same thing it's the reason I don't call myself an anarcho-capitalist very often because it's redundant like I own me and by the way I own me like because if I own me I own the fruits of my labor that's capitalism and I get to trade it and nobody else gets to take it from me without my consent that's the heart and soul of capitalism and to pretend that that's not compatible with anarchism is just stupid what is the difference between anarchism in communism everything in the world but I'm sure she's gonna get that totally wrong when people think of communism they in Emily think of the states that were formed in the 20th century based on various interpretations of Marxism and Leninism so I'm not sure I even care what she pretends the distinction is quote an orthodox Marxist theory the state is an institution that is politically neutral and it can be used for different purposes depending on which class controls it therefore the orthodox Marxist goal is to capture the state turned it into a dictatorship of the proletariat and suppress the capital class once they do that the state will wither away and you'll have communism which is what Marx predicted and it's really frickin stupid we're gonna have a giant authoritarian ruling class the decides who gets what just gonna wither away for no apparent freakin reason because that always happens when you create a giant authoritarian ruling class it just decides to go away for some reason so stupid Marxist theory is just idiotic so but then he says the the anarchist arguments the state is not neutral it's inherently hierarchical and inherently an institute of institution of domination and therefore they oppose the state set which is weird because they were just saying before that Marx is on their side but they're basically saying no like we don't want the state in between on the way there but Marx thinks you need it on the way there which is funny because for everything you got wrong Marx gets that right where the anarchic Ami's don't where he came right out and said like we need the capitalism and the free trade to create the wealth because communism sucks at that because if you don't personally benefit from your own effort nobody's very productive so we needed to create the wealth and then we'll come in with the state takeover and steal it and redistribute it fairly so Marx was more honest than the violence he condones whereas the anarcho-communism a more confused Oh another important difference is that historically in Marxism economics were the fundamental building block brain continues whereas anarchists have historically formed a critique of domination and hierarchy that is broader and not as one-dimensional in other words they motion and all sorts of things that they arbitrarily complain about like currency and trade and ownership and hierarchies including voluntary hierarchies so yeah how does anti-fascism intersect with anarchism oh I don't really care except to point out that anti foes don't leave my chest while complaining about their mirror image how else is anarchism made an impact on pop culture oh and they get into a bunch of like bands and artists who've used the term and use the thing and I don't really care about that that doesn't doesn't do anything has nothing to do with the actual philosophy anarchists symbols like the black flag encircle a are easily recognizable when scrawled on desks or spray painted on walls I think that's how those are the two examples like two kinds of vandalism it's the only way you can think I do Express the idea but they have also become ubiquitous in film and music from SLC punk to V for Vendetta to the punk rock slasher film green room whatever even hip-hop yada yada again she's talking about cultural stuff that they don't care about anarchism and anarchists are everywhere and hopefully now you've got a better understanding of what they're fighting for and against what she really means is hopefully now you think that anarchist means communist because we're really upset by how many people who actually understand self ownership and non-aggression have taken over the label of anarchist by advocating something that's actually moral and rational and works instead of the rebel Eric revolutionary socialist bullshit that just causes one disaster after another again the reason a story like this can come out and the reason it's in something like Teen Vogue no idea what the distribution is of that but I assume it's something significant the reason you will see something like this and you will see something like that about voluntary ISM even though it's bigger or anarcho-capitalism even though it's bigger and has gigantic event you probably still won't see anything you know if the next an archipelago has three or four thousand people at it medial still know let's pretend that's not happening let's pretend these ye commies smashing some windows over here that's what anarchism is everybody see how horrible it is don't look in anarchism don't look into it please don't look into it that's why this sort of crap is allowed into the mainstream media because all it does is make people think oh it's whiney violent idiots well that's not me so I don't want anarchism and that may not have been the goal of the writer she probably just honestly believes in the mushy headed crap that she's writing I don't know unless she's actually a government plant but I'll just assume that she actually believes what she's writing but she also knows damn well that it's the the anarcho-capitalism is spreading all over the place and she doesn't want that to be the case so she wants there to be an article where they try to regain control of the label anarchism and it's completely dishonest and it's stupid for reasons I already explained and you're gonna see more and more of this you've already seen all over the places you know the what's the same you know first they ignore you then they laugh at you then they fight you then you win well they ignore it anarchism for a long time and now they can't it's all over the place they have to mention it they tried to laugh at it for a while they can't even do that really anymore because it's all over the place so now they have to fight it and what they're doing mainly is trying to demonize it guilt by association and doing the straw man thing of mischaracterizing it there was an article I think was a couple years back of a couple of military guys who did some violent crime and the the articles like these are and our guests and then it quotes them saying we have to get back to the Constitution it's not air kiss you idiot but the media and the ruling class are eager to stick that label on anything violent any stupid anything communist take anything that most people will say well I don't want to look into that that's dumb because they have to demonize it because if people actually look into the concepts you know self ownership and non-aggression and understand it as more and more people are doing by the thousands intent about tens of thousands they say oh this actually makes a lot of sense why don't we do things this way so there's going to be more and more stuff like this where they're trying to demonize it and they'll you know they're not above doing some false flag thing and blaming it on an anarchist they've already done it before they're not above sending in cops undercover and demonstrations to break a bunch of stuff and go do you which they've totally gotten caught doing before and at the same time they may have a bunch of useful idiots and Anti Fog which are just whiny violent children having tantrums that don't really know what the hell they they believe and don't really understand much of anything all they know is we're mad at something let's break the window yeah that'll show them and so there are people stupid enough to that's the extent of their understanding of anarchism and that is what the ruling class wants everybody's extent of understanding of anarchism to be that's why you get this mushy commie crap and it's a desperate attempt to keep down the spread of actual rational moral voluntary ISM and real anarchism where we actually don't want a ruling class we want to voluntarily interact in a bunch of different ways if you want to have your calm you know over there fine don't try to force it on us but with your property and your time and effort arrange it however you want that's the beauty of not having a ruling class don't come to us and say everybody has to do this in a communal way and we're a Turkish no you're not you're spoiled twits and you're actually helping the ruling class by making people think those are the choices to have what we have now or to have whiny violent brats there's something else it's called voluntary ISM look into it don't bother trying to look into it in the in stream media because it won't be there don't bother asking people and power what it is because they won't tell you but Google volunteerism or non-aggression or self ownership or go to my youtube channel or get my book the most dangerous superstition and read it and go yeah it does make a lot of sense and it won't be Marxist and it won't talk you into being a whiny entitlement mentality commie it'll show you that what most people already are whether they understand it or not is anarchists and they've just been taught garbage that's interfering with that they've been taught the political mythology that messes up their perceptions of reality and warps what they actually believe in so I'm not that concerned about this sort of garbage it's going to keep coming out but it's not going to stop the spread of the understanding it's not something you have to do direct action and direct democracy and go over throw something in break a window it's just people coming to the understanding that authority is a myth and that self ownership is what is

  1. If you research who the commie-anarchists in history were, you will find a bunch of well bred 19th.century rich kids.With their ever changing and new definitions of Anarchy, they could easily pass the buck, don't have to work, and can add importance to themselves.Same goes for the Socialists and the Communists ideologists of that period.It was a fashon show. They had all the time in the world, to go to international meetings and to write 500 pages Science Fiction Anarchy books.All that hasn't changed much today.It is never fun to go to work and be nobody.

  2. How can you say that "no rulers" does not mean "no hierarchy"? Because in a hierarchy, you have people at the top having power (and thus, ruling) over the people at the bottom, i.e. you have rulers. You say that you can have "voluntary hierarchy", but then it isn't a hierarchy anymore. Because if someone gives me orders, but I can choose to follow them or not to follow them, then those "orders" are not orders anymore, they are merely suggestions. Which means that you don't even have a hierarchy anymore, because I can choose not to follow the person "above" me. So to me, "no rulers = no hierarchy" makes perfect sense. Same goes for "unequal systems of power". In unequal systems of power, you have rulers. Since anarchy means "no rulers", you cannot have unequal systems of power.

    I really suggest you start reading up on anarchism, socialism, communism, marxism and all those related ideologies, because you clearly have a warped view of what either of them mean.

  3. Ancom: “anarchy means no hierarchy uuuuhhhhh no money uhhhhhh no property uuuuuhhhhhhh no state”

    Anarchy means N O R U L E R S damn 😤

  4. His reaction at 30:07 about the difference between anarchism and communism was golden hahahahahaha

  5. Capitalism commonly defined in all the dictionaries as something to do with the means of production is all total bullshit. Capital in Latin was stock or property and when you add the -ism you then come up with the condition of having capital. That means as a capitalist you have property.

  6. Greetings everyone who may read this. I just wanted to ask, aren't their inherent flaws in capitalism that play into the hands of the ruling class who then manipulate, limit and monopolize options for the working class? I haven't subscribed to any particular economic system as of yet, I'm just learning here. Thanks in advance for your positive comments.

  7. I think there's a concerted effort to demonize anarchists, robbing the masses is s coordinated effort 😎

  8. How did the capitalist owner "make his little business"? He can only do it by using violence to own property that he does not personally use himself. When a capitalist owns natural resources in this way he forces workers to work for him because the workers do not have access to natural resources. Paraprasing, you said, "if you make things then you are the rightful owner of the things you make". This is not what happens in capitalism. In capitalism, workers make things and the capitalist takes what the worker made for himself, he then pays the worker a wage that is less than the value of the things he made. The difference is profit collected by the capitalist and this is how he is able to make money without contributing to the production of goods and services. Anarchy is rule by no one, but capitalists rule over workers because they control natural resources and the workers dont. It is just like how politicians rule over citizens because they control all the weapons and citizens dont. Same story, one is in the economic sphere, one is in the poltical sphere. I agree with voluntary hierarchy, I agree with markets, I agree with personal property rights, but not with non-personal private property.

  9. Once you have a hierarchy in effect dont you have rulers? Yes it can be voluntary in which I can opt out. Then though I become the outcast because I dont want to participate in that hierarchy or those rules. also this hierarchy will have to have enforcers of some kind to make sure the rules are followed by even those who voluntarily wanted to participate. Once this happens havnt you just formed a gov with rulers but under a different name?

  10. Larken – great videos. I agree with your points about consent – or lack thereof re: the gov. It doesn’t have a divine right to rule over me since I did not ever recall consenting. I do believe in my own rights and ability to feed and protect myself and take care of my family. My issue is that – whether we like it or not – nature abhors a vacuum. And what I mean is that even if you eliminate the non consent government – something will step in and fill the vacuum. Likely it will be just as brutal or maybe even more. How do we get around that issue as an anarchist or anti state person?

  11. Anarchy – no ruler, e.g. no monarch. But football captain is ok he says. Difference between ruler and captain? Ruler makes the game rules which captain must follow. Captain is subordinate to the law. Important point seems to be the law and who makes it. Provided all people equally make the local laws, regional laws, national laws and international laws then anarchy remains. All people are equally rulers and there is no ruler. Also no need to abolish government, just replace monarchs, dictators, politicians, presidents by subordinates of the law, i.e. by administrators.

  12. Every time I hear "Property is Theft," I cringe so hard. THEFT PRESUPPOSES PROPERTY. Done. Over. Easy as that. How many times must we debunk that nonsense?

    Then again we are dealing with people fighting against "brutal logic," so I shouldn't expect that much.

  13. "Where did anarchy come from" is not a stupid question. All these questions are worthwhile. Some people you have to teach and inform as if they are in kindergarten and then you get others that get it. I think there are lots of us afraid to ask "stupid" questions for fear of being called stupid, idiots etc. Why don't you write a book called Anarchy for Idiots! I'd buy it.

  14. Informative and common sense video discussing voluntary hierarchy. Please take the time to expose the guy who runs the Strike the Root Facebook page regarding the topic. He thinks voluntaryism rules out voluntary associations formed for the purpose of cultural or societal survival. He needs your video, badly. Thanks

  15. The word anarchy has a lot of baggage. The word can be another barrier in trying to convey ideas. Adopting different language can make it easier to spread the philosophy.

  16. Finally found another factual anarchist (no not yet another new party-per-bend-sinister flag colour, just a quality applied to the ideology). welcome to the fold. 🙂

  17. I don't know whether it is more sad or funny that this person actually brings up Proudhon in their article. Proudhon was slightly confused thinker with constantly evolving ideas, but certainly NOT a communist. He supported the rights of peasants and artisans to own their businesses, he simply advocated expropriating the large aristocratic landowners and their capitalist cronies (capitalism in Western Europe arose through huge subjugation of the masses, such as enclosures, etc.). Proudhon even supported the right of people to enter into employment contracts (especially in small scale businesses). He was not hugely different in his attitudes to the American anarchists of the 19th century who also, like him, advocated for self-reliance, self-help and aid societies, and mutual organisation of competing credit institutions.
    These uneducated (or perhaps over-educated) leftists love to name drop Proudhon or Max Stirner without understanding their ideas at all. Proudhon and Stirner were both men who wrote critiques of Marx and Marx specifically targeted them with his own writings, there were hardly any common themes in their ideas. When I hear someone talk about Proudhon and Marx as if they were allies I dismiss them immediately.

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