Miranda Satelite Launch – woman reflects on Chavez and socialist process [w/ subtitles]

What’s going to happen from now on –after these results? Venezuela will go on rising up as potency for Latin America and the world because today the Francisco Miranda satellite was launched off to the Universe We will keep on growing in funding new universities, in education, health, technology, economy for the world for world peace. That’s what our Commander Chavez has been trying to do, to consolidate world peace. It’s really that. What can you say about Chavez’s speech? Well, the president’s speech will always leave us all …(does not complete the phrase), will reach us all as it has reached me as well… because he will always go beyond our expectations. For us it’s never just a paper. It’s expressed the people’s voice. He knows about people’s needs and works on that, on us… the people. He’s also conveyed his kindness, his serious compromise, his honesty as a militiaman for the people; he is love… yes, love.

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