Mini AOC 'Wrong about Socialism' Parody

it's always a great day when we have the privilege of watching another mini AOC video and this is a juicy one where she talks about where she was wrong about socialism now of course the real AOC would never do this but the way many AOC does it absolutely perfect she is getting better and better so if you can guys make sure you follow her on twitter at mini AOC official and on Instagram with the same handle at mini AOC official and please like comment and share this video so as many people as possible watch this blessing from God and please if you're interested stick around this channel I've got some really good commentary about the Vox apocalypse what it means for YouTube and conservative voices in the future how this was a smear campaign and a coordinated effort from big news media to attack alternative media and shut it down and I invite you to stick around to the end of this video where it will recommend two videos for you and I recommend you guys check those out and if you enjoy the content here please subscribe and hit the notification bell for updates the future of content without further adieu mini AOC is not for social media like for social media because the only other sources it's a 93 real name from Vermont there's no a Bernese and spam is lit and like I think of them it's a horrible idea why would anyone want the government running their life I don't get government and like I get a new computer because my old one adds so much whiteout on the screen where do you my life I wouldn't I was even gonna or attending my specialty was a Jack and Coke I wanted to go to cosmetology school like I study the stars and planets like stars go during the daytime anyway and like you're supposed to trust me spend trillions of your hard-earned dollars wisely I don't even know what a carpool is and I think cauliflower is to ship the pilgrims came on and I the only one who thinks cauliflower is racist and like em someone having 30,000 jobs to New York by consulted my magic 8-ball and it said outlook not so good OMG I'm always wrong about everything reelect easy recognizance 2020

  1. Who can understand what she is saying ?. All I hear is mostly squeaking and squealing . Like listening to a 3 year old . Then an occasional word . Maybe because I never had kids . Like to see a CC option to see what the hell she's sayin . No doubt it's funny .

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