so I did say I was doubtful about these
cards I shouldn’t have and I’m sorry about that so yeah I’m going to to
read to you what they say because they are really really on point so they
are Tiger’s Eye Calcite and Kyanite in Italian that’d be Occhio di Tigre Calcite and Cianite
so tiger’s eye is the first one I design self-confidence
through God confidence which is the bottom line of the line of the deck of
the spread together with the healing and the necessity to mingle right necessity
to mingle because you should be trustful and faithful on the fact that you can do
it have you been doubting yourself dear one
because this card is a reassurance that God is working through you have
confidence in heavens unlimited ability to solve and hear anything and
everything as long as other people’s free will choices are aligned with God’s
will needless to say here that God heaven all these words and expressions
aren’t catholic’ aren’t belonging to a particular religion and you can call
those universe you can call those the Creators this is not catholic pray
that you will be aligned with God’s sorry my throat mmm and you’ll be an
unstoppable force of divine nature she from worrying about whether you can do
it trusting that God working through you can do anything this card is a sign that
you’re safe and protected as you follow your inner guidance to me
Changes keep checking in with God every step of the way and you’ll experience
the fast track to deep fulfillment about Tigers I named for its coloring and
stripes resembling a tiger this golden brown quartz stone can bring you a
feeling of safety and protection tiger’s eye helps you to feel like a tiger
yourself filled with courage confidence and ferocity I would seem that it is
needed in this particular moment for whoever this reading is directed to
Calcite second card is calcite Busy times and multitasking this card
comes to you because you are juggling multiple responsibilities and you may
feel stressed about your schedule there’s also a possibility that your
heart health has been strained because you’re doing everything yourself without
help you may even feel that other people are taking advantage of your kind
of your kind generosity I’m reading because maybe I mentioned it about
desire as well new cards so I just I just received them you’re
being guided to take charge of your schedule
what can you release in order to get yourself more breathing room remember to
pray for strength in setting boundaries and say no to an inappropriate request
for your time if you tend to people please and feel obligated to say yes
well as well I feel this is closely related to the fact that you shouldn’t
be accepting just random people’s company to go in that to go to that journey whether for
an event for a social event or for a healing necessity this card can also be
an indication of drama addiction where there’s pattern of stressing yourself
needlessly signs of this include feeling of rush feeling a rush of adrenaline or
a sense of a self-importance in response to your hectic schedule boasting
about how busy you are or a film innocence of victimhood and
powerlessness of your schedule in addition this card is a sanguine visit
about busy times ahead these cases is best
your health strategy for dealing with multiple responsibilities while still
being responsible to yourself about calcite one of the most common crystals on
the planet calcite comes in a variety of colors of rages for from a park to
clear it is renowned for clearing negativity assisting with grounding and
increasing focus yes and I suggest if you found this reading correct for you
or if you found it it was on point to maybe go and get yourself this these
particular crystals and keep it keep them with you possibly on your on your
body you know those really on on a pendant maybe just in contact with your
skin because I’m seeing that these cards are very precise and very on spot so they have to do with a widow reading very closely I feel them very
very precise sorry for doubting them and it is it is strange because I like
try to test them for something just you know as I do it with all my decks and
they weren’t responsive to be the responsive they seemed to be very generic
and I’m seeing here you know when when the need has come or the actual need has come they are very responsive on the contrary Kyanite make time for self-care
Wow I mean this card comes up whenever you’ve been putting your own needs
last on your list it is a sign of being overly busy and not feeling that you
have enough time for rest exercise healthful heating spiritual practices
and other forms of self-care so this card emphasizes that self care isn’t
optional but necessary for your health happiness and life purpose getting your
angel want to elevate your life so that you no longer feel feel oppressed or
victimized the message here is that not only do you deserve self
but you must carve out time for it without delay the urgency comes in
answer and this is very related to the journey to see the healer with a with a
feminine healer or just the meeting with a masculine healer the urges it comes in
answer to your prayers for a better life God has given you the strength to take
the first step yourself by adding self-care to your daily schedule and
deleting unwanted tasks it’s time for you to say no to distractions and yes to
your priorities which include self care about unit although this stone comes in
various colors the name can it stands from the great world for blue yes
channel can it is a wonderful bridge stone balancing your energy in your life
and I said as a closure for the reading there is a lack of balance here and you
really need to find a balance so wow I’m impressed and since the cards are
insisting on the on the necessity to take care of yourself I would say
something that I’ve been seeing in the reading that I didn’t want to actually
voice because normally especially in general reading health issues are not
and not even mentioned sorry but this particular reading the health how to
say you know there is some probability of some health problems that you should
be checking so yes it is very important that you go see that healer the female
or the male healer and that you do like some kind of checkup because there
is like no signs of how to say fastidi of something bothering your health okay
and you really need to to see it true I mean it
doesn’t have to be something that terrifies you you know something bad but it just
to have I feel with some kind of of disturbs the type that have been
bothering you for a long time now that you are not really taking care of
alright so you should and I will say another thing because I’m saying okay
maybe it is it is necessary to say it and the discards seem to – to encourage
you to to realistically assess your life so to and your skills so to say maybe a you
know about the mortgage there the finance for the house and other things maybe
there are job problems here unemployment for some and in that case your problem
is you are not really being realistic and you are for instance looking for a
well-paid job but you don’t have the necessary requirements so you are just
postponing and avoiding to face the problems in the mask card you know the
mask god I felt it had to do with it a lot okay so please be more realistic and
try to you know you’re maybe taking something for granted you think that it’s like the
word owes you something but it is not it doesn’t work like that so those
aren’t financial problems that we saw just right at the start of
the reading mainly but not totally but you know a high part of it are due to
the fact that there is a lack of realism here okay so I really encourage you to
be more realistic and more humble in a positive in the positive sense in to
really face reality and see what you can do and what you can’t do and don’t
expect because I feel you are lucky is something the person that I am addressing
into for this particular issue is a rather lucky person and they are a bit
leaning on the luck but you need to be realistic okay
so okay that’s my advice or the cards advice that I have seen because as you
know but when we read we see many things and we just choose which ones to express
and that is it for you okay so I encourage you to to find these crystals
and to like take keep them with you okay because they will be of great help and
again I will never stop saying that let’s use the law of attraction to to get
to become better person so to ever go to life okay it was a pleasure to read for
you and please let me know in the comments how this reason ?? READING lol resonate with
you and we will see you in my next reading
so I have a nice one bye

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