Milo Yiannopoulos: Hacked Celebs Have "Personal Responsibility"

joining me now is technology commentator and author of the sociopaths of Silicon Valley milo gianopolous hello to milo who's responsible here is it up to Apple or is it celebrity I think it's pretty clear unfortunately that comes down to an issue of personal responsibility no cloud service is ever going to be completely secure Apple does have a responsibility to make its software as secure as possible there will always be hackers who are much smarter and much cleverer and much more determined to exploit vulnerabilities what this boils down to for celebrities just like everybody else is personal responsibility and if you're going to take pictures of yourself like that by far the most intelligent thing to do is do it with a Polaroid don't do it on a device that's connected to the Internet that's sending your pictures to serve as you don't control it's a recipe for crickets recipe for madness and for somebody who is as rich and as famous as jennifer lawrence's you know it's all it's sort of unbelievable what about for non celebrities though I mean people will be concerned well if they can get their photographs what else can they get can I get my passports my bank details from the car sure well I think what what hackers are interested in a financial fanatic piece of omission of financial information so they want your passport sometimes but most of the most likely they want your credit card details and to do that they'll hack into e-commerce retailers places like Amazon I think what we need to do though is not be too conceited about this none of us in the nicest possible way is particularly interesting in our own right so none of us is going to be a target for hackers who want photos of our holiday snaps or anything like that you know we really all we have to worry about is who we give our credit cards to and if we're a little bit famous then it's probably a good idea not to sink our photos to the internet because it's pretty obvious what's going to happen sooner or later Milo kanopolis thanks very much

  1. …and 3 years later, Milo neglected his own "Personal Responsibility" when went on a podcast to reminisce the "good times" he had "Father Micheal" and express the "benefits" of man/boy relationships.

  2. Milo, once again dropping knowledge in record time, this time took only about a minute and a half.

  3. I have a whole album of polaroid nude selfies of myself, but no one will ever see them since I won't be uploading them to the internet. Solely for my own viewing pleasure.

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