Millennials are going socialist, right?

is America becoming a more socialist country that's what many people on the left and right both believe but there is another perspective and we address it on this week's episode of kado Gottfried I'm your co-host joseph fort kado and my co-host is Paul Goff Reid there doesn't seem to be much question that Millennials are trending leftward and they're dragging American politics along with them now a lot of people would say and I'm one of them that this means that in the future America's economy will become far more socialistic perhaps to the point that America will be able to be described as a socialist country outright but Paul you have a different perspective you don't think America is in danger of becoming a socialist country within the foreseeable future how did your perspective come about well first let me say I I do not deny the possibility that the United States can become a socialist country in the future at some point mostly I think by sort of backing into it in the course of having the government offer you know social programs to people because interfering and production Commerce increasingly for the purpose of fighting discrimination sexism homophobia whatever new crusade it decides to launch and the result could be a government controlled economy in the future also one in which most profits get picked up by the government and are transformed into social programs and giveaway programs stuff you know for the kiddies and the the other people whom their trial lose votes they're trying to buy but I when I talk about socialism I think of classical socialism where the government nationalizes the means of production where it controls key industries and a situation in which the gross national product is mostly controlled by the government we haven't reached that point and I think that even if one of these 21 or 25 candidates who are promising the far left everything in order to get the democratic nomination for the presidency were to win that office and it is possible because Trump's numbers do not look very good and I can easily conceive of the possibility that Elizabeth Warren may be our next president or Cory Booker or one of these weird individuals that could happen but I don't think they would give us a socialist economy not yet I think what is much more likely is that they would have more giveaway programs more stuff people would keep coming in across the border I mean it be social chaos but I don't know whether it would be socialism it certainly would not have an economy similar to the one that exists in Venezuela or Cuba which seems to be the the fear that is aroused by the Republican National Committee and by Fox News that that I think is highly doubtful we're not moving in the direction of Venezuela what we're moving toward is a government which forces political correctness down our throats which controls our behavior which does nothing to deal with people coming across the border creating a basically a situation of open borders paying reparations to blacks and to any other group that they promised reparations so I can see all these things happening but the result I don't think of socialism the result would be anarchic tyranny the government would not really maintain much order but when it would control those areas in which you would control it the extremely oppressive but again I don't think that this has any resemblance to classical socialism people who say a Piron or watch Fox News would in my opinion likely comment that socialism isn't necessarily what you say on an exclusive basis I don't think that they would deny that what you had mentioned such as the guard of government controlling the means of production I don't think they would say that's not socialism you actually be crazy to do that but they probably say that the sort of social democrat stuff say championed by someone like Alexandra Ocasio Cortez that's just as bad or almost as bad and therefore to say that socialism is not likely to happen in the u.s. even within the context you mentioned that's not an accurate thing what would you say to that perspective well I would say to that perspective is you're not describing socialism you're describing lunacy which is not the same I mean as people promising giveaway programs and give us a green new deal by the way I don't see the green New Deal really happening it would cause so much chaos not to cause chaos but you have to also recognize that large corporations are giving money these crazy candidates believing and I think properly that they're not going to nationalize things or create a socialist and by the way if you have a green No Deal you do nationalize things but it's not going to happen whether you what you've been again is some kind of more moderate skiing for cleaning up the environment that'll only cost a few trillion dollars and put a steeper in debt it will create chaos disorder but that I think is going to be the effect of a democratic victory in the next presidential race but the the disorder and chaos is not socialism I think what what the business about the Democratic sorry I don't even know what this means what is democratic socialism do they mean something like the Swedish socialist model well that is not the same when least in the past that was not the same as what Ocasio Cortez and Elizabeth Warren or advocating it was not based on intersectional politics for one thing it was not paying reparations to group it was not giving public school students hormones for transgender in when they're 10 years old or all the other nonsense these people are pushing this is nothing to do with democratic socialism and this is the thing that I find we freighting which the republican party does not really want to address because it assumes it'll lose votes if it does is therefore it is appealing to the old fear of Marxism or in a Marxist revolution or having Fidel Castro running the United States but my real concern is this total behavioral control by the the cultural left which would take over with the Democratic Party and they give away stuff as a way of keeping themselves in power if you look at all the giveaways that you just mentioned you it's giving stuff away to remain in power I still think that qualifies as socialism not in perhaps the sense that Clement Attlee would approve of but or at least find recognizable but it's more benign socialism than you know the closer to the orthodox Marxist stuff all the same i i think it will cause severe problems for the economy and i think that a lot of the people who are advocating this stuff are going to be hit the hardest even though they probably don't realize it yet a good example is this fellow at vox you know the online publication that no one would claim leans right yet it has a lot of funding it obviously exists in the private sector and the perhaps the most famous journalists from there a fellow named Carlos masa he was or Mesa Mayor mozz I I heard his name so many times but I can't remember it exactly which should I let everybody notice how important he is to me but all the same he is important to the debate right now over behavioural control which you were mentioning although not in the sense of the internet anyhow with this masa fella is doing is he's claiming that he's being harassed by certain people and trying to get them booted off social media platforms YouTube specifically and that I think is an interesting case because you have someone from the private sector who's a self-described Marxist he calls himself a Marxist and at the same time he's trying to lobby another private sector and to YouTube to do his and here you have someone who dislikes the private sector obviously he didn't just like any wouldn't be a Marxist but he's glad to manipulate it to his own ends and a lot of people who like him would like to see government doing most everything in the economy would be shocked to find out in that case that no one will really care what some fellow thinks who calls himself a Marxist and has a social media profile as maza does on Twitter ah it's these people are going to be they're going to be stricken of the power that the private sector has given them ironically the private sector has given them power to advocate against it and in a more public sector situation that they claim to want it I think most of them sincerely do one such as Maas I can't imagine he's lying about his beliefs but what they'll find when they get what they're looking for if they ever do which I hope they don't is that in a situation where the government controls you know social media platforms a publication like Vox people are going to be very much irrelevant that's the irony when the public sector controls all this stuff individuals really don't matter that much the only thing that matters is what the government wants in the party line that is promoting through all of its organs including websites you know like YouTube Vox whatever so I think there's an interesting set up here where the really to some of the strongest advocates of government control of private sector entities they will be made the people advocating for this we've made obsolete if that happens because they're just not gonna have the same opportunities to express themselves that you have social influence in a public sector dominated world that they do in a private sector dominated one you yeah I mean there are a lot of people who will describe themselves as Marxist I was listening to a podcast earlier today with my young friend Darren Beatty who was saying when he was teaching at Duke he associated the whole English department was full of Marxist Marx as well as I I don't think these people are real Marxist they maybe you know gave lesbian feminists into transgender studies or something they all call themselves Marxist but they're not Marxist Marxist means that your radical your anti bourgeois or something like that when I when I use the word Marxist you know I think of a very definite a socio-economic plan which which calls for state ownership of the means of production state control of the gross national product stuff like that there are two positions that are taken by the Democratic Party now which would make it impossible have a socialist economy and here I you know would rely on the front socialist P above jus who argues that you cannot have a socialist system I think Sanders probably would have said this before he became an intersectional lunatic in order to win the Democratic nomination number one you cannot have open borders because everyone who comes they're going to have socialized met free medicine to illegals coming in here or coming you can't do that you have to have some kind of control of your borders otherwise you're going to go bankrupt payrolling giving medical theft social services to the entire world so you have the reason socialists historically one of the reasons social is historically a favor of limited immigration beside you know wanting to protect the native workforce the indigenous workforce is that you cannot have socialist programs with open borders crazy the other thing is you can't send everybody every idiot to college you know I want to spend you know hang out there and watch video to video games or whatever the hell they do you can't run a higher education that way therefore what you typically have in socialist governments is a severe meritocracy or steerer meritocracy because they're not gonna pay for everyone to do everything you know if you're if you are if you can pass certain tests if you are value to the state they'll let you go to university right that's the way it works under socialism so what you have here is a combination of giveaway programs and Boots waa decadence this is this this doesn't amount to socialism even if the these idiots call themselves Marxist or Marxist Leninist Stalin whatever they wanna read since just labels they're giving they're not really Marxist I think that a lot of people who imagine that under a socialist system they would be able to say go to college for free and not even just you know for an undergraduate degree but go to graduate school maybe even as far as a PhD and they think that the government will let them do whatever they want neglect to realize what you just mentioned I mean the government is not going to subsidize things that does not find useful for the sake of its own political power and that goes back to the critique I made of someone like Mesa or maza at Vox in YouTube you know if the government were running organs of public information like both websites it really would not care what someone like maza thinks because unless he were doing something that was directly advantageous to whoever held power at the time what he would think is a Marxist to is he makes being gay a huge part of his his online persona so less than the government had an immediate need for a gay self-described Marxist to do something he'll become irrelevant and he would just be another face in the crowd now with the private sector he is ironically given a platform to promote his views which are Marxist so they're not friendly toward private sector ideals but the private sector is glad to use him because they know that if you're Vox knows that if he can go online to say what he says he'll get a good number of people who think as he does to the Vox website and there for they can have a higher page view rated charge more for advertising so it's ironic that a Marxist like maza who's trying to get people kicked kicked off of YouTube which is not something out of alignment with Marxism Marxists don't have any respect for freedom of speech for them speech is a weapon to be used in service of the revolution so it's ironic that someone like him fares better under the private sector then he would the public sector ownership that he advocates and his problem is just a microcosm something I see among Millennials and generations II members these people really don't think through the consequences of your actions and this goes far beyond politics I see a lot of short-term thinking among people under the age of 30 maybe even up to 35 now and I don't see that changing it's unfortunate but I think this is a cultural attribute of America at this point and it's not just like a passing phase it's going to go away and I think the reason for this is as so many people are you system for ratification especially in the age of massive technology where they can get almost anything they want at their fingertips if they are willing to you know go online to search for it or if they have the money to buy it say if they're going to Amazon or something it depends what they want but they can get it pretty much quickly so I think when you have a situation where that's the case the people do not think through the consequences of what they do as much because they're not used to considering anything in the law and that's a serious problem for American society as well as the Society of the developed world moreover yeah one of the things I find curious is that the left really has no view of any other left than this left which is sort of projection to the past I'm doing this book on anti-fascism and I find that prominent anti-fascists like Mark Bray wrote a book you know on how to fight fascism but even better educated anti-fascist like Tim Snyder at Yale who's the story and others they treat the left as if it is a unified whole you know it's you know the reminds me of the the French phrase used by Clemens on Avenue C on fit on block the revolution is a block you know it's all goes together by what you meant you know you like the first phase the Revolution you accept the terror as well well what you have now is and even someone like Obama who loved the Communists he assumed that Fidel and Raul Castro would like his social policies but those people stick homosexuals and concentration camps K Guevara said he would kill every homosexual if he could no he's a hero to the gays to this it makes no sense whatever except that these people are totally ignorant of what the left was before themselves and I think some serious historians or people who know better perpetuate the lie because you have to create the myth that the left has always been the same and the right has always been the same the right has always been Hitler and the left are all the good guys Castro Lenin the transgendered stonewall the Bolshevik Revolution they're all good you know they're all the same they're all interchangeable parts but the reality is you've had different left's and different rights and past left's would not tolerate this left by the way I think Bernie Sanders who was a good communist it wasn't good communist grew up as a communist he's not a democratic anything was a communist but I think Sanders underwent a tremendous transformation he became a feminist Pro gay Pro open borders he was an T it was anti-immigration most of his life but I think he you know he came to understand that if you want to sell social programs to people and run as a socialist you have to be a multiculturalist and have to push political correctness this is the pretty puppy knows better but he understands this is the price that you pay you're going to be part of the left today you it's worth noting that Bernie Sanders just a short while ago after he announced his latest presidential run he announced that he is no is not in favor of opening borders which is to say uncontrolled immigration but he does still he does favor amnesty which he didn't used to do it's interesting he's clearly trying to go for some blue-collar Democrats who supported Trump in the Rust Belt I and he wants them to revert to to their former party but I don't think that'll be terribly successful I think the Democratic Party now has really made it clear who they're comfortable with and the notion of the left that many young activists in the US have is one that yeah it has to do with economics as we discussed the giveaways but it also it's mainly focused on sexual minorities notions of political correctness on this or that or the other thing and a lot of young lefties today really do seem to think as you said that the left was always in favor of something like you know same-sex marriage or transgender restrooms or something like that which is of course observed that's historically inaccurate as we both know but try telling that to a young you know left-wing activists today and they probably would think you're lying to them maybe they wouldn't care but it's interesting i I don't think that among today's leftist activists as well as today's rightist activists I but this is you know a conversation about the American left so I don't want to get too far off course but I don't think that these people really have any intellectual depth or if they do it's a minimal one I think that if you look at activists from the 1960s those people definitely had more of an intellectual formation even if they were supporting ideas that you and I would disagree with they still knew where they were coming from generally speaking I mean there's always gonna be an exception to the rule today once again generally speaking a lot of young activists don't which is ironic because they have easier access to information than past generations did but perhaps they don't have the attention span to actually read history you know I think that's absolutely correct I I was a young professor back in the mid 1960s I was a graduate student in the mid 1960s which suppose you know dates me shows how ancient I am but the the reality is that I thought many of the leftist whom I then despised because I was you know mr. Republican I didn't even as an academic but I despised these people but now I go back and look at them and many were quite intelligent and said very intelligent things nothing like that is coming out of the current multicultural left it's all drivel in there more totalitarian and left was back there they're worse they're much less intelligent much not as well educated I should have been grateful for the left that we had in the 1960s I much prefer them to these people finally I would I would observe that the people in the 1960s who were the Marxist the revolutionaries or whatever were not seen as mainstream you know there was a tremendous reaction against them but look at the 19th the 1968 election you had what was it about 15% of the people voted for George Wallace and the people who voted for Nixon probably thought he was a good deal more conservative than he actually was and the Democratic opponent was Humphrey who was sort of a cold war liberal but the there was very and of course the Humphrey got the nomination by you know by by Trent by walking over the bodies of those kids who were beaten up by the police in Chicago right which was popular with the you know with the regular Democrats at the time so the crazies the people were seen as crazy as the anti-war types the the Marxist intellectuals were you know like off in a corner now the left dominates the mainstream they are the mainstream in the United States and they're a lot crazier than the left in the nineteen sixties one of the strange things though is that the Republicans and the so-called conservatives we know I don't think our Conservatives at all but when they when they run against the the Democrats they keep on saying well these are the Marxists these are the Socialists or some kind of nonsense like that they don't notice what really makes them radical if they want total behavioral control they want to control us all you know economics is sort of secondary it's a way by which you buy you buy votes give people a lot of stuff but but the what makes them really radical is the totalitarian behavioral control that they're seeking to impose on us I find it interesting that although not surprising that so many young people so many Millennials so many generation Z I here I almost say Generation X because that's what I'm used to you know when I was a kid and was Generation X is coming up but there was the movie reality bites which is supposed to be the prototypical Generation X movie and that was back in I think 94 and you know so now this generation Z is is quite something else they're the generation after me and it's kind of hard to imagine that there is the younger generation but there obviously is but like Millennials Generation Z I did they're disproportionately attracted to leftist activities and I wonder why that is I'm not surprised by it just because it seems to me that every generation is more progressive than the one that came before but at the same time that these two generations have grown so radically attracted to whatever the left is pushing that's that's something else even though it's not surprising once again it's something that is leaves an impression I'll put it that way why do you think that so many of these younger people are so radically to the left in comparison to you know was mainstream on the American left just ten years ago why do I think they're that much well I mean the vichy multicultural left controls all the vital institutions of society how can't the kids you know the anything other than raving leftist Reagan Cultural they're not really marks as the cultural leftist because these are the people who have taught them in the schools this is what the Holly even you turn on ESPN the sports channel you get leftist indoctrination on a sports channel I mean the the this would be a dream for the Nazis or for the Communists have this kind of control because people then believe them and they major now it's it's it's everything and you have so much more control than existed in the 1920s or 1930s and this is all in the hands of the left the multicultural PC left except for the conservative movement which is a you know a kind of wuss resistance doesn't do anything you know and it's constantly trying to suck up to the the left or show we're not we're not as Extreme as you think we are we're we're nice people and we keep on pushing out these extremists on the other side because they're repulsive to us I'm not really maybe pinning blame them because they have so little that they can they control the right controls very little they the right gut Trump elected or the conservative side or this it gets beaten up constantly I mean he does have a big mouth he sounds ridiculous most of the time but even even if he were extremely articulate if it was somebody like Newt Gingrich who speaks well or Cruz speaks well he would still be beaten up and the Cruz's to beaten up he speaks very well it's because the left is so powerful and the right is a weak and I don't think this and it's by the way it's not just true here it's true in England Canada Australia France Germany is just lost in Justin's the worst Sweden I mean all these places Holland Belgium the left has the same kind of control it doesn't do as well in Eastern Europe obviously because those areas were less under American control they were under Soviet control so the more conservative the more conservative democracy divide them right and it's hard it's hard to term it Latins into feminists engage and all the other self chris they're latin so they seem to they seem to be relatively intact like the italians the spaniards maybe less so but it's it's it's it's it's it seems to me that the problems we're looking at go across the western world and but and there are particularly obvious to me in the in the Anglophone english-speaking countries that are subject to american cultural influence and which are you know which people listen to watch the same Hollywood movies have the same celebrities they share with us and they read American books they read our RPC you know academic studies and so forth and they have profound influence on Europeans so I I don't see how these kids could be anything other than what they are i I think the situation may be even worse than when you were described because even if these people were to clash with realities if they were discovered that Muslims really don't like Christians or Jews if they were discover that blacks have a lot of resentment against whites that feminism isn't working out well for women whatever it is they would they would process the this data in such a way as to be consistent with their worldview I mean that that's what concer it's true in Germany for instance they have over a million and a half migrants who've come in since 2015 crime rates have gone up women are being raped all this stuff what is the reaction of the Germans they vote more heavily for the greens for the leftist parties that one of one of them more of the same because the way you process this is to say that you know the reason these people are unhappy is they're being oppressed we have to give them more things and be nicer to them and you know if we really show them Christian kindness or something everything will go away in any case if we vote for the Greens they'll give us social programs so they vote for the Greens so people are not going to react to you know an unpleasant clash with reality in the way one might expect it seems to me that people are much more likely to process things in such a way as to make them fit their their political preconception it's interesting to me when you think about a country that has a really an Anglophone country that has a really robust right the only two that's three that come to mind are the United States even though the right is not what I say robust I mean that there are just a lot of people who vote against you know culturally leftist stuff not necessarily a majority of people but you know several million of the serious base the United States the United Kingdom and Australia even Canada I was gonna add them but they they really it's hard to describe they do have numbers that vote against like the New Democrats or the Liberal Party and ironically the new the liberal parties to the right of the new Democrats that's a long story but I at the same time in Canada I don't think that there is necessarily the sort of urgency among people on the right to get out and vote at every election in the UK there is in the u.s. there is in Australia there definitely is as we saw with the last election where the left one totally PC hardcore pretty much like what you would see in San Francisco or New York City and they tried to apply that sort of motif to the whole of Australia and it failed so the ironically named Liberal Party there which is quite conservative wound up winning but outside of you know the US UK and Australia III don't see much in the Anglo sphere or in Western Europe of a of a real popular demand for policies to counter what the left is bringing to the body politic which is very interesting both Spain and Portugal unlike Italy and to a lesser degree France really have a unique despite being you know Latin countries they have a unique tolerance for some pretty leftist ideas you know the the government that's now in power in Spain that he just scored a sizable victory is an obvious testament to that and Portugal hasn't had a Conservative government in my lifetime I don't think they've had one ever since the 1970s when they had their nonviolent revolution so I whatever reason the Iberian Peninsula is in many respects I mean it's it's to the left of even France which is quite shocking I don't know why that is but it is just want to throw that out there that's really not a point of discussion but just a statement of historical data to fit what we've already talked about talking about what Millennials and Gen Xers believe and the current of the American left I think on cultural issues not I think I know that over the last six years it has gone way way at a higher speed than it has before it's gone he thinks have been moving to the left to a larger degree than I would have thought possible back in 2012 it's it's quite it's shocking I don't know exactly why but it seems like over the last six years five to six years there's been an avalanche of cultural leftism now to the point that he had kicked off of youtube for saying something fairly innocuous or that you you know you could be boycotted by people because they don't like maybe some person who's working at your job and not working me working at your office maybe that person doesn't like gay marriage if things have over the last you know half decade roughly they've become much more radical in the United States do you have any idea Paul as to why this has happened in such a short period of time yeah I think I think we're saying is absolutely true in it is the rapidity with which radical changes are introduced and the absolute passivity with which people go along with them that I find absolutely shocking like ten years ago how are the ad what you didn't have gay marriage and clear tolerant of gays President Obama with everybody was against it now you have gay marriage but now you have gay marriage but people are in favor of punishing Christians who won't make a cake for gay marriage okay and the state of Colorado is beating up on this poor Baker who doesn't want to bake the cake for the big go next door but they they want to make a good makin case in this I'm reading that in Canada that would they were having a gay pride parade and picked in which is over in Eastern Ontario near the Bay of Quinte and the Presbyterian Church did not encourage the young people to go to the gay pride parade there were demonstrations they wanted to close down the church okay sweet Alissa this morning in a Canadian newspaper and everyone is indignant to the church they're not driving them to the gay they're not cheering they're not bringing rainbow flags with them mayor rather President Trump says he thinks the rainbow coalition is marvelous he loves gay marriage this is the greatest thing you know since apple pie and Buddha Jake says he doesn't really mean it he doesn't mean it enough and you're the same thing in Canada and Russia R who's the head of the Conservative Party said he loves gay married and then the lip resist he really doesn't mean it just love it enough I mean it's like you don't love a Lord the Lord God enough for something what the hell cares about but people have been so worked up from so many different angles because the cultural left controls everything so they decide either and and people are basically sheep I can't believe the way the way they're there they're pushed around and controlled and so forth I mean you say you know how did the Nazis succeed in Germany or this well just looking that's what's happened in America the last or in Canada or other I can believe this I mean if you can control enough resources and the medium so you can turn people around and this has been done I know that people being softened up for 30 40 years before but if you just look over the last ten years the the the cataclysmic way in which attitudes have changed on these things that gay marriage is not only acceptable it is beautiful but we have to celebrate it we have to can't stop celebrate and then transgendered and whatever and whatever people keep changing their sex by that's okay too now this has all happened in the last ten years and people are cool with it you know you don't see them getting upset this is they were in fact they're gonna vote for more in the elections they want more of it they're not getting enough of it you know but this is the degree to which people can be molded in a tear a summated society you know of in which the family traditional communities have come apart and in which people are being controlled by the media public education and the administrative state and Hollywood and all of these other actors in the cultural transformation that are taking place talking about how successful the cultural left has been I I often hear a lot of people on the right and you know and I think probably a lot of people were written know that I have no opponent of abortion rights quite the opposite but a lot of people on the right say that abortion if only the American people could vote on this Rush Limbaugh is even on this train if only the American people could vote on this it would be okay or if Congress could vote on it representing the American people that would be fine and a lot of these people on the right seem to think it would be fine because they believe that there's a majority out there that's culturally conservative enough to oppose abortion right and that if only they got this grand opportunity roe v wade would be overturned and I really lose respect for the American right when they come out with this garbage because it's so clear to me that they're living in a bubble that they imagine the country culturally is in a different place than it actually is and you know at some point just have to wonder whether or not these people should be taken seriously but to you know as well as I do Paul that a lot of right-wing activists in the u.s. really think that I'm just using abortion as an example here people who are living in the past and can't see the forest through the trees but they really think that if only the American people that's some majestic entity we're given the chance to vote on either in a referendum or using their Congress congressional representatives to do so that abortion would be criminalized here or at least sent back to the states but we both know that's bunk what do you think about this sort of living in the past phenomenon on the American right well I I think I have a much more conservative view on abortion than you would yeah yeah I mean I would do all I could restricted but particularly after the first trimester I think it's I think it's murder in fact but it's it's gonna go on and I am entirely unimpressed by these polls that show that 60 or 70 percent of the American people oppose abortion beyond the first trimester well I mean that's very interesting how is it they vote for camp politicians who want to allow you to kill your infant you know look a relate term abortion look what about the voters in New York State they allow you to kill you know I don't I don't know if they you're allowed to kill the baby after it comes down the birth canal but they're coming as close to that as they can Virginia other places I'm willing willing to accept the idea that if I would go around and ask everybody in the room do you favor late term abortion ace no probably not then we should stop at every fine this is not a serious issue for most people one would you know one way it is a serious issue for people who want abortion rights to be extended and want late term abortion that most of the other side doesn't care you know so even even if they it's like people coming up with it and showing you that black voters you know on cultural social issues are to the right of whoever is left on the american right out of the right of me or something okay it has no effect on how they vote god knows absolutely none so i mean you know I got most people to come out and vote in the election on abortion or they even care you know it does not influence their vote it's it's not it's not it's not it probably went right in the top 10 or 15 issues for most people they say they're interested in the economy many people say they're interested in immigration but they're interested in open borders they want more people to come in you know and they want to you know get rid of eyes and yeah that's why they're gonna vote for these left-wing Democrats so you know you say well most people are concerned about immigration but what's their actual stand on it in the case of abortion what you have is a large indifferent mass who if you push them hard will say yeah I don't want to late term abortion fine but I'll vote for a politician because there are there are other issues who cares the thing I find interesting is our Catholics who tell you well I'm a Catholic Democrat and I personally against abortion that's like saying I'm a member of the vafan SS and I don't personally kill Jews but my friends oh that's okay I mean how can you tell me that I mean you know your party is committed to late term abortion you know and you said well you know I personally wasn't that bytom's view up until about a week ago and your change to me it makes it it's ridiculous it makes no sense at all it shows how ridiculous and clownish these people are they have no I mean their votes are up for sale they don't believe in anything very much and the these these right to life people I think are ridiculous and they believe you know the people are against it the I think you read a column of mine last time in which I was making fun of those who say that blacks or Hispanics or women or they don't look they you know the Republicans are oppressing them or the Democrats are president if they you know and and we have to come to their aid or public coming to their aid but how the hell is they vote for the Democrats all the time they're being a private this is so idiotic it's only a it's only a stupid Republican party or desperate republican party that tells you these lies and I I think the the right-to-life stuff is I mean when every time every time I pick up something I'm writing a column on this now I said well you know the abortion is a racist act because it hurts black people well how is that all these blacks are voting for candidates who want late term abortion they love them they cannot have enough of them you know what is Stacey Abrams wants to allow you to kill your infant and it'll be black infants they don't care blacks don't care about this so what what you know if they don't care and they're quite happy voting for candidates who do these things why am I to say that you know they they're being victimized they're being victimized by people they vote for they vote for them again and again obviously they're satisfied with the people they're voting for so it's as same as the abortion issue I have never bought the argument that most people are eager for a national election in which they can vote against that I mean they would have to pay people to come to the polls in most cases the vote and then I agree it's the abortion issue is just one example but it's an excellent example of how so many on the American right don't have a good sense of reality and slipping in the past there's no two ways about that looking toward the future though looking at what a lot of younger people believe I think that getting back to socialism which is where the conversation started I think that a lot of them want what they want and they want it now this is once again beyond the instant gratification kick and if somebody tells them that we're gonna get it to you by way of a socialistic policy they'll say they like socialism if the private sector says we can get it to you they would accept that as well and I think a lot of Millennials generation zere's my point is is that since they don't have that solid intellectual foundation they're like candles in the wind they blow either way and I what they say a lot but I just don't take seriously I don't think most of them are educated enough to have any good sense of what they actually believe in any profound sense it's more just whim worshipping them acting on impulse and I think socialism is popular among them to the extent that they do not have to live under the auspices which are the very real rules and responsibilities that a socialist society imposes on its citizens yeah but the left good lesson do something else which is important they can run around bullying people for not being politically correct they enjoy that it makes them feel self-important it's like college educated women who might find and even you know more radicalized force so that's cause but but they these people like bullying they feel important their era they could be arrogant and they can go after the older generation you know you're not as enlightened as we are of course the older generation created the conditions by which the present radicalism is taking power but they can you know they can always turn on their parents the most obvious example is in Germany where everything is a matter of turning on your parents and grandparents because they were Nazis collapsed Raiders boots wha whatever it is but young people like doing that they let they like you know showing their own virtue while pushing around older people and being on the left allows you to do that definitely and it's quite ironic that the left of today in the United States allows someone like that Carlos Mesa masa whatever to be able to advocate Marxism and go after his enemies on the right who are on YouTube which and he goes after them from another private-sector platform the same time advocating for you know Marxism so it's a it's a very unique place where the American left is it's hard to describe it doesn't really make a lot of sense like a Marxist taking advantage of the private sector which you should be advocating against per his ideology but I just goes back to what I say a lot of people just don't have a real I think understanding of what it is they claim to stand for and so they do things that don't apparently make any degree of sense and it's really just whim worshipping people going from one point to the next to get whatever they want they say they stand for something they say they believe in some way of thinking but among younger people I think they're just acting out and there are a lot of times throwing temper tantrums because they're married to this instant gratification notion which is interesting because it probably means that they're not going to wind up saving up for something like retirement because I want to spend their money yeah and a lot of them then when they're older are going to be quite miserable and they're not going to get what they really wanted out of life which is comfort insecurity because they were too focused on what they wanted when they were younger in an immediate sense it's it's definitely an interesting phenomenon and I think in the long run it'll play out for generations ears and Millennials in a very bad way but that's obviously a while off I'm sure it'll happen though you have any thoughts on that III think the the future I don't know what the future holds I'm already very old I don't know the future holds but I think there will be a blow-up in the end and there will be a struggle for power in which the left disorder gets overthrown what takes its place I don't know because I think it is inherently fragile it is made up of parts that don't really fit together and I I think it cannot really it cannot rule I mean it can plunder take money from people create stuff try to control behavior and will basically be doing this at the expense of the white Christian core population of the country whatever it is by then I don't know and let people come in and they're not gonna control immigration either cities are going to look more and more than Los Angeles and San Francisco are coming to look I don't think they're gonna stop any of this I think the process is be the process of breakdown will just go on and on but you know something something will take its place in the end I don't know what it is that won't be around to find out I'm frightened to know exactly what it will be but nothing lasts forever no political order does there always something to eclipse it in Tommy as we wrap up our conversation I think it's worth noting that a lot of this pseudo socialists millennial stuff whether you're defining socialism and an orthodox sense as you do or in a more general sense as I do we could just say pseudo socialist because one way or the other it's not socialism as you know someone like Marx or even Clement Attlee to mention him again would have recognized it but yeah there's a big base of support for this stuff in an area that people would least expect at least traditionally and that's well-to-do suburbs and well-to-do neighborhoods of large cities but at the same time this is not the case in all cities you know you look at Philadelphia its well-to-do areas within the city limits are very much on the social cultural left as are its most of its very well-to-do suburbs but if you look at a place like Omaha or Dayton Ohio cities that are in this largest Philly but they're still pretty large what you find is that not only are virtually actually all the suburbs I believe Republican but you find certain areas of the city that votes GOP to so when you look at where the support for this cultural left is in the pseudo socialism is coming from its you might want to say yes it's these well-to-do areas a lot of you know limousine liberalism but it's not that way in every metropolitan area across the country it's a very complex matter and I think the complexity of this will be something that confounds political researchers for generations to come why is it that some major American cities produce this sort of leftist environment and others do not III might something do with college education levels but the truth of the matter is is that the well-to-do whether they're in Dayton or whether they're in Philadelphia or Boston they're gonna have college degrees but obviously the the elite if you will of Dayton votes in a different way than the elite of Philly or Boston does and it's to me it's just fascinating your thoughts I I'm afraid I don't realize I wouldn't even rely on Omaha a you have a large black population and they will support the left no matter what you're not going to change them then you again you have the college educated women you know who are being educated as leftist institutions so you know I don't think anything is really safe from this blade any longer I mean you look at what happens in places like Mississippi Alabama and Texas and even those areas are not really exempt from leftist takeover anymore and the same forces artwork racial minorities college-educated women the town in which I live you know something like left from the 19th century you know it's surrounded by Amish farmers who ride and horses and buggies if solidly Republican conservative it was up until recently and now I notice on my block the women to go to college are radicalized they do too jig signs they don't speak to me because I'm not you know on the same wavelength with them this this is on my block and the the wife of some Unitarian minister ran you know somewhere the left of Cory Booker you know in and tried to be tried to become the the congresswoman she was defeated but she went about you know 60 70 percentage of the votes which the conservative Republican running against her was able to do Garner and it's it seems to me that you know even in this solidly conservative Republican district and which I'm living mostly because of the caller the women the women's vote has been radicalized and this is going to be more and more the situation that the men not as much but I noticed even even with my neighbors here the men are very conservative Republicans the wife you know the what women love Buddha Jake signs and so forth so I don't think any part of the country is going to be exempt from this leftist take over again unless you can cut itself off which may be impossible the female vote is obviously nowadays a big asset of the Democratic Party but say it's not monolithic in Florida I believe that the Democrats wanted narrowly but I mean narrowly if it goes like by about one point and they wanted white women over the Republicans excuse me one white women overall by a much more considerable margin I think that the white college-educated women and Pennsylvania are definitely to the left for the white college-educated women in Alabama we've in Ohio but at the same time there are cultural forces at work which are bringing that voting block regardless of wherever it is to the left I'm sure that there are more white college-educated women in Ohio voting Democratic than there or 15 years ago for instance even though it's not to the extent that one would find in Pennsylvania but yeah and and and look the way the the white college-educated woman's vote when in Birmingham Alabama when doug jones was elected in the senate or mean that's i was shocked even though you know he's running against Roy Moore who sounded like a cloths and head you scandals being dug up against him but you know I wouldn't be surprised in Texas if NATO got a lot of white college-educated women's votes he did okay and it's it's it's interesting we'll see where the trend goes I don't think it's encouraging but it's definitely there although it does manifest itself differently in other parts of the country yet the overall current is the same it's toward the left and I had to really see that changing it's I think of one reason for this is because a lot of white white women black women whatever all women who go to college they tend to major in less of the sciences than men do they get more liberal arts degrees and they get out of college with some more radical ideas of somebody taking you know going for a science degree would but they also make less money than someone getting a science degree typically would and so I think that creates some fear of you know they're radicalized on campus but then they get out into the real world and they don't have great employment prospects and I think that further aggravates them I think there's absolutely yeah I think there's definitely something of a compound aggravation scenario at play here and you can't really say that these women don't deserve it because they got these degrees that were pretty much worthless and you know that these degrees have minimal utility in the real world I mean that's not that's not shocking and then a lot of these women as well as men but I think probably women more than that I think I might've even read that they they have more student loan debt so it's it's the women lined up getting these jobs that don't pay very well the degrees are not very much respected by society at large like you know a Bachelor of Arts and feminist studies or you know whatever the hell it is and they have this crushing debt and I think that just makes the college-educated women now much more miserable than they were even a decade ago when the sort of boutique Liberal Arts degrees were less common when more women probably majored in career centric degrees less of them are going to college back then more of them were just going into a career that they can make money at and so I think that today's college educated woman it's different than what you would have seen traditionally in the United States did you agree or disagree with that well I I grew up to a point I think what you're describing is a problem for a list with female students that I taught I mean they got they they did not pick particularly employable majors they got out they were in debt and so forth but we also see the radicalization of women who are more financially successful women where corporate executives are nonetheless culturally radicalized so I I think part of it is that women have been convinced that they're victims of society you know that they're entitled to special rights that men have oppressed them for the last trillion years and they have to be received some kind of compensation continuing compensation for all that they've suffered and women women are of course a necessary part of the victim coalition because they're more than half the population so once you add them you get a lot of people going along with the program but I I think I think it has affected women at all levels of of employability including the ones who are successful although I do concede that many women are majoring in worthless things in college and then get out you know they and are shocked they can't be employed and blame it on sexism racism fascism or whatever and volunteer for the political campaign of Cory Booker or Buddha Jake or one of these Democratic radical candidates and as we wrap up I'll just make one stipulation here most now the Republican Party is actually doing better with non college-educated women than it ever has before non-college educated white women to be precise so that's one female demographic that's actually gone toward the right and I have to throw that out there so nobody claims that Paul and I are being misogynist or whatever it's about criticizing women it's about understanding trends and there are quite still quite a few college-educated women obviously who vote Republican in in most metro areas in Florida that that is what happens in you know Jaden Ohio that's definitely what happens not in Philly though or you know Boston or New York City so it's in the its metro area by metro area it's very much hit and miss if you're looking for a female support college-educated female support of the right of center so but among younger women on the whole I definitely think there is more of a trend toward social progressivism even among those who still say they're on the right and that's the same thing with men a lot of men are moving toward a more permissive social stance even the generational difference between you and I I'm much more listen let's live than you are on social policy so it's I I just think every generation winds up being more socially tolerant than the one that came before it that does seem to be the arc of history any thoughts on that as we leave yeah I mean just I I think obviously the generational breaks the younger generation is gonna break from the older one sometimes they don't but a you know in a rapidly changing society and which family ties have become weaker and so forth that this is this is to be expected however if you look at the history of the Western world over the last I don't know six seven generations or eight generations you find that they don't always break toward the left a ninja war Europe many them broke to the extreme right what what I find interesting is the the extent of the leftist takeover of the young it's not that you know you have let's say 30% those 70% go in the other direction it just about any young person who's been to college is radicalized unless they go to places like hill eastern Arkansas a Baptist or someplace like that right they're going to be radicalized when they when they come out they're gonna be radicalized from the left and they're gonna take over a certain characteristic leftist attitudes they're not going to be traditional Marxist Leninist you did get those people in the signs and sixties younger you there they're intersectional politics a green new deal they want all the stuff forgot me to give them all the stuff these seem to be the defining characteristics of their leftism right now and they may call themselves marxist or anything else they they want maybe christians but the you know but but they generally favor the same the same sorts of programs of leftist programs and it is the the uniformity of this of this orientation among the young that is so remarkable and also the fact that things just move toward the left one generation to the next and you don't see it really reacted the the notion of a pendulum swinging back doesn't seem to apply to what we're saying I mean rather what you see is an intensification or an acceleration of the radicalization particularly on the cultural social front and you know I I think it may stop abruptly at some point but as I said I doubt that I would live to see that happen I think that there is no direct pendulum swinging any longer but perhaps relative to the time there's a bit of a swing back and forth like things might not be quite as left-wing as they were maybe a year ago of a more conservative government specifically a financial issues gets into power but there's no question that the cultural tone of Western society is moving rapidly toward the left and there's really no pendulum swinging the other way there just goes farther and farther left yeah and I I just don't I don't see any change of that it's it's interesting though thinking about where we started the conversation about socialism people really not knowing what that is and it's full historical context whether you know if you're talking about it as you do in that Orthodox sense and which I don't disagree with but I also would include the handouts the giveaways as another for socialism but it just seems to me that regardless of whatever happens concerning economic policies America is definitely going to become much more culturally liberal or progressive whatever you want to call it over the next several years and I think anyone who doesn't understand that or accept it is not living in the real world thank you for tuning in everyone see you next time

  1. Absolutely fascinating discussion. You even wore the appropriate colors. Marxists (which I agree with Dr. Gottfried the current left is not) were often supported by the private sector. Marx himself was supported by Engles' textile mill.

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