Microsoft In Culture Podcast – conversations in culture

[MUSIC]>>This kind of work isn’t about technology or technologists alone. But what it really
involves is history, sociology, anthropology, all of these disciplines
need to come together. The real question is, can
you be part of the solution?>>We are podcasts
producers who’ve told stories about all kinds of
things happening in culture.>>What comes to your mind when
I say artificial intelligence? Have you ever done any E-Sports?>>How people are using
technology to preserve culture?>>Have you ever experienced
messing around in virtual reality?>>How do you feel about this technology taking on a creative role?>>Problems around sustainability
and the fashion industry. A big question for us has been where Microsoft sees themselves in culture? What motivates them to putting their most sophisticated
tech to use for good?>>We’re going to be
talking with folks who are taking those facts, and bring them down to Earth.>>Mic check, one, two.>>Each episode will be
exploring one big idea.>>Who are using Microsoft AI to
create a generative lobby score.>>We brought together a
group of brands, retailers, technology partners to define
the connective digital tissue.>>That’s what’s so exciting
about world building is you get to story tell through every
little piece of visual design.>>But we can all be
part of the solution, and that’s what we’re trying to do at Microsoft not just for our company, but for lots of communities and
for people around the world.>>From Microsoft,
this is in culture. A podcast about people and technology coming together
to change our culture, and the world are moving
through everyday.

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