Michael Moore Confronted By Hannity About "Capitalism"

the one and only Michael Moore how many years has it been it's been a while it's been a while yes thank you for having me well you're very welcome thanks for being here we appreciate as a matter of fact the last time I interviewed you we had a bet right yes and I won the bet the bet was you won the bay actually this wasn't the last time this was on your radio show right back in 2002 and I just happened to be on your show there when that Drudge texted you on the computer yeah I show you that oh I know I remember because yeah you were sitting anything I said he says all I'm getting a message from Matt Drudge I said what's he saying he said your book just went to number one on the bestseller list I remember that I said geez this happening on your show this this special moment cos you have fond memories of me in your past so the Becky credit I figured you know in the hour we were on the book had gone from nothing to number one so thank you for that by the way but you have just ruined my credit bill on you just destroyed my shop but then then we got talking and I said that you know George W Bush he'll he will either have to resign her he'll be impeached by the end of his term and you said no way that's not going to happen I said okay bet and then we had a bet where if if I if I won the bet you would have to wear a button on the show one night that said I love Hillary and if it and if you won and I lost I would have to stand in front of the White House with a sign that said Sean Hannity was right and we saw yes well we have a version is there there I am all right right there in fairness I think everybody at home can figure this that you didn't exactly do it at the White House we I did it on your set here but I think like I but I mean it was how about this it was hard enough to walk through the Upper West Side of Manhattan tonight holding that sign you were not holding that sign yes yes yes I had the guy at the bring that side here yeah and people were stopping me going what are you doing with that sign I said why I lost a bet I mean I'm I'm a man of my word and are you I appreciate well Buffett by the end of tonight's show we'll have another bet I love it let me go that these are serious issues that you raised in your film okay yes and by the way I went in late I had a hat I had a disguise I didn't want people I don't want people to see me sneaking in I snuck out early okay yo you bought it you bought a ticket for a zombie land and then snuck in the vehicle it kind of like that yeah the kind of something like that right and I want a refund before you leave here tonight all right but in all seriousness look you're a talented movie maker you have a left-wing point of view you don't apologize for it I'm gonna give you credit for that right because I think you're an unapologetic socialist well however you want to describe yourself fair Christian I'm a Christian yeah well we have different views on the economics well no but I believe I believe in what Jesus said that by your you actually you were why are you Catholic I'm Catholic yeah really you join Mass on Sunday every song I went to a theology theology that's this past Sunday I did Oh what was the sermon about remember the gospel is about Michael Moore and you didn't go you know why I go every sub well so do you remember the gospel this one Sunday gospel is pencil it was just two days ago I don't remember I wouldn't did Saturday I went Saturday night you answer I hate to say it I got there about as late as I went your your movies right well the what you know the Jesus it was very clear about the rich man is going to have a very hard time getting in the eye of the needle that's right yeah and that the first will be last and the last will be first well you're rich to you to be less and we will be well if I don't do good with what blessings I've received on this earth that's absolutely right so but we'll grant we're going to be judged you would agree with us by how we treat the least among us I totally agree right so I'm very generous as my wife is with charity and I think anybody that's been blessed isn't this gets to the heart of I guess the debate we're going to be okay and I want to set this up look Fortune magazine and I don't know what your net worth is you're a multi-millionaire correct I I would say that I wouldn't say that I would say that I mean if you count what the value of my I got a house in Michigan I got an apartment here in New York there are multi so those are worth a lot of money okay ultimately you travel around I know for a fact you have charted Gulfstream fives the most expensive private jet in the sky just know I've never I have never chartered a jet a higher charge it never charted I'm for a job you've never been in a private jet I studio as you know they they when they send you out on a tour they sometimes will send you right because I was at a show Mac and somebody pointed out and said that's Michael Moore's jet one night I tried to say you know cuz I got a jet they said I didn't say was yours but you HR but you're a multi multi-millionaire you are let me go over the Nomad a multi multimillionaire I have done well obviously I'm three of the top six documentaries of all time grossing here I was only made by me so three hundred according to Fortune magazine not for me that the student grow sad yeah but yeah alright two hundred million alone for Fahrenheit 9/11 yeah not for me yes or not not all sterling but not all not in a report you got twenty-one million from Disney to direct let's just establish that I do well what a point but what point is this Michael because I don't have a problem you only seem to want to trash capitalism in this movie it's total trashing of it and and you do bring up religious quotes and you do go to religious figures in the movie you see I did go see it and you know you show video in in the movie etc etc about families that I might have compassion for uh in this movie here's my point if you really believe this and you yourself on millions of dollars worth of property and you make millions of dollars if you cashed out if you cashed out you'd be worth millions if I don't even want to admit it no I just admitted it I just said that millions you're a millionaire I didn't I said that I have a house in Michigan I have an apartment here but you're so stuck on this yeah I know what upsets you innocent and other why why you keep bringing it as my point is that if you if the capitalist system allowed you till the time it didn't yes it did you think the capitalist system just opened the door up for me and allowed me to do this well let me give you an example you you if you went to Cuba and we'll get into this in a minute yeah do you think Fidel Castro would allow you to produce a movie and make millions of dollars trashing his system well I don't know it's good question wish I could I you'd be killed oh I don't think so oh come on and you still what you're still following that line it's not a line I had a friend of mine whose family was killed by Castro when he came to power when he came oh so what are we now forty years ago okay forty years ago he's still a murderer yeah he's what about the murder that's been done in our name in last decade that you'd get you getting diverted you will you be diverted that's what you don't want to talk about that's the real issue isn't it not what

  1. Being rich because of a good brain in a rotten system does not mean one should have no heart. Moore has a heart, unlike many others. Capitalism brings in misery, while Socialism spreads the results of a relaxed life-work balance equally among all the members of the collectivity (nation) that adopts it.

  2. And how do you feel about giving your millions away give up flying get rid of your car you are such a hippocrite shit disturber

  3. Estimated to be worth $50 million, but not sure if he's a multi-millionaire. Not sure how Fidel would react to a film maligning his country? Convenient naivette by this man.

  4. Moore is an absolute hypocrite…..a pathetic individual who gorges himself on anything he can get his hands on….
    He's a multi multi millionaire but can't bring himself so say the words….absolute disgrace..
    Nothing wrong with having money but pretending you don't whilst demonising those who is appalling.

  5. Cuba gave free health care to five 9/11 workers whom Moore took over to Cuba who couldn’t get help in America! K?!

  6. We are not being taxed for healthcare now that Obamashit has ended, so continue healthcare without ridiciulous trillions of dollars of tan in the medicare for all and no additional taxes so by not taxing we save 32 trillion. The key is no additional tax not the 32 trillion dollars of tax the lefty loons want.

  7. Always remember this and you'll better understand things: Socialism is for the people and not the socialist.

  8. Can someone who has access to Michael Moore please bring this comment to his attention. When I was in Occupy Wall Street I tried to get the movement to gather in Washington 5 million strong in spring when kids got out of school: this to surround the Capitol Building; and then the White House — for us as a mass to jump up and down at the same time! With Frank Zappa we did this in Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, and all of us felt the building tremble beneath our feet!

    We need this POTUS and our legislators everywhere to tremble in fear of THE PEOPLES' ULTIMATE POWER over them. Since independence our legislators have given no flying f__k about you and me, THE PEOPLE: and it's time to make them tremble! It's time to make them tremble…

    Too long both REP and DEM parties have been controlled by the money of EVIL, MONSTER WAR PROFITEERS — as have been all political parties since George Washington's time — sending our children to slaughter MILLIONS of people in the name of PAX AMERICANA — stealing land, resources and markets — at the same time our children are slaughtered: this slaking of the MONSTER'S lust for lucre and blood only for one end: the self-enrichment of the MONSTERS and their friends! And the MONSTERS too must tremble… and tremble more than most: for since the MONSTERS are socio/psychopaths they must feel threatened up-close and personal for the message to get through! One way to start is to subject war criminal, Henry Kissinger, to trial in a war crimes tribunal so he can be sentenced if guilty of such to hang from the neck until dead. Maybe the MONSTERS would take note of that!

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