Michael Gove is a Socialist, and a Disgrace to Conservative Values

a Spectre is haunting the Conservative Party the specter of Michael Gove in the past couple of weeks he's adopted the most extreme alarmist language on the issue of climate change promised to take the completely irrational move or putting tariffs on food in the case of an Odile brexit which would make the most extreme alarmist language of the remainders closer to becoming a reality and now just in the past couple of days he said he'd like to end private education in the United Kingdom why is this a terrible idea well imagine that the grocery industry was organized in the following way every residence is assigned by the government to the nearest neighborhood grocery store where it must purchase its groceries there are heavy penalties for anyone caught shopping at an alternative grocery store all groceries are paid for with an annual lump sum tax collected by the local government anyone can then walk into her assigned grocery store and pick up whatever she wants and local governments boast about their free public groceries it is possible to shop elsewhere but one must then pay twice once with the grocery tax and then a second time by paying cash for the alternative groceries consequently only the more affluent can afford to have any real freedom of choice all employees of the grocery stores are paid the same according to whichever seniority group they belong to more seniority means higher pay but everyone with the same seniority level is paid the same if there are too many checkout clerks and not enough butchers the public employees grocers union prohibits paying butchers more to alleviate the butcher shortage it also opposes merit pay that would be an egalitarian it is almost impossible to fire a grocery store employee for any reason except criminality depending on the city most grocery employees received job tenure after three years grocery store employees who are grossly incompetent and negligent are routinely promoted up and out since they cannot be fired they are given jobs at the Central Grocery administrative offices hence the saying goes those who stack shelves do those who can't become central grocery administrators because they are public servants they are granted a lavish tax payer funded pensions far more lavish than anything most private sector tax payers have and the liberal vacation time and the salaries for administrators are far higher than they would merit in a private business if the grocery stores are so badly run that food rots on the shelves and their spending exceeds their budgets or if the grocery workers go on strike the grocery tax is simply increased because every politician wants to be in favor of free groceries no one wants to be an enemy of the poor and the hungry and certainly no one wants the grocery stores to close down even temporarily because the stores are a virtual monopoly so I think you get the point by now Michael Gove is an absolute disgrace he very likely knows this and yet he still does it anyway and if you are a conservative you should let him know what you think Peter Hitchens has been warning us about this for years but can any further proof be needed that the Tory party is chock-full of socialists who are borderline Marxists at this point with the feckless Jeremy Corbyn in charge of labour and unlikely to win any elections anytime soon the Tories have a unique chance to you know not be massive socialists when in power but given this opportunity all they have done is turn the dial further to the left time and time again what is the point of the Conservatives at this point or are they supposed to stand for well there's at least one person in the party who knows let me just remind you and after that you can get out what are the what are the positive reasons what do I mean it's a very important question what do I believe in as a conservative I believe that the best people to make decisions about their lives are individuals themselves not the state I think that leads to a better and stronger society and lots of things flow from that why do I believe in late acts ation ladies and gentlemen because it's your money of which the state should take the minimum necessary because you will spend your money better than I can spend it for you now if you want to send it to me by all means checks will be willingly received but actually you will make better choices about how you spend your money than the state will make for you you will make better choices in education about the schooling that your children ought to have then the state will make for you so I believe in a society that is strongest built from the bottom up with families coming together to build society to lead to government rather than the top down the man in Whitehall really does their best approach of the socialist I think it leads to better decision-making better economic outcomes it makes for stronger more bound together society because society making decisions for itself is dependent upon itself it doesn't feel that those decisions can be made by somebody else socialists always assume that somebody else will clear up your mess will pick up litter that you've dropped in the street conservative society believes it's our responsibility to not drop litter in the first place [Applause] [Applause]

  1. Don't worry, socialism will work THIS time, is what leftists say! Yet it always ends up in tyranny and destitution. Why? Because we're too individualistic. This is why socialism always requires authoritarianism, very few people will give up most or all their possessions willingly without compensation and voluntary trade, thus socialism requires draconian force to implement and maintain! Under socialism, most things, if not everything, isare monopolized by the state. When a country implements socialism, it jumps out of the frying pan and into the fire!

  2. After seeing so many socialist left wingers in power, I forgot what the Conservatives actually post to be about.

  3. Gove believes that the workers should own and control the means of production eh? Then he's got my vote! Lol!

  4. Stop assuming these politicians have any principles or beliefs, they just change their opinion to please the newspapers.

  5. Why would private education be more resistant than public ed, when it comes to shitty teachers and management?

    Private schools still have to follow set standards (not all, I agree with personally, maybe most) like public schools but, get away with being more selective with pupils administered, generally revolving around monetary gain, religion etc.

    I've never been sold when it comes to private schools, they're generally discriminatory (beyond merit aspects) and allow other cultures to start setting up a private education system that may jeopardise the future of this country, more than it already is via bad legal adjustments that have nothing to do with a left/right narrative.
    Too much legally needs to be reset, before the above can be effectively argued anyways imo. Kinda like having to train someone who is being fast tracked to management because of some bullshit qualification when you've been working in that supermarket for 5 years already. SALLLT!!! 😕

    Other than that, I agree with most of the video and that the man is a weasely little shit…

  6. The tories are rife of communists. Look at all this nonsense they are doing towards society and culture. The cultural revolution from the 60’s is still happening. Only the PRC have had a greater destruction of their nation.

  7. The argument against private education is that it means you don't get the most able people at the top. If your system judges and streams people into certain vocations and tertiary education based on academic performance it will be broken if 10% of the population can pay for an education that gives their offspring an advantage over the state educated

  8. Which country's politicians are the furthest left? United States?
    or United Kingdom?
    I don't know whether to laugh or to cry.

  9. tariffs ≠ socialism
    tariffs = nationalism (national products get preferential treatment)

  10. I believe the individual should be responsible for what happens with their money because they earned it, but to say the individual knows best what to do with it is a bit optimistic, about half of people are easily led or economically illiterate.

  11. Yeah depends on what the meaning of the word is is.
    Capitalist always misnomer socialism as communism.
    Because they don't like the idea of charity and loving one another.
    They're into money, money is there proof their pleasure their God.
    You're really only looking at three systems
    Capitalism, Socialism, Communism.
    Capitalism money talks
    Socialism people talk
    Communism the government talks.
    Why do you think they call it social-ism anyway.
    What do you call Facebook YouTube internet "social network".

    Both totalitarian systems capitalism and communism both want to pretend that
    socialism is something that it's not.
    Think about it the US Constitution starts out with the word we
    Why is that is that a capitalist system is that a communist system we the people chose to care for ourselves.
    What does that sound like to you?
    And why do both competing systems badmouth it?
    It's all because small groups of people want control over us!
    Why do they control our social networks.
    Why are they so interested in censoring our communication
    So interested in tracking everything we do.
    What is the real power?

  12. Michael Gove? is he that bullingdon chap who drew a blade Seppuku style, across the belly of his pal Boris, from which Theresa ( the remainer ) flopped out
    Oh my god !!. Hasn't he done enough to make one take the Lords name in vain

  13. There has to be something wrong with the brains of socialists. Just kidding, they know exactly what they are doing, centralizing power and creating a permanent bloc of captured voters.

  14. I thought the entire Conservative party were socialist. Or, at least, compared to the Tories of the 80's and 90's, they are. Rees-Mogg being the exception, of course. He would have fit right in with Maggie and John Major's cabinet.

  15. If someone were to make proposals that will lead to economic calamity they would have pushed these proposals. A cursory history of the UK reveals the failure of state-run enterprises – costly, antiquated, poor service and no alternative. It seems so obvious to those with an IQ > 1 – those who specialize do a better job than bureaucrats.

  16. Some of those Gove compilation bits look like their from a Master Brew video about Gove.

    Edit: Definitely are now I saw Mogg bits, their from a Brew vid called Mogg Dynasty. Is really good.

  17. Quite alarming yes. Maybe next time you'll realize the real problem with the National Socialist German Workers Party, wasnt the "national" aspect.
    Sure it was socialist "intellectuals" that founded that their terrible ideology…BUT this time they promise they'll get it right!!!

  18. The conservatives are behind this ! Gove should be kicked out. Really the only choice in the ballot box is UKIP.

  19. End private education? Uh, yeah, that way EVERYONE receives a fucking horrible education… then we'll all be equally uneducated.

    God, please save us from these authoritarians.

  20. The Tory part have been largely shadow leftists ever since Thatcher was booted out. Bunch of pathetic socialists without any backbone. A weak lot.

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