Methanol Economy for India - भारत की मेथनॉल अर्थव्यवस्था - What is Methanol Economy?

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  2. Bharat ke vimanan companiya kyu band ho rahi or 22000 kramchari brojgar kyu ho rahe…jraa inpar v apna Focus

  3. Sir iska matlam anevale kuch salo me oil ka price v Kam hoga…isse production and transportation me cost Kam hoga…isse humko or saste me product mil sakta he….am I right or wrong please tell me 🙏

  4. कब होगा ? सुनते सुनते बहुत साल हो गए। सरकार को कौन रोक रहा है?

  5. Sir pls make video on blockchain technology also, itna paisa jo government bachayegi aur financial structure mai corruption rahega toh fayeda nahi.

  6. Nothing is better than electric vehicles. In the next 100 years, only electric cars would dominate. Rest is BS. 
    Also, batteries charging speed, capacity and performance are going to increase drastically in the next 20 years.

  7. Bjp govt me roj naye naye projects ke baare me sunne milta hai. Aur Congress me roj naye naye ghotale ke baare me sunne milta hai.

  8. Pm modi jab Tak hai tab Tak India tej grow karega jaise 1 sal me jio cable bhich gai or aaj ham 1 Rs se bhi Kam me 1.5 gb data use Kar rahe hai ..

  9. Watching your videos from last month
    Very impressed specially
    Alot to know, lot to discuss my request to make video on Wirelesswer High voltage power transmission

  10. Dear, no doubt methanol is a clean fuel and as a fuel methanol will not produce any NOx or SOx but while producing methanol from coal it liberate lot of pollution. So adopting methanol as fuel will not reduce pollution in any way. However using methanol will definitely help India to save money.

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