B G and C the biblical truth lives here the ancient hebrew scriptures foretold of The Anointed One Yeshua HaMashiach the Messiah Yeshua came to call the people back to the truth of his word and to follow that righteous path yeshua then called jewish men to be his disciples and after his death and resurrection those jewish men told the world about the Jewish Messiah now after 2,000 years Beth boudin as he Anna congregation has that same calling of those Jewish men telling all people both Jew and Gentile about the proper ancient paths teaching the route 66 Kings Highway from Genesis through revelation and how you need and can get back to the proper roots of the faith and a closer walk with God now the message let's go get a blessing turn to the book of Bereshit Genesis chapter 3 vamos al nivel de Hennessey's capitalist Genesis chapter 3 please anise is capital at risk this is the 650 fifth recorded message Chisolm in second numero seis into cincuenta Y Cinco it is called personal responsibility and the ten days of all is it Allah put responsibly that person money loss dsds determine valencian we'll be starting our lesson off and Genesis Bereshit chapter three verses one through six was in Posadas Alexandria in Genesis capital today's particular unknown says everything you hear today todo lo que busco charity a key will be in English and in Spanish must have in English in espanol so when I go to the many scriptures we're going to in this teaching cuando be similar to Eskimos a bit o di key I'm only gonna read them in English soul of oiliness in English so if you're reading in Spanish please read it for yourself in Spanish is leaning so you're probably completely mental asleep on the next slide there's a few terms that we use here that you might be not familiar with wellness términos cuddly Somoza kiki says no certainly familiar constants that means when you hear me say you Vova on the masuccis Dissidia hoo-ha that is the father's perfect name as a journaling been affected by a bear Padre tell no your hova means the eternal one you haven't seen if you can't let they don't know sometimes you'll hear me say elohim algunas mrs. me brothers could you ever seen elohim that is for the Father the Son and the ruach ha'qodesh was just murdered by literally who you'll ruin her Kadesh we used the name yeshua but TV some wasn't number years sure because his name is not GTA 4 k su nombre noise his sous that is a Catholic name and Messiah is not a Catholic system nobody católica de Macias noise company never will be nunca lo Sara uh use my hear me sometimes use the word mashiac he says miss coaches se la palabra machine that means the anointed one was a significant he doe it means Messiah significant Macias then you might hear me refer to the parasha he says miss coaches miss coach ever forgive me panache that's a portion of the Torah we read each week Isuzu napoletana casselli cusamano going on to the next slide we're gonna have a synopsis and three themes almost haven't seen ups easy to this Dumas I'm gonna read it in English in Revit wardo is gonna do it in Spanish synopsis the ten days of all the time between yom teruah not Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur what is its purpose let us learn about Adelman hava syndrome so we understand fully the meaning behind leave your gift at the altar and go make peace with your brother as he knows he knows DSD is that the motor Valencian oliso propósito del tiempo ki entry on Tarawa no Rosh Hashanah Yom Kippur Appling aprendemos sobre el Centro medico acaba Sen tendremos completamente significant that they had surah gallo any letter a a surpass con su hermano going on to theme number one they said the words but did not comprehend the meaning we're going to go to the book of Bereshit Genesis chapter 3 verse 1 through 6 they said the words but didn't understand comprehend take to heart the meaning of the words Bereshit Genesis chapter 3 verse 7 through 10 now their eyes were truly opened to understand the truth Bereshit Genesis chapter 3 verse 2 22 and 23 there's a price for disrespect disrespecting the perfect word now they know better and know the full truth I'm at the Yahoo Matthew 5 or 17 and 19 we just take the full word of Yeshua seriously things would be good till we transfer from this life to the next I'm at the Yahoo Matthew chapter 24 verse 10 through 12 when loved when love for the truth grows cold we fall away Acts chapter 20 verse 7 matzah a Shabbat Mattia whoo chapter 24 verse 10 through 12 Luke chapter 8 verse 5 through 15 what seed are you or do you have Adam and hava syndrome revelation 6 verse 7 and 8 1/4 of the world dies what seed am I revelation 8 verse 7 through 9 more dead do you believe this to be true or like animate hava saying it is true but not comprehending its true meaning at yahoo chapter 5 verse 23 and 24 proverbs 25 verse 9 Matthew 24 verse 12 the man numero uno listen las palabras pero no comprehending and significant and this is capital addressed by signal says the heron las palabras pertinent and iran no pero intend iran complained iran tomorrow in syria significa da de las palabras genesis kappa de l'autre smurfs Ignacio del dc-8 LDS or a sus ojos de stampeded elementa beer toes para comprende la verdad Genesis capital o tres particular vented o7t trace existing precio poor pal dar el respeto la palabra perfecta our intending mejor econ no Sanibel that completa mateo capital o sing cover sicko Leticia t LD seen web a see tomamos en serio la palabra completed a yeshua las cosas Syrian buenas hasta que pase Mo's de esta vida a la siguiente Mateo veinticuatro Persico new Diez aldose a cuando la more por la verdad sin Fria NOS dad aha Mo's I chose Ben Tabor sakulos siete in matzah Shabbat met Mateo in T cuatro verse signal TSL don't say Lucas capital o a particular Cinco alkene say kiss Amy Harris to Athena's and syndrome a day of Amitabha apocalypsis capital o says but seek you los siete ocho la parte del mundo muere casa milà soy apocalypse is over sick you know Satan David Messmore toes Chris must maltose Chris is too close I'm sorry mass motto spraying esto que estés with that oh it is como Adam he haba que dicen esto es verdad para no complaining Sumer de lo que significa matter sink over 73-70 Quattro Pro various men sink over sicken on web a matter when T cuatro particular dose a team number 2 is much shorter than theme number 1 how does love grow cold Malik team bathe 2nd Kings chapter 17 verse 1 through 6 why do you try to hide your sin remember your hova sees and knows all things he will reward according to your deeds malihini bet 2nd Kings 17 verse 7:8 they had adamant cava syndrome knew the words but did not care versus we will then go the verses 9 and 10 verse 13 verse 14 and 15 verse 18 verse 24 to 33 here's how the love of many really grows cold the manometer those como same 3 el amor mela him bed segunda libro the raise capital of acetic of siculiano says when the treta stays condemned to picado recuerda yahuwah bacon Osito that las casas l take open Sarah según to Zola's manna him bait libera today yes segunda Segundo libro today is capital d CC at every signal siete ocho to be honest Andromeda Adam in a have a savvy Anna's palabras pero no less in porto de los mexicanos que vamos a letters so in particular no a yes terrific cat or second CD CH o NT Quatro Trinity tres a kiss of Ramos como el amor de muchos availment is m3u and finally theme number three overcoming Adam and cava syndrome at Yahoo 5 verse 23 24 your fast is the gift but have you mixed your hope is word with the nation's customs Bereshit Genesis 3 verse 3 the man numero tres super a single media dummy haba mateo capital o cinco single event e 370 cuatro do i you know is head of sec you pero as miss la de la palabra de ahora con las costume risk then as nas eunice genesis capital o tres particular trace amen are you ready for a good teaching this morning and this afternoon doesn t stop around up on us again saying is that are they okay for those that are new and those are new here and new online que somos de aquí los que estan en línea what we just went over is a syllabus look at Obama's little sensor is the program syllabus is like when you were in college or maybe some like schools understand saying in high school alone they will see that your professor would give you a syllabus for the class what loves going to go on to professor to Ventura got it ramaa the local band senior since we are a teaching ministry nosotros somos ooo ministerio de Lucas gave you a syllabus for what is gonna go on in this teaching for this Shabbat you're just a bomb was that maybe setting instance inside the Java we're going on the theme number one demon numero uno we're gonna turn to the book of Bereshit Genesis chapter three almost even libro de Hennessey's capital of today's verse 1 through 6 are singular illnesses Bereshit Genesis chapter 3 verse 1 through 6 and this is capital Atrisco signal analysis this section is called they said the words but they they but did they understand comprehend take to heart the meaning of the words it's the second city to la de las palabras there are no comprehending and significant oh one of the things in teaching children theology una de las casas come to st. Angelo's hijos de la here sometimes children can read very well when this mrs. wasn't Loews mucho just within later muy bien and sometimes children can't read at all yeah there's no one in there sometimes adults could read very well and was put in little mini sometimes some adults can't read at all yeah no pointing there what I find in teaching a lot of people lo que encontrar muchas personas is they read but they don't comprehend is killing but on ninth-inning especially some planting especially sometimes in theology class right missing until oh here you know I'll ask the child like what does that word mean you're losing your call it a significant la palabra and even sometimes on mumble you dismisses you can't hear them that I didn't even now with that in mind we're gonna read Genesis at all but uh Connie cement about muscle a vacancies we're gonna look at Genesis chapter 3 verse 1 through 6 Genesis kappa turismo synchronous ace and we're gonna look at did adam akava moseub se-ah-dom Aqaba really understand in mid-2010 do you know what they were saying look agency stuff on this in there ok Genesis chapter 3 Bereshit three verse one through six Tennessee's gonna be done with the business you can all know cease now the serpent was more crafty than any wild animal which Yahweh Elohim had made he said to the woman did Elohim really say you're not to eat from any tree in the garden the woman answered the serpent we may eat from the fruit of the trees in the garden but about the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden Elohim said you are neither to eat from it nor touch it or you will die the serpent said to the woman it is not true that you will surely die because God knows it or elohim knows on that day you eat from it your eyes will be opened and you will be like Elohim knowing good and evil when the woman saw that the tree was good for food that it had a pleasing appearance and that the tree was desirable for making one wise she took some of the fruit date she also gave some to her husband who was with her and he ate Amen me now they said the words I use the hidden less beloved us Adam and hava Edward the hidden left balonus but here's a question like you know Barry Windham did they understand resent India room did they comprehend I just complained Ihram did they take two hearts I just uh tomorrow the chorus on the words and their meaning las palabras is too significant see when you're reading the Word of God when the tool is la palabra de do you understand entiendes – do you comprehend comprehend this – do you take it into your heart Tomasz into Corazon the meaning of the word that you're reading and significant other la palabra que estas Leanna here's the next question okay la pregunta de Adam Ahava Adama cover did they understand the responsibility and then the language is not responsive alida of being keepers of that word they the maintainer esta palabra there's just what that is about once you write that down okie-dokie wants you to write that down you know kiss criticism did Adam and hava understand in theorem the responsibilities and responsibilities that up being keepers of the word to say what the end is de la palabra I'll say it again did annemun hava see Adame cover understand in theorem the responsibility not responsibility of being keepers of the word they said what the end is de la paloma it's a very interesting question that we're gonna have for this Shabbat teaching there's una pregunta winter do something give alms at the opponents of this dish of ax now the next part did they understand which isn't Indian on how their disrespect go move in this bit of the perfect words in a palapa defector did they understand and Indonesians how the disrespect Camus edges for the notice of the perfect words from your voix de la palabra have been affected a yahuveh would affect their lives Eva think that us was Venus their children lives la vida de los hijos and even our lives inclusive mistress Venus in even our life so most of us Vida do they understand disrespecting God's Word sokka's intelligence perfect word perfect under how that would affect them cumulative effect arises their children Susie who's and their children's children all the way to us yet those who the senses this enthusiasts are nosotros see what you need but most Christians don't do most Messianics don't do in my area Cristiano ze Messianic was no assing and they don't understand the beginning 19 de el principio they don't read the Torah no no lane left order so when they try to read the New Testament the pretty hard a shot when they just written they little know what this Demento they don't comprehend or understand which is no complaining or intending what they are reading locations is saying liendo because they disrespect the beginning of the Bible porque estamos dando transmitter is cheaper than a policy we need to we need to look at the beginning necesitamos mina al principio so that we could comprehend what happens in the end para poder complan de lo que su SE Delfina if you don't understand the beginning of the math problem c19 is a PCP they'll probably matamata matter you're not gonna understand the end of the math problem nobody know the problem at the mathematics sort of like with your computer si como tu computadora Mike my wife says why the computer doing that come on my computer is the same because you have 400 documents open that's why it's doing it but Katinas Quatro seem to documentos I hear this what I saw is the it's the I don't know see your computer's going oh stop it stop it I can't do any more intelligent enough for the cinemas so here did Adam acaba aqui see I don't become we're gonna talk about Adam and have a syndrome mom was a blood I said Kevin seemed to me they owe me today today we're gonna ask ourselves write this down with the nose was uh pretty cool 30 is write this down everybody it's good even do I have Adam and hava syndrome thinking you in syndrome autonomy hover do I have Adam and hava syndrome thing Goyo in syndrome autonomy hover do I have Adam and harvest syndrome dangle Yoel syndrome Adama cava see Adam Ahava did they understand Nancy let me have an antenna by disrespecting the perfect word elephant Elizabeth on Apple a pitiful what it would do to their lives dubious okay – who said that consoles me this we're gonna look at the scripture to see if they really comprehended that Venus but ever seen but knowledge is it to comprehend Iranian some but we who are followers of Yeshua nosotros a leader is the issue we got the second half of the book right let me tell the liberal we got all the way to the book of Revelation until the real end of time the name was lost and finally a Libra there they will assume is I mean that's what the temple that's what the city a Christian doesn't understand is the secrecy knows no ending and the sad part about the world not ending today eal a party Teresa kill mundo no no III mean other if you had read the book of Revelation people get Nazli the liberal of that book and you would understand that there's seven seals the V isn't in the case you're seven so far so far and seven ball judgments you see it they go positive base for the wall and you twit antes Gilman those at the enemy knows I'm like how hard is to read your own Bible Catan doodle is live to prepare Vivian or did this man have Adam in Harvard syndrome Augustana Tuvan syndrome edamame , I think he had animal Harvison we've been circle tool syndrome at Omaha and we're gonna learn about animal harbor syndrome today vamos a aprender it's a syndrome Adama can see when we disrespect the beginning of the word we don't comprehend the end although for the most anticipated means if you learn Apple abundant in the most of you know we need the beginning of the Bible necesitamos will be nice if you understand our personal responsibility but intended most responsibility that but it's another write down what is my personal responsibility as Grievous tokenism irresponsibly not personal what is my personal responsibility qualities meet responsibly the big swell it's a big question we're gonna try to answer today it's not even them we we amplication we do we need to see our responsibility misses it almost mirror most responsibility we need to learn the lessons from the Tanakh the old testament says he time was up and analytics eunice then auntie what this Demento so that we can avoid a conflicts that come at the end of the word of god but a simple them was every turn I lost conflict owes pun intended now let's look again at verse three visible signal tonight Sarah sheet Genesis chapter 3 verse 3 Genesis trees were signatories but about the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden Elohim said you are neither to eat from it nor touch it or you will die amen now they're talking about you will die mr. Neville and I said the Mauryan here's a question so I guess that you know you're not put a goon here's a question given up but I wonder how could a de macabre Camuto Adami cover and for those who knew Hoffa is Eve but I don't use a Saiga name but okay Justin wibbels Kaaba is Ava I can notice almost numbers pagano's how could Adam Aqaba como AB amitaba know what death meant conocía k KS muerte let me say that again I'm gonna be repeated Aramis because the Lord was like I'm like that's cool Lord look mrs. great question isn't a play with them we wouldn't how could a diamond carbon know what that meant como Adama cava policía que Kamiya canossian de lo que and significant of the mortise if they had never seen that before seizures nunca VM bestow la muerte antes how could they know what something is to die commercial Savion algo que tiene que que a motive if they had never seen that before she knew convince Tom worth it and this you know in the Garden of Eden animals were not eating animals again hidden animals animal is most uncommon in my list so they had never seen that before or close nunca am bestow a scientist la mort 800 or close what you're wearing miss miss demented okay so when they're saying look it's done DC and in verse three you were you're gonna die a little particular today's get to what somebody when they're saying at verse 3 they work that we will die because I miss a little particular today's came by Maureen did they really understand comprehend the vicious internal component Ihram what that meant kissing if it covers oh okay God's warning in Genesis 2 verse 17 sentence is not with the endogenous is those were sick well this is being repeated here in Genesis 3 verse 3 no case it's not repeating the king in Genesis today's particular today's like I said when I teach theology to the children kumuda hey condensator oh here I'll lose news when I teach theology to the children when they say a theologian los ninos the children will be able to read certain words those are those laws new years of age of this Pope when they see it as palabras but they won't comprehend what the words mean there are no accompanying key qualities a significant developer louder now let's look at verse 3 can Genesis 3 verse 3 mimosa particular tree so Travis Genesis 2 this particular trace without the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden Elohim said you're neither to eat from it nor touch it you or you will die amen could it be at this point in time for the SNS tip este punto de la vida these words were just words yes this beloved resident xalapa notice that they didn't copy and what the words man can know complained en lo que las palabras significant Adam acaba didn't know what that meant Adama Haven on 10 dia que no saben que significa la palabra morton because they had not experienced that personally occasion non-experimental amor the personnel or even seen it in operation oh ok am bestow como su said yeah how many people here have lost their parents went the hint the key parents of this heaven or wherever they went most by this case you know you know them they get it could saying you know anybody ever lose a brother or sister how do you have mana or even the dog or a cat or inclusive a dog or cat's we just gave to the Chinese restaurant and I've got this little visitor was I just don t know but and it feels terrible right it's a sin thermometer I mean if you're a follower of Yeshua see if they say you know the issue you know where the people if they were followers where they went see she took on Moses kill a person okay some say there was the issue it to service advantages but adamant trauma didn't have parents don't meet have a litany Empire except for God and God's never gonna die acceptable to use it years nunca memorial so it so there's she's saying Luca study syndrome you're gonna die it was somebody but they had not experienced death vision non-experimental I'm worth it they had not seen somebody die no I'm destroyed numerous even an animal at this point had not died inclusive ninguna molested puntos de tiempo el muerto but here's the next thing when I kill you three cosas the next part is this the proximal part the system does it make them any less responsible is the okay so legislators Pokemon or responsibly does it make them any less responsible as I say Esther just minnows responsibly just because they didn't understand the meaning so open up or can't Indiana significant they still got kicked out of the garden right who is just for a second does are happening now a question to ponder for the Shabbat teaching la política is that one independency and since they are ready to write the question at least attempt Iraqis can even supplement here's the next question because de la próxima pregunta how much more responsible grandmas sadly how much more responsible quantum s responsibility' are we supposed to be nosotros tuvimos said are we supposed to be nosotros comemos hell with your hobos word going up another yahoo now that we know the end out okay Konoe same wasn't Fino if somebody haven't gave got it how much more responsible quantum unresponsive list are we supposed to be with your hobos word mos def con la palabra de yojoa now that we know the end of the book I wanna kick on the same was a lovely this is something that really pondered during the ten days of all here is to algo que in business its turkeying it's to these deals of the more evidence we know the end zone assembles a final everybody here has seen that those icky and bestow go Muslim would even if it's a video watching an animal getting chased by another animal need inclusion video como many molester but is en otro mister anybody watch the animal planet are giving a key a pistol you know the lion chasing the zebra for the supper siendo Allah save and a lion catches the zebra allelic up to Nellis and if we've all seen that at least on video right those are must be stopped por lo menos nvm how much more responsible are we quantum and responsibly someone knows when we have the reigning world of Yehovah for ourselves tenemos la pelota basically today they understood how much more personal responsibility do we have to God on that responsibility so not the name was part of use now go back to verse 1 into Genesis 3 verse 1 and 2 then assembles a Genesis to miss vesicular Unidos Genesis Parrish III verse 1 and 2 10 this is today's particular Unidos now the serpent was more crafty than any wild animal which you hope Elohim and made he said to the woman did Elohim really say you were not to eat from any tree in the garden the woman answered the serpent we may eat from the fruit of the trees of the garden amen amen okay so hava is saying exactly what her husband Halder how is that he seemed exactamente Lucas was pozzolan hijo let me say that again she's repeating it word for word it's just that a pidiendo phenomena poor opal Evelyn what her husband the head of her house told heard it told her no case was more like a salad let me go now where did Adam get it from the Dandi Adam disabuse Adam got the word directly from Elohim them to severe la palabra de victim in today's leukemia en el and then Adam gave that perfect word ym7 trigger la palabra pin victim to the people that he loved a las personas que el amor okay that's another thing to understand this today but there's nothing of course I can have been wasn't in there give the perfect word to the people you love Anthony getting up and having a perfect that I love but the Sun let's get to him give the perfect word to the people you love in 300 effect and let's go Adam loved his wife cava I've been okay Adam Livio esposa cover and he gave her the perfect word a Linda gulapa operation she then says the perfect word to hasatan is a medical empanada perfect a hesitancy Adam gave heard the truth abandoned ago I celebrated that she believed the truth and I can you Angus ever do that but the third part wouldn't let them sit upon if she didn't understand the truth engine linton do you love it though let me say that again how many feet otra vez Adam gave her the truth alone today goal of it though she believed the truth exactly you in love it though she didn't understand the truth I didn't do you love it of them why doesn't she understand the truth but occasion intend universe' for she eats the fruit she was not supposed to eat pork AJ Camila flute occasion estava supuestamente commit she ate the fruit that she was not supposed to eat as a kamila flute occasion the service of wisdom in the camara take this example don't mistake him blue we have so many children who say honor my father and mother deny Muslim which wasn't used to kid these thing on their body and a mother now the this is part of the Ten Commandments isn't about the most easement immune to and we said we were gonna have somebody say the Ten Commandments today he was carrying about suppose these mementos idea so let's see if somebody can say the Ten Commandments today I mean I'm mostly looking for this it was these mementos idea her name is Yvonne Sonoma does everyone unmute the yellow one the one that's a yellow button there due to to Yvonne it's gonna tell us the Ten Commandments in English everybody look at Yvonne okay let's tell us the Ten Commandments any idols before me who do not use my name in vain honor your mother and father no you didn't say it right oh do not honor your mother and father [Laughter] do not murder do not steal do not bear false witness against your neighbor do not commit adultery and do not um did not covet they were a little out of water but give her a hand anyway okay so a child going to Kona muchacho says honor the mother and father mother much it is a bother ya mother honor your mother and father on doctor body it to mother but children especially little ones especialmente los pequeños lies are steals a minton minton Oh Robert a three-year-old will be able to recite the ten commandments that resign yourself with a receipt that loss this mementos but that's the three-year-old comprehend para castle is near the treasonous comprende does the three-year-old comprehend you that the reason is comprende what lying or stealing is all about case it rattled overwhelm until the three-year-old will able be able to say the ten commandments and near the design using the syllogism and I mean to but you put two three-year-olds in quarter and only put one toy in that room it's all open okay zoom solo who getting is a quarter what's gonna happen between the two three year old kids looking so silicon nose doesn't use the trace on you they are going to covet that one toy I just wanna go this year it's it's a good thing and they're gonna fight over the toy he just went up and yes but its potency who hit there the stronger child and then you must win it they will even try to hurt the weaker child if the weaker child tries to take the toyota inclusive the less demand you must David see threatened ever threaten anybody understand who anybody ever see that I'm bestow any parents or grandparents here or Han store uncle I ever see a couple of kids do that Mister stuff mostly useless in this stuff but the kid will say better than everybody say low no talk more the time or don't covet you know caduceus but that child will punch the other child dead in the face certainly yeah I stepped in the you and I kinda to get to that video game but often it is a with everything to get to that one toy in the room but often there is a good thing in them they'll be able to say the Ten Commandments it was this one the mean to but they don't comprehend what coveting means no complaining key quality significant of the code is here because the child has Adam and Javed syndrome porque so knows the KTM incinerated Amitabha look at verse one and two again you know that I visit particular verses one and two and the system is music you know only those now the serpent was more crafty than any wild animal which of elohim had made he said to the woman did elohim really say you're not to eat from any tree in the garden the woman answered we may eat from the fruit of the trees of the garden amen and then she goes on the say we they're gonna die then she goes on to say there is your intensity about the city that we will die okay Babu somebody asked a three year old rental in the trees and you asked a three year old you asked a three year old we won't tell any database on you why did you lie poor Kim intestine you know I asked little Yeshua deliberate on picking usual all right why did you I pork intestine but they but he can quote the ten commandments thou shalt not lie but these mementos lke sanam interior okay so however what's repeating the words given Mosca harvest about apathy endless belong but she didn't comprehend what the words meant they don't know company i lo que la palabra significant the reason we're learning this lesson today let us know because i'm supple in the understanding with you is it has everything to do with the ten days of oh forget you know mucho que with condos dsds at the midline between yom teruah a temple entry onto room and yom kippur young people what each of us has to do in our lives the missive in business what each of us has to do in our lives look I don't know them I said Englishness business to enter into the holy place with Elohim but internetting is a lure santoku Elohim now we say the words the seam of las palabras but do you understand the words you don't intend isness balonus look at verse three and four university guru that is equitable but about the fruit of the tree in the garden in the middle of the garden Elohim said you're not you are neither to eat from it nor touch it or you will die the serpent said to the woman it is not true that you will surely die amen now here had they ever seen that they're talking about death Aiki because it was just hablando said look at him what a thing okay say knows what death is something that's gonna secure this morning he knows what death is something that's gonna mostly quiet kids and what a thing but it's talking to harbor who doesn't know what that is guess I'm Rebecca Howe aquino Canosa kids Morton because she has not seen death occasion of Eastham la muerte they had been made perfect it's just a photo niches but effective Adam and Chava had been made perfect on mija before he just but effective they didn't have any sin in them not the Nene Goomba kado engages anima Kaaba had been created with your Hovis own personal hands I've only have a foreign clothes con las manos personal is the yahuveh okay they had no corruption in their software not in the ending tip of the coral soon and so this Cobra they had the vocabulary right Daniel vocabulary they had the vocabulary right but they didn't understand what the word meant better not learnt Indian quality significant okay significant loss so haba is saying the truth to Satan who was a Kiki harvested this in the level done what's at the nurse but she's not fully comprehending what she is saying but understand Indian the completamente locations that is hinder okay so she's talking she's having this conversation with the devil is just nothing mister compensation concept honest she doesn't really know who the devil is in Okaloosa King is something us because she was made perfect look easier for each a perfect so she's having this conversation is that the name mister compensation she's quoting exactly what her husband had told her is that a listener DC intersect I meant to Lucas was puzzling she believed those words to be true and you could even assess Milani's kiss on better than but she didn't come she didn't comprehend what they meant we don't know complain dear k significant how much more quantum us since we have the whole Bible as a community NMOS total oblivion we have the whole Constitution tenemos toda la constitución we have the end of the world which is not today the Mozilla and fin del mundo canvas idea how much more responsible with the perfect word are we supposed to be quantum as disposable a no sabemos that response and is gone up Ilana now let's look at verse 6 verse 6 please Genesis 3 verse 6 in the seas but this vesiculosus when the woman saw that the tree was good for food that has a pleasing appearance that the tree was desirable for making one wise she took some of the fruit Nate she also gave some to her husband who was with her and he ate amen so the evidence of verse 6 and evidences the vesiculosus the evidence of verse 6 maybe they said they were sick you know say suggests so hearing that they didn't fully comprehend anoint enduring completamente they did not fully comprehend the responsibility and they don't complete them until a responsibility that had been given to them Kissel isn't regardless because see they're talking or gives you Stern hablando Adam is there are those three harvests having a conversation with the devil I was that Toninho not come but as I see only the money they don't know who the devil is just know kundo sinking is in the money because they don't have the Bible because she's not even Aviva everything is perfect don't you see the perfect oh they quote what God told them to do I just don't see time to look at Nick okay but the evidence suggests that all evidence yes we mean that they did not fully comprehend Cajun intended on completamente the responsibility that responsively then given to them because it is entering otherwise we as followers of Yeshua como se you notice they were supposed to be the light to the nation's lose powerlessness Yunus do you fully comprehend entiendes to completamente the responsibility given to you that I suppose of you know kiss attend together look at verse six again please you know the secret of seize the thermos for when the woman saw the tree was good for food that it had been had a pleasing appearance and that the tree was desirable for making one light she took some of the fruit and ate she also gave some to her husband who was with her and he ate amen so it suggests it does mean though that they don't really understand the responsibility can the same thing the lettuce philosophia you know that doesn't mean it's a most significant listen up carefully everybody's which I'm weaker than those lemon just because you don't understand so Allah put in okay to know in the end it doesn't mean the ramifications for your action no significant ramification is the two socks your knees are gonna be any less harsh by the king but I said meanest min what it is put a day let me say that again I'm gonna beat the Travis just because they don't understand sólo porque no intent en doesn't mean the ramifications of your actions economy because soon as the produce axiom I can be any less from God himself – a menos que killed Senor Bunga pretty deep message so far right pretty deep teaching huh got your attention didn't wanna think God got your attention today associate attention would anybody ever see this like this before I'm like wow god this is like really team scientist you've been doing the people are really tired I hope you got some coffee and you want some intravenous IV coffee this time we can sell this but I can't them some other cafe can maybe we can do an adrenaline push you know 14 gauge needle ring to the AC okay it'll won't hurt me at all okay so imagine this in Mahina this them they were told directly the word from God well don't put in together as a victim in turn up a love another 40 years no man let me ask you a question I'm at the blue moon time it's not this directly the Word of God because listeners lapel of another victim videos is this not the Word of God says tulip 11 electors news well this Isaiah yeah this the Word of God it's not beloved Ovidius isn't that not the Word of God but made bar numbers so you've been given directly the Word of God so then together T directamente la palabra de Dios and you've seen that to us be stole important how much more responsible are we supposed to be for mathematically the memo says nosotros are the ramifications of our actions gonna be any less because you miss the news the resurrection is – a menos or is it going to be more harsh on us because we know the no.1 hacer más fuerte para nosotros porque nosotros kono Samos Davina I don't think the Christian Church's teaching this type of lesson you know Christina Stinson let's turn to Genesis 3 now verse 7 through 10 Genesis 3 I'm Jose Hennessy stress but it's equal los siete Andes let's look at verse 7 through 10 any system is mozuku no sea attendance this part is called now their eyes are truly open to understand the truth esto parece ionises ojos están de alimentos but until then lever that verse 7 through 10 now particularly attendees then the eyes of both of them were opened and they realized that they were naked so they sewed fig leaves together to make themselves loin cloths they heard avoid the voice of Yahweh Elohim walking in the garden at the time of the evening breeze so the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of Yahweh Elohim among the trees of the in the garden no bellowing call to the man where are you he answered I heard your voice in the garden and I was afraid because I was naked so I hid myself Amen let's take a look at verse 7 we did was a little sequence here there okay then the eyes of both of them were opened and they realized that they were naked so they sewed fig leaves together to make themselves loin cloth amen now because all knowledge now because of all knowledge knock on door a contestant and a mentor of the truth has gone into them love is not entered oh I just now they begin to realize things how is your sister in person desire quinta their goodness concepts in verse 7 it talks about realization in it were sick you know CA se esta hablando cerca de that's a Quinta once you realize things una vez get to Dennis Quinta then you start to change things entonces impedances I come here cause once a bit the fruits when a viscous material of their eyes were opened to all their surroundings as all of us have real if you're not total days old ages once you know the truth una vez que tu canosa's never does you know because Paul writes in Corinthians I believe it is boundlessness convenient corinthians had not I known Torah I would not know what sin is KC Nova Scotian eternal you know visas have it okay is picado Torah tells us what is good Latura knows D CK is bueno and what is bad case LeMond so once they bit the fruit this case is Madonna fruta they started to understand their surroundings and suddenly isn't in those days so they made fig leaves because they thought that they knew they were naked you know that is the has there you go why should they care what cages pork is important I mean yo yeah that's your wife and not your husband so what you walk around naked looking s bozos to put this coming that there's no though okay well I mean the animals might be saying something you guys are not hairy that doesn't matter to be Cindy child goes there's no some polluters are is the same you're not hairy at all not even Phyllis aren't you cold not even for you okay like the horse got hair right yeah okay the elephant's gone hey where's your trunk those are the Phantom fun okay so now they bit the fruits on occasion and they realize that they're naked he said they don't Quinn Turkestan this knows now truth is fully in them I wouldn't ever done is that complete them into English because once they bit the fruits are you nervous gauges come here enough all knowledge and comprehension toda la subida da la compra assume once a bit the fruit whenever sketches material all knowledge and comprehension and accessibility like invasion into them in through engagement right down all knowledge and comprehension is in me scribbles to total Lavinia in a complaint siesta in me all knowledge in comprehension is in me Turin conocimiento in a complaint is that in me because we are children of Adam and hava porque nosotros somos eCos de ah da Mihama so and we've seen that y must be stolen would now look at verse 10 over the middle of a psychologist now look at verse 10 middle C : yes he answered our voice in the I was afraid because I was naked so I hid myself a man now they're afraid or it is Duncan tomorrow but nothing has happened pero nada su Cedeno now they're afraid hora is your system quantum or but nothing has happened to them except knowledge but another so severe conscious deceptive possible conocimiento once you know the truth una vez que tu canosa's never done let it set you free The Liberator once you know the truth una vez que canosa's never let it set you free they had never that Daniel evening but Adam is saying here he was afraid mr. cynical is to become you know he nothing had happened yet neither society the home except that they ate the fruit I said the poor cages come here on la fruta but they knew that something was going to happen but it just serve en que algo of us was it in now they're comprehending what may happen to them our cage is complaining where this will sit there are no collisions now that may know what's gonna happen because they spoke the truth outer edges sabe lo que pasa network is that they spoke the truth before I'm not 11 that antis now they're comprehending the truth now or die just stand in Dean this over there before you spoke the truth and this do of last 11 ah but you took your responsibility lightly pero – Tomas de una responsabilidad ollie when many of you were in the churches and alumni any of this the church teach in signalling what this deliverance ministries teach in churches teach in Senor lo signa seer is going we're all under grace right damos bajo not gonna see it's just gonna keep forgiving me even though I keep sinning the Nando inclusio syncope can know once you know God's Word una vez que tu canosa's la palabra zyada macabre New Gods word right he did God's Word which is a reputable means they heard it so significant kiss coach Adam Adam repeated it I don't the PTO have repeated it you have Adam in repeat they don't understand or comprehend but I didn't in the end no comprehending what the responsibility was well in a lettuce Museveni this is what the body doesn't understand through this day is this a kid quit opponent look at a woman in the end because nobody is really out there to be like that going working with on my Nadia fuera a second was been going being 100% legalistic Shindo symposium to legal ista because they're saying you're just gonna be forgiven what case do you think yourself as I said another let me ask you a question that have been to Hoonah pretty what's a de macabre forgiven we don't know me have a better than others they got kicked out of the house I just would have those I don't think Israel forgiving you know II don't know they got kicked out in the house for two thousand years those Melania see when you don't take your responsibilities seriously do not them as the lettuce Pennsylvania to Yesenia Minton if you're just speaking the words we need to keep the Sabbath holy we need to keep the Sabbath all we need to get the hauling see Jerusalem armless my lover's diciendo que solo the vestments and reserve of the son we're gonna tell it kisses Shoshanna we're gonna keep Roxanna these are just words that people are speaking it will understand the meaning Asansol open I was gonna hit this tab London entiendo significant oh we have been given a great responsibility from God wasn't really nervous possibly done we can under the videos we know the Father the Son and the ruach ha'qodesh and was that father daddy who you this we have a great responsibility and then was on that responsibility then we can in there so here are the McRobert didn't understand the responsibility nor does the church today I keep most giving me heaven and demons that responsibility' casi como in there like listenin ta they did not take their warning seriously it's just no no no no not to be wrong instead better tenses we seriamente yeah Elohim says to Adam you know him that this mmm you're over says to Adam your home led said them don't eat or touch that trait no comeso tapas is here he gave him the perfect word let me go a la palabra perfect Yeshua gave us the perfect word issue in doesn't rule up elaborate perfect but do we take our responsibilities seriously that it's been given to us pero estamos de Manos de responsabilidad seriamente que se no scienter Agathe now look at verse 10 I mean everybody gulity first ten again meter basically yes he answered I heard your voice in the garden I heard your voice in the garden and when I was afraid because I was naked so I hid myself amen now you fully know the truth ahora tu canosa's love it uh complete them now you fully know the truth order to Canosa ssible that complete what should you do when you know the truth the videos I said go to canosa's love what what did Adam do case location for them what did Adam akava do kazuki-sama cover he tried to hide this in just returned and a local terrific on what should they have done cages the very end of a ritual they should have went into shoe but you're correct this is the Vidya novel H of the shoe to mean teshuva means to return and repent the shoe was significant a little panties they eat it or not maybe that the the chastisement could have been a little lighter kisses little caste who pieces you don't polka menos okay but they what do they try to do better get return on this is what they try to hide the same I just returned on the occult aural picado do you think for one moment Vince's to momentum do you think for one single second in sister kept Arun Segundo that when you're trying to hide your shame on the two traitors the cult are to picado when you're trying to hide your sin to assess return of the court are to pick when you're trying to hide your sin that has a cooter do you think that God can't see you princes to Cadiz no te puedo ver oh yeah oh yeah I'm like nine million years old sorry tango me John Daniels do you think that God I can't see you PSS kitty doesn't dip whether we're oh it's Moses do you think that God can't see you cuz he's old the insistent kid is not to put the pork in the stem because he know he's someone who made you unless I kill can take you know so here Adam and Chava Akiba Moses let me have Adam acaba they didn't comprehend let me have a no comprende Adam Adam acaba did not comprehend let me have a no complaint no fullness of Elohim welcome fullness the fullness the bigness the greatness the mightiness the power the grant the grant the grandness than this are they looking me they didn't understand but we have the Bible isn't indeed upon those others tenemos la vie we have God's Word nosotros tenemos Apple evidence we have Yeshua the Messiah is all perfect example the numbers in Yeshua and miss he hasn't little Philip you owe him blue and we think that God can't see us you know sort of resembles kiddies no no swathe of it look at verse 10 please in a particular yes he answered I heard your voice in the garden and I was afraid because I was naked so I hid myself amen so he goes and he tries to hide the sin and safe way the cool tenant picado join is 10 days of us specifically this week the cinnamon thing is those DS das letzte Samantha rose d rose d SD s then the Tamura Valencia you've got a look inside yourself there is 2 meter then through the team you gotta look deep inside yourself then this can be removing them into the in Trinity what are you trying to hide from God Kristen's to tratando de Cultura because this is a time for kiss to the temple because we're gonna enter into the holy place nosotros vamos an internet a lower center and you want to come before the Lord God Almighty duty to visit it being as I can't listen you know the truth it took on us level that you have your shoes on example to Tina's on Yeshua como tu propio him and you want him to accept your your your your starvation for that day it was like every kid except yeah I want water I [Applause] wanna see your kid or you know what and you want to enter in to that holy day it do one second it Internet is Idea Center and you're trying to hide something from the Lord Justice that another cool that algorithm but a senior you need to comprehend what you were doing this is it does complement look at the scene you need to understand your personal responsibilities as it doesn't live do this once a video better so no no write down I need to understand my personal responsibility Miss Kitty Vista your necesitan and then me response Avenue that person I need to understand my personal responsibilities as it went in there me responsibly that personally I need to understand my personal responsibility this is he didn't let me this Mousavi lead-up innocent man now let's look at verse chapter three verse 22 to 23 capitalism sequel of indeed no 70 today Genesis 3 verse 22 and 23 in assistance but security does even today this part is called there it's a price for disrespecting the perfect word now they know better and know the full truth support the city to lie in principle for tally in respite or la palabra perfect our recognizing mejor econo Singh level completed verse 22 and 23 was a gloomy those event interest the oval ahim said see the man has become like one of us knowing good and evil now the prevent is putting out his hand and taking from the tree of life eating and living forever therefore your hova Elohim sent him out of the Garden of Eden to cultivate the ground which he was taken amen amen me now what happened oh what a kiss was hidden now for disrespecting the perfect word Hospital up 11 a perfect disrespecting the perfect word spell upon Ivana perfect now Adam Aqaba are back where they started from one of them II have a just under both of them they just simply sat on they were placed in the perfect place just what uncle look at those then you look at a perfect oh because God made Adam from the dirt outside the garden or caudillos Cleo Adam of we're not there cutting and then he put them in the garden the theoretical economy was hurting and then he made harder from a rape of his you can you uh hammer they wound Acosta hidden but now when you disrespect the Word of God no record does Elizabeth on the news kicked out of the perfect place for this each other they look at a bit of victim and then you go back to where you started it was a really sad I look at them the doing pizza how many people want to go back to where they started from the Hindi Kyran a Miss at a lower than the empanada how many people want to go back under curator said but when you would disrespect the word of God open the two parties a little smitten up a lot of the news then you get kicked out of his presence instances to the edge of the sue presencia now you're outside the camp Laura just a sweat of the temple now you're outside the camp order to death were to another complement them you're dead from the perfect place to estas muerto they they look at they look at a perfect they didn't die in the physical it's just nobody arrow you know fisico they died in the spiritual which is moody Aaron and Lewis pd12 now you're outside the camp on it was that's one another compliment now what happened Oh Ricky so Sarah is there sin affected everyone to this day in Pacifica effect a todos estan oil India their sin and because of ages has affected us today not affect us nosotros no India now why that why does is it affecting us today porque no effect on us not we India because they lightly regarded the perfect word that was given okay Asia's but just hadn't done a perfect that case a let's win together when you like we regard the perfect word that was given quando issues lots of Iranian poco the labor victor when you lightly regard the perfect word that was given quando is just a Latino : a perfect aqui anybody yeah when they just met contagious – prettier than a perfect a Casillas n together okay you get kicked out of his presence – it is richest although it is each other what are the super sense when you disrespect God's Word when the Falcons and the Smith on a pile of residues he has to push you out of his presence and tak tak in boo Hector one of the super since you're not dead physically Dunas does mortal physical but just separated from the perfection paris-nice empanada not perfection had they understood what death was endearing is Kayla Morton had they comprehended what death what would happen when they died she's an obvious a entendido lo que la muerte a pasar those are two very big things I said soon those causes weaker than this had you under add you come pre and you understood what death was ecstasy is intended only looking I'm worth theater had you comprehended what would happen to be same ten diesel okie was too severe had they understood disrespecting the word of your hobo it just seems to be sending it okay if I tell Elizabeth on Apollo Howie and how he wanted things done it como las casas even a so severe things would be different today las cosas so be a sincere different I saw India look at where go back to Genesis chapter 3 verse three ahem assistance but singular trace Genesis 3 verse three can assist Elizabeth Siculus what about the fruit of the tree that in the middle of the garden Elohim said you're neither to eat from it nor touch it or you will die amen if these two children of you Oliver Caesars das nações the Yehovah had just taken the full word of your hova seriously he isn't la palabra Co IntelliJ Ahava seriamente if they had just taken all the words of you all of us used to be sentimental as palabras they seriously said the Amenti then we wouldn't even be here talking and tons of no visit mr. lucky hablando how much more are we responsible today when Tommaso to someone responsible is nosotros ideas when we got Genesis through the revelation when the tenemos Genesis teleport ellipses had they understood in the Acosta's isn't Indian that death was going to be bad killing were the Hasidim Allah not even like understanding hell the inclusive intended and in funeral if they understood if they even understood what bad was should we say indeed allocate omalo see once your your vocabulary grows nervous get to to vocabulary oh six Monday you start to use bigger more profound words pieces of the Lisa Rinna's palabras mass Profundis but they didn't understand what death was for this isn't Indian ka de la muerte they don't didn't understand what bad was isn't Indian ka la mano but when you disrespect perfect truth from condo to hospital upon a perfectly just respect God on the – for the respect of you they didn't understand what bad was just not Indian ka aina moll oh now could they have just asked Picasso la pregunta couldn't have just asteroid Denise can I just ask that's a no podían so la pregunta how many people think like denise under him to be in second modenese okay see when you don't understand something here cuando – entiendes algo key ask a question not during the message pregunta doesn't know that's why i say write it down as police okay you do kiss can even I want this information that your hova gave to me the other day Wednesday you killer kiss thing for the messenger you have I'm entering you want me I want this to go out to the world yo quiero que esto será el mundo anybody who's seeking truth I want to give them truth because I was gonna lie but now you're given everything that's why you know I read the scriptures as politically religiously to deny comprehend what the end is like this is what that Christian didn't understand you complained all okay bye settlement the world's not gonna end until there's a temple you dingbat monitor Minister ki young temple oh the dumb Christian say we want Jesus to come back now no you don't know okay this kill take it in sale because he's gonna follow order for killing Asahina now order them and there are seven seals seven shofars in seven bolts were a lot of dead people happen a Mucha muerte por que vous avez EA take opposite associate decision city capacitation forest buh-burn Mucha gente Malta but had anima klava pero adami hava understood to be a singing to you comprehended GPS income friend even what bad was okay in a Malo like if Adam would have said to Daddy see you don't visit each or another day morning in Hebrew our Father knowing even in love Peter said I don't understand what death is Sylvia Savitri metiendo KS Morton why is it so bad for Kirsten mother why shouldn't I touch the tree work another video at the body your little he is a father of compassion Elizabeth a little compassion would you know I think God would not tell him business to kid there's no no BSA I did you but if you don't ask the question better see Noah says la pregunta the Lord knows that you comprehend them as in your surrogate to complain this but he didn't comprehend really what death was better no complain do looking with an animal now even if we don't understand should we do things inclusive Simonton demos Lavinia Moses a las casas okay see when God says something we should just do what he says cuando nosotros implemented the video Moses said okay we shouldn't question the Lord's wisdom nor the video most was the Middle s of II didn't see we don't question why he said it no the video Moses did not looking decent we don't question the Lord's wisdom no questionable is less of you really but you can ask you can ask for better understanding proposes to pedido mejor intend amento you can ask for better understand where this penny Vic it didn't end immune because one you disrespect the perfect Word of God broken the two photos of the spittle up 11 a perfect thence bad things happen entonces course as molasses a look at verse 3 again please meet at vesicular today's otra vez what about the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden Elohim said you are neither to eat it eat from it or touch it or you will die amen the children of the Lord should understand what God meant as equals in your visions divinity intended okay do you get a decision you should take the word of your hobo seriously buddy estimate up 11 of the you who said you Minton you should understand that something bad that's gonna happen if you don't follow the Word of God to them isn't there can't go mono but if they seem no singing la palabra the news now does God change his mind okay so here's cumbia cementing God then never changes his mind uncle can be other parasail okay let's turn to Matthew 5 now vamos a module single Susan let's turn to Matthew 5 not a single verse 17 and 19 but signal DAC note this is it a listener Matthew's 5 verse 17 and 19 but their sync over security sees it and is in heaven matthew 5 or 17 and 19 matheus income securities you tell this you know every this section is called if we just take the full word of Yeshua seriously things would be good to be transferred from this life to the next stop adversity to losito Manama sensory la palabra de de las casas ADM buenas hasta que que pase Mo's desta viva la siguiente Matthew 5 verse 17 through 19 what they'll think of it is equal to this is it the listener or 17 and 18 I'm sorry I only got 18 years 17 and 18 7 this you don't think that I have come to abolish the Torah the prophets I'd come not to abolish but plea yes indeed tell you that until heaven and earth pass away not so much as a yodh or chocolate for not until everything that must happen amen is it going out yeah let's try that again can good battery let's read verse 17 and 18 again members of the security CCTV if somebody doesn't want us to hear this mr. chairman system somebody doesn't want to see it don't worry we'll read it loud like this don't think that I've come to abolish the Torah the prophets I've come not to abolish but to complete yes indeed I tell you until heaven and earth pass away not too much as he owed or show compassion the Torah not until everything that must happen has happened amen okay so you see what the Messiah says very clearly you shouldn't miss here's this that they send them we can let them in the Messiah says very clearly and miss his studies in them week let him in that not one Donovan I a noona noona coma or the cross of a t own Athena or a comma ona coma it's gonna be missing from the Torah it's above our position at the opposite with you until heaven and earth pass away as they consider latina now let's remember the Nicodemus had adamant Saba yes yeah though me hover had just listened to the full counsel via saying escuchando el consejo complete to the first council and perfect word of the Lord a la palabra videos we will not even be talking about Yeshua no reason most of hablando the issuance cuz we'd all still be living in the garnet and get those will be some we won't even be mentioning issue except that he's this really cool angel guy no visa most elements in and Alicia is simply mythical II don't wanna kill movie we might have just but you sure the Messiah sits very clear but are you sure and Miss instance very clearly what he says look it's not the same though that look at verse 18 what he says you know a secret additional kinesin yes indeed i tell you that until heaven and earth pass away not so much as a yo'd or stroke will pass from the tour not until everything that must happen has happened amen I mean so he's saying very clearly until heaven and earth disappear everything is still here and ISA move Clemente a second seeing that you know this has come to see get a key now shall we take this seriously who da Mosta madeleine stowe city amending we should take this very seriously a most about list um we said Yemen so and some dumb question says Christiana Tonto this is who's been misled by the Pope King Acedo any other Pony Papa and the worshiping on Sunday is just another random Domingo you say what are you doing to live this is Costanza Sein Messiah Yeshua says what Missy Missy show this and we should take your shoes words very seriously Muslim at last but I was the issue and we said Yemen right Paul says that upon noticing it doesn't matter what day when she can do important CATIA Tuesday's other done well you know it doesn't matter if one day is good to one person and another day is better to another person impetus India's boy no por una persona eternity as well nope another person who cares what people think it matters to God I can't even look at this person s PS I look at me say yes it matters to God and you sure the son of the Living God usually who the deuce vivian-so Yeshua says very clearly issue is that this in the weekly heaven and earth pass away can't do this you know that you know passing nothing from the Torah is going to be missing nothing about person so why what was in the church celebrating yom teruah but cantos is like listen mr. lebrand o you in genuine why is the church eating ham sandwiches for killing Galatia is that commando to see know what you think among cuz they're not taking the Word of God seriously innocent Amanda la palabra de Dios idiom in there not understanding the ramifications of their actions little enemy because human sexiness look at verse 18 me not even singular this year yes indeed I tell you until heaven and earth pass away not so much of the yo door stroke will pass from the Torah until everything that must happen has happened they men don't we got the book of Revelation happen yet the Muslims even of the apocalypse' Issei Candida so all those people told us this is person who say they're children of your hova can as you think a song equals the your son Yeshua or this week who Yeshua would simply do this cease implementing seriously the Torah and to be an inlet aura then there would be no need for the ten days of all entonces no no see a necessity a estos dsds they'll they'll repent emitter the more evidence here let me say that again how many feet otra vez if all those people say they're children of your whole Posse todos this is personas que dicen ahora for the son Yeshua or this week who you should just simply do what my side just said in verse 18 this is Holy See and look at mrs. D saying it was security issues and we don't have any need for the ten days of all and tone said no no necesitamos it's always the optimal position for we would not be breaking the rules looking listed on the level we will not be trying to hide our sins miss to be almost redundant they were named as candelas picados so you she was said this so da shouid assist you she was said this let's go to our next part you sure this is the one was not approve similar Matthew 24 moms on a twenty cuatro Matthew 24:13 Tequesta verse 10 through 12 from Cyclades and those Matthew 24 mater wente cuatro verse 10 through 12 who secret of the ears of those anybody you learn anything today he's gonna put in another go Matthew 24 verse 10 through 12 matthew matter binti cuatro bicycle of diesel dosa this section is called for love when love for the truth grows cold we fall away as apprentices una cuando los amantes 11 s m3n they jacilla him Matthew 24 Matteo 20 quarters 10 through 12 particular tears aldo say at that time many will be trapped into betraying and hating each other many false prophets will appear and fool many people and many people's love will grow cold because of increased distance from torah amen I mean this is the Adam and haba principle as their principal day other Makabe this is the Adam and Carver principle this is a busy part of me cover the principal is this principle is this them there would be no traps you know know about Tempest there would be no traps no no burn a tempest there would be no traps Noah that would not be uncovered kinnison descubierto that would not be uncovered in Norse in this community if you just listen to what the father told you to do because he's simplement escuchas looking positively hilarious okay so here in verse 10 it's talking about traps a king with security system Linda said kandi Burruss look at verse 10 please meeting a particular theist at that time many will be trapped into betraying and hating each other amen there would be no traps no but rumpus that you would not say get to know them no service if you would just take the Word of God seriously it is implemented to Muslim palabra de Deus a demon and do what God told you to do yes is look at the instant it's ok if we were just a lesson to the Word of God to simplemente skooch eres la palabra de Deus and apply it e applica ela bleeker's let me say that again write it down scribble I need to listen to the Word of God Yunus escucha la palabra de Deus I need to listen to the Word of God necesito us which a la palabra did you and apply it he applicator and apply it see applicat Allah now we did that sort of a simple system to the best of our ability there are not gonna be any traps for you can nova ninguna ninguna stamp asperity there are not gonna be any traps for you onobu a very unit ramp up now each person has different abilities have a persona team of different disabilities person has different roles in their life of a persona Tina different is populism su vida some people are married some people are not married some people are men some people are women so mojitos and some people are gone so this persona some guns some people their children not even this persona Sony news some people are grandparents this person listen I will leave we when each of the categories that you fit in and King Kai category of them they're doing Karis if you listen to the Word of God and take it seriously this couch ended up 1100 Tomas idiom in comprehending what you need to do comprendes look at to necessity complaint you look into news and there are gonna be no traps for you to fall into entonces no browning guna time pocket to put guys like we do Sunday worship campus in was a scene because Jesus rose from the grave on the first day of the week okay de la tumba implemented a Samana yeah well he's a Jew and he went back to work see let's with you you don't create the Senators you go to work on the first day of the week what's with the years of a this anything about how to implement the analyst oh yeah that's a trap for the Gentiles because they don't understand Jewish culture as an attempt a perilous cantina spoken in tiene la cultura hoodia it's a trap for the Gentiles una trampa but who's gonna because they read the Bible like a bunch of going for killing Navi Leah come on group with a queen you need to read the Bible like you're a Jew missus Italy Latvia kabocha c2 for this why did Messiah raised from the grave on the first day of the week or kill me CEA's this was a total immediate less a man he was done with his vacation he had to go back to work let me know this is my casa mr. Davis at a trabajar he said that that grab a three-day vacation latenan ostracism a casino he said to the boss hey boss important have a three-day vacation after all this work you say you have a bulletin to disease about casinos was supposed to mr. Canino he said on the cross it's finished the Queen like Cruz said to me no I need a vacation now necesito las vacaciones oh well the father said this on how long you're gonna be cuanto tiempo verses that were how about three days get them to this this like Jonah come on come on us okay three days okay today's dias okay so and then he went back to work it is pretty this whatever he'll see that's a simple understanding of a simple trap as to so intently mean to simply this test rampa simply when you take the beginning of the word seriously Tomas del principio de la palabra sodium in every trap the enemy puts in front of you kind of implicit in the mingle bone in front of it will be uncovered as it have this community because you're listening to the father to get this couch is all about it and the father is the same yesterday today and forever miss my year or assembly but not just listening no solamente scooches Adam and Carver listen forgiven me coverage of this couch and Adam acaba spoke I don't have a level oh but Adam and karma didn't apply it to their lives let me have a no applicat against me Adam encounter listened let me have a scooch Adam Adam at Harbor spoke macabre Adam Adam acaba did not apply the word to their lives let me have an oblique I don't up allowances me do you apply the Word of God to your lives because tulip eleven of the deals not into poppy nah just listen to the fat Jew boy over here so this coach and early that harried you boy but you need to apply the words to your life but a Tina's Kepley Karla palavering to either had hava just respected as he have a salute his patella and did what was told to her to do serious nature look Kissel anyways a kegger by her husband for su esposa I know this is a hard one for many of you women its thickest as we do to put us there is that much so we're talking about the perfect Word of God blended eleven epiphany in the Word of God there is a perfect order you know you know put over the years are you more than perfect had hava just listen to her husband she how obvious is couch other supposin and did what her husband told her to do via nature look at Cindy cook and and respected what her husband told her to do this but that loquacious possibly cook area she would not have been trapped again dubious occasion is a time see when you get trapped when the two cousins a time you bring other people into your trap to the – Reza messantia – tramp when one person sins and una persona think that sin doesn't only affect one person is a picado know soon effect on a person it now affected Adam and he fell also the me a victim Inca you now had her husband had Harvard husband Adam I wanna see a dispose of the album they cover giving his wife any reason Lydia so suppose another son not to fully trust him mark American no conferring income the mint no she didn't know he did not knowing no Louisa had Adam ever lied to his wife Martha them into oestrus pasa no he didn't no no Louisa had Adam just taking his responsibilities seriously and visit the most responsibility that seriamente as a child of your homework Oh Mooney who the yahuwah had hobbit taking your boots perfect words seriously you have a visitor mother upon lambda mu sedimenting had the first family la primera familia husband and wife I suppose so useful taking the father's word seriously isn't a mother nap 11 and the dependence in Yemen and giving it the respect it deserves he and regardless eldest potato cake is a medicine the trap of Satan would have been uncovered Letran mother sat on a so yes a post on this kabir let me say that quickly again if I'm gonna be nervous had hava taking it seriously see how Olivia set the mother city Aiman Haddad I'm taking it seriously you see you learn to visit the mother city I mean to have the first family taking it seriously a parameter familiar visit to mother City given God's Word it's respect the internal Etios eldest Petula palabra the Saints little trap there would have been a spotlight on it la la' trampa pequeña this at the gnosis of esse though this queer thing is a momentum look at verse 10 again meter per second of years otra this is what is she was talking about this is okay that is creepy in the Yeshua at at that time many people will be trapped into betraying and hating each other amen Yeshua said this issue with these system what's going to happen that's what's in there and we're gonna be trapped why you by Moses it at the buzzer okay why are we gonna be trapped for come on with us in another because we don't follow what your home bar said for us to do what can no say he may look at your home and knows the who I know sometimes we don't almost we don't follow what your home is said to do what can I say he may look easy in you always speak from the mountain I say you habló de la montagne your fourth command what's the around in your body request Oman Demento ah all this honor to Sabbath and keep it holy okay keep it holy than there is embodiment and then listen what does it mean to keep it all like a significant mminton little Santa that means no work no significa no trabajo trabajo trabajo for that whole day for total deer but you can't make other people work either but then Pope when I said okay let's put us on Lester ah so here you got these clowns up in Livingston like you do this that's my answer same deviance they do they're a couple hours of Beth Messiah yeah I say okay just things have you put up I go to the diner he said 100 diner I'm not cooking Lord it's about a committee you know making a bacon go in cook Yasser go in Pagano Cosima no wanna keep the Sabbath holy no no some of them was when two minutes ago they wanted to keep it separately when tenemos apartado 's but they're being trapped by the world in its ways perishes and Sadat Rapanos por el mundo is Caminos because we don't want to keep the word of your over true porque no key this month amid la palabra de ahora come over there we don't want to respect it look at him all this pathetic we don't want to reverence it no kiddin was in Siena we follow our tickly ears the chemos a mosquito so instead of the full perfect word from cover to cover embezzle a pile of a bit effective is the the principio thing because most of us have Adam and hava syndrome porque nosotros the members have seen the Ramadan we have many many people think witches personas piensan we no longer have to do anything yeah no tenemos que hacer nada except say we love Jesus simple the decir que llamamos ah hisses so many in Judaism what you thinking who the his mom follow tradition over the perfect Torah seeking latina is Hume embezzle adorable efekta no there are not many messianic congregations I'm gonna guess in this machine teaching the Torah in sugandha letona now the clown john khan who wrote in another silly new book keeping about trees but yeah so Jonathan come in this could be the mystery of the trees about mysteries Johnny Khan said Cadell me steady the liberal knows mr. noodle you know what he says in its congregation of two thousand a million Horus in us – Taurus in your heart okay that was look at this a su congregation that does mil personas can atone esta in tu corazon I say you have to do Torah yo digo que tu tienes que as it letter because God never changes porque ellos nunca come here the laws of God are for the Jew and the Gentile Hasley is there somebody who do you forget him but look at verse 10 metre particular genius at that time many will be trapped into betraying and hating each other amen how are you gonna get trapped como tu was a senator upon because tour is in your heart what cannot understand took on a soon but God says in Proverbs your heart is deceptive produced this a improve it is key to korra song you think I you know so I guess John hasn't read that gentle circular KKK John Ostrom yourself okay I guess many the Messianic rabbis have not read that proverb Aquila maybe this is not only the same overview now look at verse 11 Minerva sick alone see many verse 11 verse own say many false prophets will appear in for many people amen the false prophets weather is what is the false prophet is whom prophet hath also what is the false prophet is in France approve it anybody who worships on Sunday is a false prophet okay Lauren dominguin approve it because God never changed the fourth commandment poor kids nunca cambia el corte mother mean anybody who is worshiping on Sunday okay Quezada Rondo in Domingo his proud is following the false prophet named Constantine the C&O is the Prophet the father kisses you're my constant and Pope Sylvester the first a publicist mr. Mather said oh there is no reference no I diferencia to Sunday worship in the Bible Allah another nice union Domingo in la familia oh the Christians are going I got them now this is a lot of pain the Christians are saying online I got them now what the babies in those pajamas let's turn to Acts chapter 20 because that's what they're turning to hold your place Mama's OHS can be do Levine t-turn Acts chapter 20 verse 7 it just capital of intimacy can luceat in Acts chapter 20 verse 7 it just means if this is what the Christians quote all the time this is looking Luciano's it into the temple Acts chapter 20 bulges place it just capital of ain t wanting to marry anybody learn anything so far you learning something there miss Betsy wetsy Acts chapter 20 verse 7 it just come in Gothic and let's see it there on matzah a Shabbat when we were when we were gathered to break bread shall we'll address them since he was going to lead the next day he kept talking until midnight amen what is multi a Shabbat case matzah a Java what is multi ate Shabbat is mutiny show got it translated over there motele Shabbat the term oth Shabbat literally is going out of the Sabbath in Judaism it refers to a time in the evening immediately following the Shabbat that is Saturday night literalmente la salida mas ie Shabbat is literalmente la salida del Shabbat in CUDA is no self en el tiempo inlet rd mediate a mentor disposed a Shabbat esto es la noche de Zavala they go they were breaking bread they were eating not worshiping Jesus Devon part in dough in Fang is the one communal table another one so Yeshua said in Matthew 24 the issue está diciendo matter we don't call the false prophets in no singers a prophetess Francis so somebody says here they were worshiping on Shabbat it doesn't say worship see I'll give this a key no they say well the Jews do a lot how do we get this sighs come on kids let's go the same with your kids digamos Esther we break bread we love bread but the most fun bread is good my mom wasn't funny this is padding for my might to protect my abdomen it's this but I thought they hit me it's a pillow for my abdomen wasn't that mother but I don't want to hurt those muscles right doc Marisa's Muslim okay this is pairing okay so lots of young Jewish things we won a war let's eat nothin less cusco tsk see to give this much Bob Moses by busy commitments okay so multi a Shabbat is the end of the Sabbath Martin Shabbat is about it because a sermon that's when you can have a hot meal as I either the two for the of tiene su una semana caliente okay so now go back to verse 11 Matthew 24 verse 11 the same odometer binti controversy : see Matthew 24 verse 11 not a matter of Endicott reverse sequence a many false prophets will appear in too many people amen in the year 315 in Iranian three is the siento skin in the year 315 alanya trees in two skins in Constantine changes the Sabbath the Shabbat to worship the Sun God Constantine cambio nada Constantino come dear love the rancidity Shabbat domingo otherwise reduce soul and it's very it easily looked up he is with massive day that was kind of a mystical nowhere in the Brit hadashah the New Testament and ninguna though in you know what is the momentum do we ever see issuer doing a Sunday worship service sabemos a yes you are seeing those that vision Domingo where do we see him on the Sabbath a lot of time and don't deny him was in law some of those not my any other visits we see him in the temple a lot of times healing people was an attempt bloom which others misinterpret but here in verse 24 and read 24 Pinocchio singular 20 Quattro many false prophets will appear and fool many people amen so here the whole entire church has been fooled already in issue was said they would be a kiss that oh darling listen thinner kiss you think I need assurance table no they they just consider giving us an Incan yellow so what about most of the so-called body but okay k is that candle okay this is your minor quibble shouldn't we be more like Yeshua the video Moses Otis a masculine we issuance shouldn't we be more like Yeshua so does the video said it must come when Yeshua instead of Adam acaba who'd say the words of God and this they said come on let me have occasions the head on up a las palabras they say the words of God to hit on upon of another news they say we the he is the same yesterday today and forever hidden because it means Mayan or you siempre but they don't comprehend what it means but I'm not completely donk a significant we today have the written word nosotros hoy tenemos la palabra secreta we today nosotros hoy do India have Yeshua's perfect example the Mozilla him look benefit to the issuer or do we today o nosotros we do suffer from Adam and hava syndrome it's a muscle free in the put it seemed to me they have a me hover I want you to write down you know kiss kanaeva I want you to write down you know kiss Kenny versus you I suffer from Adam and hava syndrome mister sufriendo you pour a syndrome and a Adam acaba write down do I suffer from Adam and Hawwa syndrome Escriva destroy sufriendo Europe or in syndrome a day Adam acaba do I suffer from Adam and haba syndrome still in the you policy in ramanatham acaba okay so you can walk up to a sunday worshiper what is it to eat coming in capital Domingo you ask him do you suffer from Adam and hava syndrome in the puede sprint NC to see to suppress the syndrome Adama cover no I want everybody to do that this week you know ii yes i want you to do that this week do you care assistance Testament I want you to walk out one of your Christian friend doctors Jeff is not do note that to something as Christian a doctor is do you suffer from Adam on Harvison through it is pregunta see to service their syndrome may die on me hava here let me give you a prescription for that come at the volume up this company here okay you walk up to somebody you say do you have a demand hobbits in do you hear us do the center's are unit this is into tears in the middle and you have to say it like a German doctor in skeletal cognizant element you'll say syndrome the DCC to suppress their syndrome with Adam you need a and wagon you need an ambulance no you don't need this you need five pills it's called Genesis Exodus Leviticus numbers and Deuteronomy this is the sink up in Damascus okay so everybody I want to hear good testimony this week tokidoki todos then when testimony stirs you want to walk up to somebody inside do you suffer get okay the circus I mean the biggest do you suffer from Adam and Chava syndrome estas a friend o to polar syndrome anatomy hava the syndrome what is this syndrome kisum syndrome the syndrome is it speaks the truth a syndrome is a blonde with that but it does not believe the truth they don't know know create limit that is this a good thing doctor a very good thing this is this syndrome the syndrome is it speaks the truth a syndrome is a lot lower than but it does not believe the truth better no craning over them and why did it do a lot of people today a pork in which a Hindu India why did that you would say a lot of people today but the issue of these in which are Hindu idea have a demand curve a syndrome dieminion syndrome is a Allah Mohammed look at verse 12 meter particular those Matthew 24 verse 12 Methuen de cuatro vesicular dosa for many people's love will grow cold because of increased distance from the Torah amen a lot of people have adamant Harbor syndrome which a hint they did in the middle o me cover because they speak the truth but occasionally lover them but they don't believe the truth but I'm not clean you know that because your shoe was said what can you assure these it'll be that their love has grown cold okay so the secular more silver I'm clear because of increased distance from the Torah por la política min total a Torah the church does not like to read the Old Testament listen le gusta lady what is the many Messianics don't like to read the Old Testament which is missing because the nativity with this or or they're doing a lot of tradition instead of the tour obstinance you know this union is the singular Torah look at verse 12 now again please note that I've instead of a sequel of those things many people's love will grow cold because of increased distance from the Torah increased distance from the Torah I men now we Fisher said this seriously the truth though if you schewe set this yes your music teacher should we be more responsible the Video Toaster matters concern with our lives most earnest business for we really know what death is okay nosotros empezar kono Samos Keys Murthy let me say that again da da Vinci was said people so ever gonna go cold it's just a DC undercover something which is more than which is the man because they're gonna be away from the tour up or kiss upon is that Minnesota should not we be more responsible with our own lives nosotros the video mo said my responsible skin mistress Venus because we know what that is porque nosotros sabemos economy we know really know what truth is about some of the kids Vicki is never the case at 11 we know that the truth that Pharaoh would try tried to kill all the baby boys so to some reasonably confident a toady matera a todos los bebés baroness of the people who were slaves that a hint the kid is that – let me – we really know the truth Cosimo's number two the first hog matzah that we were set free the premiere had not suck in the VMO ever see the live in others we really understand we in but then and then demos that the Hebrew people can a hint even in were kicked out of Israel for 70 years we don't know each other's data import certain tangents and for two thousand years for those millions and we know the reasons in nosotros comemos rezoning we know the reason that they were kicked out for two thousand years no similar as soon as the por la que fueron hechos owes me lunch even after Yeshua did all those miracles inclusive condolences those whose me letters should he should we be less like Adam acaba no sabemos de menos que da Makabe or more like them or Moscow should we be less like Adam a Cabo Verde mo said menos kumoi don't we have more more like them Oh Moscow more how many people say we should be less like Adam acaba the fan to be sick of the memo said Mendoza my huh how many people who say we should be more like Adam acaba when the entity cicada video said Maskull more other me cover come on though I then see it and Rose out into your hand go up for either one should we be more like Adam acaba de vide Elmo said my buttons must come other me hover young lady who hasn't been here for quite some time should we mean more like anima copper or less the video said Maskull more about me less what about You Yvonne eNOS last Minos come on look last Minos uh cabbie more or less you sure Amanda's you're disagreeing with Carmen cuz you don't want to sit next sir she's gonna give you that mean face oh yeah more or less Danny Manny moustache Manny less so that we don't get in trouble amen we should be less like Adam and cava Davidian will said Minos k-kevin me cover they quoted the word I just don't know enough but they didn't believe the word but it look like a union up on look at verse 12 again please you know Travis the particular dose in first 12 again please particular dose of Travis and many people's wobble grow cold because of increased distance from Torah amen Yeshua says many people's love will grow cold it's just at the syndicate que el amor de mucho say even for you now here's a question a key is the ona pregunta how does this happen como so say this though how does this happen como su serve Islam how does this happen write down how does this happen Escriva snow como su Sunni Islam how does this happen como su sudesna how does this happen caboose will say this though we're not gonna answer that question until we get the theme number two no one was lettuce when there's stuff that KJ it wasn't a man once we get the team number two miss Ketchum was a timid I'm gonna answer the question through God's Word how this happens boy I responded as a pregunta for me la pelota e para ver como su service if we have our Bibles sitting in women's tennis we believe the words are true ich Ramos las palabras de vida during this time each year durante este tiempo cada on you this set aside time for real true love trout true followers of yah their partner tiempo come over that they don't say either as they yeah the time between yom teruah and yom kippur a tiempo entry onto a yom kippur this time is a time of introspection as the team patty translator as the tiempo Ezrin tiempo de internal internal inspection yeah at the time of deep introspection es un tiempo de una intro inspection we profunda during this time Dantes the temple what God is wanting us to do look at these Buddhists can indicate a moose it's a time to sound the shofar that's the theme for this another surfer and reflect on what we've done wrong over the last year in Africa lo que hemos hecho month for intransitive on your capacity this 10 days of all as those deers the dsds they know it's a time for listening as does these days at the moon they didn't see this in future saying did I play a part either this is you you at another party in something wrong in algo Malo according to the perfect Word of God another perfect avidians did I do something wrong see it to you algo mal according to the perfect Word of God the quiz Oh a la palabra de Dios when you hear the shofar score on the scooches enjoyment of the shofar in here it's a time of introspection es un tiempo de de una examine us young profunda okay yes examining for family don't examine a simple funda so cuz how can I ask come on you boy yeah other support forgiveness of myself come we will be uppity for presume para me miss before you whole way to forgive my sins if I don't ask for it okay I hope I don't miss picado see you know Peter Palazzo but here people are asking for forgiveness Aniki personas been impaired on you got a state the reason to them is the seal Arizona remember Adam acaba de cuidado Makabe if they had just said see solu be in a what they did what did they try to do Lucas and Ottis they try to either same as estaba tratando de Escondido picado if they had just told the father their sins simply mental abuse and did you fight they just call the Father their sins implement Olivia's in the jail together puppy puppy puppy are we oh he was not fruit that what are we doing now yes Emma's aura you have when you're asking for forgiveness when the distance between the patron this is the hardest part why is this land a party man's duty poor King because you don't want your sin to be found out or get to know kids get to picado say but God parados God wants you to state it better do you get to latias God wants you to hear the cry of the show farms your Kinnick it to is coaches the clamor that's your fun because he's calling people to introspection Amanda a las personas on examination presenter God knows what you did poor kid okay to assist but you gotta state what you did okay – Tina's Kanekalon I look assist you got it you got a profess your sin Soutine ask a professor to become remember I guess – the month ago two months ago we did we did a sin-offering you see Mizuno friend picado what did the person have to do is looking at persona – he has a confessed his sin – okey compass are super cos so when you're asking forgiveness for somebody cuando está pidiendo alien oh you can't just say yeah you know I gotta ask your forgiveness know for this implementation see anything okay believe the person ah because Adam acaba didn't go and ask forgave him we have enough waiver even though they tried to hide their sin when they heard the call was shofar I just thought that one day you could dad and pick another remember the voice of God is to shofar the queer thinking up a level of the news the shofar was walking in the evening breeze when I kill oppose the the video sister so fun and now we were the hider circles we were we were we were naked it's just a photo cool done focused on this news okay they didn't say what they did I didn't know he'd know the hidden Loki serum but God knew it that what they did anyway but on occasions this year because God knows everything can use Canosa todo look at verse 12 again military business particular many people's love will grow cold because of increased distance from the Torah amen because I was cold to the word but can you forgive feel free or la palabra did you take any part in a sin that you must confess suta master gonna party against epic allah to see to toe my son wonderful things I forgot to the Vedas conversa in verse 12 or in particular though sure whether Messiah says something very interesting you shouldn't miss years is the diciendo algo muy interesante many people's love la morte muchas personas many people's love more than muchas personas that means many people will have atom and harbor syndrome as a significant que muchas personas tiene in the method Omega many people will have a demand syndrome in the time we're living in which is persona sense in the middle of me having in tempo giving let us further see what Yeshua says about Adam and harvest syndrome minima's was a little key issue at these circuits in the middle everybody want to see what Yeshua says more about Adam and hava syndrome remember kids okay issue a thesis early in syndrome another Makabe turn the Luke chapter eight please vamos a Lukas capital o churl Luke chapter 8 Lucas capital o chão Luke chapter 8 Lucas can be – no Joe this is part of Adam in Harbor syndrome disparity their syndrome Anatomy have this part is called what seed are you or do you have Adam and Harbor syndrome is that best about the city – like one Sammy Jerry's – Orton is a syndrome Adami hava Luke chapter eight locus capital o qu first five to fifteen predict you know sinkhole Kinson five through fifteen particular single alkenes with you garlic when you got it say men got it gonna give him the mean face the farmer went out to sow his seed and he sowed some fell along the path he was stepped up and it was stepped on and the birds flying around ate it up some fell on the rock and after it spouted it's ride up from the lack of moisture some fell on the midst of the thorns and the thorns grew up with it and choked it but some fell into rich soil and grew and produced a hundred times as much as had been sown after saying this he called out whoever has ears to hear let him hear his Salma Dean asked him what this parable might mean and he said to you it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom of God but the rest are taught in parables so that they may look but not see and listen but not understand the parable is this the seed is god's message the ones along the path are those who hear but the adversary comes and takes a message right out of their hearts in order to keep them from being saved by trusting it the one on the rock are those who when they hear the word accept it with joy but these have no root they go on trusting for a while but when the time testing comes aparts the size as for what fell on the midst of the thorns these are the ones who hear but as they go along worries of wealth life's gratifications come in and choke them so that their fruit never matures but what fell on written rich soil these are the ones who when they hear the message hold on to it good receptive heart and by persevering they bring forth a harvest amen amen let's take this apart to see about Adam and hava syndrome minimal losses so the Venus in the middle of each other let's go to verse 12 please so those things verse 12 please minister those are the ones along the path are those who hear but the adversary comes and takes a message out of their hearts in order to keep them from being saved by trusting it amen I mean these first seed this they truly have Adam and Hawwa syndrome it's deputy minister media in DNA umbrella semi syndrome autonomy hava this first seed is Adam and harvest syndrome at its best mr. preeminence immediately even with syndrome edith amitabha in in my area the reason we're learning this not assume porque estamos aprendiendo in this teaching instance an answer ask yourself this pregunta de esto are you one of these G to Arizona vision write down which seed am i as Christo kissing media so you know which seed am i kissing media so you which see them I guess in media so you this first feed Satan comes and takes takes you right out they snap administer media's at the nose Viennese easy human you this is the type of person mister the tip of the penis una that really does not believe in the full counsel of the word of God you know clay el consejo completo de la palabra de yeah they say this comes right and what you're gone como cetanas Vienna is here so yes she was saying love will grow cold right you sure this a que la Muslim theater look at verse 13 now you know verse 13 now vesicular tracing the one on the rock are those who when they hear the word accept it with joy but these have no root they go on trusting for a while but then the time of testing comes they have pasta side amen the second seed is also has a demand harvest syndrome the sanguinis a mediator maintenance intermediate Amitabha but they hear the word with joy Parris Cucina pallava continued sequence they hear that I'll be able to be given be forgiven of my sins give up another miss picados they accept this with joy acceptance to continue Chico and they trust for a little while a comfy important poco team and then same comes in questions the truth it in their life this positon has been a empieza questionable death ensues Vedas in the second seed in assume this immediate they have a demand harvest syndrome in the syndrome autonomy from they can quote some of the word Peninsular algo de la palabra but they don't understand its meaning pennilyn tienen so significant they grow cold and a pasta sighs it just – si si si no three years E yeah pastas yes it's a pasta sighs it's in it's in the definition I'm gonna go to the definition a post a post a tire okay now let's read what let's let's see what the pasta size means vamos a ver que significa lapel ona a pasta okay I'm gonna read a very long definition in English and rabbit isn't gonna do it in Spanish rabbit and me this is the Greek word g3 nine eight six number one the trial of man's fidelity integrity virtue consistency number two the enticement of sit to sin temptation with arising from the desires or from outward circumstances number three of the condition of things of a mental state but which we are enticed to sin or lapse of lapse from faith and holiness number four rebellion against God and spend oh please look it's a pasta table or Latin does he own palabra he trained team every 20 says numero uno le she owed enough de la Fidele V dot del hombre that Integra dad La Villa tooth la constancio numero dos incentive Oh para el picado la tentation ya say Oh casa na dou por los dos Ola circunstances externus numero tres de la condición de las cosas en estado mental por el cual estamos etre hitos al picado una FATA de la la santé dad numero cuatro la rebellion contra dios so for a while they're doing good wow they're coming for a while they're coming this Shabbat put some onions on Shabbat so while they're they're learning the Word of God then after a little while bit of this pose don't go to the temple you know they can quote a few scriptures within seated or gunas clitoris you know they can call a few the 613 withing cetera who knows the law scientists decision but then one Friday night but oh they're friends call was amigos de jamon those old friends be hos amigos those old friends are calling because I mean with a gentleman come on let's go get a drink tsubame see mom's ever been let's go get a drink mom was that the money you're like oh maybe for a little while this one it's summertime so the Sun doesn't go down the ladies present and you're there with them at the bar it was the schooners using is a continue and you're drinking soda testamento soda and your friends are like you know come on amigos this thing vamos come on what's one little drink missing kids no no never be there and then you get Adam in Harbor syndrome UI syndrome is a Adama cava I'm not gonna die if I have one drink you don't know why I'm what here Cecil of the moon una bebida and then ten of them later you're there on the floor it is position as this masters does I NLP so you fell off the barstool think he's dead Alessi anybody you're on the dance floor with your circ Dongwoo just doesn't a pistol divinely cannot come to check it this is the second seed as there's a second SME the Lord and Messiah knew this Yeshua knew this Yeshua listen you're it's obvious they have adamant harbour syndrome the union syndrome Anatomy huh because they rebel against the perfect loving laws of the Father porque si de banana in canto de las leyes perfectas and water says the deer so what they do is they substitute the truth for their own truth ok Sierra Nevada anybody ever do that one no I'm be honest with yourself anybody ever being honest both the both hands ok you substitute God's truth for your own truth Oct 11th but this what Messiah was said in Matthew 24 was what mr. this in a matter of antiquity this again their love for God has grown cold can I love never de L'Amour the the you say I'm free of and when your love of God grows cold you're not gonna get into heaven you cuando el amor de Dios every other to know what are you gonna say no now let's go to verse 14 no mistake we look at thirst 14 we're Sinkin okay tortoises as for what fell in the midst of the thorns these are the ones who hear but as they go along worries of wealth and worries and wealth and life's gratifications crowd in and choke them so that the fruit never matures they men this is many Messianics and christians mister soon a my intimacy any cozy christian is okay because they worry about wealth for case your system friend okay the venus they worry about well this is the that he kisses the most another we don't have a big enough apartments the name into mas grande we're big enough appointments the name was good and how are we gonna feed this child como vamos a limb interest in you you're the third seat you got a demand have a syndrome do it is let them serve as a mediator this esteem is a syndrome it I don't because my God said in Deuteronomy 28 I will bless you but comedians this in don't know movie theater you have in the city my God said I will provide for you DC YouTube you probaly but my god said if you walk with me videos this is it to come in ask amigo then believe my words Chris me in people over and understand my words in the end is miss below then you will not worry about money because I will provide what you need to do to prevent okay – nice God always provides for his children do simple improve upon Azusa it may not be what you want he says no sense no said okay to kill remember at the 1950 show used to say father knows best with a recuerda kan su cuenta the second part economies sixties fifties sixties okay and God never changes it deals nunca come here look at verse 14 again please Mina and look at notices as for what fell in the midst of the thorns these are the ones who hear but as they go along worries and well in life's god of occasions crowd in and choke them so that their fruit never matures amen they read the truth which is Lena Buddha they can be like hava when Sarah come over and say the truthful words either sit up Ilana there were that say that truthful words you see open up another window that God never changes in news nunca cumbia but worries of tradition petals loggers in the last tradition is yet worried subjugation application less traditional as that person that conform to the world comes neck in a persona they can fool me Arlo del mundo and when you conform to the world you can form to Satan you can do to the conformist asking for manners when you can form the world taken for Muslim you can form the Satan the conformist a certain us you know because you worry about what's my family gonna think I may forget to to to stuff inside the keys not coming from me never princess let me get this big old beard now think I stopped a dragon under I braided into a little Brady thing remember the handsome young when I started to really grow the beard on the in percentage had weekly cinema what are you trying to look more like a rabbi doesn't mean after Moscow moon Divino hard to think about your so I did see when you're worried about what your family says Cooper's looking to familiar these then you're conforming to Satan in terms confirm Ando a certain eyes but you'll be speaking truth for words like you should like what Yeshua said that can we issue a decent like I follow your sure come on you see when you schewe okay but you're getting spouts you can spout the what you can speak the words to whether some learn Lisp eleven us like Harvard Adam come on me cover but you don't follow what God said but unless they see in the look at the use DC but you know when it comes to marital relations head coverings opportunist appears Barnabas he paused keeper seat Co sits you especially in Israel it's busy lamenting Italian people don't trust the Word of God Hinton not convene the palabra because you have many messianic congregations I get letters all the time we'll get team which is Congress units mission because you're disabled custodian boom and you look at them and I'm really Messianic he loves me go simply shaving man some movie entirely women y'all look at the picture and like does she ever ring on photography se tiene Anita in semana I just got one from another ministry from Israel your to be otra do tremendous to do anything and you know I'm looking at the worship team mister meat under and you know the woman's got a ring on her left hand fifteen the indigenous women escape and I go up to her head very serious was she never head covering on no tiene opportunity the the pillow I looked at the guy sitting next playing the guitar next to her you mean oil mooch acceptor come to like it that uh he's got a beard down mahir Keenan abhava esta ye but not the rest will not be noticed he's got sideburns DNA but yes I don't know what you call sideburns in Spanish anybody sideburns but it's just dinner petition something from the 70s you know okay but these are letters so are they really messianic or they have Adam in Harbor syndrome Sonia who knows but there is messianic oh so just dealing in syndrome a Dada me happen what is gone on is their love has grown cold okay as I said in this case one more same fear because they worry more about the feelings of others porque pero como Mazda no sentimientos de otros and what God thinks they look at the Europeans and turn to Luke let's look at Luke 8 verse 14 my name is Lucas a very sick you look at us let's look at verse 14 singular Couture's locate 14 again Lucas Oh jeepers Hakuna Matata same as for what fell in the midst of the thorn these are the ones who hear but as they go along worries of wealth where he's n wealth and life's gratifications crowd in and choke them so that their fruit never matures amen they get choked off by the word this is an hour taqaddas put in mundo oh hello sport mundo they get choked off by the word which is an hour got a spot in mundo because they care about more what man thinks and what God thinks what kill is important mas de lo que el hombre PSA okay okay I look at the USP and they don't listen to the ruach ha'qodesh kochenko this bearing their love has grown cold remorse am free other because increased distance from the Torah put a distance immune to the natori 75% of people in the world today tenth a cinco por ciento de mundo idea have Adam in harvest syndrome Dominion syndrome Adama cava 75% of the world today certainty cinco por ciento del mundo we had an atom and harvest syndrome Dominion syndrome Adame hama ask yourself this question pregunta to Timmy's mom am i part of the 75% CCO so party based a certainty syncopation am i part of the 75% so your party business the tenth a syncopation or are you part of this group oh and it's birth to this thing look at verse 15 min / CQ look insane but what what fell enriched oil these are the ones who when they hear the message hold on to it with a good receptive heart and by persevering they bring forth a harvest amen amen I mean what is a receptive heart okay zoom Corazon deceptive Oh like when I tell a married woman to cover her head come on Selena gonna mujer Casa de que se kübra pillow and they don't want you that's cool you know Kyra stuff in but why don't you do it you know pork in the nuances until you can prove otherwise as the kid to come previous low contrary why don't you do it until you can prove through the Scriptures the other way porque no Louis is the key to compromise colors to the contrary remember Adam a comma could quote the word the quiz I don't have a podium sit down understand what I meant so judgment in the end lo que lo que scene if you cover okay here in verse 15 a king over sick you look in see the good seed na Samia women is receptive to God's perfect word in the sativa a la palabra perfect and you know there are people who read the word I personas canina palabra and the perfect word in Torah either but I'm not perfect in the tonight and just do what it says is Oh Louis and look at this they have a receptive heart inning croissant acceptable unless you can point to another scripture that contradicts the Torah I'm not kicking previously to like a contradict on a tour then do what it says entonces lo que dicen if you're doing what it says yes is look at this then when saying want to throw a trick at you Francisco satin ask you know that are they dating ganya you go I see it was it see you I see it you bill I want see you move I see it I be okay I see it I love it because you're gonna be so schooled and so receptive to God's Word we'll get the ones that would be implemented other Evie intercept develop eleven others you're going to apply the truth in your life to was a bleak never that into me de but to the next level and even somebody on they seek to see what else they can do they just muskan looki looking para ver que mas wedding a 7 else they can do it must putting us in to tell others about the truth but as I see what else can you do it must play this to a server to tell others the truth – Elizabeth lemon do you tithe your time to God things to do at us – tiempo las Casas de Dios do you try their time to God's kingdom – these two to dismiss a las Casas the two temple Drano de Dios this fourth seed does not have a demand harvest syndrome is the quintessential athenian syndrome Anathem they believe the word is just cleaning up 11 they follow Yeshua over following misinterpretations of Rebbe shallow and you thinking ieshua and be still as interpreters unit LW o shahu people with real hearts for the kingdom la gente como ellos podrían no see the next scriptures were gonna look at Mira Mira and as discrete to us and feel in their heart lo siento su corazón I want to do more Youkilis Aramis I ask you right down esta vez de I want to do more you Kyra settlements right down I want to do more as Grievous though yo quiero ser más I want to do more no quiero cinemas I want to do more with my life you can rest a mask on me video we're gonna look at some other scriptures in a moment vamos a minute resistance a moment and when you see these things are close to happening you cuando two minutes kiss that's cause it's not a third candle you say you say I don't want Adam in harbour syndrome to D ciske you know you know they say it's in the Ramadan me I want to do more with my life your Kyra said a mask on Vivian but there's so many in my family that I much is Amy Familia that I love K you are mo how many people people in their family that they love on tentativeness of Amina Cameron everybody got somebody in the family that you love team members familia camera muchos you got people that you love that are not keeping the Sabbath Tina's gonna take cameras into familia que no Monte know so you gotta say to yourself Tina's gonna sympathy I want to do more with my life for God you Kyra said amazing Vida parodius because my family will give me familiar it's part of that 75% is party this isn't a single person because much pain and suffering that's coming everybody came which of the Lord is to lament ok stop or venir see when you read the perfect Word of God on the tool is the parabola perfect and the news you say to yourself – this is it after reading the book of Revelation was the little even an apocalypse and seeing so much heart so many bad things that happen in me or said was kidding muchas cosas smile instance who said you say to yourself – Teddy says how can I do something to stop this from happening como puede hacer algo para that there is no case was ever in my life in me be there how can I do something to stop this from happening Goemon you keep with us at you open of the minister in my life thing me be there because you don't want to be like Adam acaba forget to Nikita said come on me heaven yeah God said we're gonna die CDC comes on Moody's yeah I don't know what dying means but we're gonna die you know SEC is motive somebody turn the revelation vamos revelations revelations at six capitulo says revelation 6 apocalypse II says verse 7 and 8 rediculous it a huge anybody learning something in this teaching I'll going instance in Ian's are you guys on the internet you're doing you're learning something on the internet almost angles to this and you need to learn it I'm gonna ask you raveloe about the message dance class about the message I'm gonna ask you Ali oh yeah but that listen instead of kind of Minnesota here I'm gonna ask you guys Johanna I'm gonna ask you wait a few hours you just freaked out revelation 6 verse 7 and 8 I'm gonna do these things but secrecy at the your check this part is called a quarter of the world dies what seed am i mr. Bundy said you didn't like what the part of the moon de Muerta Kissimmee just so you when he broke the fourth seal I heard the voice of the fourth living beings say go I looked and there in front of me was a pallet sickly-looking horse it's rider's name was death and she'll fall behind him they were given authority to kill 1/4 of the world by war famine by plagues and with the wild animals of the earth amen I believe this to be true yoga no pistol is with them and I understand what death is all about you and endo the kiss natella morning what's gonna happen to kill one quarter of the world's population gave a specific window who knock what the North Korea's only got one bomb Tina so November oh you know he's only got one I'm John I'm a nut but a bad haircut go to the pillow Milo I'm a nut with a bad haircut I'm gonna come clean he makes me look like I'm skinny he mess of it and me come we'll see you for the flick oh okay he only had one well they brought another one last night sweet now he has none I don't know tiene ninguna ok he's got no more bombs left look mama bomb in Memphis ok but this water stuff is nuclear war pero esta instalación no clear but why is this is gonna happen for the kids the ones who say their what did you say in Matthew 24 verse 12 looking at the same adequate robicsek What did he say okay look at ISA the love of many are gonna go cold why more than which is simply an uppercase Y okay because distance from the Torah porque distance him into the litter now do you believe versa 6 7 & 8 tokenizing the particular City do you believe verse 6 are 7 & 8 testicular CA women do you think not you do you comprehend tu comprends that when this happens Ando esta su 7 nothing will ever be the same or good until Messiah comes none of this is ever rather said I don't miss much as I can miss years recognition do you comprehend to entiendes complete at once the fourth seal gets open universe killke were to say you say abre nothing is ever gonna be the same again Novus era la misma otra vez nothing is gonna be good Novus another bueno and so Messiah rules the earth as I kill Macias they may come here new material or do you have a de macabre syndrome or tiene students in Ramadan oh my heaven you know the words but do not comprehend the words canosa's la palabra no comprende step 11 but certain a chapter 8 please I was a capital o Joe verse 7 and 969 apocalypse is over sea Colossus and maybe seven through nine this part is called more dead than you believe this to be true are you like Adam and cava saying it is true but not comprehending its true meaning it's about the city to llamas mortis Chris kiss me that Oh eros Komodo Makabe KD C&K yes Bildad pero no pero que no comprende so verdaderos significant revelation 8 verse 7 through 9 apocalypse is mojo particularly the first one sounding his shofar and there came hail and fire mingled with blood and it was thrown down upon the earth the third of the earth was burned up a third of the trees were burned up and all the green grass was burned up the second angel sounded his shofar and what looked like an enormous blazing Mountain was hurled into the sea a third of the sea was turned to blood a third of the living creatures in the sea died and the third of the ships were destroyed amen now fire has burned land home in people wiggle I I can mother theater Casa de personas now even the fish in the sea are dead are inclusive los Pescados in matter and mortem what are you doing if you believe this to be true okay to assess it took this case there's been that what are you doing if you believe this to be true it to us se – Christos better than just stop it from happening in our lives what other tener que su say the minister in distress me this or do you have a demand cava syndrome Athena students in Rome Anatomy hama the reason we're studying this today not as long as no Moses to do history during the ten days of all granted Lazlo's dsds during the the more evidence here between the time of yom teruah and yom kippur and an attempt of the UN today Yom Kippur its before each comes before the most holy place esquina antes but a further Masson tone and you're always holiest day the airing in the my son to the Jehovah we must do this nosotros debemos a service go back to Matthew 5 there's a symbols on Mateo single go back to Matthew five favorite symbols amethyst we must do this the memos nervously we must do this if we don't want this to happen see no tenemos que estos Lucetta went back to Matthew 5 and verse 23 and 24 mother sink over 70 tourism we don't want one corner of the world to die no queremos que la cuenta de parte de mundo minha if we don't want one-third of the world to be burned up look at most can even it up a little didn't mundo say Kimmy then we gotta start with this Matthew five in terms of the memo sympathetic honest embarrassing 23 and 24 mystical event it is even T cuatro 95 Mateo Cinco verse 23 and 24 Mitsuko 2370 quadrant so if you're offering your gift at the temple altar and you remember that there that your brother has something against you leave your gift where it is by the altar and go make peace with your brother then come back and offer your gift amen okay come back yes therapist this is what the ten days of all are all about there is to say that this does these days that the Motor Museum making peace with your brother or sister but nothing bascomb to the man or the man but you just can't ask for forgiveness no soliloquy this bethune you got a state what you did wrong do unis Kanekalon i'll okay look he sees the money well I called you fat there's a big old ugly I hated your beard the ordeal of whatever and you were so mean I just had a vent can you forgive me no put this better than that man no okay you gotta stay what it is do you miss kibbler I look is Yeshua says leave your gift you should he said they had to nagging along try your best to make peace with your brother sister look lo que nos puedes para hacer para otra vez telepaths come on over man then come back yeah then offer your gift to the king yayyy of resilient a country and remember in equipment remember when your hobo was walking in the garden because I couldn't stomach I mean under he already knew the animal Kaaba had sinned and yes IV okay about me habían pegado but if Adamek lava had called them but I see other movies of using acetylene to be certain of him we might not even be here talking this has no visa mr. lucky hablando because you always says i will have mercy whom i want to have mercy on porque ahora de lluvia de Mesilla kini Akira get me mr. decody murmurs so Yeshua says is your this leave your gift they go make peace with your brother be a spaz come to mama now why is she she was saying this what can you show us that the sinners hold you place your 95 maintaining la pagina in math you see in the proverbs 25 members are overviews been teasing comb Roberts 25 for a billiards been teasing verse 9 but see : women proverbs 25 proverbs bente singko verse 9 / c : women Roberts Michelle 25 Robert has been teasing her snide pepsi-cola moment why did this USA leave your gift porque Yeshua these days I eat arugula proverbs 25 verse 9 you might want to underline this in your Bible Jesus give us through you this everybody got it proverbs 25 verse 9 but over who's been teasing comb I see : women discuss your dispute with your neighbor but don't reveal another person secret amen okay the word dispute your beloved upon a conflict Oh in Hebrew is relieved it means stripe controversy dispute cual la palabra conflict on in the Brio is rife okay so the finishing is lucha controversy this puta below so in these 10 days of Allah and yes the dsds did the more evidence here you got a discuss penis to discu– tear oh he won't like me anymore oh no no no no my king well then you might not have wanna open up your mouth in the first place and there's another video primer lugar we got to discuss this before Yom Kippur comes tienes que discontinuance the antis kyon-kun because again if you are bringing your gift to your homegirl oregano yeah the gift of no food no water they are you not sing comes in committee seeing our and you want him to accept your gift it to get a scale accepted to regalo what does your shoe assay because the key issue ago back to Matthew five very similar Mateus Cinco Matthew 5 verse 23 and 24 Matteo Cinco vesicular 2370 cuatro What did he say just look at the notes okay so can you sure they say to what area summary on what the VSM video que está diciendo Yeshua okay study CML issue and nobody's Matthew 5 verse 23 and 24 material sink over sequel of India Trezevant acquire What did he say about discussing this case Luca study CNO acerca de discutir esto What did he say method 5 verse 23 24 cans Luca studies in the matter of in today's event ago so if you're offering your gift at the temple altar and you remember that there that your brother has something against you leave your gift where where it is by the altar and go make peace with your brother then come and back and offer your gift a man you gotta go discuss this stuff before we get to yom kippur toothiness key this routine is the is the constant is kissing is a young queue and then next year don't do the same mistake you próximo on you know commit a sin mismo at all stop having out of macabre syndrome they have it the mirror syndrome anatomy heaven don't be part of a 75 nos as part a little certainty cinco por ciento be part of the good seed say party the ravenous immediate discuss your dispute with your neighbor disco de lo que tienes que this buddhist Budokan to where man before Yom Kippur they see no no view before Yom Kippur antes de yom kippur before you bring your offering of you give to your over antes que tenga present this to a friend a yahoo and for all serving the same king si todos estamos viendo el mismo reading the same raw book just a mostly in the mismo even of the regular how does this happen como su serve a subsidiary how does this happen Omo so sinister go back to Matthew 24 verse 12 Muslim a divinity Quattro very singular dosa Matthew 24 verse 12 20 Quattro vesiculosus Matthew 24 verse 12 20 controversy kudos how does this happen como su sinister and many people's love will grow cold because increased distance from Torah amendment the question is how does this happen la pregunta es como su Severus how does many people's love grow cold como como el amor de muchas personas se we're now gonna move on to section number 2 theme number 2 how does it grow cold como el amor sin name too is much shorter than team won the mothers is must go to kill the moon turn them alkene baits turn the second Kings moment another day yes second Kings soon de libro de Deus ala cream bait 19b how does the lava grow cold como el amor sin free how does the love grow cold como el amor singing fear 2nd Kings chapter 17 to Vinokur today is capital D CCA 2nd Kings chapter 17 verse 1 through 6 say undercut the the name is liburnians computability see it every single owner says this part is called when you try to hide your sin remember your Hobart sees and knows all things he will reward you according to your deeds supported SAT una cuando trotta's des condemned to Mikado Rayquaza Yehovah Mako no sato de las cosas el recompense era Segundo Sombra 2nd Kings 17 verse 1 through 6 say una Carta today is capital D see a particular Uno's ace second Kings Segundo leaves on the ladies after Josh was in the back there YouTube shows Joshua Kings Chronicles two two two two two second create Kings chapter 17 verse 1 through 6 says it was a 12th year of a cause king of yehuda that Hosea the son of Allah began his reign over Israel in Shimron he ruled for nine years he did what was evil from your hobo's perspective although he wasn't as bad as the kings of Israel had preceded him wasn't that nice shaman Ezzor king of asher advanced against O'Shay the Hosea that became the Bassel paid him tribute but the king of asher found that Hoshea was conspiring was conspiring was conspiring against him he had sent the messengers to do and then the king of Egypt and not waiting let me so the king of Egypt and not pay tribute to the king of a sharp as he had previously done every year for this for this the king of a shirt imprisoned him putting him and changed then the king of a shirt invaded the land advanced and shamone put it under siege for three years in the ninth year of Hoshea the king of s-sure captured sham wrong he carried israel away captive to assure resettling them in Halak in have war on the goes on river and in the cities of the Medes amen ok let's take this apart let's go to verse 2 I mean it wasn't a sequel of those first two let's see who those he did what was evil from you hobos perspective although he wasn't as bad as the kings of Israel who had preceded him Amen me he wasn't as bad well that's nice and the mother sister be ok wasn't as bad but he was so bad no a telephone say yes in the middle so when the King is not that bad the Lord shows mercy colonists and mallow L see you and say Misericordia and let's see it's mercy in verse 5 minimal submissive according in the SICU think oh let's see his mercy in verse 5 miramos mrs. recording and ridiculous single the king of us sure invaded all the land advancing on share some Rome and put it under the seats for three years amen three years raise onions 3 years raise onions 3 years he was trying to see what the people of Israel would do it is unusual in the Dominican la gente detail is the estamos in for 3 years he was showing mercy portrays a Muslim is a recording he was showing that said most remissive because you had not been taken captive yet por que no ha sido to Montevideo so right now we have a window of opportunity I want the name of this of internet oportunidad what do you know the book of Revelation is real to services we got a wacky guy in North Korea making bombs and it was looking north in Caracas in the Bombers okay we got Muslims doing stupid stuff all over the planet tenemos music – Kim what are you doing if you believe this is real – Chris cast around what are you doing doing this time kids look at to essa student is the team God is giving us a time listen you know sustained redundant tiempo do you believe it or do you have Adam and harbour syndrome – Chris OH – Tina syndrome another mishap look at verse 5 meter vesicular seeing the king of a sure invaded all the land advance and sham wrong and put it under siege for three years amen I mean three years tonight onions God was trying to see what the children of Israel would do estaba tratando de Ville looky-loos equals in a mr. Magnusson would they turn back the Torah or had the love of many grown cold or has a lot more de mucho same for you remember God knew that Adamek have already said the critical severe key of Amitabha ages epicotyl that's why I said where are you I spoke and he said understand what are you doing this – this all of us parents know what our children are doing sabemos de nuestros hijos estan haciendo look at verse 6 everybody universe Akula says in the ninth year voce the king of it or captured sham run and carried Israel away captive to assure resettling them in Halak and have or and goes on on to the goes on river and in the cities of the Medes amen so we get six more years than the most seasoned seasoned oozmas now why why do we get that out over que tenemos system because God loves his people por que Dios mi sook NT he is slow to anger listening to banana even he is slow to anger Liz linda barrelli de but he does get angry pero si si you know how when you don't believe his word when the tunic resin Superleggera he gets angry when we don't believe his word and Sonova cuando no cream was in super low now let's look at Malcolm 7 second Kings 17 verse 7 and 8 I believe nothing is computer initiative and see let's see one you Cho let's see why this happened we didn't most book in so sinister look at verse 7 and 8 meter per secret of siete ocho this came about because the people of Israel had sinned against Jehovah their Elohim who had brought them out of the land of Egypt out from under the Dominion of the king of Egypt they feared other gods and live by the customs of the nations that you're home and expelled ahead of the people of Israel and by those kings of Israel amen what did it say Merce a look at this thing in particular start at verse 7 and person was in a particular City they feared other gods I just – Viren temor de los Dioses they feared other gods didn't the most neutral uses if you're doing things to please your family who are pagans it to assess cosas spider complexity' tu familia yeah kiss banana if you're doing things to please your family you are pagans who stands in the opener complexity' – familia like maganda you got somebody in your house – Casa who is not following the Word of God in its noise than see in the lapel of the day it might be hard he said said said Buddha but if that person is old enough then they don't want to follow the Sabbath get them the hell out of your house is a separate office in theory no kids a year is about a second of the liquor so what is the president said about the men who don't want to stand up from the national anthem for them lady who is a persona que no se que levantar para eliminar national dijo que lo the spitter get rid of them disappeared on because what you're doing forget ok it's done assume it's exactly what we see here in verse 7 and 8 in the sacramental document was like keying albers equal ocat you are fearing other people do destiny not amor de otras personas and you got Adam and cava syndrome Latinas – else in the Ramadan macabre yes God said we were gonna die somebody give me the bite of the fruit okay they didn't understand I just meant in theorem do we believe that the book of Revelation is real nosotros queremos que typically sees this but I believe it's real yo creo kiss with that I don't want it to happen you look you know kiss I want to see my clown granddaughter grow up your kid okay Kimmy Kimmy no I want to see others and sisters you know – you know – I want to see brothers and sisters I want to see a grandson with the name dinner man interesting story in college okay and Levinson Kelly it's not having any more children no mercy there's always that sour syndrome company have seen to them in this era okay well you know she's old so a mine that's why we were married 30 years system let's guess I was 13 10 years now look at verse 8 please you know sequel Noah why does this happen what K is to say this though look at verse 8 meter in Pensacola Jim and live by the customs of the nations that you hope had expelled ahead of them of the people of Israel and by those kings of Israel Amman mean they had not been taken captive yet Coenen see the Japan Cody video God was showing mercy and you listen the guy was showing mercy this time almost none of me city even know we were service we were living by the customs of the goyim be no Mahalo costume please tell us going but mercy ends La Mesa Rico determiner and what do we know kokumo some God is the same yesterday today and forever a year or UCM play the people sand Mahinda pepeca they live by the customs of the green bajo las cascadas de los going what does the customs of the green say quick customers good man should have women's faces kill Osama is the variant in the las calles como las calles de mujer what is the woman's face somos una cara the one without hair una seam pillows you see a lot of the messianic congregation smooches congregation is messianic ax men with no beards on Blitzen barber that is a custom of the nations as soon as costume Brazil has not seen our God says men grow your beard so you don't look like a woman no statistic anomalously thickness in everyone seen at the bottom in a communal mujer man or the grow beards women growing beard shave it has another suppose that's just gross what are the other customs case it is disgusting what are the other customs yes it is desert dress costume is men a lot of men in messianic congregations do not wear seat see oat which is amazing let me see Anika's knows no trees and seats here or they wear their seats yacht the congregation but they don't wear them the rest of the week only some cities in a congregation put on notice and rest of the rest man oh they were their seats yo no belt loops oh did we say los sitios in-laws or holidays how is that the corner of your garments casa de los skin is dead two splendas and if you don't believe it's a corner there's a whole study on the website all about it you see to increasing in timing our unions to do you know página the intimacy women are supposed to look different living near as the different women are supposed to look different different the world says have big hair mundo these have little hair thinkers and color your hair we can you can change it to whatever color you want lots of people like to go blonde commute a little color get to care as much a gente c'è computing rubio and then their hair starts to grow and their roots are black i don't know how that gets done you dismiss opponent busy i can say this is the negative a lot of women like to wear clothes that is really too tight mmm Zeus totally sir I miss Dementors kiss movie epidermis or shows what God gave them Oh insane yet local deals lesson three gorgeous now here let's look at the word custom in the eve rate in the Hebrew members I keep another costume blessing you never them in the word custom in verse 8 is cuca everybody once a hoo-ha cook on the cat hookah who okay cat goof no cough hey okay I mean statue ordinance limit enactment something prescribed but up another costume place is you got a cat who has so definition Institute ordenanza limit a promulgation I will go press Crito so God says man grow your beard use this a case American second said men were CEO not in the pants here's a guillotine acutally several cities notice there was a sky area Berkowitz abeyance Robin and I were at a conference to be Muslim not confidential so rabbit playing he wanted to play the dumb Spanish guy come on don't oh he said I like to ask a question given approval he said it in this best Mexican Spanish Mexican oh he says my mother wants to know about the that's it goes where's your seat see the printed understand two cities and Ariel Ariel Park which goes there in my pants yeah yeah Disick is thank miss pantalones how do you say rabbit goes how do you see that man como como tu mera system because I know they're there yeah a senior citizen meanwhile his wife was wearing seat Co he's dispossessed about missed in the cities so that's the custom of the Gentiles Anna's costume business can Tillis so here look at verse 8 meters per second or so led by the customs and the nations that you hope had expelled ahead of the people of Israel and by those of the kings of Israel a man so we believe Yeshua's words right so this claim was enough and I was the Yeshua Yeshua says not one jot or tittle will be missing from the law issue at the second unit coming up a little early then why the Gentiles putting a tree up in their house and since pequeños can't enlist coloca our world in through the su casa and celebrating Christ's master living la mesa de cristo if we believe the words of yeshua sick animals in aspen out as they issue what are they doing sunday worship with kissed and cinnamon send domingo we become like the going no system was completely no kimonos going at this time of the year i step on it tiempo what we should be thinking about look at the video moses that pin it's not being part of the nation's the the very most percentage no set apart endlessness human but for the big wedding day that's coming up para la boda grande que ser setting let me say that again this time of the year against the tiempo we should not be thinking like the nation's video Moses depends on the coolest human but we should be thinking about the big wedding day of Yom Kippur that's coming up through the video Moses that pensando en el día grande de la boda kiss ascetic occasion keyboard look at verse 9 and 10 now meters vesicular VDS over nine and ten yes the people of Israel secretly did things that were not right according to the the hobos their Elohim they built high places for themselves wherever they live from the watchtower to the fortified city they set up standing stone and sacred poles for themselves on high on any high hill and under any green tree amen hmm they tried they put they did everything so that everybody could see it's just you know the hood but I can totally Mena but they didn't believe in the Word of God but in Oakley in Lebanon I didn't use now the sacred standing stone noticed us being it as living tell us what is this sacred standing stone that we see in verse 10 when as soon as this this business second others the levant others give amusing in particular yes and this is the word Ashur this is not beloved a Sheila it is h88 42 it it's Astra it's an idol worship it comes from the Babylonian goddess Astarte a Canaanite goddess a goddess a fortune and Happiness and it is bow I'll worship it is about goddesses and more goddesses so that if you simple appeared as levinthal I supposed to say granado's que vemos on a particular audience as la palabra a otro corriente those Ashura que su definition is al Balderas para la donación de $1 numero dos oom babylonia Astarte la diosa cannoneer the fortuna eve felicidad la puesta conjugative al Suzie machinist numero dos la diosa that's us so they were putting this Babylonian goddess up in Israel and worshiping it mr. Malpani introduces Bible only goes hey mr. Andres room you do the same thing a system amuse me are you one way here it is new nominee rocky and outside of this place you are totally different if when it is to look at it is complete them into different them do you dress respectfully here the Beast is nominated aspectos I keep it outside your shirt is always falling open enough whether to come visit it's a descubierto as a woman of God men do not need to see your breasts Emunah una mujer videos el hombre no necesito veil two speeches do you think God doesn't know the clothes that you wear being says Conoco no self-esteem in Turkey to remember Adam acaba do you think God didn't know like with any of them we hover to business kid years no no Savino are you trying are you trying to hide from God Esther at another cultura de Dios okay verse 13 now meter per second of three children yova had warned Israel and Yehuda in advance to every prophet and seer turn from your evil ways and obey my mitts votes and regulations in accordance with the entire Torah which ordered your ancestors to keep which I sent you through his might servants the prophets amen so a minimum three years minimott resinous he sent prophets in a mere prophetess peace and Sears in VOP dentists and people did not want to turn from their wicked ways you know Hinton look in the air different Eve said this was coming his mother so your hova divided the kingdom the northern kingdom and the southern kingdom says you how about the video they know they know nothing you know they know the suit but he sent prophets an MBO prophetess to tell the people to Shuba paradise in Anna's personas get the Shuba not I got a word for you nokey think of you palabra polity you're gonna get this new job was opportunist and no the prophets job is to tell you to repent and return to the entire Torah the Prophet is the temerity but I get the idea this is I was coming as a little but here in second Kings Anarchy unless they when the liberal of the day they had Adam and cava syndrome dealing in syndrome autonomy cava let's look at verse 14 and 15 now media mobile signal cathode Oh seconds nevertheless they refused to listen but made themselves stubborn as their ancestors who did not put their trust in Jehovah through Elohim thus they rejected the laws of his covenant which he had sward which had which he had made with their ancestors and saw solemn warning had given them instead they pursued worthless things and became worthless themselves imitating the nation around them whom yova had ordered them not to emulate Amen me they refused to Shabab as you said it was sat on a sham mine so here God sent them the truth achæans in unison they live better than but here in second Kings 17 but oakiness another day they reject the laws I just I just I don't know say yes they refused to listen saturday was cuchara then they became what he say compute Iranian care they became worthless to God they say community saying he said people spent years let's take a look at the word worthless city was burning up another symbol on that word in Hebrew is the word hob all discipline leavening avenues come on it means to act emptily become vain become vain be vain through the finishes are taught a messy Amenti convertido en bono said bond so that means they like vanity more than liking God is Kokila they like vanity more than liking godly gusta it was a massive Anita mask adios they imitated the goyim because it seemed God say meetin de los going and best there was the the bulkiness policy of young look at verse 15 everybody meter-per-second look insane they rejected his Lords his covenant which he had made with their ancestors and solemn warning had had been given them instead he pursued worthless things and became worthless themselves imitating the nations the goyim around them whom you hope that ordered them not to emulate him and when do we ever see us a Sunday service in talk when the women don't mean going let Torah why are we supposed to be like you sure know so much for cement I said can we issue a but more people are like Paul or they're they're thought of Paul which I hit this go Pablo Oh Vince I mean Tony it doesn't matter what day you worship limp or think idiot to allow this to the nation's it doesn't sing to the nation's it doesn't assume that is important what to God it does no less important producing but when you have a demand harvest syndrome cuando tienes se terminó me help you pursue worthless things to Perseus goes as a symbol Oh look at verse 18 please minerals particularly suture so you're over so that you're hoping by now very angry with Israel remove them from his sight none was left except the tribe of Yehuda alone amen so what happens guess what soon he takes the ten tribes to the north and he takes them into captivity tamela's dears these two tree boost they're not responding cultivating now what what we learn from this captain demo system if we avoid adam and harvest syndrome see nosotros podemos avatar and syndrome enemy help if we avoid adam and harvest syndromes easy nosotros vivimos el senado me most of the world is infected with us today esto el mundo esta in fact a local news story India then will be like you Hooda will be left behind and don't sit in come will you who is just assisting cuz I want to be left behind Yo no quiero que Ella Mendez I don't want to be raptured to Babylon the eunuch you know said yeah you don't wanna be I don't want to be raptured to Babylon in the Kinison I don't want to be raptured to Babylon is you no quieres another part of Avalonia I want to be left behind you Kyra said yes just like we see here in verse 18 I see como estamos viendo universe security CEO Cho now you would think to Princeton is that yahuda would see their brothers and sisters can who demanded – being taken captive in ants in the video you don't just be taken captive women are raised active area and mujeres Osama bin Laden the children are murdered lows near some asesina and you can't do anything about it you to know poses and said another I'll respect them but if you weren't your hooter proceed to furnace even you would think that they would see this to Princeton is kitchens if I'm a veteran you would think that they would see this suspension is could use even though I'm not gonna do that didn't know you know me yes I'm I'm not gonna do that no no no no no this is you know boy yes it is let's look at verse 24 to 33 now miramos domestic una venti cuatro tenant address 24 233 de cuatro 19 today's this part is how this is how here is how the love of many girl really grows cold like he is the epicenter like it's not como el amor de muchos reminiscence am fleeing the king of us sure brought the people from Babel could Qatar lava Hamas so far so far by een and settled them in the cities of sham Iran in the place of the in place of the people of Israel they took possession of shamrock and lived in its cities and he first came to live there they did not fear Yehovah therefore you have a cent Lions among them which killed killed some of them so they said that the king of a sheriff the nation's you carried away settled in the cities of sham Ron are not familiar with the rules of worshipping the god of the land therefore he sent lines among them and there and that they there look and there they are there they are there sorry killing them because they're not familiar with the rules of worshiping the god the elohim of the land in response the king of us sure gave this order take back one of the KOA NIEM you brought from gila there have him go and live there and have him teach the rules for worshiping the elohim of the land so the cohen team they had carried away cat captive from Sharon came and lived in Beit el he taught them how they should fear Yehovah nevertheless every nation made gods of their own and put them in the temples on the high places which which the sham Ronia Sheryl sharm Ron M had made every nation in the cities where they live thus the people of Babel meets Sukkot but note goes from katoa made in the neva Nergal and those from Hamad made us Ashima now they may not cause in Turkey taught and the suffering safar Veen burned up their children in the fire and sacrifices ahdre Melek and Anna Melek the gods of Safari are buying so they feared Yehovah well at the same time they appointed themselves priests from among themselves to preside at the high place places and they would sacrifice for them in the temples of the high places they both they feared both Jehovah and serve their own gods in the matter customary among the nations from which they had been taken away amen to me let's look at that passage you know Moses step aside here let's look at verse 24 and 25 vamos a ver SI laffinty cuatro bin Cinco the king of Ashur brought the people from Bebel katoa a waha matzah safar ye and settle them in the cities of sham Iran in place of the people of Israel they took possession of the sham Iran and lived in the cities when they first came to live there they did not fear Yehovah therefore your whole descent lines among them which killed some of them amen so Israel goes into captivity in 70 video and the gut and our God brings Lions among the pagans Universal the earth alone is a mess behind us okay the Gentiles and extend lions to kill them Argentina zeal and be Islands Monica knows nothing because they didn't fear the God of Abraham he's just not immuno I'll do them for him now look at verse 26 minute mr. Guinta says so they said that the king of assure the nations you carried away and settled in the cities of sham Ron are not familiar with the rules of worshiping the god of the land therefore he sent lines among them and they are there killing them because they are not familiar with the rules for worshipping the god of the land Amen so now they say send it there in there Oh what is this thing and they don't understand the God of Abraham you know ending and the ending of deals they have become so what does the Lord do kids look insane Yunus and he gives them crash said he gives them mercy so you listen to me city code epistle would they be smart I just I mean I mean intelligent this would they be smart with these Gentiles be smart listen you wouldn't thank the Gentiles because they now know the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob the princess kisses cantinas outlook ears everybody say Koko you would think the Gentiles since they know the Jewish Messiah Yeshua considers casues cantinas coming to say yes with you everyone they would turn from their wicked ways you see my other penny this was coming in as well mothers would they be smart with these Gentiles be smart sadena so Cynthia isn't any hint this or what they have Adam and harvest syndrome oh the Justinian syndrome enemy heaven let's see what happens Google 2 verse 27 and 28 memos kiss who said they was I was thinking of India to me dear Joe in response the king of Ashur gave this order take back one of the Cohen EMU brought from there have him go and live there and have him teach them the rules for worshiping the God of the land so the Cohen team they had carried away captive from Sharon came and lived in Beit el and he taught them how they should fear you over amen what did you show us a Matthew 28 because the key issues to the cinema to vintage' go make disciples of all nations yes DC blues the total is nationís teach them how to fear you're over I'm saying let's go mutant anything more than Yahoo you can teach people all you want this unit la gente todo lo que tú quieras but if each person but each person has to be like the fourth seed pero que da persona tiene que ser como la courtesan mission let's see what happens in verse 29 Mississippi River sequel Irvington what did the people do is look elegant easy so nevertheless every nation made gods of their own and put them in the temples on on the high places which the shimmerin team had made every nation of the in the cities were where they lived amen so here you teach the goyim the proper way to fear the God of Abraham Jesus listen suppose I'm gonna prepare them and they don't wanna listen he's just not kidding speech they don't want to grow their beer the kid in the second say you don't want to wear seed seed kidding with you he said they don't want to cover their head getting us a look into the kidding every man nation made gods of law they have a demand cava syndrome just a mitten Eocene to me they let me cover look at verse 32 you know what secret a 13-day those so they feared y'all while at the same time they appointed for themselves priests from among themselves to preside at the high places and they would sacrifice for them and the temples on the high places amen so what did they do okay look he's here them they took their Gentile gods just a modern theory and feared the real God at the same time yeah this isn't this like the church today Jesus is gonna forgive you brother yes who's the better than that him I know all you gotta do is just repent so look at Dina's considers that a pintail thing okay so here look at verse 32 again you know think you know thirteen Tainos they fear so they feared you ho but while at the same time they appointed themselves priests from among themselves to preside at the high places and say which sacrifice to them in the temples on the high places amen is this not going on in the church today the city investing legal SEO India is this not going on it's a lot of the messianic congregation you were at Martin is just an Alaskan gracias mis en because when a gain like his that was 'ah thing they fear God but they have preached that mixed the world in there I just immunity is meditating on preceptor they miss class that's Belarus look at verse 33 please Mina Bruce Acuna 13th in today's verse 33 my signal indeed it is they both feared Yehovah and serve their own gods in the manner customary among the nations from which they had been taken away amen is this not Israel today India is this not the body of Messiah today is to go to put the missile India Oh your legalistic you better believe I am ok kanisky use I don't want any of this crap in this house you know this that was soothing is the cursor I'm not gonna I'm not gonna fear the nation's I'm gonna fear the king of kings you know where the middle is this is where the middle day today yes my family didn't fear me Familia no let them you my family was in three of the concentration camps mr. Winn drizzle the Lewis compose the concentricity why were they there what kiss do we don't because they took on the customs of the Goyang gauges if the middle s custom distillers gleam they stopped worshipping the God of Abraham get sucking y'all a go-ahead endeavor dear Sarah honey it's IKEA oh they got a demand Harbor syndrome that Daniel is indeterminate let me ask you a question today the hematite will not put a window do you have a demand curve a syndrome Tina Stewart syndrome idiot on me cover let's go over to theme number three diamond numero tres anybody learn from theme number one and two I mean let's go to theme number three I'm in the middle that is how to overcome Adam and cava syndrome go more supernova syndrome in that dummy heaven how do you overcome this syndrome domo super nervous syndrome me Matt Matthew chapter 5 Matteo capitalist in Matthew chapter 5 Matteo capitalist in verse 23 and 24 you think you can find that one in the back there guys no secret of in today's event what's at the beginning of the New Testament go to Malachi and make a right Matthew five how do you over how do you overcome the Adam a cava syndrome I'm with two super disease syndrome Anatomy have say five books and call me in the morning manana I'll give you a prescription for that doc how do you overcome that syndrome Matthew 5 verse 23 and 24 no Cinco Cinco 2010 seventy cuatro so if you are offering your gift at the temple altar and you remember that there that your brother has something against you leave your gift where it is by the altar and go make peace with your brother then come back and offer your gift amen amen many during this 10 days each person the rent a estos disney-esque other person it's supposed to be ready getting ready I said mister at least and oc2 bring your gift an attorney so together you get the pleasures of life for one day el regalo de los placentas de la vida por un dia your gift on Yom Kippur is denial of yourself to regalo para un kaput is- mismo no food no cinco means no water seeing our nothing pleasurable now that is a pleasant air but let me say this you know they have made egoist your brother yeshua has something against you pero tu hermano yeshua tiene algo en contra de t your brother yeshua termination has something against you in a arguing contractility you have disrespected all the work that he did on the cross to us one tunnel hospital to the trabajo que de santa cruz let me say it again so it sinks in but how many piece of travels I see your brothers got something against you to Romano tener going contra de t your brother's got something against you terminal tiene algo en contra de t if she was that kapha Peter's house insurance then I gotta the keifa and he says who are my brothers and my sisters D say yo son mis hermanos de mis hermanos so your brother Yu Shu has something again – to the mono yeshua tiene algo en contra de team he spent six hours on a cross church El Paso Caesar as in mcruiz he spent six hours on a cross for us El Paso sister as an a couscous it rose and this year you've just respected what he taking a stand to fault instead respeto locally ESO all their hard work todos a trabajo duro oh mercy that heat showed totally let me see record the equivalents in you you lie you cheat you still whatever you did okay sir care has mentira para todo cares you disrespected him to life and does not respect well so he says during this 10 days and decent run test was dsds he says during this 10 days and decent estas these Diaz even though you disrespected my ministry inclusive see to the test at Hospital ministerial even though you disrespected my father inclusive see to understand this potami father by saying you don't need the Lord's anymore or the talk of the seat convalescence Leslie is mass you disrespected my father for tested respeto mi padre by saying you no longer need to do any offerings as I see you can only see that ascending gun tip with a friend I got people freak it out on me because we do offering you the new hint the cake is funny I look up or get angry with us kono Soto walking away from this ministry Alejandro said this the ministerio if God is the same yesterday today and forever es el mismo yet or you siempre and you sure the Messiah says in Matthew 5:18 what a usual miss he has the same material cinco de suture not one jot or tittle new not going to nothing day you've disrespected the King to another hospital every you've had a demand harvest syndrome to Tina's a sinner metonymy heaven because you speak the word forget to Avila zapparama but you do not love the word but do know amaz la palabra especially as busy and secret places and you look at it's a Corinthos look at verse 24 I mean I'm signal veinticuatro leave your gift where it is by the altar and go and make peace with your brother then come back and offer to gift a man man so you leave your gift there has to really go make peace with your schewe be a pontiff in españa anybody perfect here this this year I he can see the perfect instant you each year he gives us this time he's so wonderful Daniel knows the tragus the temple is be Mary Joseph he's so loving and his Muay Amoroso so kind being you might have is just so gentle we cover general Terry says hear the sound of the shofar and this escucha el sonido the shofar teshuva a repeated addition come back to my ways take this and miss Caminos don't just say the words no solo de estas palabras understand what salvation is all about the Ender the kiss at the retina some of us soon make peace not only with Yeshua as Pascal Yeshua no solamente clean but others that you have wronged even others that you've wronged imprinted on me includes outros a king as hmm that's what that Oh cuz this time it's different for case the team was different then all the other holy days you know through de los últimos do something cuz ranchipur what did we do for kinship with kids looking in Shibuya consumers what is she food all about the case at the metal shop besides lifting up the bread a Mazda Levin tell us those blues no Spanish you received God's words to receive his land upon out of the news turn back to where we started from Genesis 3 mom was like any sisters last scripture escaped enough you know has anybody learned anything today I mean Genesis 3 verse 3 and this Eastern isthmus you can look at this that one should be easy to find guys in the back I watched you looking for second Kings for about three minutes put tabs Genesis 3 baracy 3 verse 3 last scripture but about the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden Elohim said you're neither to eat from it nor touch it or you will die amen because when you die you die so it's now stop being affected by Adam and cava syndrome oh I see Kara they him thus in effect on US policy in Romeo mixing mixing good mixing God's word with the coin garbage gondolas going Calaca la palabra de Deus stop mixing traditional Judaism the Hindu myths learn who they is ma traditional with the Talmud of the rabbi's Robinho's understand the truth and live in Tindall ever that even for this it's a time to fix the mess kisses in the implementer that ziggler before you get taken into captivity until your father's a liar come to be done for this teaching today for instance in yen Saudi is all about personal responsibility tonight I said Kathy this was aa man and our men let's get the load of praise all thing man when we disap our hearts for one moment in chemos monsters got a son Hospital momento you ask for the Lord's forgiveness if you don't want to see you know put of them thank you Lord for your blessings today Isis in this unit idea thank you Lord for this time that you given us this is in your policy team Poconos doesn't three on each in every year cada onion as we are in these 10 days Lord most imposing instance these days leading up to your your mo a WM Kippur you know strategy but you're not to Moya but to Yom Kippur speak now to each and every one of us habla con cada uno de nosotros speak now to each and every one of us habla con cada uno the nosotros show us where we we failed you encinia knows in the in the in Katie for GMOs show us where we disrespected your word and Samos and a quality for the Moses better to palabra so that we may we may make peace with you yeshua hace poco podemos hacer pasa contigo yeshua and if you're out there you see the two stars of water and you don't know the Messiah to know Canosa Salamis yes let me introduce him to you they have at the present time he's the one that's bringing a free gift today to you ELISA address the yellow gennady's vanity but you have to ask for forgiveness first for the routine escape any repair don't play metal if you're out there see to instance of way you don't know where you're gonna be a thousand years from now it to know savasana by the static and mean I use this let me introduce Messiah to be her mentor presenter Macias if she was foretold Messiah Yeshua is in in missions case alone and he's knocking on your heart today realistic and doable into Corazon and he says accept him in your heart you know kilo citizen Buchanan's ask for forgiveness pay today perdón I'm gonna sit say a simple prayer oh yeah this little note assume simply for those that have not accepted you sure the Messiah but I can just get knowing acceptable Yeshua and Missy as I say these words with me the estas palabras come you but mean them in your heart but those intelligent organism in your secret place into new head a cigarette say Yeshua the Yeshua I'm a sinner you say Picador I've done a lot of very bad things uhm it just goes mother's I disrespected you can get the vandalism it though I asked for your forgiveness today you have to be though but I don't idea I asked you to wash me that be the Camila is clean me in Medina penis make me something now that's me algo nuevo if you've done that really for the very first time see how they just a fool to put him in events then you are born again and doom says doesn't he don't know about me but Yeshua said that through Yeshua t system that if you don't profess him before man's you know my professors on Tulum Bri I cannot will not profess you before my father in heaven you know poison you know I need the professor Anthony Padilla Anglesey mo so if you've really accepted him for the very first time symbolized as a Septon Dolan will be minimus you're in the sanctuary just slip up your hand so we can pray with you know Santoni lament that tamaño if you're hearing this from radio or television or Internet sisters gender I stand by the television or Internet just let us know so we can pray with you the hand of severity for the most of our continued your name is Shu oh man no man Shalom this is messianic rabbi entered in ermine I would personally like to thank you for tuning into the remnants call each and every week you can listen to the full message on our website Beth go an org if you have drawn closer to the King of Kings learned more about him today we are blessed if you are boost by these messages please consider a donation to our ministry you can go to our website Beth guoyan org that's be e th geo why I am ma org and click on the donate button you do not have to have a PayPal account to donate all you need is a debit card once again thank you very much for listening to the remnants call if you have not taken your first steps to be born again just ask God's help remember it's his loving grace that has come to find you no one is worthy or able to reach God but God can reach us and he's reaching out to you now just open your heart and let him in his arms are open and the blessing of salvation and eternal life are waiting for you don't let it wait any longer nice Marais ha yeah and I wanna vivec IV khuliqa he's on I wanna bother ha well yeah Sam ha ha ha hallo may the Lord bless you and keep you may the Lord lift his face your shot if I may the Lord be gracious unto you and give you his Shalom Shalom my name is messianic rabbi and rude in ermine and I invite you to come to visit our congregation if you are in the tri-state area come out and visit with us on Shabbat we are a congregation of Jews and Gentiles living as one in the Messiah issue PG MC is a place of true worship with the focus never wanders from the Hebraic roots of our faith that goyim is rooted in the Word of God from Bereshit through to the book of Revelation Messiah strong words against man-made tradition are carefully recorded in matthew 7 that is the reason we only follow the straight up instructions found in scripture truly the way the truth and the life if you're looking for a deeper walk without don't I come out for our Tuesday evening Bible study called Messianic Torah time come spend the day with us on any Shabbat we start at 11:00 a.m. with the sound of the ancient Hebrew shofar next we offer our King praise and worship in English Hebrew and Spanish after worship we review the headlines in the previous week's news from around the globe especially news from the Holy Land Israel we don't just list the news headlines as current events but we comb through the scriptures searching for clues to understand what they need and then to help pinpoint prophetic ly our current position on Auto nice clock after digesting all that modern information we leave the world behind as we journey with our ahhh denied deep into his eternal work not with just one or two scriptures but usually seven or more scriptures the spiritual nourishment and the richness of his kingdom become accessible to the ones who this special time and seek them out the day does not end there because Shabbat is so special to him there is always so much more than their King desires to share so instead of separating and leaving we stay together as a family for potluck lunch in an afternoon study of our King's work we close this Shabbat together with the reading of the new week spa Russia that's it for abortion even after those blessings many of us just can't get enough so the members bring prepared homemade foods to share while we all enjoy an uplifting movie together if all that information is not quite enough you can check out our website where you will find over 200 video teachings and biblical holy days studies under Messianic Torah time the Hebrew roots button you'll discover free studies on many many different topics including PowerPoint slide presentations if Beth Killeen sounds like a place you'd love to visit but you live outside the tri-state area there is still a way to connect with us we stream live on the Internet on Tuesday Thursday and Shabbat the web site is WWE that's be ETH geo y IM org our phone number is 973 three three eight seven eight hundred or nine seven eight two issuer that's nine seven eight the number two yeshua Shalom you

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