MERCEDES Truck Falls Down Cliff! - Stormworks: Build and Rescue - MBX Forerunner

all righty hello guys welcome he faces back to another storm works video today we've got something interesting inside this building and it's gonna help us do a mission uh whether it's actually gonna be able to do the mission or not though I'm not entirely sure but we're gonna give it a go so let's go ahead and open the doors there it is right there it is the mbx forerunner which is based off a big old Mercedes um but yeah we're gonna go ahead and use this today to try and climb a mountain yeah okay so let's go ahead and get the mission first off it is the Arctic search-and-rescue we could go for climbing accident or we could go for we can't do plane crash that's not something we can do trapped research vessel that's not something we can do stranded swimmer that is probably something we can do maybe but we're gonna go with the with a climbing accident we're gonna go with the climbing accident because that seems like a good idea don't know how this works never actually used it before but it's absolutely gianormous you have to climb up into it which it's it's so high it is so so high there we go ignition there we go we just throw a love and then we and there we go did it die it already died is the is the break on that might be the problem that might be the problem we got breaks on here we go try that again switch to neutral go there we go there we go we're moving Oh hot-diggity-dog this is insane it's so big it is so big dude okay right so we got to make sure that we stay on the roads oh wow okay this is gonna be difficult this is gonna be very very difficult to try and stay on the roads but we're gonna try we're gonna try all right okay cool oh yes this thing's so big though what does that say warning driving this vehicle may cause serious injury or death drive at your own risk I agree with that statement that is a good statement to have in here because it might be true it might be true hot-diggity-dog that's insane I feel like I might have stalled it out though I have I've totally stalled it all right at slum on the brakes here and we'll get outside I would have a lot look around the outside before we do anything else okay so starting with the front if we go ahead and we pop the hood up we can see an engine I don't know how you get to the engine I'm gonna be honest we might have to climb over the top of the the whole thing but yeah I think we do uh-huh I think we have to climb over the whole top of this thing in order to get oh no here we go here we go we get some handles we can actually climb up on top of here so it says 16,000 apparently it's got no fuel but it does have fuel so yeah powered by an aircraft engine that's insane we got a jerrycan on the roof as long as well as some tires and a solar panel as well we've also got a back bed and a tailgate where the winch there we go we got a winch and some lights beautiful nice that is one awesome looking locomotive I just called it a locomotive it's a truck but there you go alright so when you're done you just come back to the front and you press this button on the top and it closes up my dog is now crying again literally every video while I've been on holiday this dog has been crying all righty I've thrown the dogs outside you guys ready to go let's go ahead and turn it back to neutral go ahead and put the ignition on throttle up and then gear up and then let's go oh no you need to turn off you need to turn off the brake in order to do it ok there we go we're moving we're going we going ignition off can we even stay on this roof it is wibbly-wobbly right now no we're good we're good it's completely fine so we're gonna make our way over to the actual mission itself and then we're gonna climb up a mountain with the truck it does also keep seemingly stalling it stalls definitely is stolen I don't know why why is it why does it keep stalling out that's weird anyway turn the lights on let's get into nighttime and we'll keep going can we shift up another gear there we go we're gonna actually pretty quick here oh we are going very fast at the back the back end have slid out oh no no there's water right there oh we're on fire oh okay that's not good okay well let's try and get out of this I presume that we'll be able to lift it up and there we go yeah we're out whoa oh that is guys not nice look at that look at the wheels look at that is so weird nice it's still driving its gonna put itself up cause it's gonna go in the water yeah alright go go go put yourself out no it's it's still totally on fire at the bottom of the ocean alright we need a new car okay awesome we got ourselves a new truck it's taken me quite a while to get this thing cuz trying to figure it out in the mission editor is a bit of a pain in the butt anyway we're gonna go ahead and get inside again and we're gonna try and start it up and I actually get over to the mission this time I'm not very good at driving game as you guys probably already notice but um yeah off we go here we go shift it up shift it up there we go shift it up again keep it going I don't want to be going quick but it is it seems to die in first alright okay don't fall off oh no wait oh we've already flipped over okay I don't think we're gonna be doing a mission today um we need to rescue this truck maybe I can do this as it goes self-righting doesn't appear to have self-righting let's try it again here we go it's got a reversing camera that's amazing that's so cool dude okay push it push it over come on push it can we can we drag it out is there anything I could it seems too big seems too big for me to do anything with this I can push it I can push it but it's not doing much mmm we can do this that doesn't do anything either maybe if I try and lift it though I'm quite strong I'm quite no I'm not that strong though I'm not strong enough to lift this thing up no siree uh yeah I don't think there's much else I could do it's tipped over again I'm not very good driver in this game I'm really not okay we found another one when I say I found another one this is the same one we just we just respawned it anyway we're gonna go ahead and jump inside this thing and we're gonna try and stay in first if it stalls in first then I don't know what to do but uh hopefully that's not the case make sure to engage brakes when about to leave the vehicle okay I've also got a heater I didn't even notice we do definitely need that so that's good all right ignition on throttle up shift it is it actually running yeah it's running we're running all right okay we're drifting we've stalled haha it stalls instantly okay there we go go there we go it stalls instantly when you when you slam the brakes on oh and you when you yeah when you put the brakes on so make sure not to put the brakes on keep going forwards and it can go off-roading pretty pretty well long as it doesn't tip over it's pretty good wait there we go all right good we're just gonna get to the top of these mountains where that flare is exactly where that flurries then we got a seat oh oh oh slam the brakes on I've got the brakes on I got the brakes on we're going into the water I've got my reverse on we're reversing out kind of we're dead we're dead we're in the water we are turning on again come on come on reverse reverse not doing it it's not doing it okay hold on we may be able to resurrect ourselves I've got the brakes on no way don't I might not have the brakes on but it's okay well we get ourselves out of this winch out it's a holy one why is it they always have to be holy ones all right it's a push button it's exactly what I can tell the lights on I'm blind ourselves if we want to oh right okay cool well lower this out a whole load we'll grab it we'll have to turn it on no okay okay this could be difficult you make quite difficult here we go no gonna be impossible it's what its gonna be it's gonna be impossible okay let me appear there we go all right turn this off grab it okay take it up the hill a little bit hey is it not enough slack on this am I at the end of the rope already know that that's not even right fall off the vehicle please can I took it over this up why is it so heavy come on get off the edge I can't I can't lift the thing off the magnet is so stronk the magnet is too stronk all right hold on drag it into the middle we might be I'll just push it without feets okay here we go like it's really light when we push it with our feets here we go shove it off the end please pretty please shove it off the end pretty please no it's not gonna happen I think it's just because we need more yeah it is holy heck that takes forever to own Rea unreal unreal unravel on something there's the dude right there we can see them okay right we'll be up there in a second don't worry give me this Jimbo yes shove it there no that's not gonna help us that is no good this is a two-man job and I'm only one man I'm only I'm only one man okay please oh oh yay Can I grab it and then move it while it's balanced my gold on wiggle it off no not gonna happen uh okay well I I can't get this out of here there's no way all right I'm getting back in we're turning on the engine and we're going reverse is it doing anything oh oh oh oh oh where's the air intake on this I don't know where the air intake is how are we going sideways this might be okay all right brakes on okay neutral rub it rub it rub it straight off go I don't know where the air intakes are what we're driving we got no exhausts I know we're stuck into that okay break time let's go turn the thing off please quickly quickly before it goes under all right that's off all right cool I don't need to do anything else with it I don't think everybody ready neutral rabbit brakes off go all right turn this off no turn it back on we need it we definitely need it it's not using the engine that's what's happening here the engine isn't being used not at all we're just I don't think you can get up the hills though it's just sliding it's not starting the engine there we go the engine started now the exhaust is working normally in real life you chip down again but but we don't have any gears to ship down into it's going it's going we gotta get as close as possible and then just let all the dudes in oh we are so not getting up this hill we are so not getting up this hill it's really trying though look at it look at it go exhausts underneath at the front where's the air intake oh we're sliding we're sliding all right hand brake on rev it handbrake off gear up go nope not working that didn't work at all that did not work at all Oh boys it's no it can't do it it can't I'm gonna die all right yeah now I'm leaving it here oh it's driving it's going without me this is insane okay so anyway I'm gonna go ahead and actually leave this truck running whatever it's doing that's fine we're gonna go at the airfield and we're gonna go get the truck out again and we'll see we'll see you the other parts of it cuz I did see another button on the side for like a med med bay and stuff so we might be able to use that I'm not entirely sure if we can but we'll see so we're going here we'll grab it wherever it is there it is good spawn it in nice not nice nice there it is alright cool we need to go to the other side and then open this clothing aha we got thermal clothing in here and we've also got firefighting equipment awesome nice I mean it's cool it's just it feels like it needs more grip but if we have a look at these and they fully grip anyway stiffness dampening yeah they're full grip all around maybe it would be better at high grip I don't know maybe possibly but I don't know I don't know whether that's best suited or not I have no idea I'm not a I'm not a tire expert or anything so I guess what we could do is we could try this high grip and we'll see if we can get up a little mountain somewhere and then yeah well we'll see what happens we'll see what happens there we go we got a high grip on I'm ready to go hopefully you guys are ready to go turn the brakes off off we go okay we're going we're going do we have high grip does this look like high grip to you guys I feel like it looks like high grip to me okay so we want to go slow we probably want to make our way down to the bottom of this hill here we go okay the turning doesn't appear to be working but I don't think we can drown down there so that's okay that's good here we go do this nice Europe you can definitely get up the hill with these yeah it could definitely connect up here though are we damaged do we damage the left side it might be a bit of an issue no even with high grip we can't get up Oh rip we might just need tracks on this thing tracks on this thing would be insane that'd be such a good idea anyway yeah um not entirely sure what else to do with it so I might actually leave this here for now um I wanted to check out the truck because I don't really get a chance to use vehicles that often or like land vehicles all that often and it looked cool so um yeah it looks amazing it looks really cool just unfortunately the tires slowed it down I think but yeah it's definitely quite powerful so that's pretty cool but anyway thank you guys for watching if you guys want to use this thing I'll link it down below and you guys can check it out for yourselves anyway thanks watching see you in the next one good bye

  1. in a manual transmission like that truck leaving it in 1st gear is bad, use 1st gear to get moving then move up to 2nd gear

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