Memoir of a Communist Slave – Short Film

Hello and welcome to Declassified, I’m
your host Gina Shakespeare. On this episode I bring you a short film that
I produced, directed and wrote myself called “Memoir of a Communist Slave.” The story lives in China, a country that ranks
very low in terms of media and religious freedom, a country where speaking the truth
can cost one their life. I trust you’ll see the importance of the
Epoch Times and Declassified publishing this and bringing these atrocities to light. Memoir of a Communist Slave tells the
harrowing and true story of David Huang a man whose wife was murdered by the same oppressors that forced him into China’s notorious prison ‘gulag system’ in the early 2000’s. It was there he suffered and endured ‘re-
education through labor’ for his faith. The belief system he follows is a traditional
Chinese practice called Falun Gong, a blend of Buddhist and Taoist-like
teachings mixed with meditation. Falun Gong rose to enormous
popularity in the 1990’s, with millions of Chinese
participating in the practice. By 1999, the Communist State, under the
direction of then dictator Jiang Zemin moved to eliminate and systematically
persecute Falun Gong followers. After two years of torment, David
Emerged from incarceration and was tipped off that he was about to
be arrested for a second time. Grappling with little other than the prospect
of death, he escapes China in a quest for freedom. A story of tragedy, faith, and resistance
in the face of brutal totalitarianism, Memoir of a Communist Slave is one man’s journey
to uncover what he believes has held him and his people hostage for too long. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP)
has educated us to believe that it is ‘great, glorious and correct’. I never would have thought they would persecute
my wife to death while she was 3 months pregnant, just because she and the rest of our
family practice Falun Gong. Falun Gong is a peaceful mediation practice
that came to popularity in the 1990’s. At least 70 million Chinese
people took it up. The popularity of Falun Gong caught the attention
of former dictator Jiang Zemin. He launched a Maoist-style campaign
of persecution against the practice, to consolidate his political power. Because I persevered with
my faith in Falun Gong, I was subjected to two years of
re-education through labour and experienced physical
and mental torture. After I got out, I was told that the
610 office which is China’s gestapo was about to capture me again. I thought to myself: If we stay in
China, we die in China. If we leave China, we could
also die trying. I left China alone. It was be safer for my daughter
to stay with my mother. I escaped to Thailand and gained
protection and refugee status from the United Nations High Commissioner
for Refugees (UNHCR) in Bangkok. Three months later, with the help of Falun
Gong practitioners and family members, my daughter and I reunited in Thailand. I started to expose CCP’s genocide
of Falun Gong while there. But China has many spies in Southeast Asia,
and they started tracking me. Later on, under pressure from the
Chinese Embassy in Thailand, the Thai police arrested us and put us
in the immigration detention centre. Upon discovering our
dangerous situation, the New Zealand government
immediately issued us special visas and secured us a safe passage
to migrate to New Zealand. I feel that the majority of people in New Zealand have a strong sense of human rights and justice. This inspired me to speak out more about the persecution of Falun Gong to the general public and the media. Consequently, the Chinese Embassy in
New Zealand began spying on us. I could tell that my mobile
phone was tapped. They also sent someone to
smash our windows and mailbox. The message was very clear: if I continued to speak out, both my
daughter and I would be in danger. My parents were also visited and
warned by the police in China that they would be arrested
if I didn’t keep quiet. I began to reflect. What do I have inside of me that
is feeding this monster? Was it because I had a strong
sense of fear? The CCP has made us fearful, then they capitalize on this
weakness, to hold us hostage and to keep us as slaves. It was at this moment that I decided
not to be a slave anymore. I believe each of us Chinese people, need to calmly and rationally
evaluate ourselves and our role in fostering the climate of corruption
and violence that prevails in modern day China. A climate which has allowed such tragedies like the persecution of Falun Gong
to continue unabated.

  1. Piss on China and their inhumanity and theivery.Nothing but commy thugs for leaders .Stay away from America ,we do not need you.

  2. Thank you for doing this. I think it adds weight to the fact that it isn't the people so much as the governments of nations who are committing the evil we see everywhere. As in the movie "V" – people should not fear their governments, but it is the governments who should fear their people.

  3. To think that our young population, especially in our universities in the West, think that Communism (radical socialism) is great, because those like the Rockefeller family and their professors said so, makes those who remember it shake their head. What do those professors and elitists say? "Well, that's not real Communism." What does this say about the West's universities and elite class? If you are in university, you are being lied to. Since the aristocracy lost its slave grip, starting with the Reformation, the elite class have been striving to bring it back. Communism is nothing but rebranded feudalism (slavery) by tyrants.

  4. communism kills. In America we are seeing a communist revolution. They will never pull it off as one side can not determine what gender they are and the other has billions of bullets. There may end up being much blood shed in order to stop it. "Communism is judaism"… Rabbi Tim Wise.

  5. THIS is what they want for America!!!! We stand against their tyranny!!! Get out and vote in November or this is America's fate!!!!

  6. wow! we are so fortunate to be on this side of the planet. thanks for sharing Gina and bringing truth once again. cheers NZ

  7. I have visited China for work. they are liars, hypocrites and do not have a word or ethics at all. Every american should go to learn to appreciate the freedom that we have.

  8. Gina Shakespeare, the most talented journalist in media today , ranks right up there with Sarah Carter, Liz Crokin, Michelle Malakin, head and shoulders above anyone on mainstream media.

  9. Nice work Gina. It's all you this time. Nice transitions.

    We are all living through a major transition in human history. China goes full Orwell; we "Opt In" – Is the destination the same?

  10. Beautifully done. Thanks for sharing this courageous man's story and bringing these issues to light. Is there anything we can do to help?

  11. I am here because I saw you on China Uncensored, Gina, keep up your great work! You are beautiful, elegant, articulate, smart, and speak with a mysterious and intriguing accent, I believe you are an angel sent by god.

  12. One has to wonder what goes on through the twisted minds of the Chinese leaders. How immature and stupid must they be to even care about a group of meditators? How's that even political? They aren't even worshiping some god to my knowledge, so you could say the party feels people aren't bowing to them instead. Simply ridiculous… the CCP are people with diseased minds.

  13. The Communist idea of equality seems to be that we're all to become red bricks in a perfectly aligned wall. All equally red, all equally brick like. Be a black brick, be a red stone, and you'll be treated like how people wearing glasses were treated in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge, imprisoned and/or executed.

    That means anti-nationality, anti-religion, anti anything that is individualistic in anyway whatsoever.

  14. Human rights campaigners say that China continues to target activists and their family members with harassment, imprisonment and torture.
    The government has frequently imprisoned people who have spoken about politically sensitive topics. In July, there was a crackdown on lawyers who worked on cases involving free speech and abuses of power. Amnesty International says that 245 lawyers and activists have been targeted since July. One of the best known, Li Heping, is still missing.Thanks for your wonderful programme Gina !


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