Meghan Trainor Sings John Legend, Fifth Harmony, and JLo in a Game of Song Association | ELLE

♪ Dear Future Husband, ♪ ♪ Here’s a few things that
you should know if… ♪ He’s right here doing my time. He’s so cute. You’re the timer. Hey everyone my name is Meghan Trainor, and I’m here to play a game
of Song Association with ELLE. The game is pretty simple. Kind of. I get a word and I have to put
it in a song in 10 seconds. Yeah. Okay. I’m ready. (whopping) Done. Me. (timer ticks) ♪ I give you all of me ♪ John Legend. My boy. Always. (timer ticks) ♪ I’m not always there when you call ♪ ♪ But I’m always on time ♪ Oh, I love that song. Work. Oh. ♪ You ain’t gotta go to work ♪ ♪ Work, work, work, work, work, work ♪ ♪ But you gotta put in work ♪ ♪ Work, work ♪ Fifth Harmony. Love. You got the timer. Yes. ♪ Love is all that I can give to you ♪ L-O-V-E. Good. (timer ticks) ♪ That tonight’s gonna be a good night ♪ Black Eyed Peas. ♪ Oo hoo ♪ Day. My God. ♪ It’s a perfect day ♪ ♪ Nothing’s standing in my way ♪ ♪ It’s a perfect day ♪ Yeah. Night. Hit it. Yeah. ♪ All night long ♪ ♪ All night (whoo) ♪ ♪ All night long ♪ Yes. Sang it at the Grammy’s. Lips. I don’t know any song except mine. ♪ Your lips are moving ♪ ♪ Your lips are moving ♪ ♪ Then you lie, lie, lie, babe ♪ Dear. You guys got me. ♪ Dear Future Husband, ♪ ♪ Here’s a few thing
you need to know if… ♪ He’s right here. Doing my time. He’s so cute. You’re the timer. Okay, next please. Candy. Easy. Aaron Carter version. ♪ I want candy ♪ (mimics tune) ♪ I want candy ♪ Ooh, I made it country. ♪ Want candy ♪ Sweet. ♪ Sweet Caroline. ♪ (mimics tune) Let’s go, Sox! Clap. ♪ Everybody clap yo hands ♪ (claps) That was a good one. Dance. (timer ticks) J Lo. ♪ Dance the night away ♪ ♪ Live your life and
stay young on the floor ♪ ♪ Tonight we gon’ be… ♪ Yes, J Lo. My favorite song. Next word is yass. It’s yes. (timer ticks) ♪ Just say “yes” ♪ ♪ You’ll be my firefly ♪ ♪ Take everything or nothing at all ♪ Right? We like that one. No. ♪ Nah to the ah to the, no, no, no ♪ ♪ My name is no ♪ ♪ My sign is no ♪ ♪ My number is no ♪ ♪ You need to let it go ♪ Okay. That was it. I think I crushed it. Yeah. Did I practice for this? No. I’m a natural. Thank you so much for watching. Hit that like button, subscribe. Also check out my love you beats. Coming out. Friday the eighth. It’s probably out by now. I love you all. Thank you, ELLE.

  1. When she started singing HOKU I Was like YES GIRL!!!!!!!! Taken it back!!! Love that song "Perfect Day" (for the Legally Blonde soundtrack)

  2. she has a great marketing team but no talent. She on the 4 talking about people flat and dem anuh prof yet sound better dan har.

  3. Every time they say “candy” I am waiting for them to sing “cuz she thinks she is made is candy hey ho here she goes” you know what song I mean?

  4. Taylor swift- me
    Fifth harmony – work for home
    Mika tiny love
    Good you you selena gomez
    Lip and hip
    Dear jealousy mika
    Candy candy
    Sweet dreams
    Boum clap
    Yes & no
    Happy ending

  5. her voice sound just like aris or the other way around and the way they behave is also similar . I love both of them ! ❤️

  6. My guesses:

    1. "ME!" Taylor Swift
    2. Idk
    3. "Work From Home" Fifth Harmony
    4. "In The Name Of Love" someone
    5. "Good As Hell" Lizzo
    6. IdK
    7. "Let's Dance The Night Away" TWICE
    8. eVeerYtimR wE TouCh
    9. "Dear Future Husband" Meghan Trainor
    10. oop
    11. i-
    12. "Cha Cha Slide" DJ Casper
    13. "Dance The Night Away" TWICE again
    14. e
    15. "Yes Or Yes" TWICE

  7. I doubt anyone will see this since this video is old but what is “perfect day” from. It’s been driving me insane. It was like a theme song from a show or something

  8. Meghan's so joyful and lovely and UNDERRATED. also she's married to a spy kid and they're literally the cutest couple😘

  9. She is the fastest at this lol, love these videos love seeing how differently everyone’s brains works, & what their brain goes to first… I think she could come up with 3 songs per word in ten secs.

  10. Me: me taylor swift
    Always: always on my heart tevin campbell
    Work: work rihanna
    Love: love me justin bieber
    Good: got me good cody simpson
    Day: night and day frank sinatra
    Night: i dont want this night to end billy currington
    Lips: a lovely night brandy in cinderella
    Dear: dear john taylor swift
    Sweet: sweet home Alabama
    Clap: the cha cha slide
    Dance: first dance justin bieber
    Yes: yes dirty dancing
    No: im going down mary j blige

  11. She is such an amazing person and singer. She is the type of person that could make someone smile by just saying hi!

  12. "Dance"
    My brother: SHUT THE FUCK UP
    Me:*pulls Uno reverse card* no you hoe!

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