Meghan McCain LOSES her mind as Audience cheers Socialism: ‘This Makes my Head Explode’

Acacio Cortez and she's one of the reasons that what is now being called Democratic socialists or rising stars in the party but I'm a little concerned about that because is my problem with Bernie Sanders if you're a socialist tell me that don't say that you're a Democrat because you clearly don't we don't have the same ideas of what should be happening if you were a Democrat so I I wonder if this is now a splinter group if anybody's discussed the difference between socialism and democratic I think I don't know it more like isn't democratic socialism very close to liberalism I mean no I don't think about it for a second Medicare Social Security garbage collection the post office show and I asked her this question about what do you mean by being a Democratic Socialist do you think that the future of the Democratic Party is socialism well first of all there's a huge difference between socialism and democratic socialism democratic socialism and really what what that boils down to me is the basic belief that I believe that in a moral and and wealthy America in a moral and modern America no person should be too poor to live in this that's what I believe and so I I fit I can understand that there may be some divisions you know I don't think people wake up in the morning and say I'm a capitalist you know and so it's funny that when I win this is the word that's always so thrown battle trumpets and she went over her platform she says medicare-for-all good fully funded public schools and university love it paid family and sick leaves justice system reform immigration justice infrastructure overhaul clean campaign finance and economy of peace housing as a human right well I hope Democrats do run a democratic socialism we win doing because I think you lose spectacularly and then I will look forward to election night when I finally get to tell everybody I told you so if you end up running a radical problem with socialism in the words of Margaret Thatcher at a certain point you run out of spending other people's money Venezuela one of richest countries in the world in the 70s now the average Venezuelan has lost 24 pounds because they're starving to death 90 percent I think country – man in a van she's talking more about Scandinavia than Venezuela but I'm sorry I need this is what I need from her name one country the socialism has ever worked and also as read every democratic socialist copan is going on TV saying that it's good needs we start paying 90% intact Iceland honored [Applause] on your tax form I think you should start paying the amount of taxes that every socialist in this country thinks you need to because if you think the government is so good at spending money look at the VA I'm just telling you every country without god bless you everybody stop talking over each other I want the population return to the ground people can be related in any way comparable to the United States of America I'm sorry good then you need to be paying the amount of so you're saying you run out of people's money tell other people's money Margaret Thatcher I can say that they have just given this enormous tax break to the very very wealthy in this country that that tax break doesn't have to be so generous to those really rich people does it because if you don't give that money to them what happens to that money better schools I bet a post-office sorry d.a I'm sorry comparing the small country in Europe can I visit originally and I'm sorry some of us do not want socialism to be normalized and it's not exactly you

  1. Megan is right. Socialism doesn't work, it's never worked. It's incredibly nieve to think the government could have that much power and corruption wouldn't be a problem. I certainly don't have all the answers, but I do know enough to know that if something hasn't worked in the past you don't repeat it.

  2. Socialism is not good people no matter how good someone makes it sound 🤔 this is honestly frightening , wake up people. I honestly can not believe what I am listening to. Crazy, just CRAZY.

  3. Meghan doesn’t add anything of substance to the conversation. Abbey and her continues to use Republican/ Fox News talking points! I don’t watch this show anymore. Ana, Sunny Whoopi and Joy are informed. Meghan is rude and is very insensitive yet she’s a very angry person because #45 has tormented her family with insults about John that she afraid to clap back she resent the very ones who have empathy for her

  4. Megan McCain does Prager u style..she says more lies in 5 minutes and it would take 20 minutes to fact check

  5. Mr McCain aka Megs husband .. you need to fuck your girl right. …she's too angry homie. Send her my way I'll give her this soul pole…I def know what to do with it

  6. Meghan does know that Margaret Thatcher is strongly hated in Britain because of her ideologies on socialism.

    Her own party removed her and distance themselves from her because she was so strongly hated by the common people. for taking away their rights. Many of the rights that "socialist democrats" are talking about implementing.

    she is still so strongly hatred by the british that they made a movie about her drawn out debilitating death, while she was actually still alive and reasonably well. She not someone you want to quote when talking about socialism.

  7. Megan McCain is the fat sloopy whore daughter of a died traitor who betrayed his country countless times. Why is this marshmallow looking whore talking politics? She should be on knees in a mens room somewhere in Iraq servicing ISIS like her piece of shit daddy. John always had a cheek full of ISIS baby juice. I can remember countless times when he and his bitch Lindsay Graham would put on their knee pads and swallow eachothers babies. If Marshmallow Megan really wants to serve america she should start in the men's room of a local Citco gas station. All the hoe needs is red white and blue knee pads and a matching spit cup. Remember Megan, a good hoe spits, never swallows.🤡

  8. You know what? I like having Meghan around so we can see these riveting discussions. I love the different opinions.
    I DON'T agree with her AT ALL. I'm just saying I like that they don't think all the same

  9. People seem to think that taxing the rich is how you pay for everything! Lmao nope. You over tax the rich and they leave with there money and jobs then they tax the upper middle class and they go broke and then the low middle class then the every day worker making 35000 a year! Then you have a Venezuela on you're hands! The promise of this "free" utopian life is a great lip service that's given to make you march yourself into authoritarian dictatorships or Communism. and it's crazy that this has happened over and over and over again and people still don't get it.look up the definition of insanity!


    Democracy has ruined generations after generations bc of it corrupt 'power' speeches, Republicans are obv still trying 2keep itself richer&more powerful, Liberals are way too Off-the-Grid(politically speaking) Off the Spectrum and are considered eccentrics..where is this happy medium, that we are all seeking? There should be a new section of voting, called 'humanists', which are all about being a human being ..getting your basic needs met, as long as you are contributing, also, as long as you are able-bodied to do so, and definitely not 2 be confused w/ liberals &are * FOR* the People, by the people, so our country doesn't step on these standards,morals & principles, whereas, we all contribute to society / the community.. and we all find an 'even-keel' where everybody wins and if you're rich, you should absolutely be giving to the poor, and when you are poor which ironically(you are 25x more financially giving, due to understanding of hard times <as they say, 'we are all 2paychecks away from homelessness'>).. And the middle-upper class, upper class, 'rich'& 'ultra-rich'& elite , etc, which are over 85% less likely to contribute financially( IF THERE'S NO TAX BREAK FROM 'DONATING', ETC) / & CERTAINLY NOT utilizing own time/energy& 160%less likely to help those in poverty, as they don't like to be 'associated' w/ or 'seen' in these communities, they also typically view poverty-stricken& even lower-middle class societies as 'uneducated'&'unmotivated'..#THINK

  11. meghan wakes up every morning & says i am john mccains daughter- I am meghan mccain, i am meghan mccain, I AM MEGHAN MCCAINnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

  12. I live in a country where both,socialism and conservativism co-exist in parliament,they hate each others policies,but try take a bi-partisan approach on some things. Such as Health,public housing,and education. Socialism is not Communism. And Megan McCain misquoted Winston Churchill who quoted that,🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  13. That's what right-wing Republican do like Meghan McCain, start talking loud when they know they are losing a point.🙄

  14. Ms. McCain is freaking out over measures which have become STANDARD PRACTICE in wealthy
    Western countries————countries where the economic foundation is capitalistic and market-driven.
    Call them 'mixed economies' if you will: both economic and political competition have been preserved.
    Sometimes these systems developed through political compromise. But in some countries 'Christian
    democracy', rather than socialism, was the dominant ideology supporting reform.

    Surely this is a worthy ideal for people and governments to follow, RATHER THAN dog-eat-dog capitalism:
    (Micah 6:8) 'He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you, but to do justice,
    to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?'

    Dog-eat-dog capitalism, undisciplined by the State, results in abuse of the poor and neglect of the
    public interest. Also the Word says to the careless rich:

    (James 5:) 'You have lived luxuriously on the earth and led a life of wanton pleasure; you have
    fattened your hearts in a day of slaughter.'

    That being said, the 'democratic socialism' of Sanders, AOC, and others like-minded will FAIL.
    If they hope to execute their grand plans without consulting the God of the universe, Who made
    mankind and knows its needs, they will be working at cross-purposes with Him. That is never
    a favorable position.

    (1st Timothy 2:5) 'For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men,
    the man Christ Jesus.'

  15. Joy is wrong, Sweden and Denmark are not socialist countries! Margaret Thatcher was the great PM in UK history and she was against Socialism

  16. Wrong Whoopie. WRONG. Democratic Socialists are the old Democratic Pary. Shut up Belulah McCain! You're talking stupid. READ!

  17. You can tell when McCain is losing an argument, she gets loud and starts blabbing on and on without really saying anything new. This is just like Trumps' "Excuse me, Exvuse me." I can't stand these type of people. And what does she mean, "spending other people's money." This is our damn money. All of us who pay freaking taxes, and I know I've paid more than my share.

  18. Meghan's view are evil. I wish the same for as she wishes for all poor people struggling for survival. Apparently, she has never had to struggle. Like she said, she is ' John McCain' daughter.

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