Meet The Millennial That’s Disrupting Sneakerhead Culture

I’ve always been kind of
a doodler and a drawer. Two years ago when I
was working at an agency in the city, I made my
CEO a pair of sneakers. It kind of grew from there. I always was this female
thinker and creator in this male space that I said to myself, why can’t the two be together? Being connected on Instagram and online has enhanced my work, my visibility, and it’s enhanced my
ability to collaborate. The questionnaire really
simplifies the way that I design. It’s essentially things I
would naturally ask a friend of mine if I were
designing their sneakers. When I start drawing
on a sneaker, I like to incorporate the curves
into my work rather than trying to fit in a certain
design within a certain space. What I love about art, and about the sneaker world in general,
is that it’s colorful, it’s energetic, it has to do with sport, but it also has to do with aesthetics. But I think that people
really remember my work because they see this unique hybrid, and it resonates with a lot of people. Taking small steps toward your
goals can have a huge impact. Taking little steps to
where you want to go is way better than not trying at all.

  1. Not the first or the last person to do this people have been doing this since forever and alot of "sneakerheads" actually like collecting artist's like this work. It's not disrupting anything and never really has. But good for her.

  2. I like sneakers
    But I keep my shoes clean
    Me: I see I have bad shoes


  3. Whenever you need to look groundbreaking creative in a world where everything is the same, do the same all over and again and say it is the most innovative thing ever done, the new paradigm, the new best thing.

    Regular people don't have any criteria, they just wanna hear others talking and talking about how wonderful their new inventions are

  4. Relax guys, you know these things get to white people later. White people get the swag memo the same way some African countries are now listening to Candy Shop by 50 cent ft. Olivia…

  5. if we go back 2 the 80s we can see punky brester doing the exact thing and many other 70s and 80s sitcoms and people doing that exat thing me and my friends use to do that in the 80s it's not new we did that all the time back in the day smh

  6. I don’t like the patterns and everything. Her art ain’t good and she doesn’t understand the sneaker world. Many YouTubers customize and hydro dip shoes and they’re simple but dope. This is a attention seeker for some hot shit.

  7. I used to do this at school…the shoes would be good for pre teen girls but theyre not really something you'd wear as an adult.. in my opinion.

  8. guy draws on shoes: crickets

    girl draws on shoes: Meet The Millennial That’s Disrupting Sneakerhead Culture

  9. "…this female thinker and creator in this male space…"
    Ah… so she's one of those people…

    Edit: 0:21
    Whitest thing I've ever heard.

  10. I want to dislike the vid but the likes were at 419 so you know I had to do it. And is she is acting like she stumbled onto something great?

  11. Not gonna day anything mean about this, but if you’re actually looking for shoe in design. Hit up SERANA ADWEH

  12. She actually probably a Gen X'er.

    1964 – 1978 are Generation X'ers
    1979 – 1995 are Millenials or Gen Y
    1996 – ~2011* are Gen Z
    ~2011 – ~2027* are unknown

    * based off of the average of how long each generation lasts. Generations last anywhere from 12 to 17 years.

  13. I have been doing this for ages to I am not that good, I like wearing the same shoe but different colours, and drawing on shoes

  14. People have been doing this for sooooo long. My mom was doing this when she was a teenager in the 80s, so this is nothing new!

  15. It's beautiful this is nice art is something important like music well done on you and I hope you are good luck for making more good wish

  16. No offense to her but drawing on your shoes is not a “male space” 😂 people have been doing it for years

  17. THIS VIDEO IS TRASH!!! She is not special people have been drawing or writing on their sneakers before she was born lol. And their are actual well known sneaker customizers that do a wayyyy better job. She is disrupting nothing. she does not even seem like a sneakerhead….look at her fit smh.

  18. im sorry no offense but drawing on your sneakers is not unique or "disruptive to sneaker head culture" people have been doing that forever

  19. @insider wtf is this video.. 3rd grade drawings… there are a lot other people who are more skilled then this by far…

  20. I did that in elementary school, those doodles aren't any better than the shit me and my friends drew on our shoes

  21. Hopefully their water proof, also, she not the first to do this, also, I do this all the time, and so do many others lol.

  22. Oh my god, how did she come up with this idea 🤯… good for her but ,super dislike for the title..
    I am doing some shit like that
    Insta @359kickz

  23. Drawing on a shoe is just mind bogglingly earth shattering, sneakers will never be the same and now girls have a space to be creative for once, astonishing.

  24. "millennial"…"disrupting"…. ?
    That immediately set off the bullshit detector. Then i heard her ridiculous pretentious schtick.
    She is drawing on sneakers with markers,….GAME CHANGER! Eyeroll. Lots of kids do this and I don't think her little
    Etsy hobby is making Nike feel "disrupted".

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