Medieval Communist Death Cult | The Life & Times of Jan van Leiden

so yon van Leyden has a lot of the hallmarks of your arc typical communist tyrant abolition of private property jack cult of personality check strict censorship of dissent Jack but then hold on you say where's the constant push for industrialization and is he basing this in Christianity wait is this the Holy Roman Empire is capitalism even a thing yet what year is it this video is part of a 19 channel collaboration called project revolution more on that at the end the year is 1517 Martin Luther just wrote his famous document I think a few things in the church should probably be fixed hoping to spark some scholarly debate and accidentally lit Europe on fire for two centuries a few years later in 1524 some peasants well actually a lot of peasants said yeah maybe we shouldn't be following the authority of the Pope well in fact we're all brothers and sisters in Christ maybe we should push for greater equality no that is not what in fact maybe it's high time we got control over our working conditions I swear to god I'm not with them while this is going on a man named Mel Corps was travelling around Europe preaching at least when he wasn't snatching similar roles based on his studies he'd concluded that the end of the world was coming in 1533 and that Strasbourg would be the seat of the New Jerusalem spoilers but 1533 came and went and nothing but luckily Yann and his friend Yann Matthias came forward and said no wait Judgment Day is next year but it'll be in Munster and if God doesn't end the world by then than by God we'll do it ourselves yawn and yawn then find their way to Munster where they meet with this guy who's recently turned it into a Lutheran City and they ask him you want to turn this book up to 11 and he does he sends out flyers across the HRE saying God has spoken to yon Matthias come to Munster and we'll give you free stuff so religious converts and peasants come flocking in nervous catholics start to leave these three now control the Town Council they then destroy everything that might get in the way of true devotion and start burning books and smashing relics and making money illegal and we're going to exterminate the non-believers we are going to banish the non-believers and then later we'll start exterminating but if you convert now you can keep your stuff at least until we get this communism thing worked out so they kick out a bunch of the Catholics the prince-bishop who unsurprisingly was Catholic wants to get his town back and all the nearby cities do not want this rebellion spreading so he lays siege to his own town now a lot of the people in Munster are super excited about this whole communism thing and being God's chosen people and whatnot but not everybody's loving being under sea so Mathias tells you on to execute the first guy who complains sorry Oh God why would you aim for the shoulder blade sorry sorry I'll just how are you still alive whoa hey we have a whole judicial system here this guy did not go through a proper trial I changed my mind you're the captain now you're the captain now but Mathias his reign of terror was short-lived because one day he had a vision and on Easter Sunday he told the people God has spoken to me again and I have a plan God of David give me strength to overcome my foes is is he coming to parlay god of shadrach protect me from harm I think I think he wants to fight God of Joshua tear down the walls of all fear not citizens for God has spoken to me and he said that I should be in charge now and hook up with Mathias his wife the next thing he does is run around naked claiming he has a new revelation that the entire council should be replaced with people God has chosen and together they write a bunch of new laws that say basically everything is punishable by death and only a pardon from yon can save you the one crime that he eventually dialed back on was adultery perhaps because he'd been caught in bed with a chambermaid most autocrats would probably stop there but not Ben Lydon he not only legalized polygamy he made it mandatory orders direct from God it took some time for the highly conservative ultra religious people of Munster to get used to that one but God seemed to be on their side the Prince bishops first attempt to break the siege was drunken and disorderly and his second was washed out in a sudden storm but when God spoke to a local blacksmith to tell him that yawn should be crowned the new David and eat the good food while the rest of the city was munching on boiled shoelaces people started getting a bit suspicious so Yan tells them fear not for God has spoken to me and he will deliver us from this siege before Easter I meant spiritually he will deliver us spiritually probably by death finally one of Yuans apostles comes out and says God has spoken to me and he wants us to surrender eventually a group of the prince-bishop soldiers sneak in and begin to negotiate with yan but then the rest of the army storms the front gate and finally manages to overcome the starving peasants inside and they kill basically everybody except for yan and a couple of his friends who are torn apart with hot irons and once they were done they threw their bodies in cages and hung them from the church steeple where they remain to this day the cages not the bodies but still so much for taking over the world with an apocalyptic communist death cult since collaborations seem to be the only thing that get me to upload on schedule why don't you support the good folks who brought you this video by watching the project revolution playlist don't know where to start why not soliloquies video on how William and Mary took over England or Brandon F's video and how soldiers went from being the scum of the earth to virtuous heroes and if you want more from me just hit subscribe and be prepared to wait so long

  1. With how imposing Leiden 's religious leadership was, you could call him… a PROPHET OF DOOM!

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