Medicare-for-All: Another way for the left to control your life

[Jimmy Barrett] Well, we’re not fans of socialized
medicine around here, that’s for sure. 7:18 here on Houston’s Morning News, News
Radio 740 KTRH. Democratic candidates are talking about Medicare-for-All. Of course,
when I imagine Medicare-for-All I imagine system not that much different
from the VA, and I know the VA does the best it can, but it is overwhelmed with
the amount of veterans they have to take care of. Imagine that kind of a system,
trying to take care of all Americans. Joining us to talk about it, Robert Charles,
Association of Mature American Citizens – think AARP for the conservative bent. Former
Assistant Secretary of State for President George W Bush. I don’t know any
country where you get great customer service and get seen quickly and get
your problem taking care of by socialized medicine, do you? [Robert Charles] Absolutely
not, and it’s a pleasure to join you. You know, sometimes we just let common sense
get away from us and I think the media tends to encourage us to do that.
The two Medicare-for-All Bills that are really under discussion – and
they’re both being championed by these Democratic candidates – are just really
the antithesis of common-sense. One is a bill that was introduced in the Senate
by Bernie Sanders and the other was introduced in the House by
Representative Primula from Washington, and, you know, if you read these bills, and
any American can read them, you come away in shock, because these bills – forget
the cost for just a moment. Even what they intend to do truly upends the entire
American medical system, which is about 20% of our economy. They throw 180
million Americans off their health care plans and they say – and I’m reading from
the bill right here – it shall be unlawful for a private health care insurer to
sell health insurance coverage. Bottom line is, it makes illegal the private
sectors advances, the private sectors ability, and your personal doctor. The
other things it does, and I can happily run through them with you, but they’re
just extraordinary. And then, of course, you have this overwhelming cost. It’s
like Soviet-style medicine being purchased and making everything else
illegal for the cost of 32 trillion dollars, which is, by the way, more than
one and a half times America’s gross domestic product in a single year. [Shara Fryer] Well,
it’s not about health care at all, is it? [Robert] No, it’s
about control over your life, and it is about – same thing as some of these
other proposals – they’ve got the New Green Deal where we will
spend more than 30 trillion dollars so that we can change the weather for you.
It’s about centralized government, and that is of course what socialism has
always been about, and socialism migrates rapidly to communism and anarchy if you
look at places like Venezuela. But totalitarian control is something that
creeps up on a population. And we all think, well, you know, we live in America.
We’re never going to have that happen. Democracy is a delicate thing and you
have people actually advocating right now, ranging broadly, from this Omar and
Talib and AOC character, to these presidential candidates – including
Elizabeth Warren – for things that are utterly and completely anti-american.
They are the idea of centralizing power and giving up your liberty so that
the government can give you a freebie. And I’ll just note that this particular
idea has to be, yeah, I’m always proud of Americans in the heartland who
say, no no no no no, that makes no sense. This idea has only 20%
support from even the Democrats. So, yeah, it makes you think, how far off can we
get? [Jimmy] Well, even with the 20% support – I mean, the likelihood of a major candidate
from that party running for president who believes and socialism and many
of the tenets of socialism, it’s relatively high, don’t you think? [Robert] Yeah, no,
you’re right. And we God knows he’s got his troubles. I mean, I think the irony
here, is that, you know, if the first people become untethered from the warf,
they drift away real fast. And this entire group of Democrats have been
encouraged – I guess they’ve been encouraging each other – to essentially
forget about the needs, the wants, the desires, the liberty-loving elements of
the average American. And instead they are encouraging one another to offer
more and more things for free. You know, if it isn’t going to be the weather and
health care, which would be a disaster by the way. the other provisions to
this bill would just would turn your stomach. But they make doctors testify
against each other, kind of in the Orwellian way that, you know – go around
and see if you can’t find somebody who’s providing private care and then you’ll
get extra benefits and we’ll throw that person, you know, we’ll penalize that
person. It’s an extraordinary series of provisions in this bill
which really make no sense in the sense that you could never make it
workable. But it’s still – the very fact that they would entertain the idea is
what I think would sicken the average person, and I guess, I think
they’ve been encouraged by the media. I mean mainstream media, it doesn’t take
time to do what we’re doing today and explain the bill and talk about the
fact that this will never work. It would undermine everything we believe
in. [Jimmy] Just proposing it’s scary enough. [Shara] And on this 30th anniversary of the Berlin
Wall coming down. [Jimmy] Yeah. We’ll have to see if we can get you on our afternoon show so we can
go over further details here and explain the whole thing to folks. Robert, thank you so
much. Robert Charles, Association of Mature American Citizens, here on news radio 740

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