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be the change that you wish to see in this world the great world leader Mahatma Gandhi said that many years ago and I have really tried to live my life like that I also love the theme of this year's TEDx Youngstown breaking boundaries and when I think of breaking boundaries I think of my parents who are joining us here this afternoon they broke boundaries by coming to Youngstown Ohio from the country of the Philippines to find a better life and this is where I was born and grew up went to carnal Mooney High School Youngstown State University NiO med for medical school and now I'm a family physician in Salem Ohio I just love this community the hard-working community of Youngstown Ohio and when I reflect upon breaking boundaries on myself I had to think a little bit but I'm a physician who is an early adopter of using social media and the internet and talking about medicine and I've been teaching social media literacy to physicians all across this great nation I've been speaking all across the country from Alaska to California from Maine to Florida and everywhere in between and I tell them a lot of things but the main thing I tell them is this and I'm quoting my good friend dr. Brian Baird obedient who works at Texas Children's Hospital and he's a physician social media leader he says this he says physicians have an obligation to share what they know on social media it's pretty powerful statement because if we don't bad things happen let me give an example the year is 1998 and four things happen that year one I was married my wife is with us this afternoon we met here at Youngstown State secondly I graduated medical school third an interesting study came out that year written by a guy named Andrew Wakefield now you may not know the name but you definitely know what he said in this study he said vaccines cause autism and that changed things forever now to let you know that study has been debunked and that gentleman has been discredited vaccines do not cause autism but still this week in my office I am having that conversation with parents of my patients why is that the fourth thing that happened in 1998 was the founding of a small company you may have heard of it called Google and even today if you google vaccines and autism you see all this anti vaccine propaganda and medicine really missed the boat on that and you can see complications of that in the news this very week the happiest place on earth Disneyland in California has an outbreak of the measles one of the MS in the MMR vaccine so people ask me what why do you why do you do what you do on the Internet why on social media what a one reason is like to correct some of that misinformation that's out there a lot of the leaders who are physicians in social media started their careers because of that study and what happened after that the other thing that really I'm really passionate about is my specialty family medicine I love taking care of patients I had loved taking care of infants and children yes many family doctors do that I love taking care of older people especially as they get towards the end of their life meaning hospice care a lot of family doctors do that did you know that I love taking care of patients with diabetes and high blood pressure and other medical problems you don't necessarily need to see ten different specialists you can just see me I think every American deserves the care of a primary care physician a family physician but I admit that our specialty has not done a great job of telling all of you who we are and what we do but that's gonna change if you get your phones out maybe not now maybe later if you go to health is primary dot-org and that will show you what some of my friends in family medicine are doing to help let people know what we do I can tell you we take better care of patients we give better health to Americans and we do it at a reduced cost that's called the Triple Aim of health care if you increase the amount of primary care physicians and family physicians in a community studies have shown that you will decrease the amount of deaths for cancer for heart disease stroke in those areas those urban areas and in those rural areas that increase the number of primary care providers in that area they have shown a decrease in infant mortality an increase in birth weights and immunization rates comparable to those nationally despite their disparities US adults who have a primary care physician have a 33% reduced cost of their health care these are the things that we talk about that's why I'm passionate about primary care I'm passionate about family medicine I encourage you to join us and health is primary org but as I close up I want to challenge all of you out there in the audience we've heard it here right on the stage today what are you passionate about what are you excited about what are you upset about I challenge you to share that on digital media in social media my friends in who are social justice advocates they recognize the power of social media whether you go off to foreign lands to things like hashtag Josh we Charlie or even back in this country with recent events hashtag I can't breathe or even this very week hashtag deflategate or hashtag I won both of them or hashtag TEDx yep if you do not stand up for what you believe in who will and how will you break boundaries and how will you be the change that you see in this world my name is Mike Sevilla thank you very much

  1. Nice TED Talk, the focus of patient care should really be focused on patient education and patient communication, which can be increased by using social media and video. Thank you for sharing.

  2. You asked the audience "why" am I still having this conversation with families about autism and vaccines. You attribute it to the power of the internet and online social media. But, what about the continual rise in the incidence of autism? This is a fact, as you know. Is that not why you are still having this conversation with your patients?

  3. I just watched this video and am encouraged, inspired and challenged. This is as good today as it was in Feb. 2015. Well done Mike Sevilla.

  4. Mike – I love the quote of Dr. V that (and I paraphrase) Healthcare Professionals have a duty to share what they know on social media!

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