Meaning Of Life/Responsibility/Justice - Truth Warrior Ep. 04

hello everybody today's show we're gonna go for a little walk decided to be outdoors one of my favorite hiking paths that's close to my house you may hear some background ambient noises if you're just listening to the audio version of the show and nothing I can do about that in fact it should add somewhat of an effective talking today we're gonna open up with some thoughts and put some thoughts out there and share some concepts with you about the meaning of life we've got to establish some meaning a case for meaning and then I want to move into the concepts of self-responsibility it's a crucial element and the Warrior Ethos and in just the philosophy of life and philosophy of living in general and then also talking about some concepts of justice and all these three elements meaning personal and self responsibility and justice are all going to blend together nicely so the meaning of life here's my thoughts on there's some philosophy out there that would say that the meaning of life itself is not really fully established because there is no meaning in life there is no purpose in life life itself is the purpose and what that indicates is that when you're going about your business and you're going about with your life you have to be a participant in that you are creating that so any kind of purpose and any kind of meaning is not just something that comes with the package you have to take steps in your life to create that you're creating your life so if your there are people out there that might say well life is meaningless and there is no real point to life and in that mode of thinking you're then in a position where you can deny any kind of reason or purpose behind having ethics ethical boundaries a code of morality having empathy these kind of things aren't really that necessary if you subscribe to the world view that life is meaningless and some people might say it's actually harder to believe that life is meaningless because it's pretty harsh view of reality and you know it's a rather depressing view we've kind of get the feeling of it everything's pointless so that's a hard view to take well I would suggest that it's the contrary it's actually easier to accept that life itself is meaningless that there's no point to life we're just here like a bunch of otamatone is just organic matter with a highly evolved brain just living out our existence and then you know life's a bitch and then you die right there's no meaning there's no purpose to any of this we're just here we live we die that's it right there's no self responsibility present in that worldview there's no need to have responsibility I think it's infinitely harder to accept that life has meaning because if you were to say the life has a meaning well now everything you do and say has meaning and purpose which means that you better watch what you do and you better watch what you say you better live a meaningful life and that requires work that requires personal development it requires changing your outlook on life it requires having balance thinking you know balance thinking where you're not going overly negative to the point where you're a nihilist and you're manically depressed and on the other hand you're not going overly into look at the positive all the time it's all positive my god negative things happen we can't just look at the positive all the time you got to look at the whole store you gotta look at truth truth is what lies in the middle you know why that's saying exists in my opinion we spoke last show about having two hemispheres of the brain right you got a left hemisphere or right hemisphere of the brain and in all of nature there's the concept of duality masculine feminine and all these different dualistic principles good and evil light and dark etc right truth is the balancing of the scales and that's going to bring us to the idea of justice here so I'm just kind of lost I think this is the turn okay hope I survive this video and so when you are looking for meaning and purpose what you're really looking is to find out the truth about you and the world around you right so you have to balance the scales you have to balance the logical side of the brain that's able to you know ensure your survival in the world and is able to observe the the objective reality the objective world around you to observe others to know how to have basic skills for living right that's the logical side calculating rational scientific and then the right side is more intuitive and creative bigger picture and if you go to the extreme on either side you are out of the focus of your life and you're not really able to fully define your purpose as a human being or find any true meaning because you're living in an extreme so you're blinded to one of the other elements of your reality you know what I'm saying so truth is in the middle the Buddha used to say walk the middle road alright the middle road is the corpus callosum right it's the blending of the left and the right it's the blending of it the masculine and a feminine a balancing a justice sort of justice so you must perceive life logically and creatively you don't want to kill your imagination you don't wanna kill your intuition and you also don't want to kill your logic in your reason right so Crow is flying around so if we think about that as a premise for discovering the meaning of life we could say then that life the meaning of life is derived from the individual from you from your from your perception and then your thoughts and then your feelings and then your actions in the world it's the meaning that you create so life the living of your life is the purpose of life okay and then we got to get into how you're gonna live your life how is your life going how are things working out the way you wanted them to are you getting to where you want to be in life are you fulfilling your destiny so to speak well that's the aim of this show that's where my thinking is and I thought I would share it with you and it's so cool that I'm in this awesome place right now I'll just kind of panorama little for you it's just a beautiful place there's a dock got some boats water trees I love this spot and I'm very fortunate to live where I live and I think that coming out into nature is something that is somebody do daily I do it as Dale as regularly as I possibly can because it gives me perspective on Who I am where I am if I had a stressful week or a stressful day or if I started getting down on myself or if I'm going through any kind of challenge I come over here and I just feel fully rejuvenated and I find that interesting I find it interesting that you might not necessarily get that by going to walk around in a mall I mean maybe that's your personality and that would help you but for for me and for many people that I know getting out in nature is what helps you balance your your body and your mind and so this is what I wanted to do this show out here today because I'm hoping to draw some inspiration from my surroundings but anyways so I hope I hope in a way I've sort of established a case for meaning that there is meaning but you have to create it so it is perfectly legitimate point of view to have that life doesn't have any meaning that we'll see here it's perfectly legitimate to believe that you have no purpose in life if you believe that then that is what is for you that will be your life experience that will be the root and the foundation upon which all the thoughts feelings and actions and everything you do in the world and in your life is going to be drawn from that's your foundation right so as long as you're good with that and you understand that and you understand that in a way you're missing out on the opportunity to change your life to create a life that you might find meaning in and I mean I remember a time in my life where I felt like there was no purpose there was no meaning it was all just chaos it was all just you know life is happening to me but I eventually changed that point of view I changed that point of view through my experience and through understanding this philosophy and my god what is that sound some guy is going to town with some kind of a chainsaw over there and it is destroying my audio here in the show stop cutting down all the trees apologize for that guy's nothing I can do about it we're gonna continue on so that obviously leads us into personal responsibility doesn't it the one thing that we all hate the most the one thing that is the hardest thing for us to be able to experience in life or I guess to to live up to this is to live up to that idea of personal responsibility we talked about it I talked about it but I fail I shirk my personal responsibility from time to time everybody does and it's interesting that when I do and when I have I get kicked in the nuts by life after that like it just doesn't work out when I start to do that because every time you give your responsibility for your your thoughts your actions and the your thoughts your feelings in your actions when you give responsibility of that way you're giving power and we are powerful we do have power we do have a certain amount of power there are things we have power over and there are things we can change and there are things we cannot we've spoken about this before I'm sure that's blatantly obvious I'm just repeating the obvious to you here that there is power in your self responsibility and when you have the courage to and that when the competence to live up to that and to keep that as your foundation well many philosophers and thinkers of the past would tell you that that's where you will find your success that's where you will find your happiness that's where you will find the feeling of being content in life and it doesn't always mean that life is just going to be perfect for you I don't like that extreme idea that you know if you just focus on all the positive things and you just think positive all the time then positive things will happen to you I know many people who think positive every day and negative happens to them just like it happens to everybody else and negative things happen in the world negative them just take a look at the headlines you can think it's positive as you want but you can't avoid reality so being grounded in reality there's really the key to that balance and you've got to take personal responsibility for that and you've got to take personal responsibility for where you're at in life you can't just blame everybody else blame society blame the government blame the church blame your parents can't just blame everybody for this you absolutely I you absolutely have to take your piece of that responsibility if you want any semblance of happiness and purpose to actually be fulfilled for you this is all I'm thinking about it and that doesn't mean that blame isn't due in certain circumstances right like that's not to say there isn't a certain amount of blame that does go to society and all these things I mentioned doesn't mean that those entities or whatever don't also have their amount of responsibility see that's the thing about this principle is it's universal to everyone and everything if you're alive and you're breathing you are capable of great destruction or great creation right so then you the question is well which one are you gonna go with you have the choice as to which one you're gonna go with and so you have to be responsible for that and that's why in my last episode I had to establish a case for free will I had to establish that your consciousness is volitional volition meaning that you have control over your mind unless of course you let the forces the world around you control it for you and that's something that's a personal choice in the end right so this is why this is important to establish that you do have that kind of free will that free will is yours and that you can find purpose and meaning in life by exercising your free will you know what I mean by exercising it like we talked them we talked about the importance of health and exercise and you know I trained martial arts so for me exercise as a key component staying in good health thing is shape but what about exercising your mind what about exercising your reason what about exercising your freewill in the places that you do have it you know and and that's why you've got to understand the balance the law of justice the law of self responsibility and that's where you have self ownership that's where you have the ability to become self made and that then is your purpose that vent is your mission and then there's a billion trillion ways that you can become self made you could pursue some kind of art form you could pursue a business venture you could pursue a personal development process of some kind you could pursue music you could pursue writing you could pursue public speaking you could pursue sports you could pursue teaching educating children you know there's so many different ways that you can use as a vehicle to express that and to exercise that and to see that action and reaction that cause-and-effect principle at work and then you can use that as a test case for you I mean everything I'm talking to you about I'm coming at it from where I am right now you know the the philosophy that I've studied from great thinkers of course but also even my own personal experience if I just read that ok well yeah it's important that you should recognize that you have free will and you have personal responsibility for your actions and there that leads to the need for morals and ethics you know when you're engaging with other people and even engaging with nature if I didn't if I just read that and had no way of relating it to myself my own experience then it would just be empty words and just be like okay this is what that's what Plato thought great for him Wow amazing you know he lived a long time before I was even around so I can't really relate to that you know so everything I'm saying test it like test it in your life huh and you'll know by where you feel truly fulfilled truly inspired inspired is talking about spirit inspire spirit your spirited a spirited life doesn't mean you wake up every single morning I'm super motivated doesn't mean you're always just happy sunshine person it doesn't mean that it just means you're inspired you're living a life with purpose that's what it means you're in you're infused with purpose I think purpose and spirit are synonymous you know the very fact that you have this consciousness you have a volitional consciousness that you can dim down or you can brighten up through different actions and thought processes that you take or don't take you know what I mean so in that basic sense you do have the free will you do have that level of freewill and you can choose to give away your responsibility for that freewill by saying well it was that person or that experience or it's some big entity that I'm completely disconnected from or it's all of society or it's just the world itself well God why me God owes me a fair shake at life no no no no he you are put here in whatever experience and whatever circumstance and whatever set of genetics and whatever set of predispositions and whatever set of experiences that you're destined to have you're put here and it's what are you gonna do about it at the very least your purpose is to find out what that is in regardless of your background your experiences are gonna shape you or they're gonna destroy you and it's the choice that you make that's going to determine which which way you go you know what I mean so now that we've sort of talked about meaning a bit and I brought in a bit about justice and we talked about your the fact that you do have some free will you do have the ability to choose your actions personal responsibility right and that I think it's easier to live a life believing that there is no meaning because when you believe there's no meaning anything goes right it's like playing a video game you're playing like Grand Theft Auto there's no meaning in that character's life it's just a video game character that can die and then come back to life and even the people you kill they come back to life so there's no rules there's no laws there's no meaning it's just mayhem and if you have young people immersing their consciousness and not 24/7 they're gonna start to relate that with how the world works and when you see what's going on in science they're doing the same thing they're they're looking at it like and by science I mean the scientific community the the the the materialist paradigm right that essentially there is no meaning it's just all objects and material and we only know a certain amount about it and we're just a bunch of evolved Apes right so there's not really any purpose to life other than just you know get what you can out of life type of thing right that's kind of the dominating idea in in the atheistic paradigm there's no meeting there's no meaning and the reason that they're equated at is because of the fact that we now have we've created computers we've created technology we have this everywhere and so we start thinking philosophically about that that's just natural so our philosophy has become based on what we've created and what we see the most of because that's what we're influenced by what we see the most of so the philosophers of today are equating consciousness with computers and they're awaiting the universe with supercomputers and and all this kind of stuff whereas the philosophers in the ancient time before computers and all this technology they were equated it with nature and the Stars and the planets and the universe and and yeah gods and fairies and all these kinds of things as well but this was where their philosophy was born was born from a connection to and an influence from the natural environment pre computers and technology you know what I mean so you can see where the philosophies have changed and you can see why the philosophers of today are saying to discard the philosophers of the ancient past it's because times have changed but human beings haven't really changed not really I mean you could say we've been influenced in a different direction because we have access to all this technology but we haven't fundamentally changed as beings we still have a volitional consciousness we still have a mind or still have a body we still have five fingers or 10 fingers 10 toes – two of everything right two eyes two nostrils two lips two sets of teeth two ears right – left hemisphere right hemisphere but at the same time the way we think has changed because we're immersed in a completely different environment right so that begs the question what are you gonna do with your environment with the environment that is surrounding you and how much of it are you gonna let influence you because that's not to say technology isn't also an amazing thing there aren't amazing things that I mean look at what I'm doing right now right but are you gonna let it mold and shape you or are you gonna are you gonna have something that's organically yours that becomes your thought patterns like I feel like so many of our thought patterns and I know this for myself because I'm constantly debugging my mind of thought patterns that I find might be destructive to me that weren't really mine that I was influenced by we all have this this effect where we are very easily influenced that's part of our nature as human beings were very easily influenced like if you lived in Stalinist Russia you would have been chanting for that kind of genocide and that kind of leadership just like everybody else it's easy to sit back now and go oh look at those evil people where 99% of the population supported it or in Nazi Germany you know how come 99% of the population supported what was going on in the early stages and it's easy for us to remove ourselves from that and go well I would have been one of the people that would have been no that's not right but the fact is that naturally we're very easily influenced and we're very easily influenced by a lot of people doing one thing so if a lot of people do it and a lot of people say it and a lot of people think it then it's cool right that's what's considered cool that's what's considered the norm so we go with that we like that we believe in that and then we start to become that so when you become only built off of the principles of the herd let's say of the majority of people around you constantly succumbing to the opinions of other people fretting all the anxieties that you feel are most of them are based in the fact that you're concerned deeply and Nate Lee the fiber of your being is concerned about what other people perceive about you most of the of the the mental disorders that are out there are self generated completely with the added effect of the influence of the environment right so that's why I also spoke about and I speak about this I'm coming from the warrior traditions the martial arts that to be self-made isn't just to say oh I I run my own business and I'm self me I'm a self-made man I have millions of dollars in the bank or whatever that could be just a material reflection of that but being self-made is much deeper it's what I'm talking about right now in this video and in this show that to be truly unique which you are you got to see that's where you that's why I wanted to talk about meaning because if you don't believe your life has meaning then you also don't believe that you're unique you believe you're just part of the board you're just part of some organism called human beings which are a cancer and a pestilence on the planet I hear people tell me this Wow you you know and then you find out those are the kind of people that drink their faces off every night or take all kinds of psychotropic medication or addicted to all kinds of drugs or whatever or live a very unhealthy lifestyle because if you don't believe you're unique and you don't believe you have purpose then who gives a you can be a fat lazy asshole and that's life now right it's very depressing worldview but in fact it's actually any easier route to take because it is hard to create yourself it's challenging to create yourself to be something more than just what you your environment and the people around you told you that you were gonna be the best most brilliant minds in the world experienced incredible opposition from people around them every single one of them anybody that ever made something of true value to the human population or true value to our culture or to history had to go against tremendous odds and everybody talks about those tremendous odds but very rarely are they gonna say what those tremendous odds were those tremendous odds were getting past the claws of all the people around them that's what those odds were people that were pulling at your cloak the whole time you were trying to go on your journey of being an individual and creating yourself and having a life of meaning and walking on the scales of justice and living a balanced life and and and being a self-made individual that can then contribute something of great value and meaning to the rest of us and to the world to leave this world a little better than when you entered it those are the people that get dragged down not just by natural forces around them but by the people around them the people that have the world view that there is no meaning that what you're doing is pointless that there's no need for philosophy and deep thinking there's no need for it we can just go and work a job maybe you start a business and make money and trade money on the stock exchange and that's what our meaning will be that's the extent of our life or you know what would the neighbors say what will your parents say what were the cousins say what will your family think what will other people think and I'm bringing this up in this way because I'm talking about it in an extreme right like obviously there's there's a value in having there's a value in having influence around you positive influence there's a value in that there are many people in my life that have influenced me tremendously and I feel internally grateful for that influence but that doesn't mean I have to agree with everything that they're about or that I don't have to subscribe to everything that that influence influence me on I always have the choice I always have that volitional control to say well that was great maybe that I'll discard that because that just wasn't in value to me doesn't mean it was right or wrong it just it didn't really bring me any value but that did so thank you for that right so the influences around you you know you sometimes have to ask what are those influences are they good influences are they quality people you know so these are some of the big questions of life my friends and this is where my mind goes and this is where I feel like from the experiences I've gained and in my life and the reading I have done and the influences the good influences that I've had that's why I wanted to build this podcast was I wanted to build something that would contribute back and give back a little bit of old above how I became successful in my life how I became self-made and I became self-made first in my mind in my body and I had to go through tremendous resistance in order to achieve that let me tell you it was a hard road and it's still hard but it was infinitely worth it and then as an effect of that I eventually became self-made as an entrepreneur as well which I will be doing shows about and encouraging you to think about on your journey when you're ready at your time to think about moving into sustaining your life on your by your own means of production creating a means of production for yourself creating something where you can sustain your life and you can you can have more freedom more time freedom in your life to pursue your life because we give so much of our time away to other people and other things that we probably wouldn't we wouldn't do otherwise other than the fact that we need that in order to get come or whatever into our lives so that we can we can survive right so that to me is is it is one of the branches of the tree that I feel is important you know not every maybe it's not for everybody I don't want to break it all down right here but I'm just saying that I'm gonna bring up some things there are solutions out there I can explain to you what I've done to free myself from those more material things that were holding me back and and I opened up my ability to create these projects and now I get to do what I love and to to create my path my purpose and my vision and my passion and to create meaning for myself and my family and to have the experiences that I want to have in life because it's all part and parcel you know what I mean you're not just these little compartmentalized structures you are one being experiencing the world experiencing an internal world and an external world and you need to balance those forces as well right now if we move on to talking about justice as something that we have to achieve not only just in our personal lives right like I already spoke about on a personal istic level now it has to be how does justice function for society for your interactions with other people what is just what is in just how does this principle work well obviously I recommend going and reading the original thinkers on this going all the way back to many of the different philosophers from the past and every civilization has their own law of justice I touched on it briefly through the the warrior traditions where they have their moral code of ethics and justice is one in all of them justice is there but you can go back to ancient Greece and you can look at you know the ideas of Plato and Aristotle and you can you can garner some really good information on what they thought about justice Plato and Aristotle were unified on most of the points of what it cons what constitutes the principle of justice in society but they did differ on many different elements so for Plato you'd have to read Plato's Republic and get his idea as it affects politics in society and then not for Aristotle oh my god you could just read any of their onion any of Aristotle's stuff and he gets into this concept of justice but I can kind of just break down some basic ideas for you that'll hopefully help give you some value and insight on this where I mean look at our society today okay we have let me start like this this our society is made up of people right you and I are both part of what we call society it's easy to point fingers at society and say oh it's society sure but what society made up of it's made up of people ok individuals and there's really two kinds of people there are people that accept the law of justice and there are people that reject it as simple as that there are people that live their lives by that and they say I want to do good trading with people in my life I want to trade experiences I want to trade my friendship I want to trade my love I want to trade goods and services I want to trade whatever right in a sense we are all traders not traders we're the tea traders were trading and that's where the concept of of something like the free market was developed when it comes to what kind of a system would be ethical would be the most ethical system that takes human nature into account and human nature being that we are both light and shadow we all have a shadow and you would need to get into the work of people like Carl Jung and many others to understand what we mean by shadow I don't want to break it all down for you here but in a basic sense it'd be like I've spoken many times of the Battle of two wolves that comes from the Cherokee tradition where we have a wolf that is of all these value and justice courage truth honor love faith hope all that stuff right all the good components the best qualities of humanity but we also have a dark wolf we have all of us the potential for evil we all have the potential for evil that doesn't mean our nature is evil and that doesn't mean our nature is good human nature is a composite of a duality it's both right so the only way to really be ethical is to integrate the shadow is to know the shadow is to accept the shadow the dark side to accept the dark thoughts you have to accept the dark feelings that you have to accept the fact that you have committed actions that are not in alignment with the natural order actions that would hurt on other actions that breach that law of justice of equilibrium right we've all done it on either a small scale or a big scale so that means we're all capable of it and yeah there's degree there's people that have just maybe still won a couple candy bars and then there's people that go out and commit mass genocide okay so yeah there's degree but we all have we all have the ability you know my abilities not the right word we all are made up of both of those forces the light side and the dark side we have them both integrated into our being so you have potential to create anything you want and that painting can be a masterpiece or it can be a destructive force of evil in the world and there are people that you see all the time choosing the latter over the former okay and as I was saying the beginning part of this show it's it's got to be with it has to do with their worldview and they are either blatantly psychopathic okay like they're what you would call a a primary psychopath or someone that was born with a lot of wiring messed up and they are just there no matter what you do you're not going to treat them they are psychopathic that's just their nature they have come there completely as the old old Christians would have said they are born of darkness I don't look at it in a religious sense I look at it in just like a practical sense there are people that no matter what you do you're not going to change them and I'm actually a kind of person that's very optimistic when it comes to people being capable of change I've seen it many times I've seen people change and become better people so to speak right but not everybody can do that there are those small the small little subsection of society it'd be like point zero zero zero five percent or whatever I don't know what the percentage is very small but it of people who are just blatantly psychopathic and they are capable of great evil because there is no boundaries in their mind there is no moral compass whatsoever no matter what you do they could read philosophy till they're blue in the face and it wouldn't change a thing they're just empty inside completely you know so I don't know what you want to some people would say those are demonically possessed people whatever language you want to use I just use psychopathic okay then you have people who you would consider more as sociopathic people that are you know they have been molded and shaped by experiences and by forces in their life throughout their life that have eradicated all the empathy out of their being they have no empathy left for Humanity for nature for anything even for themselves I mean I think that actually in order to not have any empathy or compassion whatsoever externally to other people and to nature to the environment you first must have zero compassion empathy for yourself and you might say oh but no those kind of people are very self-serving and very satanic and all this kind of stuff well sure but what are they serving they're serving they're just serving the ego hundred percent they're serving this false construct of themselves they're a husk they're not human they cremated all of their care completely they've completely made a decision at some point in our life it I'm gonna go on a killing spree or I'm I'm gonna start doing horrible things because I hate myself so much that I'm gonna take it out on the world so it's not just that they're self-serving self what does that word meaning just this whole podcast project and even the work I do with Michael Viserion on the unsay podcast is to discover what is the self what do we mean by self there's the self that people use when they say you're selfish or your self centered or you're serving yourself or you have your own self-interest in mind and then there's if you understand what a true self is which is the totality of who you are that has empathy that has compassion that has ethics that aligns with justice that does good work in the world that is something you you know who in what you are you are actual izing yourself okay little airplane loud flying over my head there's that kind of self and then there's the self that people think of when they think of somebody that's selfish I'm not talking about that I'm not talking about that in relation to somebody that would be considered a sociopath a sociopath is a self murdered person and either they were born that way or they developed and became that and made a choice at some point in their life to become that and you can say well all the behavior all the psychologists would be like well of course you know he was beaten as a child he was raised in a war-torn country he was this and all these things that could happen sure absolutely those are horrible things those are the products those are the effects of the choices of a lot of other people okay that has produced that sociopath but they still eventually had to make a choice to go in that direction because as many stories as there are people that came from the worst conditions and worst experiences imaginable that turn into a sociopath there are as many stories of people that came from those exact same conditions and sometimes even worse that came and did great good in the world artists musicians actors philosophers preachers charities you know all kinds of things have been born from great destruction so again there's a choice that some that somewhere down the line that you make it's really a choice what is the choice that's being made here the choice is what we spoke about in the beginning does life have meaning and value or does it not is it a free-for-all or are there legitimate laws and and principles of justice that should be inherent inside your own being and in your own consciousness and should that was also be reflected in the world around you so there are because of the fact that there are these criminally minded people criminal meaning they are willing to cheat against you and against the rest of society to get what they want they're willing to stomp on somebody's face in order to get ahead they're willing to to kill even and if they're not that crazy and they're just willing to be more manipulative and more conniving and to to kind of subvert and just kind of get around and get their way without having that law of fairness and justice built into them they're willing to take advantage of other people to cheat to lie to steal whether that's physical goods or whether that's emotionally cheating and stealing from people or or psychologically or whatever right so many forms of theft because those people exist there needs to be an even stronger presence of moral virtuous strong empowered people in our society that are willing to put an end to that where they're willing to put up a shield against that that are willing to to make efforts to stop that and to make it harder for those kinds of criminals even to exist to make it hard for them to survive in the way that you would make it hard for cockroaches to survive in your kitchen any kind of parasitic force you try to make it you try to eliminate it but if you can't eliminate it which I don't think you can completely eliminate this you try to build checks and balances in your system whether it's just in your own personal life in the way you interact with people or if you want to create you know the whole social political structure that should have those checks and balances in place that make it very very difficult for criminality to survive that's how Western civilization started it started with these kinds of philosophies ladies and gentlemen even ancient Rome started with these principles but it became a twisted crazy totalitarian state it happened to all the great civilizations it's happening to America and to the West today in many cases the principle is there the principle of the logos the principle of using logic and reason and evidence the principle of having argumentation as opposed to physical violence the principle of having things like law and justice and having defenders of justice and having you know a warrior class in our society and the soldiers in the military to build something that was there to protect and preserve that that's where it started but it has moved into the twisted decayed immoral structure that it is now and that's why there's all these problems is because so what I'm saying is actually proven in the world that we live in without those principles present and without the majority of the population embodying these principles that I'm talking to you about Society eats itself the dark side of the force that exists in everybody that potential is what's achieved as opposed to the potential of the light side of the force so if you have more criminals and those criminals eventually achieved positions of incredible power and influence in your society even even rotting out the very organizations that you built to defend against that like the legal system or the political system or the financial system or whatever right if it ate it out from the inside like the way some of these termites eat out a lot of these trees you know they eat them out from the inside and eventually they're just husks just sitting there they're not the beautiful magnificent tree that they used to be and it's funny because what I'm when I'm saying that I'm kind of wondering I'm battling with this in my mind that happens in nature it happens with trees it happens with animals happens everywhere in nature is that just being magnified in the human population well I think it's I think it's always determined on it's not all just predetermined and written out like a script it's there's there's situations that arise there are choices that are made and because human beings have those choices like a tree doesn't really have choice it's stuck in the ground it just it is and those termites they're a living organism that feed off of that tree and there's really nothing that can be done about that unless you wanted to completely eradicate termites I don't know the termites actually serve a purpose so maybe they do there has to be a nature eats itself life eats life right it just it's the cycle so to make it to make sense of all of this when it comes to human affairs where we're a people we are very unique in that we do have volitional consciousness we're the only real being alive that has that level of volitional consciousness and that ability reflecting goal you know and actually you sit here and talk about it you know like so I think the rule gets applied to us a little bit differently this is another Western principle it comes out of judeo-christianity the better side of it I would say the better side of Christianity that would say was speaking about morality and inherently Christianity is very much centered around these kinds of morals obviously that's another F edifis that became decayed in a moral and bastardized its own teachings over time but that's a different story we'll do a show on that in the future I've got a lot of great information for you on those fronts but it's another reflection of what I'm talking about guys and I'm hoping this make it making sense to you is that when we see the world as we see it we are seeing in reality all the craziness although the evil is a massively bigger reflection it's the macro version of what I was telling you about how these principles affect you on the micro version on your own individual life because you can't one person can't change the entire world one person can do things to inspire change but one person cannot change the entire world around you I mean you know have you actually don't have the right to forcibly change people the totalitarians of history believed that they had the right to force people into compliance with what they perceived as the order of things and if you didn't you got shot or he killed or putting some goo leg or you were starved to death or obliterated out of existence because you didn't comply with their version of order so when we're talking about all these things the micro the micro when it comes down to you your world view of what justice is and what self responsibility is and what morality is and what purpose and meaning in life are have to correspond with the facts of reality that's where you have these philosophies like objectivism and things like that that are trying to help teach you that hey okay you're an individual you have right you have volitional consciousness you have free will but you can't just now create your own system of ethics that ends up being destructive to nature or to other human beings that's what Psychopaths and sociopaths do they create their own model of what they perceive to be moral and then they enact out on the world and we see destruction in its wake right but if you have good moral people that have a moral compass that actually does correspond with nature first and foremost and all the great philosophers believe that these principle came from nature I even told you how a lot of martial arts myselves came from nature came from animals and stuff like that right but these philosophies of being and thinking came from observing nature of the forces of nature so that was the template because that's the template that we live in that's the bigger world that we live in and we're an emanation of that we're a reflection of that nature our laws and ethics and legal systems and political systems and social relationships and all these things if they correspond to those laws then you get more abundance from your crops you get more abundance in your relationships you get more abundance in your and whatever you're doing in your life you get more opportunity you create growth you create passion you create inspiration you create life life creates more life death creates more death right so this is this is a I'm just sort of think talking this out as to where my head is at with this and I'm still trying to I'm still thinking about these things guys like I'm not trying to put any final words on any of this I hope that you perceive this podcast as a discussion as a discussion that we're having like you gonna have to agree with everything I'm saying or just adopt what I'm saying cuz I said it you have to contribute your own mind to this you have to contribute your own thinking to this and do your own reading on it you know and sometimes I read comments and stuff and I'm like what okay you didn't get it you know and other people I really am very grateful for your comments and I'm not saying I'm just I'm sometimes wondering where people maybe miss this that's why I keep emphasizing it is that I'm sharing with you my journey of thinking and I hope that you have your own independent journey of thinking on these things but I I think that it's pretty obvious the things that I'm saying and I think that these what I'm telling you you know starting from the individual level all the way up to the societal level where are we going wrong it's not just me David Whitehead saying that I'm echoing the warnings of the past of great thinkers on this subject because complexity of human life is a fascinating journey to say the least and it's something that's a great importance because look at the world we live in right now the division that's happening in the US right now and across the West in Europe and the fighting in the murder and the genocide and the horrible things that are happening all over the world and I also have to balance that out by saying as much of that evil dark that's happening there's also an a balancing force of amazing discoveries and new ways of thinking and new technologies and new new things that are showing up in the world that a nurse showed up before so it's also an amazing time that we live in so it's not just all dark and gloomy and depressing and I think people that immerse themselves in this kind of study all the time they can become very pessimistic and depressed I've seen it happen and I can understand why but you need to balance your thinking you need to know that you know we are battling the light and the dark we we have both the light and dark within each and every one of us so what do you think we're gonna see in the world only light or only dark so the utopians that want this utopian society where everything's perfect who in his in history end up becoming the worst dictators ever known and causing the most destruction ever known they start out as utopians by the way they don't start out as psychopathic totalitarian dictators why do you think so many people followed the Hitler's the Stalin's the mouths the Genghis Khan's the you know all these different people the Caesars neros why do you think so many people follow these people it's because they were utopians they started out there so taking that little note of consideration look what's happening in the political discussion in the world right now look what's happening with it you know you have the imbalance left in America and not just America it's just like let's just say the West in general has become they're just all chanting from the same song sheet it's incredible to have the extreme left and then you have the extreme right and it's like they're battling against each other and you're you're seeing extreme behavior from both sides because they're both missing the other half so they've become extreme whereas in a sane political system you do have a left and you do have a right you do have more of a you know a masculine side and a feminine side and there's to be a discussion to figure out how we balance those different concepts out you have representatives from one side or representatives from the other side this is why in school you practice debating debate clubs and all this stuff because that's how we do things here right and we have political discourse about these issues to help bring a bowl better change for everybody but because it's now become extreme and polarized and now there's this incredible fight for civilization taking place right now the average person that is not really wealth researched in these things it's just falling right into the hands of whoever controls the most media and right now whoever controls the most media comes from the extreme left most of the media organizations adhere to those ideas so that's what gets printed most of the time so that's where public opinion starts to get swayed more so to that side of the argument but then you go what's the sales pitch well the sales pitch is much stronger from the from the extreme left right now because it's selling you a concept of utopia it's saying that if we breach the law of justice and we take all the resources from people who have worked their entire lives the wealthy which when people think of the wealthy class like the 1% they think of like the Bilderberg Group and David Rockefellers the world that's not the 1% the 1% like I have like family that are part of the 1% I have friends that are part of the 1% I know people to have if you have no you know he got a couple millions of dollars you're part of the 1% okay and those people are ethical moral people the people that I know and they went out and earned their way they earned their their wealth and they do great things with that they don't just keep it all of themselves they do great things with that wealth and minute I'm also have a wealth of knowledge that would benefit people if they would only listen but those are the hardest-working most competent people that I know and they would be considered in the 1% but what the left is saying and they're selling people as well we need to it's not right that that person has all that wealth even though they earned it through fair just means there are people who are starving there are people who are poor there are people who are willing to not do those things because it's not like we don't have any opportunity here I will be sharing in future podcasts about the amount of opportunity that you do have regardless of your education regardless of your background regardless of your skill set regardless of anything if you're willing to do some work and learn and learn how to be competent and learn how to gain new skills and learn how to understand these principles you can find success for yourself in that world of the market even as twisted and corrupt as the market is and even as far away from what you would call a true free market capital system that we could have because ever as much as everybody like down with capitalism they're not even shouting down with capitalism because that's not capitalism that's not a free market that is corporatism that is unethical unfair redistribution of wealth to the 0.5% which comes more from actually leftist ideology than it does from right when it does from capitalist Western ideology and that's where the disconnect is happening in that argument but and I didn't realize I was gonna go into this big political discussion but I think it just kind of bares when we're talking about this and I'll let you think on this but the very fact that the sales pitches will take all the wealth from the people that have earned it because of course if you've earned anything you must have killed somebody must have done something evil to get it right this was Marxist view the Marxist view so take all that money steal from them and redistribute it to the people who are not willing to work who are not competent and who don't know the skills required to go and generate true wealth in any kind of sane economy you know what I mean like so you're redistributing what this is a socialist idea and socialism has been tried in many forms and it eventually leads to communism I mean you got to study your history on this one okay I don't know I'm I don't wanna sound too preachy I don't like that when people do that to me so I don't want to come across that way but like you really do have you do have to study it you have to look at all the examples and see if it corresponds of the facts of reality right because we're headed in that direction we are headed with you know from Bernie Sanders to the Clintons to the to the left here and even my own country to Oliver when you and and the Merkel's in Germany and all this kind of stuff when you see what they're actually proposing they're actually that is going to lead inevitably towards a totalitarian globalist state you just you've got to know that and they're actually not hiding that from you that's not like breaking news or anything they're actually telling you that that's where they're going and that's a good thing okay so they're breaking the law of justice which means that we have equal opportunity so yes there is elements of equality in our society sure and I don't I'm not a racist I'm not a sexist I'm not a bigot I'm not somebody that's an equal opportunity for all human beings I don't care what skin color you are what sex you are what sexual orientation you are Equal Opportunity prove your worth in the market if you want respect in the marketplace and the marketplace is financial but it's also the marketplace of ideas and philosophy so if you want respect in that market do something about you to prove your worth show your case prove your case and you're given equal opportunity to do that but when you're out there crying and screaming and defecating on the streets and throwing Molotov cocktails at windows and blocking people from speaking at universities that have different opinions than you and whining and bitching and moaning you are not standing for justice and you are not a warrior you're just you're just not you were completely on the opposite side of those principles when you're taking it from that perspective if you want to be legitimized and thought of as legitimate then you've got to prove your case ok that's how everything was built and yes there's unfairness everywhere because there's unfairness built in human beings no matter what system we set up there will be failures and I and many other people as so many are critiquing the downside of the systems that we've created here in the West like hundred percent I know about the grievances in the past I know about it but it's you know human beings across the board have committed these atrocities to each other across all spans of history it's not just one-sided so you if you want to be shown favor you have to be competent you have to have competency sorry it just it's the way it is if you're gonna survive in the wilderness if you're gonna go over in these woods right here and just like live you will you will have to prove your worth you will have to be competent there are other there are apex predators that live there that already have dominance in those areas that they don't want you there so if you want to survive in there you have to be like Mowgli man you have to know how to work in the order of that place and you have to show your Worth and you survive and no learn skills so that you can survive you can't just go and steal and and and take from nature you have to learn how to be unbalanced with nature so the discussion that's happening right now is absolutely insane because of the fact that a lot of these principles are just thrown right out the window the left and in politically speaking does not want to have this discussion they don't want to have a reasonable discussion and hear the both sides of the argument they don't want that they want to get their way it reminds me of like a child that just doesn't want to negotiate it doesn't want to listen to reason they just want to get their way and they want to blame everybody else but themselves for the problems that they're experiencing in their life so all the dissatisfaction all the lack of self-esteem all the inner turmoil just comes out like vomit from these types because of the fact that they're completely self destroyed you know what I mean that's just my opinion I mean that's my opinion right now where I stand it's just from what I've seen and I'm not I mean I guess I'm casting wide generalizations here not everybody on the left or on with you know is like that but we're saying what we're seeing that's tearing that's gonna tear the country apart is the fact that it's about worldview it's about do you believe that you should equalize everybody down to this just one undifferentiated goop of non achievers so that all the non achievers can be brought to the top right that's what we've seen that's why we've seen corruption happiness we have people that are not competent take the reins of power and what that ideology is telling you is that that's actually a good thing we can't have people that are achievers we can't have people that actually have more intelligence in a particular area or more talent in a particular area we can't have Michael Jordan's and Wayne Gretzky's and George st. Pierre's and great you know we can't have that because that means there's onion inequality that's how they look at equality where as true equality we have the aqua we have equal opportunity to go and be the best of whatever you're the best at in your life and in the workplace you have the opportunity from all levels to go out and create something of yourself but what they want is equality of outcome meaning you don't whether you work or not whether you contribute or not you are equally given something by the state the all-powerful state and this is this is communism this is not worked out ever communism has over 100 million deaths to its name to tell you that and it's been tried again and again and again and again so and there's and there's many critiques of capitalism too but the thing is is if we're gonna have a discussion about this we can't be whining and screaming at each other we can't be giving up our own self responsibility in this we have to come out this as rational intelligent moral people and sit down and have a discussion and that way rational intelligent moral and competent people will figure it out irrational dumb people will fight until there's nobody left and they will even eat off their own arm at the end of it because that's what that produces they're like rabid dogs in that just in that scenario and when I'm spiking about dumb I'm not talking about people that are just a lower IQ and it's outside their intelligence I'm talking about people that have chosen to be ignorant that's what I mean when I'm using that term people that choose to be ignorant and choose to not gain new skills and not continue learning and not have fair discussion they're gonna be the worst adversary you will ever have because there's no reason behind it there's no it's insanity so I hope I have given you some perspective right from your own personal life all the way up to what's going on on the political stage it's just my opinion this is just where I'm at right now I personally guys I'm for freedom of the individual you are an individual you have power you have potential you have value you have to know that you have value but you have to know that you're born with the potential for those things and you do have to create those things you can't just you can't just say well just cuz I'm here I have I have value you have to actually go out and prove it you have to go make something of yourself right you hear that all the time go make something of yourself well it's because the potential for you to make something amazing of yourself and actually contribute to the world is incredible it's limitless but if you just want handouts if you just want people to give everything to you without putting that effort in it'll be worse for society and it'll be worse for you as well it'll be catastrophic towards to your well-being because you will not develop self-esteem you will not develop self-knowledge you will not develop competence skills which contribute to self esteem and self knowledge so you will implode in on yourself like a dying star and if you're one of those people that is suffering from depression or anxiety about life and about who you are and you don't know your place in the world I feel for you I was there and it's easy to hear these about the sweet honey being poured into your ear by the media that you don't need to go you just you know worship the celebrities worship everybody else around you and you know don't don't think for yourself just we'll give you all the instructions in life there's an instruction manual for everything there's an app you can download that'll take care of everything there's a drug you can take that'll make you feel happy don't do anything on your own here's all the handrails here's all the signs here's all the directions everywhere you need to go it just you know it creates it creates depression it doesn't give you what you think it would true happiness true fulfillment true potential is discovered when you take the path of love of self-discovery that's where enlightenment lies that's where truth lies that's where freedom lies they can put you in as many prisons or handcuffs or chains or laws or whatever they want the system or whatever the people around you restrict they can restrict your life but you can be free up here and you can be free in here that is a choice that you can make regardless and if you don't believe me you need to go and read Alexander Solzhenitsyn and his story of his life going through communists the Communists so the Soviet Union and and in the gulags and how he came out of probably one of the most horrific stories of humanity ever told and he came out better for it he came out a brilliant philosopher and thinker he came out with a message for Humanity he came out and wrote a book that won a Nobel Prize and affected generations to come and everybody should read it even though it's a horrific story it is also a story of beauty because he survived it and there's many many many survive incredible catastrophe that you could you could listen to and you could talk to just talk to the older generation they've got so many stories to tell you about life that you can learn so many valuable things from that would impact your life and actually get you shaken out of that state of woe is me I'm down on myself freedom is at your front door and hopefully if we can get our together as a society freedom is at our front door collectively as well if we can make some proper rational decisions here some reasonable thinking could be employed and that would change the world overnight so I just hope for a better future a better humanity balance thinking balance in in politics right down to the to the individual because that's where truth lies that's where health lies if your body is balanced in its the ph is balanced in your body your body is more healthy you're not getting sick as much so it just it's the law of Correspondence the same principle applies right from the minuscule fractal all the way up to the biggest vision of the universe that you could possibly conceive of and the universe is so big and vast that you can't even conceive of it we don't have the ability you can only imagine it but from the smallest to the biggest those principles are there at work and you can observe them in nature around you can observe them in your own thinking so start there start with you start with right now what are you gonna do tomorrow that is gonna make your life better what are you gonna do that instead of whining about it or or pointing the fingers or saying that it's everybody else's fault but you know just I'm not talking about taking blame and feeling guilty I'm talking about just accepting responsibility and saying what am I gonna do tomorrow that is going to change the direction of my life for the better there's one little thing I could do every day that would help slowly incrementally change my life to be what I actually want it to be you have that power you have a magical power a super power it's at your fingertips you can change your life if you want to if not then you will be tossed around and you will be a victim for the rest of your life and you can either be a victim or you can be a victor he's gonna be a wolf or you can be a sheep you know what I mean you can be going out and creating a life you love or you can keep living a life you hate the circumstances are secondary you got to rise above the circumstances so I hope that gives you some perspective I hope that adds some value and meaning for you go out guys to live a meaningful life with purpose a line with justice learn about that principle go read about it learn about it philosophically it's not just law and order on television okay it's there's a bigger deeper principle that you can learn a lot from and that will affect your life from in every way take personal responsibility and realize that by taking that responsibility you are taking your power back and now you've gotten at least the basic things that can equip you to go out and change the world so go out and change the world what are you waiting for start with you alright guys thanks for coming on this walk with me today I will catch you back here again next week on truth where it's been a pleasure Cheers

  1. Thanks so much for letting yourself be used like this to share all that is in your head! Love it! Can you recommend a good place to learn martial arts in the Salt Lake City area? I feel strongly that I want to learn a technique of body movement to help me find my 'why' in life! Thanks

  2. Thanks David. This compliments my weekly yoga class. I have had the pleasure of practicing with same teacher for more then a decade and you exude the same caring for humanity. Your wisdom and sincerety match hers

  3. Its so much easier now to get distracted hence the shortening of our concentration span. Need to stop worrying about it and do it, one way to get results and make any impact in life

  4. Thanks David, these are the kind of discussions we need to be having. Central to sharing personal awakening with others is the cultivation of curiosity about life, which I guess is what children have and then have bludgeoned out of them by the education system and mainstream media. So reviving that curiosity, often damped down for years, can lead to awareness, creativity and self realisation.

  5. Thank you David โŒš๐Ÿ’€โ”๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŒŒ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒ โค๐Ÿ’œ๐ŸŒ’โœจ.

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