McConnell on Dems' Mueller frenzy, being the 'grim reaper of socialism'

  1. Just except this most Dems are very currupt, they abuse their position in Congress for personal gains and abuse of power. They will cheat the voting in most States to gain control of the offices in our government.
    Show the American people just what those in Congress (meaning Dems) have done for the people in America.
    My bet is not a whole lot, probably very very very very very little. They just buy these people's vote's by lying to them then never doing what they promised.

  2. Quiet Turtle! You should know better, Trump is ignorant but McConnell is the true manipulator here. He and his GOP dinosaurs in the Senate are THE problem.

  3. its not possible to work with delusional people. they need to be institutionalized, or put in jail forever.

  4. If everyone gets Medicare, then everyone must pay. I and many other elderly people pay nearly $400.00 per month for our Medicare supplement because the amount we pay from our social security check is not enough to cover and medical bills. I pay insurance taken from social security check, then I pay a supplemental premium plus out of pocket for anything that is not covered. It is a lot and I do not have very much money. I do not know how everyone is going to get medicare free.

  5. Good dog Mitch. Now get off your knees, wipe your chin and go service Putin you Octogenarian mutant coverup turtle.

  6. Nancy Pelosi should not have called Mr. Barr a liar. That was very unprofessional and not true. She is the liar, I think.

  7. PEOPLE PLEASE REMEMBER MITCH MCCONNELL is REASON for the Trump SHUTDOWN lasting as long. He used his power to keep a bipartisan bill to end it from coming to a vote. This was to protect the party. If the bill came to vote and republican Senators voted it down it would have been a blackeye come re-election. IT IS ALL ABOUT POWER AND THE PARTY. Say what you want about Mitch McConnell he is NOT stupid. Yes he is all about the party and not the People, not caring who is hurt. Yes he is corrupt with taking PAC money and supporting lobbyist written bills.

  8. Hope and pray the democratic/leftist party ceases to be a party. They have acted in a dishonorable way and are not serving the American people.

  9. Maybe if these communist democrats would bother to read AND comprehend their own rules and regulations to conclude they have been outclassed by President Trump and the U.S. Constitution……..they might start governing FOR THE PEOPLE, instead of for their own wallets, moronic policies and power!!!

  10. Them Democrats are afraid for people to find out that this crap started with them…Obama and Hillary.

  11. DemonRats are so brainwashed that it is not even worth the air it takes to continue to talk sense into them. Brain dead.

  12. I am so glad we have a real president who despite historic obstructionism, gets things done, and breaks records, doing so.

  13. TrishMacfotlitbowAdamVickersRobertSorensonJustinK and all……do you share half a brain between you all….? That WOULD be generous. That idiot turtle can't even get a decent healthcare done. Let's see those taxes. Mitch looks like he needs healthcare himself REALLY BAD.

  14. Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden is a huge investor in China. Both Bidens signed a huge loan from Chinese bankers. China owns Biden.

  15. DEM RATS people are peeing on their underwear – that is why they are become PSYCHO – jail time coming for all RATS !

  16. ALL trade with China needs to stop until they quit harvesting their civilians organs. Also bomb their parliament when its in session

  17. Nobody should move on until there is equal justice under the law. The very people who launched this treasonous "investigation" can not be aloud to hide behind their red herring and face zero consequences.


  19. they will all walk free..

    benghazi will play out all over again & the all will walk free !

    precursor – subterfuge — obfuscation — the defense is in progress now !

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