Matthews Confronts Lady Who Tells Him; 'Obama Is A Communist, Buddy'

but an emergen anyway why are you who are you and why are you here hi in Williams I'm here supporting Obama tell me about your health care it situation we are an example of somebody my husband and I have six children we have worked hard our whole lives and at the end of June my husband lost his job and for the first time in our whole lives we are without health insurance okay let's get back to this later who said communists down here what are you what do you mean by that all you have to do is study it out just study it out and you'll see you haven't done your homework buddy and what do I need to studies he's a communist and those of us who are not voting for him know it and what do you mean by communists you don't know I just tell me help me out here you don't know I just want to know what you mean oh I know what I knew help us out you're a national tone well tell me what you mean when you just accuse the guy of being a cop you think daddy get out the scene American huh he's not an American yeah what is he what country is he from hey just cuz he was born here doesn't mean that he thinks like us he's a communist buddy cooking food

  1. oh, i guess the lush proved his point. Not. Obamao is a communist, he's muslim, he hates America & he's steering the good ship USS America full speed towards the iceberg. 'liberalism is a mental disorder'

  2. She is almost exactly like my friend, sprays facts out, you ask him about the source or some more info, study it/research it. Fucken hate that type of shit. Lady is stuck in the 60's calling somoone a communist because, just because lol, fuck that shit lady.

  3. His mentor (who some say may be his Father), Frank Marshall Davis, was a member of the Communist Party. Hussein is also a Black Nationalist, Homosexual, and was raised as a Muslim. The birth certificate he released has been shown to be a forgery through an investigation done by Sheriff Joe's office.

  4. And this is your average American in the south. (not really). She most likely read a few online articles or is out there protesting just to do it.

    I doubt she can even spell communist.

  5. I love the Americans calling Obama a socialist or a commie or even left wing…… in every other country he would be seen as right wing.

  6. that lady was a beacon of freedom, fuck these commie non american presidents who just want interracial babies and really black dudes fucking the whitest of the platinum blondes, that's what they're afraid of…that's it…

  7. No white democrats have been called 'communist' ,  yet people say this has nothing do with race. Funny shit. 

  8. If you must think like this women to be an American, I'm happy that I'm not.

    Study it out, just study it out.

  9. Obama is more of a Socialist than a communist. Forming relationships with Castro, letting illegals get amnesty through executive orders. Concept of sharing the wealth. Not to mention other dirty little secrets such as his birth certificate which we never really got, his middle name being Hussein ( which no one ever seems to mention or ask what kind of parents would give their child the name hussein). Obama definitely has some socialist Ideas but does that make him an all out communist with a crown on his head? Nah. You can;t just go around calling someone communist and telling them to study it themselves. you need to provide some form of argument as to why he is communist otherwise you just look like a faggot

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