1. They are not laying people off because they are out of pocket, they are doing it because they want to replace human labour with AI and robotics. Ref the proceeding link.

  2. People this is a never ending cycle with retail. Up and down. Save some money. Stay away from the fads. Fix your car instead of trading. You will be ok. They are just maximizing profits. Same ol song and dance

  3. With CLOWNS like AOC pushing AMAZON out of there districts and dems wanting a 90% tax what do you expect

  4. When I grow up, I want to be a shareholder. Or is it sharecropper. I can't remember. Which is better?
    Sharing is good, right? No matter, I just don't want to be an outsider…

  5. Hmmm… No lay offs. More jobs than people to fill them. What a load of shit. I do agree about the jew bankers though.

  6. Keep in mind this is happening while the economy is on the up… soon it will go down and jobs will get pummeled in the ground. Automation, streamlining, offshoring and merging are accelerating anyway.
    YANG 2020 because people matter.

  7. You talk a lot about what, you need to talk about WHY. Homes built in 2014 were over 3x larger than those built in 1924, and almost twice as large as homes built in 1964, which has an equivalent increase in footprint, materials, labor and therefore price. However, millennials started out after NAFTA, during a massive recession and now make 20% less than boomers at the same age. What does this do to home ownership? Equity build up? Flooded rental markets? Disposable income? Savings? What effects does a lack of cash have on car sales? Retail outlets? All chain of causality…

  8. I drive Simi truck in USA 2019 is the worst year for trucking , some old driver quit when they see no profit in it .

  9. The fucking trade war is easy to win. Did Chumpfuck lie to Americunts? NO fucking way!!! Dumb Chump or Dump Chump is that true MF!

  10. Walmart Ford motor company Target GM and others are literally collapsing theirs no cash flow anywhere !!!!!

  11. MAGA? ???? Tax cuts to the richest and not the masses/consumers/customers. Trickle down has never worked. Tommy Becker's comment

  12. I am waitting to see America great again, do you know that Mr. Trump, don't buy american? Everything inside his hotels is made in Asia or Brazil, even the furniture, go find out for yourselves

  13. Shut up with your fear mongering videos. There's always going to be depressions. I hope you sell all your stocks when the market crashes so I can buy them for pennies on the dollar.

  14. Batten down the hatches it's going to be a rough ride. Save your money, make do and mend, do it yourself put off all unnecessary expenditures and as for those vacations – forget it! Glad I was brought up poor in Europe so the prospect of doing without, frankly I don't give a damn!

  15. We", the people are destroying our selves behind WANT. I do not need a 2019 nothing except food, water air and a few other needed things, so why are we determined to destroy our selves? Because we enjoy greed. Stop paying for cable and must look outside.

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