Marxists Explain Freedoms In Socialism To Former Soviet Citizen Then Force Stop Filming, Assault Him

just up sucks just been waiting a temple eager to see ya so I really advocating for Marxism I wonder yeah that's also socialism and what's was going to happen under socialism wonder oh you'll have finally actual democracy we call for until democracy where people actually have a say under society but do you think that people in the countries that used to call themselves socialists have a say in other the work we thought that were there were dictatorships top-down dictatorships were the economy was planned by the bureaucracy and not by secular workers so how are going to make it different I mean what is this target unit specifically had an assembly like for historical reasons for example the Soviet Russia at the time was completely poor country with you is a completely poor country it was you know half feudal and the main thing is that the rest of the revolutions in your fail because they were breakdown for the calendar armies and police left Soviets by themselves isolated completely in that book brought a bureaucracy into power but there wasn't socialism tried in other countries so the capitalism was tried in all thy work but many times until it actually came to power well socialism failed in all the countries capitalism – that's why it fell all what what do we have here what kind of system dear it was defeated thousands of times is for a act before it actually once also failed like like like well where did the capitalism fail what what country England in France in Germany when given lately 1916 when was that civil war French Revolution brought with reforms fail Napoleon came tomorrow after that but then the clear token well French Revolution for what 1788 and 89 93 okay so so it was a capitalist through doors capital no there's the Congress democratic right private businesses that couples that capsule why what's the definition of capital with something I wonder society economy that is based on private property profit and wait salary and in socialism is there going to be private property that's going to be public so ordinary people actually have to say what's going on instead so how is gonna work in reality I mean you have even today in a capitalist in capitalist countries you have well I mean it's you think about a little question right how is gonna work in reality I mean it failed every time you to Australia fail again that wasn't Fillmore 1208 not not not only it did fail it we solid it in the hymen million people yeah I mean they're talking about democracy we're talking about having feeling people murdered that that's exactly what happened happens with okay so it was the symbol of the French Revolution was the guillotine right they yeah people right after coming to power that was the first couple okay buh-bye play Little Italy leverage I understand so you're not happy with the system that we have today in this country in the like I said you're unhappy with what we have now okay so your ID is to turn it to what Marxism socialism that's that's a concept right yeah okay so the question number one is how do you think it can be done practically how it's going to be different than any time that it was tried before it fell it uses all right yeah you fail in Cambodia right Cambodia was committed okay by they call themselves socially they can get the North Korea fail Democrat okay thank you Falcons Vietnam it failed okay here I can I say sure sure of the Soviet I mean first of all you have the you had it very kommune right you remember that that was a pure social revolution the massacred by the capitalists by tens of thousands the Capitals massacred and killed them shut up in the streets that was the first one the Russian Revolution narrated when when like right on what right when the couple start music played in Russia so do you think the main juicing landing did everything right we are ugly so but I did everything but but ok but what's worse can the right track what sorry I was here on the right track Lenin Vladimir Lenin era about a year yeah before the civil war that wasn't no thank you yes yeah you had like 21 armies coupled armies invading Russia completely destroying the country but but the concept they think that Laden was doing he was doing right killing people like murdering people left and right real as if you never nobody tell me they do that of course of course I mean google it you'll see right away I sold everybody everything in what I saw ok so so let's say we can say how how how's your approach gonna be different I'm just see ya to be honest with you I came from USSR I was born in USSR I lived for 29 years in u.s. sizes so how you're not being happy with the system that we have today is going to be turned into this socialist system that this thing is going to be better than the way we have it now here in this country I think we need to decide working people how how okay know how to get to socialism you advocate for socialist movements like what okay you build mass moving then why remove members and then what you do what okay start again you don't even let me talk go ahead I'm sorry yeah yeah exactly I tried to talk okay go go ahead yeah I'm listening yeah I'm still yours you build mass move like for example you have massive exporting a capitalist bodies there's like building a world we do have mass unions we do have now we have a man or a capitalist but it's playing it's against their interests that money okay so you build mass movement and then what yeah and this movement at least I give them a Workers Party instead of the campus party on the on party important class party okay she represents a Muslim society that party has to be alright with their social programs I said we need to take over the Big Brother but how are going to change this system I mean we have a particular system right now go away for the world revolution I don't know I'm just asking that look I am happy with what I have right now I was extremely unhappy with the Socialists that we had in USSR and it's the same kind of social is what you call socialism has always been totally tearing issues always always okay what's your model how it's gonna be different this time how explain to me again it's about so this mass movement that is first of all the rest was it in okay let's forget about Russia for a second what's in your plan step one okay you UTSA was building mass movement once you have this step two so you have how many people to need for the mass movement yeah example it's about is enough to challenge calculate them if they kill their own party in the tracks I mean I I don't know how many you need I can tell you how much it's gonna attract I think it's going to attract most American people but making people look at occupied okay let's say let's say 300 million Americans all of us having become socialist what was gonna happen take over by doing what what I was like like okay so you so you go Packers buy them okay I have I have our own business so you come to my business and tell me if you kick me out with my foot and that was gonna happen I don't let you back in okay you're gonna call on me I'm gonna kick them out as well okay and then what's gonna happen around that business by myself by doing what by running it by myself so what's what's your idea of running the business how is gonna run in what's it's gonna run for the needs of ordinary people instead of Cobra okay so if so you're against everything we're doing so so the business is not going to be profitable because the socialism presupposes the absence of any profit so you rock well but that that frustrate in the sense of capitalism but really the idea of honor socialism I don't want to take thanks please I don't know what place I'd rather not be take those but okay another no okay okay okay so speak if I wanted no no no I'm just look say I came from you so sorry okay I come properly I can tell you so I came from you sir sir you never been wrong because because I want to see what these people have to say so okay let's so okay so let's let's continue so you kick me out I call the police you keep the police out so what's gonna happen next so we run like like this many times what kind of business would it be whatever business is we're in your table okay well that doesn't have my business okay so feel free whatever okay so we shoot back okay now the soup factory doesn't create everything by itself detect materials a mother package right well do the raw materials of course yeah of course yeah obviously as we said under my plan they will also be run amock radically because they have to do the same okay they also keep the bosses all right okay let's let's assume you're right so that that was going to happen so we iconic as do that and they all had like us so I come towards my incentive of coming to work it didn't play well you want first of all we want to live in a better society we actually I have a say but I'm a lazy bum I don't feel like to expect I'm alive later finally first time in your life you're not going to be lazy because you're actually doing something for yourself and not for the boss well but I'm lazy I am lazy do you do we do what instinctively exact work co-op that's why I say it's our software whatever an open-source software okay let's forget our yes here it is but by five bucks I will continue my mindset that will be first up rocket it's almost morning I wanna do something for myself oh I don't care for having a finished version wait if no answer to that because I want to talk about get away whatever we know there will be no profit no profit mobile operating in the year and what happened in the year when you made a mistake and you really pay too little for the for the material and you're getting away you'll get paid too much for the materials and you're getting too little for the show okay so what happened because you are not skillful enough to figure it out I'm ultimate over the site we scoped enough today what risky us yes the best system when you have no money well you don't seem so crisis right now but what's what's happening in Cuba today it's not a crisis because because there is too much socialism I'll explain why I'll explain what crisis but Dino Howie collapsing of malnutrition what about North Korean school is because there's no it's not it's price is created by too much socialism because the Greeks they don't like working because they're lazy bums and that's what's happening you might stop talking right now because I came from USSR I know what I'm talking about you know I live there lazy Greeks and so on well I believe in the incentive well there is no incentive people are not going to work plain and simple we all do something for any given time must have been a great system because they were basically forced to work of course if you eat dog it wasn't deep it for you I mean reform people I guess with the with a finish list appears let me finish with this guy first exit no I do I would like bikini to scream first when I come back to your estate for the first time learn your answer this feed everybody here the races yeah okay what were you saying about Greeks no it's not racism it's not really well you look you live in America I'm talking about the society the society whoa okay so you usually don't touch which is a public place no I know but we're asked you nicely okay we're asking you nicely so we're asking you nicely not five I'm watching camera to this now he doesn't want to be recorded I know right okay but nobody wants you to a higher table right now okay but I want to finish the conversation well we don't want you to finish the conversation okay we're gonna ask you nicely to leave oh all right oh god you say

  1. The rest of the socialist pushes into Europe failed because Polish freedom fighters stopped the bolscheviks cold after the white army was defeated. Hitler came to power a decade later which delayed communism in Europe to this day.

  2. A socialist like this braidead guy will want to force his views on you up until the moment of his death. The mouse gets in the mouse trap because he does not understand why the cheese is free. Same for any idiot believing in socialism.

  3. how do u tell a communist from everyone else in the world?
    they dont understand the definition of labor
    based on basically little to no work ethic

  4. To want too be a communist, is too want to dominate other people. They would kill us if they could. We're in a culture war with single cell organisms. People that "Know not where of they speak" telling people that "Know where of they speak" about the freedom of communism. Idiotic.

  5. Full blown socialism WIIL happen in america – IN OUR LIFETIME! Just wait until Trump and the Democrats replicate New York's 14th district's demographics nationwide via immigration, birthright citizenship and visa lottery.

  6. Imagine this stupid running our country ???. This group is going to bring violence to our country . Send them to Venezuela or Cuba . They should not allow this in our University's .

  7. He selling (capitalism) stuff he is wearing (capitalism). Food he was eating (capitalism) freedom to do and live. No massive deaths (capitalism) able to do anything or go (capitalism) WAKE THE FUCK UP DUMMY!! LEARN UR FREAKING HISTORY!!!

  8. The British Civil War and the French Revolution were both fighting the biggest of big states, absolute monarchy, where one guy makes ALL the decision, levies, enforces and receives ALL the taxes and spends it on what HE wants. This is as far from capitalism as you can get, in fact it's far more in line with the Stalinist model.

    And what they found in the Soviet Union after collectivisation was that workers going off-shift were just dropping their tools where they lay, out in the fields or in the factories. They were left to rust and fall apart. When they worked on private farms, they looked after their tools because the tools actually belonged to them. As for the idea of common ownership, would a humble factory worker have been allowed to enter the Kremlin and take the artworks to sell them for food? I think not – they belonged to Comrade Stalin… um… who was just looking after them to preserve them for everybody!

  9. Since the socialist wanted to kick the cameraman out of his theoretical business under the assumption that the socialist knew better than he did how to run it, the cameraman should’ve kicked the socialist out of *his* Red Table with the understanding that the cameraman understood socialism better than he did.

  10. “We can’t argue for socialism if you’re gonna stand there and say fact and logic stuffs at us! Get out, you big jerk!”

  11. The fact that the first thing the socialist said that he was going to do to implement socialism involved violence tells you everything you need to know.

  12. And the resentful, envious, murderous nature of communism comes out a bit after 8 minutes in: ‘we steal your shit and kick you out. I kick the cops you call out’ – and how are you going to be successful at any of that without committing genocide?

  13. lol. There’s a Marxist in America who has any remote knowledge of history, even if it’s through a delusional Marxist lens? It’s only because he isn’t originally from the USA. Most Americans, especially the neomarxists and leftists, have no knowledge of world history, let alone their own country’s history, and frankly it’s a goddamn embarresment.

    That’s the only difference.

  14. Telling a guy who grew up in USSR he is wrong about how his country was run and what happened.
    Amazingly ignorant programmed by mindless “teachers”.
    The entire problem is these stupid kids just want free everything and were told they could get everything free if this country was socialist.
    They blindly follow. All soon to be living under a bridge begging for money.

  15. Thats how these marxist do all over the world. They are totally off reality and indoctrinated by our actual educational systems. As they lose every argument they try to put themselves as victims by misinterpreting what you say, play victim , call you Racist, Fascist and than shut you up like a communist does. These people are so full of hate pretending they are nice but they are nasty.

  16. And there we go.  Their plan consists of kicking out the people with the ideas, and kicking people out of public debates when questions are asked.  And then they wonder why normal people see this ideology as murderous.

  17. (sigh) These "New" socialists are so delusional. I hope they grow a brain BEFORE they do any real damage.

  18. These people are violent in a capitalist system, imagine how violent they would be if they could run their socialist utopia?

  19. Gather in the park with your finger up your ass and tell me I am wrong because you want to be euthanized

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