1. it will always be government vs people regardless of what the gov't wants to call itself and no one gets to vote for that like slavery….maybe the best idea would be a new idea beyond monarchies and rulers because that much power is always corrupt but good job i'm sure you're earning your pay…money the old idea

  2. What Marx did not realize was that people are very VERY stupid and easily manipulatable.

    Socrates was right. Not everyone’s vote should be equal.

  3. This why we need public infrastructure investment, both physical and human, because it benefits all of us.

  4. Don't care for the solidarity of Central Park. Love the landscape and ponds and boats and rocks, birds, statues, pathways, and the buildings in the background.

  5. All Marxists are communists, but not all communists are Marxists (although most probably are to some degree).

  6. Capitalism came about to put slavery to an end…? Only a White European would characterize capitalism as such.

  7. I have a difficult time grasping that Thom is actually this naive about Marx, his work, socialism & communism, not to mention capitalism. How is this possible in 60+ years of "activism"? It continues to boggle my mind every time Dr. Wolff is a guest.

  8. Easy. Communism is an economic system where the government owns the means of production.
    Marxism is just a critique of capitalism, as all economic systems throughout human history has had its critics.

  9. I work in the public sector, and even without profits or stock holders you get the same situations.

  10. Marx said he was not a Marxist. He was a communist. He and Engels defined communism when they wrote the Communist Manifesto and Principles Of Communism. They led the first international communist organization. Their goal was an increasingly communistic society, with socialism used as a vehicle for that transition beyond capitalism. They also said to use state capitalism, because it would increase productive forces needed to sustain a communistic society based on the principle 'from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs'. Lenin said this too.

    I think people in the West especially did not want their politics associated with the USSR, so even if they were in agreement with Marx they tended to call themselves Marxists, leftists and socialists etc, rather than communists.

    p.s. Socialism precedes communism. It sprang from the so called Social Question. As Dr Wolf describes, there was a realization that liberalism and capitalism were not delivering its promises of equality, liberty, and fraternity. The term wage slavery was coined by early socialists as it became apparent that capitalism created it own elite class like the exploitative systems that preceded it. There is not one single correct definition of socialism. There were many ideas all broadly trying to find solutions to the Social Question. They could vary from one another, but generally were all forms of socialism if they had that question at their core (Engels, Socialism, Utopian or Scientific covers the subject of early socialism in detail).

  11. Note… Cent Park started by kicking out black community that then occupied the land ….

  12. Say it every time in a Wolff interview. Love Dr. Wolff.


    The economic system does not matter, if the governing system is autocratic.

    A mixed economy is needed. Greed and power (capitalism) must be regulated. Social safety nets (socialism) must have priority. Local co-ops (communism) must have free reign within the system, but not forced upon the people.

    A 51-49 daily vote in a democratic workplace, doesn't solve much, imo.

    That said, Marx had an accurate critique. Burning his books shouldn't be needed, if capitalism is so great. However, a "just" domestic life, is not so, if the military is engaging the planet under false pretenses.

    "It's the wars, stupid."

  13. The problem with any form of Government or Economy will always be the Corrupt Savage Animal Nature of the Human Race.

  14. Thom, you are the greatest little communist I know, but then you are the only open communist I know.

  15. One of Capitalism's internal contradictions is the contradiction of ownership or property. If Capital is value in motion there has to be an owner class and a consumer class. There has to be a commodity that has value and has the ability to create a surplus of value. This insures a return on investment for the Capitalist and insures motion is continuous. The contradiction is that the owner class acts only in their self interest and so does the consumer. A successful owner accumulates Capital that has value and the consumer constantly tries to accumulate Capital that has value. When money becomes a part of the contradiction it creates another layer of contradictions. Contradictions where money which normally only represent value start to define value. The successful Capitalist starts to accumulate money and this creates another layer of contradictions where money now represents power. Power allows the successful Capitalist to shape reality to insure they maintain power. Capitalism is a dialectic; a contradiction that is in contradiction with itself; unable to transcend because with synthesis comes transcendence from Capitalism. The layers of contradictions have piled up and Capitalism has reached the point where we're now at absolute contradiction. We're in a form of quicksand that no matter how much we try we just sink deeper. We're SL (slow learners) but like Marx says "economic reality conditions political and social reality" and our economic reality doesn't look that good.

  16. The more technology advances and education spreads the more Marxist based ideologies become more valid and necessary

  17. I just believe in progress, it doesn't have to be according to anyone's doctrine or theory. Marx and the people who followed him had many good insights and are worth studying. Nothing he said was really all that radical, people should just read it. I don't think even 1% of the people out there criticizing Marxism every day have ever read him.

  18. So as far as I can tell from this explanation, marxism removed personal charitable responsibility and externalized it to government, then Marxist governments codified totalitarian conformity in Asia through murder and starvation. Claiming capitalism kills people is asinine just like Marxism doesn't kill people either. Governments are the ones doing the killing and one of these ideologies requires a much larger govt and dependence on said govt. Last ww1 and two would not be possible without govt controlling or delegating the means of the production of money.

  19. @ 6:09 Thom you don't know what you're talking about there. Do your research. Many lies are made up about the Soviet Union under Stalin. Every leader afterward was revisionist.

    WW2 was all about destroying Communism. And the capitalist countries reacted to the formation of the Soviet Union after WW1 which caused the crash of 29.

  20. Back to the future ! you cannot serve two masters an they are serving Satan, Go ye rich men weep an howl for your miseries are coming for your riches are corrupted with Fraud for they have hoarded up great wealth onto themselves in the Last Day's for they have cheated their labor's as they live in luxury an self indulgence they have fattened themselves for the day of Slaughter ! Greed an Gluttony with Satan is leading them straight to Hell, The 7 deadly sins, For they are Paganism heathens hypocrites Greedy pricks they serve Baal worshipping an Satanism, Lucifer kingdom is mystery Babylon America as they bring in the New world order an being the Policemen of the world ! mark of the Beast coming .Hell waiting for the Greedy Rich scheming thieving bastards.


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