Mars will be Communist before you know it

Mars… The red- Communist planet? With all the recent talk of humankind colonizing mars Some serious questions need to be asked. The first question that needs to be answered is who would run the colony? There is the Outer Space Treaty. Which states that outer space is the common heritage of mankind. But would that mean that the United Nations would control a colony on Mars. That would be ideal… Except for the fact that global superpowers on the UN Security Council such as China, Russia, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. would have total dominance over a colony on Mars And that smaller and less powerful nations would have no say in the decisions made in the so-called Common Heritage of Mankind. So that idea should be scrapped. Due to the outer space treaty, no entity can clame land on Mars or anywhere else outside of Earth. That falls directly in the communist category as in a communist society nobody can have ownership to land. Sorry Elon Musk. Before an economy can be set up on mars The only purpose of people on the planet would be either to make scientific advancements, or to prepare for others to arrive, or to improve the quality of life on Mars. Without an economy, everybody is working for the state. In return, they get the basic necessities of life. They might get paid for the job, but money would be worthless on mars if there is no economy. And the money would only be accessible from Earth anyways. Working for the state for equal wages regardless of profession definitely falls under communism In communism, there must always be a violent revolution to overthrow the upper class. That will not happent on Mars anytime soon because there is no upper class if there is no economy, or even people there. And if there is no upper class to begin with, that rule cannot apply to Mars. Another requirement of communism is that the government control the basic decisions of the citizens. Such as education, religion, employment, and even marriange. As Mars can only be reached every two and a half years due to planetary rotation around the sun. And that it takes 6-8 months to get there There is nothing to say that someone on Mars might not collect some followers and rule Mars, and make decisions for the citizens. Through force or through the threat of exile into the unbreathable atmosphere. It would take 3-22 minutes for a warning signal, if any, to be sent from Mars to Earth. And up to 2 and a half years until help arrives. Would a Martian army be called the red army? Mars is after all… ‘The Red Planet’

  1. If communism is a ruler of one or two isn't that just socialism? What is the difference of socialism and communism? Is there any vauge line at all?

  2. my question is why do people in the US seem to be completely against the idea of communism?

  3. History of the American colonies proves otherwise. Communal attempts WERE made in the early colonies. Resulting in a breakdown of society and the absolute disappearance of people. New strategy was tried after, "Those that work, eat" and low and behold MURICA LIVED EVERY SINCE.

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