Marlena Stell EXPOSES The Beauty community +Jaclyn Hill DELETES her Social media after MOLD is found

yo you ready yes you're gonna shout out to almighty supers out there we are gathered here today to sip some tea honey so make sure you guys have you teacups ready because you already know this – you what – hi alright so it's time to get into this damn make up some okay so once again Jacqueline Hill people are coming for her day Jacqueline Hill finally spoke out she finally talked about all the hoopla surrounding her lipsticks all the drama she claims that you know they might be like a few you know just messed up batches you know zero 0.1% but that you know everything was emptied it approved she bought receipts showing that you know these batches were supposedly made this year okay but what's going on now is that people have been testing the batches they sent them up for testing and now the results are coming in like when Maury Povich tells people you are or you are not the damn father okay when it comes to one-year old dog tape here you are and what is going on now is that we have a woman on her tweets corn viral on social media and basically she had a lab test okay Jacqueline Hills lipsticks and one of them came back positive for mold and yeast okay I'm gonna go ahead and read this to you guys go ahead and check this out so this woman at Nevermore says I'm 6:23 19 at 8:12 p.m. CDT approximately 120 our micro by a crow Bo check confirmed positive for yeast and mold results on a live sample of JC JC all five ACF I had miss label at the sample a my 72-hour results this is control freak not hot toddy this is from a swab of the cap of the component and all other samples are negative so that person is saying that she tested all of Jaclyn Hills lipsticks a majority of her samples are negative but this particular one came back positive for mold in yeast okay so that's what she's alleging you know could it be that all of Jaclyn Hills products are contaminated maybe maybe not could have been maybe cross-contamination maybe you know her hands were damn dirty you know I'm saying maybe she did something to them I don't know but this whole situation is just getting crazy and crazier I want you guys to go ahead and listen to some of what jaclyn hill had to say not about this particular situation but just her addressing her lipstick drama in general y'all go ahead and check this out alfe sorry guys I keep trying to record this and I've just been like so emotional it's ridiculous and I honestly am like afraid to get emotional on camera because I just know what people will say and I don't want to seem like I'm the victim whatsoever and I hope you know that's why I'm not crying I don't cry over this because I'm like oh poor me this is up you know it's like I get emotional because I'm just so disappointed myself that I could even somehow allow this to happen long story short the lab that I worked with I won't ever be working with again obviously there's the many people fired over this we've got an entire new team we are building now quality control because obviously that didn't work and I'm gonna push back several launches that I have because it's just not really hone it on this and learn from my mistakes and learn some very valuable lessons so that hopefully one day I can prove myself to you guys no matter how long that takes but in the meantime I have decided and made the decision to give every single person who purchased my lipsticks a full refund I think that that's the best thing I can do at this point I know there are a lot of people out there it doesn't look like you're on social media but with all the emails in the back end there's a lot of people out there who love their lipsticks and that's great I don't care like I don't care if you know one hundred ninety five thousand people love the lipstick if three people are having an issue like that that's what's gonna keep me awake at night so it's really important to me that I make this right so I'm gonna be issuing a full refund including shipping and tax to every single customer from John cosmetics because that's the only thing that I feel like is gonna make this right and I don't care about the loss of this money I couldn't give a dick guys like this is just it's you've no idea how embarrassing it is for me but I will do everything in my power to make this right going forward and learn from this lesson that God has given me and you guys don't have to do anything there's no call to action even if you don't watch the story or care or you're just out there loving your lipstick you're still gonna receive a full refund you'll receive an email the next 24 hours under you know that is being processed and sorry guys Instagram cut me off but what I was saying is that you're gonna receive an email the next 24 hours I mean that your refill is being processed and you will have the money back in your bank account within seven business days and that goes for everybody I say that's one thing I can do at this point is just bite the bullet and refund you guys and just apologize to you and try to make it right and I just want to get back to doing what I do and doing what makes me happy and doing what I'm good at so I keep touching my hair like I like to like touch my hair obsessively even when so I like put it up but I still am like touching my head but yeah I try get back to what I do and do makeup tutorials and do what I love and I'm sorry for anyone who got a lipstick that was not incredible it breaks my heart but the future is bright and there's gonna be really really awesome things down the line I just have to now I mean I thought I did what I had to do I thought I did it all perfectly and didn't cut any corners I cross every T and dotted every I but I was wrong and things still sup through the cracks and I'm sorry but I will make sure that never ever happens again all right so you guys just watched just a little bit of her response and she's saying that she knows she doesn't care about the money she's gonna refund everyone who was affected I love how she says that she doesn't care for 195,000 people love her lipsticks but if only three people hate them it's gonna keep her up at night I also love how she couldn't look into the camera you notice her eyes kept darting every which way she's looking off to the side she's looking over here and it's like when you're being sincere and you really want to apologize for your fuckup and your mistake you're gonna look dead into the camera and speak to people okay because when you're sitting here ready to try on cosmetics and put on makeup and teach tutorials you looked at into the camera so we should have gotten that same respect during this whole apology your I should not have been shifty and then dartium every which way okay you know at this point I didn't buy not one Jaclyn hill lipstick and damn it I want a refund okay I want a refund for all this fuckery that's going on on my damn timeline I want a refund cause every time I log on YouTube something by Jacqueline's on the day I'm trending page okay now as far as the mold and all that stuff like I said could it be strictly from Jacqueline's products yes it could be or it could have been cross-contaminated from the person who you know who did the um the testing but I tend to believe the person who did the testing because they tested all the samples and they only found it on one if they wanted to be Shady why not say that all twelve of them had mold who would be none the wiser you know I'm saying another thing that bothers me Jacqueline is that she obviously knows that her products are defective she sees all the issues she sees the people with the cut lips the shards of plastic in the lipsticks and the hairs and everything else and instead of her being honest and saying you know what I've rushed this I failed let me just do a recall I mean come on even Jojo see why she did a recall on her damn cosmetics when it came back to her cosmetics had yeast and mold and everything else she recalled it she lost money but that's the right thing to do but it's like Jaclyn Hill does not want to admit defeat so she's gonna keep on acting like it's just only 1% of her customers who are having this issue and if they're having an issue she can just refund you it's gonna take a long time to get your refund so if you really want your money back I suggest that you contact your credit card company and you have your credit card company refund you for those lipsticks because waiting on Jaclyn hill honey you might be waiting another fucking five years okay as long as they took it'll roll this shit out it might take you five years to get your damn refund okay another thing that kind of bugs me with this situation is that she wants to talk about you know if only three people dislike it it's gonna keep her up at night it's gonna make her feel bad but the one person who initially was a fan who acts her about her lipstick Jack noodley bit her head off and told her to go you know exfoliate her crusty lips she didn't say crusty but y'all know what I mean another thing that just does not sit well with me is that this woman definitely has money to travel and live her best life what I found disturbing is that she says that she's been on the phone with the lab she's spoken to the lab she's talked to the lab via the telephone my thing is if you have hundreds of customers coming at you 24/7 on social media that their lipsticks are defective there's hair in the lipsticks there's shards of you know plastic you know potential mold I'm sorry I'm not going to be phoning the lab I'm taking a flight straight to la and I'm going to the lab myself to see what the eff is going on okay so I don't understand this whole I'm phoning the lab I'm talking to the lab why are you not traveling to the lab you know I'm saying looking at these people who basically have fucked up your brand you know I'm saying this shit let's just put it out there they basically affected your brand to the fullest for the negative why are you not there holding them accountable why are you not there confronting them face to face why are you not showing your peoples who went out and bought your lipsticks to support you that look you guys I'm here I'm at the lab I'm trying to get you know down to the bottom of everything I'm trying to get everything figured out it's like she couldn't bother to do that so you know once again I'm not buying you know what the hell she's trying to sell her Sopot apology her addressing it to me it comes out very very insincere okay that's just my personal opinion another thing okay that's I'm really interesting is this she also pulled out receipts showing that you know these batches were supposedly made a month ago and like I stated in my other video it's very impossible to get a good product you know I'm saying to get a good makeup product for that many lipsticks that she's ordering within a month I think what happened is this okay I believe that there were some batches that were made in 2019 okay but she did not get rid of the original batches I feel like the original batches from two years ago she did not want to get rid of them because she didn't want to lose the money so she felt well what can I do to make these you know to get these out there what she did is basically mix some of the old batches with the new batches so that way she'd have receipts showing hey look these were made in 2019 these were made a month ago okay so that was she'd had those receipts but with all the issues that are going on with these lipsticks these lipsticks are obviously expired them the majority of the lipsticks are obviously expired and I believe that the newer ones the ones that tend to look a little bit better those were the ones that were placing the PR packages okay so Jaclyn hill is not slick I'm not buying anything she's damn selling you know at this point in time she just needs to recall her products especially other people are coming back saying that they tested her lipsticks at the lab and some people coming back with mold and stuff like that that's not a good look that's definitely a safety hazard this goes beyond just regular YouTube drama okay so now on other YouTube beauty community news I want to talk about marlenas steel for makeup geeks she made a really long in-depth video and I watched the whole thing surprisingly enough honey you know I had time to date cussed dad got tight cause I sure did yes cuz I had time to watch my latest stills video and I watched the whole hour in 36 minutes and when I tell you Marlena spilt the damn tea honey she's filled all the damn tea on all of these damn big influencers some of them are good people behind the scenes but a majority of them are definitely damn shady okay one thing I will say about Marlena is she did help to start this beauty community I mean I don't consider myself a part of the beauty community that's just not my cup of tea you know I like you know lipsticks and I love watching people put on makeup and you know see what they do what I shed I think all that shit is cool i watch y'all on the fire god I miss shit i watch all you i watch the beauty people i watch the gaming people you know i'm saying i watch the conspiracy people so you know I keep my eye on anybody so marlenas OG she's been on here for years she's the one who kind of started this beauty community and she helped get a lot of people there start you know she gave them advice she took them under her wing and everything now she's been like the mama bear of the beauty community and unfortunately the same community has not kind of turned against her especially this new generation honey James Charles you know just being so arrogant and thinking they can tell somehow who's been in this this damn business honey when your mama was breastfeeding you bitch okay when she was breastfeeding yo ass Marlena was putting in work in the makeup industry so you can't come at her like you're gonna teach her Athena – okay now Marlena has made some mistakes and she said that she's owned up to that especially with the whole Jacqueline Hills situation by not getting a contract first thinking they were friends and she found out in the long run there Jacqueline Hill is a shady fucking bitch you know I'm saying she basically had her waste her money and product and everything else trying to help her but then with you sign a contract in the end I was the one that pulled the concept that stopped the collaboration not Jacqueline so because of that there's this overall feeling that you guys think that I'm speaking up on certain issues right now thinking that I have some sort of hatred towards Jacqueline I don't I never did what I do have a problem with however is dishonesty Marlena revealed that she believes she knows which lab did this on June 6th 2016 it was a Monday I was at this lab working on my concealers that I never launched and I will show you pictures of that and these are mine concealers they had shards of plastic in them they had fingerprints they had hairs on them they had black specks in them does that sound familiar whether it has like you know people are making assumptions that it's mold as fungus I don't know I can't say I'm not a chemist and we have to wait until they're tested but however even if there's a slight chance that there's something in here that could be a risk to anyone why not just halt it why not just put a statement saying don't use these let's you know wait to toss them or whatever but it was silence so in this mine now I'm getting upset because I'm like okay I'm truly concerned this is my community too and yes I know I'm inserting myself into drama or whatever but it's not it was never some sort of hatred to her because we've we've been cool for many years I have a problem with how the situation was handled because it affects the people using them especially those with compromised immune systems those who are pregnant the elderly because just god forbid I'm not saying it's for certain but if it has something that can make people sick if it can we don't know yet it's not good so just make a statement or recall it that in the general audience as a whole I really do care about that deserve to know like this is standard production times these are things that usually happen when you're making makeup this stuff isn't adding up and that's also and that's why I say you know with this whole situation looking how everything has played out over the past few years karma is very real you may not get your karma the next day even the next month sometimes karma has a way of coming up years later Jacqueline Hill basically shit it on somebody who took her under her we who try to help around who they were all types of advice who didn't look at her as competition because she could have she could be like you know what she's younger you know I'm saying her audience is growing and now she wants to start her own makeup line oh I don't know cuz now she's not gonna be helping makeup geek as much Marlena never did that she showed her the Rope she looked out for her Marlena is the type from from what I feel from that video she has a big heart just like me she has a really big heart she likes to see other people legitimately winning okay she likes to look up for other people and sometimes you have a big heart and you go out your way to help others sometimes and I'm saying it can come back to bite you in the ass you live learn and you move on and you just know not to make the same mistakes not to be as trusting the second time around okay but she really went on her way to help jaclyn hill and also jaclyn hill helped her out as well because jaclyn hill was definitely promoting makeup geek okay so they did help each other but she really helped it with industry stuff we're teaching her about you know fulfillment and you know distribution and getting her to like you know certain labs and different places that she should use you know to start her makeup line and just giving her a lot of like genuine advice that jacqueline and she would have reached out to somebody else probably charge you an arm and a leg for that same advice okay so it's very funny that the same thing that jacqueline did to this woman where this woman ended up losing you know damn near a million dollars on this makeup that just sat and they had to throw out um the same things happen in jacqueline so that's why i always say the same people that you see on your way up when you're climbing that ladder be very careful how you treat people because the same ones you see on your way up are the same people you're gonna see on your way down and that's one thing we always say in the south okay so i feel like everything that Jacqueline's going through is definitely karma for how she treated Marlena and other people you know i'm saying you can't sit here and watch somebody lose money and sort of that they try to help you with and then now she's losing millions of dollars because of how her products came out so karma is a real thing okay so you always watch how you treat folks another thing that i did like about Marlena steals videos that she also dressed the positives she talked about how cool Patrick Starr was how he still looks out for her to this day he'll call in and check in on her you know she talked about how Miki tutorials was this little young for girl you know bright-eyed bushy-tailed and you know how she helped her and how you know nikkietutorials is still really cooling down at Earth even though she has many subscribers and she talked very highly of some of these makeup people so it wasn't just all shade she was definitely very fair you know but I definitely liked how she went into details about the whole you know issue with her and Jaclyn and you know speaking out on her part of the situation what happened and you know letting her voice be heard the part about James Charles and Nicole Concilio you know I'm saying really surprised me I knew James Charles was messy but I didn't know she was going through all that when she got that deal with Netflix and James trials basically embarrassed her caught her that woman as if she was beneath him as if she didn't pay the way for people like James trials to eat thing emotional because I'm like this is supposed to be such a great day for me it's like a positive light with that I've gone through before this I was devastated and so I still took their time respond I try to be respectful in the beginning I said I tagged James I said I think it would be great to hear about your input from an influencer site as well I did not approach them they approached me and wanted to understand everything about the in beauty industry it wasn't about influence or thing and I know where this was coming from because James has been upset about that truth video I'm gonna say it hit dogs holler the loudest that's all I'm gonna say and I'm gonna be bold and say that because I never once said any names in that truth video for a specific reason talk about that in a second too so it started going back and forth I'm gonna put up here the tweets that I said to James I said my point is not to belittle him but to state that influence are just one aspect of the beauty industry I'm coming from it from my experience behind the scenes as well in front of the scenes so anyways that kind of all blew up to this day I'm gonna be honest I'm still pissed about that and because that day was ruined for me and I think what upset me the most was you calling me that woman I'm gonna say this bluntly I apologize if it offends anyone but I'm gonna be blunt I would never if even if it wasn't addressed at me if it was addressed at someone and it was as public with the largest audience that you said called anyone of any age that woman I'd be pissed that is so disrespectful and especially coming to someone as myself who's been doing your job before you did myself and many others like Leisha you know ex sparkage pixie woo wing cos nikkietutorials candy Johnson it's duty time there's so many people that had done all of this stuff for free did it how the passion of it worked hard to try to make this beauty community what you know a reputable place and for you to disrespect me for that and call me that woman I'm that was wrong I'm sorry that was utterly wrong I know you said an apology later but this is what really bothered me was the apology came after I responded back showing that I was really upset from that one thing that I don't like what I noticed with this new group of youtubers okay I'll just say this new generation of youtubers okay a lot of us who have been on this platform for years myself included Jackie I know you know Marlena from makeup geek I'm Spoken Reasons who was some of the OGIS DeStorm you know a lot of us who have been on here for years and we've watched how much this platform has changed um a lot of y'all would not be where you're at or be able to garner their amount of subscribers that you guys have now if it wasn't for people like us who've been here me speaking as somebody in the black commentary sector okay it's a lot easier for you guys to gain a following now it's a lot easier for you guys to come in and only be on here after a year or two and gain millions of subscribers cuz y'all didn't have to go through all the bumps the hardships you know I'm saying and all this shit that we have to go through because when we came on here and we were talking and doing videos and stuff like that we were trying to figure it out you guys were able to watch a blueprint and take it and run with it and you know basically create a more smoother process whereas we have to go through nooks and crannies and bump my head and you know get copyright strikes get channels taken down all types of nonsense that we've had to endure in the past eight to ten years where a lot of people who are just not starting out on YouTube within the past year to three years it's a lot smoother for you guys it's a lot smoother transition okay because now everybody knows about subscribing everybody knows about you know liking and sharing but back then like we have to like literally beg people like please subscribe please share now it's just been ingrained in people so they hit subscribe and they come back and everything else whereas before wasn't always like that and I think you know with anything I don't care if it's the comedy community what people are doing sketch comedy back then the gaming community the beauty community once money gets involved things just get ugly you know I'm saying when when a lot of people first started doing makeup and doing makeup tutorials it was for the love it was for them just wanting to teach people how to beautify themselves you know I still remember the days of Michelle found and being so proud when I saw her in that Dr Pepper commercial I would never forget that you know being in my room all those years ago watching Dr Pepper and see my shelf I'm like oh my god that's a fellow youtuber I want to be like that one day get my own you know pop commercial you know I mean and sand a storm when he first got his national sprite commercial and seeing you know people just grinding from the bottom and getting in and then kind of going mainstream and it's like that's when the corporations came and when the corporation's came that's when things got nasty that's when people thought that you know they they just should get thirty thousand for a shout out sixty thousand for a shot up and I'm not knocking nobody get your money you know I'm saying but that the money has definitely turned that you took me not just the beauty community but the YouTube community really ugly just all the shady stuff that goes on behind the scenes people sneaking and flagging people's videos trying to take people down just all the fuck shit that people do even stuff I've been through behind the scenes sisters some of the most shady shit that I won't speak on you know I mean so it's gotten really ugly because of the competition and because of the money involved and I'm glad that Marlena spoke about that and she spoke her truth and I just liked it I thought that she's being very articulate you know I'm saying she was being very honest very open very transparent and most of all the bitch about receipts okay that's the most important don't just tell me about some shit she had receipts for that ass and I couldn't do nothing but respect that you know I'm saying and she called out the people that need to be caught out and I'm sure they'll be in their fillings and they'll be making rebuttals and everything else but this woman generally try to help other people only for her to be shitted on time time again and I just think that's really unfortunate and I know that because she's such a soft-hearted person you know she took it to heart she was even crying in the video at different points so you know I feel bad for her I feel like this with everything you go through in life you just take it as a lesson learned even those who burn you even those who treat you like trash you don't allow that to hold you down you don't allow that to define you you just know them for who they are you know I'm saying you put them in a certain box and you keep it moving and you keep living your best life you keep chasing your goals and you keep focusing on your blessings you know and that's what's gonna happen in marlena when you help people genuinely you know I'm saying with that one in anything back and you're just a genuine person that will come back to you tenfold and that's why the people who are not genuine that's why they're going through the things that they're going through James Charles almost being cancelled you know I'm saying um Jacqueline Hill going through all the bullshit she's going through so I just found her video very very refreshing she said that basically she was feeling all this tea because now she wants to take a break she wants to move on from YouTube and focus on other things you know which if that's where her heart leads her by all means go on ahead and do that so I personally feel like marlenas video was beyond needed ok she's talked about a lot of stuff to toxicity on YouTube especially in the beauty community and in other communities it's just at an all-time high and it's just really disgusting how we're so quick to tear each other down and what's gonna happen is that you know this small YouTube community of just regular people y'all keep tearing each other down y'all keep on beefing and doing all this petty shit and when they start replacing you with you know a list celebrities and people start subscribing to a list celebrities and they no longer visit regular shmeckler people's YouTube channels anymore then you guys will understand where y'all fucked up you know cuz that's what's happening there's gonna be a corporate takeover of YouTube these celebrities are coming to YouTube they're saying that if there's a bag to get they already have a built-in fan base from television from the radio for movies and they're all swarming YouTube now okay YouTube is a new platform that everybody wants to be on and in a minute there's not gonna be any room for just regular people to come on and make content you know to make videos to talk about makeup to do commentary because it's gonna be saturated by celebrities and that's what's happening like why not pass eleventy $30,000 to do a makeup shoutout then some you know Joe Schmoe makeup artist who's been on here for a few years when we know like if we give that same 30 grand to like let's say a Miley Cyrus versus a Manny MUA that's gonna you know that's gonna create more of a buzz going with Miley versus like a regular youtuber and because of all the drama the toxicity the negativity that's what's gonna happen in the future that's what I foresee so we need to tighten up as a community not just in the beauty community but all around YouTube I don't care if it's the gaming community the commentary community everyone needs to tighten the fuck up point-blank period okay so that's my word and this on my lineage tail situation what she had to say about you know the beauty community and the influences and stuff like that and that's awesome I plan on the whole Jaclyn hill situation as well karma is real and she's definitely getting a good taste of it I write you guys so we have some breaking news so after marlenas video went viral all over youtube yesterday a few hours later of course people start to confront in jaclyn hill there are also confronting james Charles and Nicole and many others right so this was one of the last tweets that jacqueline responded to before she deleted all her social media accounts so the person tweets jacqueline they say at jaclyn hill should have listened to Marlena jacqueline responds back and she says I do not lab with the facility that she referred to I left them a long time ago she doesn't know the back end of my brand and so after that she deleted it her the comment underneath that commenter shannon says that was deleted extremely fast so i think she started feeling even more heat now that Marlena had put out her video she's feeling more backlash especially with all the stuff that's still going on with her lipsticks so as of now if you go to look up Jaclyn hill on Instagram Twitter or snapchat I don't really go on snapchats I'm not even gonna bother checking basically she's deleted her accounts amid all of this drama amid all of this nonsense and I think maybe it's for the best I know she'll be back trust me a narcissist they will always come back to the scene of the damn crime okay she'll be back but I think it's important for her if she feels the need to take a break get away from all these tweets and all these people coming at her and dragging her I mean she's been getting drugged now for about 2 damn weeks so I think she needs to just take a mental health break reassess everything you know I'm saying and really tried to figure out how she's gonna come back from this but getting tweeted at all day every day that's not healthy for anybody discussion pop and go ahead into the comment the nerd that's in this entire crazy situation once again concerning Jaclyn hill on her makeup do you guys agree what she had to say do you guys believe anything she had to say in that damn you know Instagram video and then how do you feel about the person who said they found mold on the lipstick D feel like that was a true test and that's what they really found or do you feel like they might be a situation where maybe they you know cross-contaminated the lipstick and they're just looking to go viral and then last but not least how do I feel about Marlena for makeup geeks video what she's addressing these influencers bring it with seats and blasting bitches okay so let's go ahead and get the discussion pop and go ahead and leave a comment all right deuces [Applause] you

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