Marion Smith - Communism Alive and Well?

but whatever it calls itself Nazism marxist leninism today terrorism is a twosome fico me they all have one thing in common the destruction the end of human Liberty my fear is this as we move further into the 21st century Canadians especially new Canadians new generations will forget or will not be taught the lessons hard learned and the victories hard earned over the last 100 years that they will fall even further in love with ease and convenience what history has taught us is one clear thing that the political ideologies that promise utopia lead to the opposite hell on earth that's why Canada needs this monument and why we are so grateful to the work of tribute to Liberty that reminds us of the names and the stories of those lost to one of the deadliest ideological plagues ever spread to communism Prime Minister Stephen Harper on communism horrific legacy he was commenting on Canada's effort to remember those who lost their lives fighting for freedom well in the US the victims of communism Memorial Foundation also Awards a medal to those who committed their lives to democracy and freedom on jun 11th the foundation awarded the truman reagan medal of freedom to you you to Ukrainian leaders who fought against Soviet rule they are Mustafa Gemma Lev he spent decades defending the rights of crimean tatars and Miroslav marinovitch founder of Amnesty International Ukraine will joining us now from Washington is Marion Smith executive director of the victims of communism Memorial Foundation welcome to the show mr. Smith I think that communism is not yet fully put into its proper place I mean after the Second World War we had d not suffocate of Germany and every schoolboy was taught that Nazism was evil but after the fall of the Berlin Wall Marxism and communism were not so denounced in fact they just took up residence in Western universities am i right well unfortunately in 1989 soviet communism collapsed in europe but it lived elsewhere and now we see here 25 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain that we're still dealing with the toxic legacy of communism in Europe in the former Soviet space where we thought it was long gone and yes you're right unfortunately there has been a successful effort in the West to largely disassociate the ideas of communism from the consequences of communism every single time it's been tried I mean it part of it i think is not wanting to offend china this great economic light that everyone wants to trade with I mean I certainly hear that in Canada oh don't announce comment it would you you heard a speech there our prime minister was talking about the evils of communism were starting a monument in Canada it's not even built yet I mean that's how tempered the Canadian effort is but still it's better than most and even that all the foreign policy Mandarin said oh don't do that you'll upset the Chinese what about speaking Claire and truth the evil that's exactly right communism is alive and well it exists in five countries today roughly twenty percent of the world's population or 1.5 billion people live in a form of communist regime and yes in China as well it's the 25th anniversary of the massacre in cinnamon square this year and despite some economic reforms that have taken place in China the power structure in China remain changed since night it remains an authoritarian state ruled by the Communist Party there has been improvement but there is still a tyranny in China and it takes a moral courage to see it and call it that way what I don't understand is is the moral and philosophical acrobatics used by those in America and Canada to say well you know Marxism is beautiful in theory we should have entire college departments dedicated to it and we should honor these Marxist scholars the only problem was in its implementation they they broke a few met too many eggs when they make that almond I mean how if we had a professor about theoretical Nazism it's at all yeah Hitler just got too caught up with that old Jew thing I mean people would say you're not you're crazy you're outside the the the beyond the pale why have we allowed people who frankly some of them still long for the glory days of Stalin and Mao why have we allow them to have a a place of prominence and respect in our academic community well the historical record is clear communism is an enabling ideology for tyranny and it has been the most deadly ideology of the last century more than 100 million people killed by communist regimes since nineteen seventeen it hasn't worked anywhere it promises peace prosperity and equality and it has delivered poverty and destitution and death and suffering and as it turns out no equality because there is in every communist country an elite that holds the power and governs over the rest Marion Smith give us one last word do you think that you are breaking through into the mainstream media your award i have to tell you and i had not heard about it until most recently do you get a lot of coverage for what you're doing or is there still sort of a silencing of even any discussion of anti-communism right are you called them a car theist are you called a hothead or reactionary instead of someone who remembers history last word to you well the victims that comment as a memorial foundation is very fortunate to have an authorizing act by Congress 20 years ago that was passed unanimously signed into law by president bill clinton course the democrat our monument erected eight years ago in washington DC was dedicated by president george w bush at our recent events this past week where we gave the truman reagan metal freedom to Miroslav marinovitch and announced it for a mustafa gemma lev we had bipartisan speakers in the house and the senate so Americans have always had a sort of unifying rallying cry against communism and we have to make sure that it stays that way because it is an ideology it is a system of government that is at odds with the rule of law democratic self-government and all that Western democracy has stood for Thank You mr. Smith for joining us today I appreciate your work

  1. Most people don't know much about Communism. They can profit from reading "You May as Well Sing, Brother" by C. Wang to find out the true consequences of Communism. Even dogs were killed by Mao Zedong.

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