Mapping the Sounds of Religion

I think of myself primarily as a teacher.
I loved being in the classroom as an undergraduate. The joy of learning
together with other people… I knew that I wanted to become a professor.
I’m Amy DeRogatis. I’m a Professor of Religion in American Culture. I’m
interested in the edges of religion as it works through sound. What we aim to do
in the American Religious Sounds Project is to leverage digital tools to ask some
questions about, “What does religion sound like? And how is it practiced through the
senses? When we look at religious groups we’re always asking questions of
identity. “Who am I? What happens to me after I die?” Paying attention to religious
sound, it’s a very fluid look at religious practice that can’t be
confined to a particular place. This is not a traditional study that looks at
text, or considers institutions as defining religion. But every student has
a stake in the production of knowledge. For me as a teacher, that’s the success.

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