Mapping Social Cohesion 2019: Emerging

(lively piano music) – [Narrator] Though 2019 findings point to a largely positive outlook, tall views of mapping social
cohesion survey results provide a long-term perspective and draw attention to
potentially important shifts in opinion, while questions on sense of belonging and happiness have obtained positive
responses from large majorities. Since the surveys began, the proportion of respondents with strongly held positive
views has declined over time. Those who feel a sense of belonging to a great extent has dropped from 74% to 63% since 2007 with more people now reporting belonging to a moderate extent. Similarly, the number of people
identifying as very happy has declined from 34% to 23% since 2007. New questions examining attitudes on globalisation and international affairs showed 71% agree that
growing economic ties between Australia and other countries is good for Australia. But also uncovered emerging issues. From a list of four countries, 58% of respondents selected China as Australia’s most
important economic partner and 67% of people expected
China to have the most influence in 10 years but just
28% were confident China would be do the right thing regarding Australia’s economic interests.

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