[Malaysia] Unknown communist uprising - the Malayan Emergency

Stephanie from history hustle and I'm standing in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in front of the national monument to GU negara which is not only dedicated to those who fell during war – but also those who fell during the Malaysian emergency which occurred from 1948 to 1960 of conflicts not a lot of people know much about and this video I'll talk about that just like in many other Southeast Asian countries communist uprisings occurred after World War 2 as well as in British Malaya the economy went very bad and British countermeasures didn't solve much the MCP the Malaysian Communist Party which was mainly occupied by Chinese pointed at the bridge it was their fault the economy went bad when in June 1948 three European plantation owners were murdered the British declared a state of emergency the NCP would drew its troops through jungle and waste a guerrilla warfare against the British the British responded by protecting their economic resources which were under attack by the communist guerrillas they also tried to cut up the supply line to the mCP but retreated in the jungle they started a heart and mind campaign where they were trying to convince the Malayan population of the British cost and point out the danger of the Communists in 1965 they declared amnesty for the communists that surrendered the British also committed some war crimes they relocated or deported shewill half a million people to so-called new villages but in reality these were camps with barbed wire surrounded so these people could not escape in December 1948 Scots regiment massacred 24 civilians in baton tally that were urn armed but seen as a communist threat and apart from massive aerial bombardments the British also used Agent Orange the chemical weapon the American youth in the Vietnam War 1957 the British made a smart move by declaring Malaya independence in the 31 of August therefore the mCP lost a lot of its support because they always claimed there were waging an anti colonial war against British but now to bridge themselves declared Malaya independent they were forced to surrender and the emergency was ended in July 1960 now a man that might ask yourself why did 40,000 British troops managed to suppress a communist uprising in Malaya where near half a million American soldiers fail to do so in Vietnam you must understand that the Malayan emergency was a far smaller conflict in the Vietnam War take a look at the communist threat the MCP had a thousand soldiers however North Vietnamese Army had more than half a million troops in the field also because of the geographical position of the country Vietnam was far better accessible by surrounding countries for help China and the Soviet Union could deliver weapons to them overland and the North Vietnamese Army was able to lay trails through surrounding countries like Laos and Cambodia the Malayan communist insurgents couldn't do so and let's not forget that most of the insurgents in Malaya were Chinese and they were considered foreigners by the Malayan people who often fought side-by-side with the British against the Japanese the emergency was ended however hostilities were not and from 1968 until 1989 there was so-called second religion emergency I'll talk about that in another video

  1. Why communist appears everywhere in World war 2, like every part of every frontier happens, Communist back then was strong as hell

  2. Yes, communist party defeated who fought for the independence and against the Japanese occupation . The British model of decolonization as follows> Kings, religion extremism and fiscal paradises.

  3. Malaysia: Banning Communist Party. But kept the Socialist Party of Malaysia as a current political party. Goddamit Malaysia. If you ban Communist Party then why did you let Socialist Party of Malaysia alive?

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