Making a Visible Difference In Proctor Creek Watershed Through Community Engagement

(music begins)
Donna Stephens-Steward: The EPA has been very profound in the work of Proctor Creek. Without
the EPA I don’t think we would have made the gains we made. They taught us quite a bit,
directly and indirectly, about how, you know, different things as simple as rain affect
our communities and our homes. And then, quite a bit, in co-sponsoring or sponsoring certain
workshops and things of that nature. And people come out and they learn things. And they train
quite a few citizens and we’re now citizen-scientists. I came into the whole Proctor Creek Stewardship
Council not knowing anything. I remember asking the basic kindergarten questions, you know,
in my first meetings and now people look at me and see a confident person I think. Now people
are asking me what does this mean and what does that mean. And if I don’t know I know
I can go to someone at the EPA and ask them and their more than willing to help me. The
biggest contribution the EPA has given us is the community engagement piece. I think
that is reaching people at their level. Talking to them. Communicating with them. Answering
their questions. Finding the answer to their questions has been a major contributing force
to the revitalization of Proctor Creek. (music rises and fades)

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