Making A "communist" state in City state

hello and welcome to city state the one of the only games where you can build city and run it like every seventh grader would where you paint the entire town red communism of course I mean anyway let's start a new game we're gonna go on a large grid I guess normal politics and economics tycoon economics I'm the money no all right anyway we're definitely gonna deal with politics so let's go and let's start our city-state I guess I think I found a perfect name for a country and a perfect flag although I think candle is more socialist but communist socialism same thing for any Canadians out there I'm community as well please don't get mad it's just a joke anyway now to go on to describing our country a liberal democracy that's not gonna work not close enough we need to go a little more to the left the rights to health dignity and non-discrimination I think that fits more than individual judgement responsibility and self ownership because no no's anything for according to his ability to each according to his needs y'know strict enforcement of private property don't even know what private property is private property still don't know what it is cooperative ownership that's right alright so rain now we are currently a socialist democracy let's see how much we have to do to create our little tater ship confirm foundation of every 12 year olds dream I realize years old is not one word but I ran out of space so I got rid of that space that seemed to make the most sense anyway let's start oh it's Canada I mean every 12 year olds dream entirely public funded all citizens received the same level yeah that sounds it everyone is equal the middle class love that the lower class decreased significantly the upper class decreased the middle class is growing this is the opposite to real life it's amazing it's communism because actually the middle crust is growing apparently gold there's so much gold ok everyone will work in the gold mines and we'll be rich nobody will be happy but we'll be rich I think this is a good spot to start I've got nowhere to actually put the city it's just all guildelines well start with the six Lane Road keep going we're gonna branch off here and there's something in the way I wonder is there anything like lower then like this so like social housing yeah that that that sounds that sounds right just put some social housing around then we'll have like the people that are actually paying to live in there are their houses we're just gonna put like in neighborhoods in the middle of the city we're now assumption socialist welfare state oh all right we're gonna clear out some of this some of this jungle we're gonna take some crappy roads oh I know no take some four-lane roads just gonna connect it up here all right we've created our first neighborhood I guess I don't want to call it we're gonna create some medium density commercial oh my God look at that people are living here that's a problem let's change it alright so rate okay I think I've got an idea so social housing it's gonna be great great in the middle right next to all of the industry then we're gonna play I'm gonna play some don't worry so their land value will be amazing because I have they're gonna be the only ones with a park near we need to do proper communism all right we need to farm all of the potatoes so just create some massive farms connect industry to the farms this is probably like the worst city of design I've ever made actually that's a lie I've played his Excel before change immigration oh I don't think anyone wants to immigrate here we're also losing money but we're gonna fix that with with a park of course parks are the only way to fix that and I think I think we just need to ski slopes look can i oh yeah can we just get more people to show up just by putting C ski slopes everywhere I love how we got like the mountain in half to build a ski slope what what's the point of building it on a tall mountain then Oh some farms are actually coming in I built some industry in there we're gonna build some low low density residential we need I want more housing I want money we're currently losing money it's almost like communism doesn't work almost it does all right we're gonna we're gonna spend $25 per thousand citizens so we can make money and make people happy whoa whoa why not do that all right so no one gets healthcare no one can secure a communist welfare state oh yeah that's it that's what I'm looking for ooh our stability 20% I still lose them for taking them off Oh No the amount of money get money how how is that even possible okay don't worry the country is not failing communism never fails let's let's just like housing housing is how you fix everything all right oh look at our glorious city can we like all right now we get to sit back and watch as a cash flow inevitably goes down national security surveillance tracking all citizens Oh God tracking all citizens internet activities and communications okay we need the we need the stability and approval so let's just like try and stay afloat for not enough available workforce for companies to expand well there's housing lots of it there's a bunch of ski slopes I don't know why all right nobody's nobody's going to him we we almost went bankrupt but don't worry we're fixing it we're fixing it by doing nothing our stability is currently at zero and the lower income class is paying seventeen bbbbb I don't know what it means bbbbb okay total debt a ton monthly payments six hundred and sixty one dollars uh yeah I definitely can't pay for that animal protections animals should not be subject to any legal legalization grant same rights to an animal of it all right so animals have now the right to vote yeah dogs and have the rights to vote now they have the same rights as you and me hopefully if it's not what it means we're only losing a thousand per month I'm assuming it's fine we can get through this the Communist People's Republic of Canada or sorry every seven-year-olds dream every twelve-year-old sorry seven by this point why don't we just allow the cloning of humans let's like clone babies yes all right we're at negative $1600 solid are you how many how many loans can we take out like your interest rate is at three percent right now my credit score is that a I I literally can't pay you back the interest how is my credit rating a like that is good right oh we're starting to get people with money oh my god well unemployment rate is only 2% oh I just noticed oh my god the city people are just like abandoning their businesses the housing is like empty oh my god foreign investment our borders are fully open to foreign cap fully ownership of land and companies an awful ban ban it we're gonna ban it alright get a growth in lower class that's a horrible are these houses still like there's still people living in them do we still have a population open demographics oh we have a thousand people living here now the hell is this graph why does it stop here and then like okay I gotta stop taking loans net why does it stop here and go all the like what the what the hell the hell is this graph hello oh wait wait okay wait 100% of the population is low-income we have no medium income and no upper clip oh no upper income oh my god Jesus we have nine tourists at first I thought that's a terrorists Oh available beds zero available activities 2,800 group wait how do we have a negative growth rate for the upper income if there's no one in the upper income because everybody's poor this is okay I think we've officially achieved a communist state everyone is poor so I think I think this is where we can end it and we can go bankrupt that was that was beautiful communism succeeded kind of think gray still place did a much better communist state then again everyone was a poor in his plate so it's fine but it's kind of yet and we're gonna end it with everybody going poor and the city going bankrupt see you next time

  1. tbh i forgot i made this video, honestly just made it in like 20 minuets so ya its just me screwing around, sorry if i pissed you off for using the word "communism" when i'm well aware its not. i also have no idea how to play the game

  2. This guy deserves way more subscribers than he has, this video was great and i cant wait to see another upload from this guy again

  3. Picking random decisions and spamming houses – "Communism doesn't work, duh"
    Seriously, it would be much better if you at least tried to make a working city instead of just rofling "that's communist" all the time

  4. alright so this video wasn't that big of a succes on account of you failing all you set out to do.
    first off don't be wacky straight out of the gate, play the game a bit until you know what is what and then when you can get results should you do challenges or specific play styles.
    secondly know what you are talking about. Everybody hates communism so that's fair but nothing about what you did had any real relation to that subject so all the 'jokes' just showed that you don't know shit and that really kills the video.
    Lastly you got a good mic so why leave in all the audio pops?
    Redo some takes and you will end up with a much better product.

    Maybe try a regular let's play of the game there aren't a whole lot of em that are up to date.
    Just don't set out to be GrayStillPlays right out the gate.

  5. You fucked up by not choosing the each according to his ability to each according to his needs because that is communism

  6. tries to make communist society yet skips…. from each according to his ability to each according to his need …smh at leat do it properly

  7. Look at allthe communists triggered lol vênzuela used to be a richest country in South America, now they dont have toilet paper lol yes, that is comminism for you, the evidence is obvious, you dont need to read some bullshit beautiful idea but when you implemented it, all hell breaks loose!!!

  8. The “from ability according to needs” quote is literally a Karl Marx quote and you didn’t pick it lol

  9. You need to do some research bud. You obviously know very little about politics and government so maybe steer away from that in the next video, or read up on what these things actually are. Dont borrow opinions, form them.

  10. If you're gonna do a communism run through, actually take 5 minutes to read the communism wikipedia article or something! To each according to their need is a commie mantra!

  11. It would be more fun if you know the communist values instead of just picking what you think is the worst policies. If you ask me it does seems like you pick everything SJW though.

  12. the quote "from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" is a quote from Karl Marx, the guy who made c o m m u n i s m

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