Making a Career of Measurable Social Impact

(upbeat music) The way that I describe Harris, it’s a unique environment because it’s a place to graduate program where people wanna help other people. Whatever sector or industry that you’re in, you know that the common background is that public spirit that you want to serve for the public. What I always wanted to do was to contribute in the way in which I can, through the skills that I have, to the social and economic empowerment of women and girls. I feel like being at “UN Women” that has been something that I have been able to do using the skills that I have gained at Harris. I spearheaded initiative at our organization to really bring about more countability around our diversity hiring metrics. That effort really changed the way that organization looked at their diversity. I really pushed them to seek solutions where they weren’t thinking of them before. My focus is on directing capital to community-based primary care providers. With the ultimate aim of providing high quality and ease of access to healthcare for those individuals in communities that are otherwise not being served or not being served with high quality care. Because of my time at Harris I’ve been able to have a real impact on the implementation of policy at the federal level where, you know, hundreds of thousands of people are effected by. Making sure that agencies are getting regulations done right. And I think it gives you a sense of happiness and joy to see that your work is having a direct impact on the people that you care about. Harris prepared me for a career in social impact because it helped me understand how policies are built, how policies are evaluated and analyzed, and how to have a human approach to launching and building a lot of these new policies. We all understand some problems with society. Infrastructure, healthcare, immigration, Small business development. But until I got to the Harris school, I wasn’t able to come up with anything beyond a naive level of understanding and proposing a real solution.

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