Make No Mistake; Trump Is Putting Communists On Notice: "I Have All The Guns" - 1567 -9A

do this kiss me is relayed on please let me go you and your lime on the air please be sure to get your otherwise please enter your PIN follows you're not much because they need you because they fear you in my mouth when I said your name you wanted a different place to let you have when I'm away and I felt like a stranger you forgot which place to hang you're chasing shapes are so persuasive I'm thinking in the feel insane but I've got that and I back at this path I wanted to take with that laughs it's flashbacks we've never been willing the same as Isis old routine you're over me I'm told between the shoulders through the media cope with me because Daniel yes Hey Bonjour Bonjour Bonjour all right happy fourth of July thank you all right sir good sound check by go go check your hot hot hot hot hot okay bye thank you 704 severed heads it will in the sense that they barely dispose it separate Rachel separate days we were barely float they wanted assess and they may be dispose it separately separately all marina master happy fourth of July everybody on YouTube wine yes ignore me [Applause] ladies have your attention I've just been handed in that cracks me up that cracks me up it's off the hook in the morning that's right welcome to the Pete Santilli show on this Thursday July 4 2019 episode number 15 67 is just gonna be an all-day affair I would say I say all-day affair we have a lot of fourth of July salute to America there they're calling it all that but make no mistake about it ladies and gentlemen President Trump is signaling to the communist you know this is not Venezuela he's not Hugo Chavez they haven't disarmed the entire American population he's actually commander-in-chief of the military he has the department of homeland security he has absolute executive control over all of the guns all of them make no mistake about it this is a salute to America but it is and I'm gonna proudly say that my commander in chief is sending the right signal to the Communists out there and if you're a communist you're gonna be offended by that and I please want I please I ask you to file your complaint and tell me that you're offended by President Trump telling the Communists that he has all the guns because if you're a communist please rear your ugly head we want to identify you and get ready to round you up and send you to the gas chamber so welcome on this salute to America ladies and gentlemen and good morning to Deb Jordan good morning to you how are you on earth we are still we have in the past celebrated the Declaration of Independence okay we've celebrated that in our entire history 240 plus years today going forward we're gonna put our foot down if not on the backs of the necks of the Communists Chad Lipscomb is oh my god Lipscomb is getting us started on on the right foot look at look at this ladies and gentlemen $99 and $0.99 super chat thank you very much for for supporting us unbelievable support we're receiving over on D live 24/7 and you guys we're seeing this we actually we have it open 24/7 yeah we appreciate all your support and you know what I loved seeing and I love this because in most cases like III know Alex Jones is somewhat of a greedy bastard he wants all know he does he wanted to be no no no no I'm talking about for the past 20 years uh-huh and even in the past seven and a half years he wants all of the market share and all the sales he's tip of the spear he's the hot dog and the tip of the spear right yeah and and he was greedy about market share and he didn't want to share anything in alternative media right but now I I know he recognizes and appreciates that I don't even need to speak with him we're gonna be fully supportive of Infowars III you know I'm on auto-ship with the turbo for all of that stuff we're very supportive of but guess what hey so we're to I'm moving into to are rated conservative uh-huh we've shared already conservative you and our supporters are also supporting r-rated concern oh man he's he was on it was on his game I swear I was just loving it people were talking to me on one of the other chat rooms and he's like a and and I'm just sitting in the background was doing some work actually in in the in the office okay yeah and and somebody was like in all right it's like is Pete even here's a is always freaking here you kidding me he's always there we were laughing were laughing for his candor I gotta tell you it's I think what makes me laugh is that he approaches it it's it's so natural and it's so real I mean it's who he really is really it's very authentic that's what he's selling is authentically did not jump in to the thread I wanted everybody focused on him I don't want like if I jump in the thread not that I'm like all important but all of a sudden everyone's chatting with me yeah I didn't want that I want everybody chatting with each other and talking about already conservative that's why I don't go in the chatroom yeah he was very very good he made me laugh out loud he hits the hard truth yeah he really does but he doesn't in this way yeah that would make some people feel very uncomfortable but for me it's kind of a comfort zone not you guys everybody knows I was a musician right this is how band members talk to each other especially the guys just hilarious I love it I feel very comfortable listening to him yeah if you haven't I I please I implore you all to please check him out and I also want to say before we get we're gonna do our morning invocation in the Pledge of Allegiance so now that we've got our streams going we need we got our chat room running we got to check that first thing in the morning okay I want to say happy birthday to the United States militia this is this is when it was born this was the militia it's all George Washington had yeah was 3% of Americans put their lives on the line farmers farmers and shop ranchers Baker's the only thing they did he didn't have then were streamers but he had plenty of spies yet loggers yeah plenty of spies which was equivalent to a bunch of okie Dokes yeah right I'm telling you so happy birthday congratulations to the united states militia ouch the reaper centers yeah you're still alive and well today happy birthday you guys alive and well protective and proud of our country proud of our flag and very very defensive you know don't don't be you know don't be scared of the militia actually the only people that would be afraid of the militia are doing the wrong thing on the wrong side of the Constitution we're very very protective of our nation we're very proud we are very civic-minded very patriotic we are very Pro government of by and for our people absolutely I love a federal government that says you know what all we need to really worry about is filling potholes on interstate freeways yeah and then outside of that what do you really need us for why don't you delegate some authority to us as we've done it over time right that's the powers that were delegated where we said hey you guys at the front office why don't you go ahead and take care of a you know maybe the national logo on sneakers just bombing me with enthusiasm yeah yeah Dee Martinez thank you so much yeah one of our plight one of our platinum sponsors Lorraine Lorraine dropping a ninja Guinea and also and we're gonna get to our morning invocation here let me just make sure that I give some big shoutouts here we got Lorraine for Jen mayhem America's Independence Day whether commies like it or not that's absolutely right let's make it very very clear what this Independence Day is all about well we have just gone through a two and a half year investigation into the coup plotters there was a an attempted coup first of all an attempted coup on the voters the 63 million voters that wanted to send somebody to go drain the swamp they wanted to overturn that but ladies and gentlemen let's take some pause and as I always say let us pray we have Clyde on the line right now who will without any hesitation do our morning invocation and then I will if if you would give me permission to do so lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance sir top of the morning to you good morning good morning dad good morning if and Keith and them communist buggers were hanging around what do you think he would have done down by the Potomac oh yeah there better be put on those two you're about to be designated domestic terrorists you're being surveilled you're being tracked and you will be rounded up you enjoy your little tweeting while it lasts anyways I gotta tell you all of the traitors during the Revolutionary War all fled yes where they fled to because though all the traitors on New York City the traitors who fled to Canada ah the Redcoats you know not the Becker's but the ones that ran away from the draft led to Canada let's get on with the invocation for the Mori please and and father we come to you and Father we just asked for revival throughout this world we pray for peace father we pray for our leaders that they will be making the right decisions and will seek you for advice father we also we pray that people will go to your instruction book on how we are to live to raise our children and father we just we thank you for all the blessings that we don't even see and father I thank you so much for giving me grandbabies back to me and I just ask for your protection that we can keep them here and keep them safe and father we just ask for you know blessings upon Deb and Pete and keep your angels of protection around them and also I every day I pray for rain Anna and I miss hearing her and we all love you rain Anna and we thank you for your guidance and your love for our Savior in our God we pray this in your son's blood amen amen thank you very much and on this fourth of July I'd love to have the honor of saying our Pledge of Allegiance thank you very much quiet I really appreciate it sir thank you for that that was a beautiful prayer okay I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all except a communist ok fair enough I'm not modifying the pledge that was just an afterthought that's your that's my I don't need to amend it I'm actually working it's a work in progress okay a link to bring liberty and justice for all Americans ok the Communists that are trying to take that away now let me let me provide some commentary here because there's a lot of stuff going on in the internet I've been following it just to let you know this morning this is what's gonna happen this morning we're gonna get an update at about 9:30 Patrick Walsh is gonna call in that's right ok he's gonna let us know what's going on I was talking to him in the morning he's on the ground in Washington DC we're gonna get live streaming from Patrick we're gonna host him on our D live channel we'll be doing that at 2 o'clock there is gonna be the big parade Joe o'clock in the afternoon Patrick will have the streams fired up we have to run a quick errand we have no choice we have to do this for for a good reason you guys will see that a little bit later we have to run a quick errand but we don't get out much but we have to and we've got security issues so we need to make sure that everyone is sitting in the guns and turrets up surrounding the bunker make sure those people are settled of course yes well-fed lots of ammo and the place is very secure yeah so we're gonna step away just for a little bit when we come back I'll be in the seat I'll be taking a look at stuff that's going on out there but we've got a live feed to Washington DC with Patrick Walsh and New World Order the times all right now listen here's another thing I want to remind everyone of there was a situation ok now as you know we're fighting on multiple fronts as all independent media people are they are from Gavin McInnes Laura Loomer Alex Jones pizza you know tom Fitton is not independent media but he's over at Judicial Watch all fighting legal battles we're all fighting internet censorship we're all fighting all this stuff and we're still trying to bring you guys the truth now our listenership has been so supportive we're now at the point you know where we connect with somebody like D Martinez that just pushes us over the top every single instance you guys today this what I want you to do okay I want you to think about this there were weeks ago we like to plan in advance okay the events that you see for instance Patrick a couple of weeks ago we started talking about his event on the 6th and I wanted to be able to support him and make sure that he's not pulling out of pocket because he's actually pulling out of pocket to do this stuff right now okay now if you guys support us I want to be able to say Patrick or r-rated conservative there's a couple of events coming up these guys are gonna go out in the field I'd like to be able to say let's cover let's actually booked a hotel hotel room for you right make sure that you guys are staying at the motel 6 you got meals covered you're streaming I'd like to be able to get us a professional streaming thing like like they have over there at our RB I'm sorry it's right side broadcasting our SB n we'd like to be able to do that that costs money to do I'd like to be able to ship a special box that gives us commercial priority over all the you know the 30,000 streamers they're gonna be out there hey I can work around it I'm working with Patrick right now to give him some tips as to how he can get front-of-the-line privileges but your contributions are gonna go towards stuff like that so recognize that the work that we're gonna do today Patrick's out in the field we're literally volunteering to do all this stuff and scraping wherever we can your support goes towards doing more events like this I think we got a great group of authentic steak and potatoes listen I love already conservative yeah he's got a he's got what does he call his people there banana brigade or something like that it's so authentic I mean I love having Americans like us getting together we don't need you know big Britt sponsors we have we the people we've got loggers logging miners mining we got you know Stephen hey Dean okay he's delivering firewood for vets right yeah he's supportive of our show he's a big supporter of our show you guys I can't tell you how much support this guy has given it's top secret say you know he says it's the equivalent of a trillion dollars when we need it most well Helen iam just said at dub PayPal a happy birthday oh man always he's always look at Carolyn from Utah happy birthday America that's right happy birthday America it is an exciting day we've been watching the coverage on Fox and Friends yes this morning yes and you can you get the excitement the energy that's in the air even in New York City is palatable yes it's amazing it really does feel like a fourth of July to me it does and I haven't felt this way in a very long time I mean it no you know what we have a tremendous we have a leader right now that's pushing past all of that negative communist anti American stuff pushing all the way past it he doesn't care what CBS and ABC and NBC and CNN and what all of the planet are they're crazy he doesn't care what they say guess what the majority of us are American and we're proud Americans and we want to come together today to also oppose all of you leftist propagandist and we want I want to put each and every one of you on notice there were there was some chatter out there there were these quote-unquote resistors I've actually been picking on an Tifa the past few days since they hit no I'm not afraid of an Tifa you know what I'm afraid of that they're allowed to continue to operate without being declared domestic terrorists right I want them surveilled I'm literally sending messages I'm finding people out on the internet that are speaking in code right now okay hint hint hint sending messages and stuff like that and I'm literally see seeing the FBI the Secret Service I'm literally attaching and saying don't don't hint towards anything come right out in the open we your IP address we want your effing drone coordinates I want the Secret Service the FBI to have you tracked then if you throw that black mask out now what do we do ladies and gentlemen as a fearless nation defending our liberties right we don't allow domestic terrorists to be running around with black masks somebody throws a black mask on you need to identify where they are you need to coordinate with law enforcement in the if you're out in the public square you're at a 4th of July celebration and you see somebody whip out a black mask you see something you freaking say something we need to identify these people we need to get them off the streets black masks are not gonna be tolerated today anybody with a freaking blunt running around with a black mask that's the equivalent of Isis running around shouting Allah Akbar okay it's a same exact freaking thing and then we had somebody that was one of the resistors you know and he's out putting our propaganda about Admiral Rogers okay and he jumped onto our show and he heard me say he said I was calling for violence do you remember what I said how upset I was that day when I said that the police were being assaulted we need to back up the police and the Patriots and we had to bring 50 cals out there to go help support the police and make sure that they're not assaulted by an Tifa you remember when I said that yes he said that was calling for violence some frickin antiva buek oh my god spun that into I was calling for violence I said any time anybody opposes me saying that I want to be protective of our police right our first responders are patriots that are out there and a prayer rally right anybody that opposes that is exactly who I want rounded up and taken off the frickin street you're adamant anti-american domestic terrorist on this day I want to speak of that I want to speak of the good things about our country and how we respond to these leftist propagandist that the ones that are supportive of for instance they're supportive of their militant left-wing they call them anti-fascists okay that is a hoax they're actually fascists themselves oh they're truly the fascist you think they're truly the fascist the majority of Americans and I'm gonna say Republicans and Democrats and I want to come together in this spirit I say spirit right because it is it is a spirit that we have among us Americans Republicans and Democrats they used to go to the the parade and it didn't matter what your political party was we have an American spirit that cannot be conquered we can even have a debate debate between Democrats and Republicans mm-hmm but now they want to turn what you used to be you know America is as president Trump says we want to make America great again we're gonna have a bunch of people come together but unfortunately it's going to be attacked today it's it has been attacked today look at this at CB since when on our nation's 4th of July celebration the CBS ABC NBC and CNN and and MSNBC boycott a 4th of July celebration what's wrong with that these are the public freaking airwaves these are the nation's networks right that's right they shouldn't be coaxed into into doing it but I'll tell you what CBS ABC NBC CNN and MSNBC we don't need them ladies and gentlemen cos guess what because Patrick Walsh is gonna be on the ground and we're gonna be streaming and we don't need their government /ice a government the bad cops that is on the government side we don't need their their commentary we don't need their bias we don't need their deep statism we the people will come together and us loggers and miners and streamers and workers Patrick what is Patrick do you know what Patrick does I know it's frickin mechanic oh yes yes that's right he's a mechanic well call him either here you know in the background he's literally working and we're working our way through this stuff we Americans steak potatoes I'm a former United States Marine okay but I've always been and in the trenches guy even through my corporate experience I was Joe suit-and-tie guy but all of my employees I always wanted to make sure that they knew and I took the approach as the United States Marine as a leader by example I would never ask my employees to do something that I haven't already mastered right right and that I would not have been doing myself well when I had merchandisers a coca-cola I had a hundred hundred and fifty merchandisers and I would ask them to go take an entire tractor trailer full of six-pack cans of coke and build a display out in front of a grocery store on the fourth there's a lot you know before the fourth of July and throw all those cases you know by hand and they knew that when I asked them to do that I would do it myself I would unload an entire tractor-trailer I mean I could do it and I'll throw more cases do you know how much respect those people had for me how much I mean you can answer that yourself a lot they knew that whatever I asked them to do if they said no to it I'll do it my freakin self and they would never you know want to let that happen and they would they would go they would run through minefields to get the job done whatever it was that I was asking for them and guess what this is the leadership that we have here in this country right now in president Trump he'll never ask anybody okay to do something that he's not willing to put his life on the line for he's never going to put his his troops you know at risk as the commander in chief right unless it's absolutely necessary he loves our country he loves our country he loves America he is fighting tooth and nail respect our flag he's been doing I remember the NFL debate is that is that anyone forgotten that NFL debate you want to take a knee to our flag and disrespect what that flag represents to me really you want to do that you anti-american taper neck puke go ahead and do that you have a right to do it you're gonna be broke and fired people will boycott the freakin NFL we emptied the stadiums oh yeah he took a knee right in the face of all the people that are paying their wages right that's disrespecting our country and then they called him a nationalist white Nazi or whatever whatever whatever it is that they call us right now it's called national pride we love our country we Americans Democrats and Republicans that used to go to the parade right and celebrate together on the 4th of July they didn't call us a bunch of Nazis no Kent of every race creating color out at the you know the Remsen street and Cohoes New York getting together for the 4th of July parade remember though the Shriners that used to ride those little vehicles oh absolutely they had there was a fun thing that was absolutely the Shriners of July parade was like this day my childhood was the most exciting day second to Christmas I mean we would get to the park early in our town so that we could get a table or as and then later of course we will all convene out it out at the farm you know all of our family aunts uncles cousins everybody would come out there but we would get together early we would bring everybody would bring food oh my gosh Oh Lydia labs by the way $243 paypal happy 240 third birthday whole idiom laughs thank you under you're amazing yes yeah Wilson people knows how much that means to us yeah he's received phone calls from us you know us letting him know exactly where we're at knees he's come through he's supporting our show he's he's fighting and now it ought to do good work he's not a bartender and he's never asked me for 93 truly he's never asked me for 93 trillion dollars so who I trust hmm says vice president pence the swearing in 50 new Americans I hope that they do that publicly I hope that that's part of the festivity today I'm gonna be watching for that because what a message that I'm gonna talk I'm gonna talk about you know immigration issues today on this 4th of July as it relates to my family and how incensed my family is legal immigrants are towards this illegal immigration thing it's literally a propaganda ization there's a propaganda campaign these leftists care more about first of all they want illegal aliens pouring over the border mm-hmm because they know that they're on the on the inside track of making lots of money and drug trafficking there are lot making lots of money in human trafficking they don't want people to come through the front door because there's a 2 billion dollar industry just with getting coyotes right the coyotes and the trafficking the human trafficking to 2 billion dollar industry so I want to talk about proper legal immigration the president Trump has always been for and by the way based on merit you know what merit is hey if my grandfather's are carpentering he can get a job as a carpenter right yeah and he's got a sponsor and he comes to this country he had nine children and guess what they came over here one by one you know you know in groups right right only when they had a job to come to when they came to this country it had to be my mother my mother had a certificate she was a fashion designer in Italy III I mean I've looked at that thing that's like an old she's a seamstress and she went to fashion design school and she came to go work at Moore Shohreh okay Marshall Rae was a clothing manufacturing company and they're on 6th Avenue in Troy New York I remember the smell of the of the the beautiful pollution output of that facility it was just it was American Progress that plant got shut down because it had too much pollution output right by the EPA of course forests and then all those facilities were shipped to China whereby those Chinese put out a hundred times as much pollution its Marshal ray and Troy Troy New York ok but anyways I digress I'm gonna talk about legal immigration because I come from a family that was so proud to study the Constitution so proud to assimilate and to speak English it was broken English even to this day they speak broken English but they came in the proper way even my Uncle Frank okay who kind of resisted he wanted to remain an Italian citizen right yes what he had in his pocket a green card yeah he was and he was one of the top freakin engineers and machinists working in Green Island right near where Mike were it very industrial he was a machinist yeah okay an engineer very proud to talk about Italian engineering and ingenuity we're talking about somebody that had some very high-level skills he had a job and he just decided to remain an Italian citizen he did for four decades and he walked around with his green card he was here legally right mm-hmm he wasn't without papers yeah I tell you what he he actually went through a process to become a citizen it costs a lot of money for him and in my aunt to become citizens because they held off it was cheaper way back in the day right now it's expensive to go through that process he was willing to do it he went through the proper process he could have said screw you but but I'm I'm certain that every single family member whether they be democrat or republican are pissed off at these freebies that come cuz my family never took a handout they they work their butts off and never took a handout from so we're gonna talk about that today as it relates to immigration we're gonna celebrate that and so in salute America what it used to be you remember the Statue of Liberty folks why was that Statue of Liberty placed right there what a keep an eye on the time as Patrick called in its 932 there we go thank you very much I appreciate it yeah you're welcome thank you he's not online but he'll be calling in any minute he'll be calling in I'm texting him right now okay yeah well what why is the Statue of Liberty right there in New York Harbor why is it right there you know all the boats that would come in to New York to Ellis Island yes those boats would pass right by that Statue of Liberty hey but one of the first things that all of our nation's immigrants would see right the Statue of Liberty I wouldn't be surprised that they take that thing down because she was racist claimed that she was racist oh I I have no doubts I don't want to take that thing down mm-hmm they want to strip us they want to delete it's kind of like you can't express yourself on Twitter we're gonna delete you they had that same attitude towards our history Dean Willie AHA said that his mother came here legally from the Philippines in 1957 and 57 from the Philippines that's fantastic that is fantastic that is okay listen uh CBS ABC NBC CNN and MSNBC will not air president Trump's July 4th celebration guess what we don't need one do we need them oh who cares actually don't say wow thank you thank you because yeah we're gonna get on the restream Oh way NN we're gonna restream you know Fox News we're gonna do also we've got people on the ground Patrick literally to money out of his pocket put gas in his tank drove to Washington DC you know unfortunately I didn't even have the money to cover his trip I originally wanted to cover his trip and maybe sent him 500 bucks to cover lodging food because he's gonna be there on the 6th – yeah cover his $3 entry to the event on the 6th mm-hmm he's gonna be on the ground and I couldn't cover that but with your support were able to cover events like that right now he's actually pulling out of his pocket to do this cuz we don't we're not CBS ABC we don't sell viagra it's we the people coming together to to blast the truth out about how proud we are about America right and it's okay to have tanks pointed at the Communists in the oh I'm just kidding on the National Mall we're gonna actually see those from Patrick this isn't about by the way this little debate and the flag thing with Nike it's not about sneakers okay right it's about people and this this salute to America is also the Annunciation of those who do not want a USA at all they've been working and fighting their last phase was to bring Hillary Clinton to the forefront let me let me make sure our phone lines are working fine Oh Larry Larry import with Port Angeles Washington happy fourth of July I just want to make sure our phone lines are working right we're waiting for Patrick to call in so happy fourth of July we'll be streaming as much as we can today so hang with us all right all right you too all right man happy fourth love that guy yeah absolutely what were you gonna say um we had we had somebody that came in of course they've been deleted but I can still see him they said left versus right tribalism is killing us and Trump trumple Gooch plays those strings well along with the elite while you worship him like a false no not not a worship I worship America okay because I love my fellow Americans and guess what tribalism we actually will now from this point forward I'm gonna say this choose a side and time to choose a side and choose wisely it's the side of America okay and I absolutely if you're that brainwashed and you think that being American is tribal okay then you have no idea where you're standing you're about to find out and you're gonna be outnumbered okay you're gonna be outnumbered I'm not looking for unity with communists you either choose the side of America you choose the side of America I believe I have a president a commander in chief that is choosing the side of America and Americans and that includes everyone of every race creed and color you can say whatever you want about him or you choose to be communist choose a side wisely that's it you know what's interesting about this remark is that in putting that out there right and in saying that they are participating and exactly what they're railing against yeah oh yeah I'm calling for more critical can you be I mean if that's how you really feel yep then you know just don't take the side don't have an opinion let's go to Patrick let's let's shift gears and just ditch that commie okay over there that was leaving communist communist remark our chat room by the way let me let me put out a notice here Patrick as you get ready to to talk to me here let me put out notice if you are an anti-american please leave we're actually saluting America we're coming together we have a right to freely assemble and associate here on this show to do what we're doing we the people steak and potatoes we sell authenticity from our rating conservative to Pete Santilli to Deb Jordan to all of our listeners if you're anti-american then please leave because you're going to be offended by Americanism yeah my flag triggers people so you might want in you might want to leave okay Patrick from new world order of the time right now joins us on the line good morning happy fourth I couldn't think of a better place to be right now with my my boot you're got boots on the ground right now in Washington DC right yes good morning Pete and Evan hat fourth of July July how does it feel to be out there on the fourth of July dude no it feels great I remember at the rest stop wait now we're getting ready we're gonna run right down the road check in the right place and then start streaming right down DC I'm gonna you know just kick it up and then start walking around where the festivities are down by the mall that's great all right now but before we get into the daily stuff I'm gonna kick us off as well what sorry that page doesn't exist hold on a second president Trump's page doesn't exist now real Donald Trump's status it doesn't exist look at this right here stand by what do they got going on I'm literally on a okay that one doesn't exist either he's deleting tweets what is going on here stand by I'm gonna read it people are coming far and wide to join us today and tonight for what is turning out to be one of the biggest celebrations in the history of our country salute to America an all-day event at the Lincoln Memorial culminating with large-scale flyovers and the most modern and advanced aircraft anywhere in the world perhaps even aircraft one will do a low and loud sprint over the crowd that will start at 6:00 p.m. but be there early then at 9:00 p.m. a great to put it mildly fireworks display I will speak on behalf of our great country I can't imagine that those two tweets were deleted for any reason at all but Patrick tell us what you're gonna be doing so line is up because we're gonna restraint we're gonna restrain as much of your stuff as possible and hey yeah I'm gonna get down there I should be starting up the the National Independence Day Parade starts like right away our noon time so right around then I'm gonna start off that stream and then I'm gonna walk over over somewhere in the mall the code pink clan you know that the pink pussycat hat-wearing Brigade they're gonna be flying that big baby Trump blimp over there so I'm gonna go over and check that out and see how long that lasts and then around five o'clock there's a bunch of Communists they're gonna be in front of a white and they're gonna repent to burn the American flag so let's see if they can actually pull that one off you know and because this is what's going on it with the people that are going down there you know not only are people going down the salute America there's people down there going to basically the people that want to destroy America are going to be down there too and they're very bold you know and they're going down there and they're in your face and they're actually daring that they're going to show up there at 5 o'clock waiting for the White House and burn the American flag and so you know I'll do what I can to kind of push my way and try to make sure that that doesn't happen you know around 8 o'clock or 6:30 but after that that's when the festivities the real stuff starts happening down the stream open like that Patrick this is what I'll say and I'm gonna say this I've gotten to know you a little bit we've talked I love your spirit your attitude your American you you do a great job you're level-headed very very defensive you don't you've never called for violence but you do it which based on what you just said you're saying I'm not gonna let that happen you go with your instinct and you be as American as you can and you know that there's gonna be plenty of support to stop any potential violence but you know burning the flag are they are they gonna be allowed to burn the flag out in front of the White House well they say they're gone too depends I mean I guess you know if there's if if they can't make it to the White House maybe they they won't be able to burn the flag but yeah you know if I see it I'm just going to push go down there and then push forward to keep on pushing forward and get as close to it as possible yeah get get in there but be you know I mean I'm telling you here on the air of course I'll talk to you you know off off the air you you have a right to especially get out there because you're here it is in if anybody says hey you're not quote-unquote media CBS ABC NBC CNN and MSNBC are not going to be airing this thing the 4th of July celebration you're one of our nation's free press that's out there that's trying to deliver the truth about what's happening in Washington DC in a good regard right and and the truth about anybody that wants to bring harm to our country these anti Americans you're literally one of the last lines of defense here in delivering the truth and I really really appreciate you you know we're all volunteering right yeah all volunteers right now and yeah we are we're volunteers we are you know because that's the thing that's people on the right you know we're not manufactured by people like George Soros is not plus loads of people of us coming down here you know we're grassroots we're down low down there because we want to salute America you know we're not some kind of monolith we're just patriotic it's the 4th of July and we're there to celebrate our independence from England you know it's fun for me you know for materialism yes you know we are freedom and you know and they're gonna be down there and you know a lot of these leftist and these communists you know who really they think that they earn the world you know it's this is the birth of freedom this is freedom right here and you know we're here I what I would like to do down there I wish all the pages for they on the Washington DC not only drain the swamp but chase all these snakes that are watching ABC wants in a brawl yes absolutely we have a right to if you're anti-american and you really let me call it this burning a flag out in front of the White House as a communist is I'm gonna call it antagonism it's very very interpret I mean it's it's like you know I mean it's like being a racist okay and then showing up at a black man's funeral to go spew your racism do you think that that's the most appropriate time to be doing that interact with society you can express yourself freely but you know but let us either live in peace or die in peace or leave us the heck aloneness don't antagonize us because you know what hey listen I'm gonna stand in defense of my nation in defense of our of our Liberty in defense of everything that that what our flag represents and our flag represents a whole bunch of things Patrick I want you to express that what do you what does the flag mean to you what does it mean to you the father everything that protects me all the people that that flag it has a legacy and you know it's a legacy you know that that's before me way before there's so many people that have died and sacrificed themselves you know for generations just to pass that freedom along you know and I you know I respect that I know that you know I'm not out trying to burn anybody's flag I'm not gonna go down there and burn a communist flag or burn a rainbow flag they can have their flags but don't disrespect us like this is our flag the only flag the only flag that flies over our country you know and that's the only flag that we need and anybody in America thinks they need another flag you know really they should go where they fly those flags and go mind their own business and leave our flag alone and especially not be found in it yeah we don't go to a gay pride parade yeah when I bring the rainbow flag yeah it's a great great night I mean we just don't do that that's disrespectful to their their freedoms we're very protective of their freedom in fact you know I mean look at my lo yon appleรญs there's a straight Pride Parade coming up and he's the crab that he's a great gay conservative respectful of you know straight people's rights to freely assemble and I and I love that that's who we are on our side of the spectrum I want to tell you guys weed it out and other people are seeing his tweets Pete I don't know whether or not you know that particular tweet was deleted sorry that that page does not exist I had a couple of tweets queued up but go ahead what is he saying [Applause] do me a favor just keep it to keep this this number right here you'll be able to punch in because I'm gonna leave the the phone line open you can always call in and provide direct commentary if your stream goes down or anything like that of course do your thing dude be safe and thank you so much for calling and let us know what's going on okay okay yes yeah they're happy fourth happy fourth of July to everybody out there immolation news team god bless you too all right be safe mega mega mega mega K that is so beautiful Carolyn from Utah is on the line thank you so much for your generosity this morning thank you so much happy fourth of July Carolyn I called to ask for forgiveness about last night just my comment oh great I thought it was great actually well I thought what you said was awesome I just yeah you know what they all right oh it was Tim let me let me just give you the inside scoop about that I kind of liked that you posed that question because I'm a real big ham and I like to answer questions like excuse me you're playing my kind of ballgame when you're throwing stuff out like that because it gives me the opportunity to not just state you know my opinion but to provoke some thought I mean when I gave that analogy back at you I know everybody was like yeah yeah that's exactly what it's about you know the Cowboys versus the Indians yeah right yeah it was perfect I mean it was really good I just want you know I love American I don't like those black masks I don't like him at all mmm people suck at any venue in the United States of America if you're at a fireworks display anybody running around with black boots black pants black shirt and they start throwing a black mask on that is a domestic terrorist you contact law enforcement immediately identify them watch them okay when they cover their face they're trying to hide their identity you get them on camera and have had the police do what they need to do to remove that mask and identify who they are why are they concealing themselves I don't want them doing that to potentially bring harm to a large group of Americans of every race creating color you're not gonna be doing that today any black mask and Tifa uh they're domestic terrorist ladies and gentlemen identify them that some people say oh that's snitching that's like picking up the phone and calling and saying I got a freaking Isis guy running around with a suicide vest you're a snitch oh you think so you think that's snitching that's protecting America we're gonna protect America against those black masks absolutely right on I got something to say to you I wish you could play this song because they played it at all the champ rallies on our SBN and it's called the Train and it's by Coldwater Canyon and there's a video that goes with it when President Trump was running and it's the best thing ever just get everybody pumped up to try that water Canyon yeah and it's called the Train and it's just such a good the words are so wonderful and the video president Chopp it's just just you guys you'll just get all excited if you can watch it watch it Kenya yeah right on there you go let me see what I can do stand by hold on I love this hold on one second okay let me just make sure we're gonna share this and cite fair use this is actually newsworthy is the first time I'm hearing about it that's therefore I love it do what you love your fellow Americans and I love this country I'd really really do I'm not only emotional about that my entire life has been about that my entire life yeah I mean this is this is a great day to celebrate and I'm very very excited that President Trump is actually backing up what I've been my entire life and that is an American it's okay to be alright here we go you're right America great again nice trick you can that way people screaming USC like this we're gonna fill this country we're gonna bring those jobs back you gotta make in a better way we're gonna make this land of ours one again this nation happy again trying to keep so just keep some more Latinos for Trump Meritage the trunk burgers which are really with nice Coldwater Canyon Coldwater Canyon is directed by for custody that's nice I love that great great great great yes first time I had ever heard that I'm really glad that you shared that with us I I want to also direct you I'm gonna subscribe to their Channel Coldwater Canyon only 445 subscribers I think they certainly deserve more I like that I liked playing it and there it is Coldwater Canyon is the band you can find them on CD Baby and I want to give full credit to these guys and you know what just remind me I need to make a note here real quick I want to make sure that we provide link backs to their YouTube channel they need way more than 445 subscribers don't you agree oh yeah I mean they obviously video played all through the 2016 campaign oh come on amazing let's see Coldwater Canyon right of course they may have gotten deleted had to start all over again like so many of us mmm so all right now listen in the remaining moans we're gonna go with just one hour and then actually we have to go right we have to run an errand we and then I'm gonna be back in that I'm gonna be back on the seat so you guys bear with me for the real festivities before the noon hour here so I can't go to 11 o'clock but we're gonna stream a lot today and you guys can join us on our telephone lines you can join us at D live we're gonna shut down YouTube we're gonna shut YouTube down temporarily I think I might be able to continuously strain but we're gonna be doing some stuff with Patrick and continuously stream on our YouTube channel if I have to shut it down because we're doing some special stuff that you know we don't want to get flagged for we'll certainly do that but join us on our D live channel join us on our telephone lines five six three nine nine nine one four four nine and over at d live you can also find our telephone number for the audio stream so if you want to find out what's going on and if we're live you can actually just dial in on your cell phone for those of you that that have just regular cell phone coverage you can actually listen in we have that live stream running right now that's right now we want to remind everybody that generate our special guests we have two special guests tonight Lindsey grassville whose father was an FBI agent who infiltrated back in the 60s and 70s the Weathermen weather Weather Underground the weather the Weathermen the underground yes he he was the one who infiltrated and brought them down bottom Bill Ayers the buddy of so many local brats and communists and Barack Obama he babysat Barack Obama's children we hear we understand and she is out there fighting the good fight in California you're taking up where her father left off but she is right out in the open and auntie fie hates her she's gonna she's gonna be coming on and she's gonna be talking about what she's got planned she wasn't able to make it out Washington DC for the festivities on the 6th she's happy to be with you guys and give you guys an update about what's going on out there in California and in her activism and and in at the eight o'clock hour we have Mike at Mike Adams coming on Mike Adams coming on is gonna be on he's gonna be talking about this great country and what it means and what he expects should happen and what he would like for a president Trump to do going forward so there you go you guys don't miss tonight's show don't miss tonight's show we cover the fireworks huh and we're covering the fireworks don't because Patrick is going to be in and out letting us know what's going on on the ground so it's gonna be an exciting good listen we don't we don't expect anything bad to happen but of course we want to pray for Patrick safety you know and and you know and and let's say pray for calm right we want him to just observe report and and not you know not be overly influenced by the communist burning flags right mm-hmm so let's say a prayer for Patrick the telephone number program this into your phone if you wish 605 three one three zero seven zero three that's six oh five three one three zero seven zero three program that into your phone this is what you'll get when you dial in okay this is what you'll hear there you go and you should be able to hear my voice on that you should be able to hear my go see that it goes straight through slight delay you can of course also get on our text alerts we're gonna be following social media I'm actually going to be not directing Patrick but just giving him if he's not seeing something himself if we know of something that's that's breaking on the ground there even if it's a beautiful sight we're gonna provide that information to him if you guys get in our me we chat room okay if news breaks major news breaks it's just regular festivities you know just join us on the streams yeah and you can be in our chat rooms if when news breaks get on our text alerts text Pete two seven four one two one all right text Pete two seven four one two one when breaking news happens we will immediately go to the email issue news chat room immediately that'll be up II actually I love you guys in the chat rooms on the you know the the the social media platforms I'll be keeping an eye on D live and me.we chat room for breaking news because you guys can send links over in the me WeChat and our email issue news we can share those freely alright so here we go we're gonna be at the we're gonna be at the helm here right here in the bunker in from you know paya top of Mount Washington in Cincinnati Ohio enjoying the day with each and every one of you couldn't think of a better group of people to be celebrating the the fourth of July we will be back in in just a little bit as soon as we get back in the seat you'll see us jump back in we 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  1. In the late 60s my husband came here from Mexico he was 16yrs old. He worked hard in the farming industry. I met him in 1974, we were married in 75. He then got his "green card". After having that card for 26yrs, he then became a citizen (Oct 2001). Happy Independence Day <3

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