在传奇的Virtue Tower 我们能看到Society of Virtue 地球最棒的英雄在捍卫道德和美德 Majestic,你可以过来吗? 我们有一个问题 什么问题? 嗯,其实不是一个问题 我们发现了Megalopolisville的坏人在增加 现在城市有129新的坏人 什么?? 打败邪恶的时候到了!! 嗯。。。 这就是问题 什么? 可能最好是你在这里等着 我换了衣服你才说? 就是因为你换了衣服 等一下。你们不喜欢我的制服吗? 是吗? 不是啊,没有人这样说啊。 但是,有些人会觉得 。。。可能是一个错的印象。。。 好人为了可以认识你都在变成坏人 而也想被你打。讽刺吧 这是我的错吗? 当然不是啊! 我都想代替他们道歉 你的才能一定要是用柔术和搏击来打坏人吗? 可能用一支箭可以啊。或者用一支飞镖 可能你可以用一把扫把来打他们而可以离他们远一点 首先问题是我支付, 现在问题是我怎么去打击犯罪啊? 你看看吧,只是今天我们有好几个新的坏人 Body Lubricantman Terrible Masoquist Majestic Number One Fan 她连创作一个外号都懒得作 这个就是她的Instagram外号 最糟糕的是他们什么都没头 有些人花了很多钱想在新闻出现然后就得到我们的注意 Society of Virtue 再次拯救了城市! 防止了女性被娱乐圈具体化 等一下!我有权穿我想穿的衣服 如果我想裸体,我就会裸体!我不需要任何男人帮我说话 然后不让我做主角 Society of Virtue 再次很糊涂 他们不知道是不是在这个性别歧视的行业用着Majestic的特别性感的形象来赚钱 还是一个自我肯定和赋权的故事的配角。 字幕:Yimei Chan

  1. Society of Virtue…I just figured why all the religious stuff is on the sidebar. Algorithms don't get sarcasm.

  2. I kinda like the outfit but it doesn't scream superhero It just says hay look at me I'm a super porno star that likes to smack people in the ass and so much more…. I mean I guess at one point she wear spandex but was like this shit is uncomfortable and just dumped it in the trash and was ill just fight in the with the rest of the outfit instead LIKE COME ON MAN I'm trying to quit masterbation and your dressed like that I'm having A BONER AS WE SPEAK

  3. Well, it wasn't any of the other Society of Virtue members that got ME to click on the video lol Majestic pulled me RIGHT in. 👍

  4. Pfft! The guys were RIGHT! She and her costume IS the cause of all those villains committing crimes to get HER attention and to get spanked by HER! 😂😂😆😆

  5. …Huh. Suddenly I feel very sorry for Power Girl's villains. Some laser vision here, a punch thrown at super-speed there… No jujitsu or wrestling for YOU, gentlemen. 🙁

  6. I kind of like it well it was played back in the day they know gotten away in get course back then it would never allow the type of hero like that but of course today yeah but not back then but anyway good story

  7. She should join the justice league, they wouldn't give her any problems wearing that outfit, the girls might get a little jealous though!

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