Mailvio Review – UNLIMITED contacts for a Unbeatable ONE-TIME Price + Mailvio Bonuses

Mailvio, this could probably be the
only email platform that you’re going to need from today on and I know this is a bold
statement but I think you will definitely like this review about mailvio
which is an email system with a built in smtp everything that you need is within
this platform and it has some very good results. Now before I dive into this
review I want to say to you that you want to watch till the end of this
review because you want to buy this product on Friday and I’m gonna tell you
exactly why you want to buy this on Friday and not Saturday or Sunday etc
because there is a big advantage when you buy this product on Friday now
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time I upload a new review now let me dive into this review let me show you
what it is and this is a part of the sales page where you also see the only
out responder you’ll ever need and this is a bold statement but I I definitely
think that you will like this product and because of a few things first of all
it’s the price is very good and this is not a typical I want to say that up
front that this is not a typical twenty seven or thirty seven dollar offer or
forty seven dollar offer this is priced a bit higher but you’re going to get
full access and a lot of email credits for your money so stay tuned while I
will explain you what it is also I’m gonna show you my bonuses I’m going to
give away if you decide to purchase this through my link now let me go to the
dashboard and let me show you what mailvio is and basically this is the
same as GetResponse a weber activecampaign
etc because activecampaign also has some nice features that are also in mill vo
so let me show you what it is after you’ve logged in this is what you will
see you will see your dashboard with your contacts the open rate etc and I
already tested with this platform and I was impressed by the results that it was
giving me so that’s where I’m going to start with instead of explaining all the
things first I first want to talk about the results that
this platform is giving you so I’ve sent out a few emails and as you can see here
let me zoom in a bit here you can see that might open rate was fifteen point
thirty seven percent from my first email and thirteen point 53% for my second
email now to give you a good idea I personally use Infusionsoft as an email
platform and I’m going to show you the numbers in Infusionsoft so this is
infusions of this is my email platform that I’m using and when I go to my
promos for example compare shop and I open the emails that have sent out to
compare shop you will see here in this in this part here that I’ve sent out
this email and I got an operate of 10.4% and this is on average an open rate on
average that I’m going that I’m having with Infusionsoft when I go to max fills
in here and I open the emails in here you will also see that the open rate is
about 8 to 10 percent so when I open this you will see here that my operate
here from my first email here was eight point seven percent my second email was
a point four percent so when I go back to novio you will notice that my open
rate was a bit higher or a bit it was almost fifty percent higher than what I
had with Infusionsoft here is is fifteen point thirty seven percent and 13.53 and
I also heard from a lot of other marketers that they are having very good
results with mail vo now with that having SAP you want to have a platform
with a good deliverability and that is with mil vo I can guarantee you that
your results that you will be amazed by the results that you will have with mil
vo now what can you do with mil vo now first of all you can send out emails
like you’re seeing right here so these are the emails that have sent outs and
you can simply send an email by create an email campaign here and you can set
up an email campaign now you can do a regular campaign or you can also do an
a/b a B test where you can set up multiple
subject lines and them you could choose for the winning subject to send outs in
this case I’m going to do a normal companion so you’re gonna gonna give
your campaign a name so let me say demo campaign your subject line hey there
this is a not a good subject line but just to show you what it is so here you
can set up an email like you’re normally do now there it comes a really cool
builder which is a drag-and-drop editor that you can use personally I’m using
the rich text editor editor most of the times in my messages but let me show you
the drag-and-drop editor that’s coming with mil vo as you can see here here you
can drag and drop all items so if you want to add a new text you can simply
drag and drop that text into your email and you can start writing your email or
if you want to have another image you can add that image to your email and you
can let me delete it right now you can change everything so there’s a lot to be
changed you can change the background of your email also you can give it your own
style or the style for her for your customers if you’re going to purchase
this for your customers and it’s very flexible I really like it you can add
your social media at the bottom etc so this is a very professional editor and
you can also look how this looks on mobile you get a mobile preview to see
how it looks on mobile etc and then once you’ve done you can send the test email
to yourself or you can go to save and quit and then you can continue with your
with sending your email now let me show you what is going to do after you saved
your email and sometimes I’ve noticed that the server is a bit slow but yeah
that’s maybe it’s because I’m still in a demo face right now but there it is we
can continue so here you see your email it’s ready to send out so you can go to
the next step where you select your your subscribers there where you want to send
this email to I’m not going to do that right now
let me do it this way and click on next step and here you can schedule your
email you can see everything the preview if everything is correct you’re from
line your subject line etc and here you can schedule your email so you can say
when you click on schedule you can say exactly if you want to send it now or
you can schedule it for a specific date or you can send it at best time
choose a date we maximize the open rate of your campaign for each of your
recipients so this is also possible it’s being delivered on the best time I think
it’s a pretty cool email builder isn’t it so this is what comes the email
builder or you can do simply plain text by using the plain text editor and then
send out your emails now then the second part is that you can set up templates
you can set up email templates in here that you can use with the automation now
before I’m going to show that I’m also going to show you the statistics of your
emails so when I go in here you can exactly ask for the statistics from
specific dates from your emails where you also will see it opens the click
rates etc and when you open an email you can go to the reports in here and one
thing that I really like about these statistics is that it also going to show
you when you go here you have multiple things you can see so here you can see
exactly the opens etc from which email what kind of email the timeline and the
opening clicks in here you can see complete statistics you can see exactly
where everyone is coming from so from my list you can see one and 46 opens from
the United States from the United Kingdom 28 you have a very detailed
overview of the people on your list now what I really like is this part also
it says clicked links and this is loading probably right now and here it
says right now all my clicks came from this specific link now I haven’t tested
this yet but you could add multiple links to an email and then it’s going to
tell you where the clicks were coming from how many percentage came from
civic links so let’s say you have here a link and you have a link down the email
you can see exactly if this is 20 percent and at the bottom of the email
is 80 percent you’re gonna know that the next time you want to add your link at
the bottom of this email so this comes with some really nice statistics also
from your emails without having said about the email part let me show you the
automation parts so I explained the templates part where you can set up
emails up front that you can use within your automation now here it becomes
interesting because you can set up automation campaigns with this which is
similar to active campaign I don’t know if you know active campaign but active
campaign is a really cool algae responder also that lets you set up
complete automation sequences depending on different choices that people make so
when I go back to mil vo you also see here when I create a new workflow you
can choose what kind of workflow you want to create so you can create a
welcome message workflow or a page visit workflow marketing activity
transactional activity abandoned cart a lot of options in here now let’s say I
want to have a website event I’m gonna click this let me see how it works
because yeah this is how it works and right now let me see this is a
template I guess I don’t want to have a template so let me delete this create a
workflow let me do that well let me take my existing workflow and let me edit
this one so you can see what I mean so when you have a workflow I can delete
all these entry points this is very cool what you can do in here so for example I
can say ok this is ok I think I get rid of ok you click on the plus point which
means you can set up the plus point where people come in so you could do an
email activity email marketing activity you can say when somebody opened this
specific email or they clicked in this space
email you can say a specific link when they click this link then this campaign
needs to start but you can also do another entry point for example you’re
gonna say contact details when it’s their anniversary or when a contact is
added to a specific list so let’s say somebody subscribes to your list you can
see you can choose from one of your lists you can say okay so when somebody
subscribes to your list this automation is going to run for you now let me
delete this one so somebody’s added to your list then you can say what do you
need to do well you can send an email so this is how it works normally and here
you can choose from your templates that you’ve set up and you can say I want
this net to choose when to send this email so you can say I don’t want to
send in the weekends but I want to say on Monday Tuesday Wednesday you can
specify the time etc or you can say okay use my event to customize the email so
the the data which is triggered in the workflow there’s there’s a lot of
information I don’t even understand everything right now
while I’m explaining because every time you see new things but you can say okay
I send this email not on Saturday and Sunday but on the rest of the weeks now
when people have open that email or not you could do different things so you
could also say okay after that I want to do some other things like add them to
another workflow or I want to add a delay so let’s say I want to wait for
one day and then I want to send out the next email and after that day I want to
send another vacation or I want to send an other email or want to update this
contact or I want to do an a/b split there’s a lot of options in here or you
could do simply when somebody visits your website so you could say okay once
somebody somebody visits a specific page on my website which is equal to HTTP
timbered all that come slash offer a so when somebody visits this page that is
on my list then I automatically send out an email to them we
the offer for that specific product or you can send a discount coupon for that
specific product and this makes your marketing very very powerful because you
have a lot of triggers you see here is a website activity but you could also do
when a contact clicks an external link or when an event happens or when
somebody submits a form on your website a newsletter form or whatever and then
you can build out these campaigns with the things that you’re seeing in here so
you could send an email SMS not sure what that is I didn’t figure that out
because I didn’t have credits for it so probably they’re also going to deliver
as a mess services in the future send a notification add them to a list add the
visitor to a retargeting audience remove them from a list call a web hook updated
contact attribute or blacklist the context start another workflow a lot of
options are being a built in to mil vo now what do you have more when you go to
the contacts you’re able to import your contacts and as you can see here I’ve
imported some of my contacts you could simply do that by clicking on import and
then you could do that by uploading a file or copy and paste your contacts now
a lot of platforms like Aweber GetResponse and all those platforms are
giving you a headache when you want to import contacts into your autoresponder Mailvio has been built by marketers for marketers this is a product that is
going to allow you to upload your list without problems this is built by Neil
Napier and he’s a well-known internet marketer and he has done a very good job
on this product now another thing that you could do is build out forms also for
your list so you could set up newsletter forms and they look like this you can
also this is a very simple one so when I add this in a new tab this could be an
external so you could also use this to subscribe people to your list I’m using
this personally to send my bonuses to people so you could send out a form like
this when they subscribe and then your bones will be sent automatically to them
or you’re in newsletter or whatever you have will be
sent to them automatically when you use forums like this so you could create a
subscription form you could collect emails or SMS and then simply use the
editor in here where you can change things you could do no confirmation a
simple confirmation double opt-in confirmation the success message or you
could redirect them after they’ve submitted the form you could tell them
on which list it you want to add them once they subscribe to your list so a
lot of options are possible within Mailvio now let me go over to the
pricing of this product and this is where it becomes really interesting and
this is if you are considering to buy this product you want to buy this on
Friday why do you want to buy this on Friday once this product is being allow
and that’s this Friday the early bird price you will get a meal via 12 months
charter license with unlimited contacts and 500,000 bonus email credits now
what’s going to happen when you purchase Mailvio you’re going to get 500,000
credits and on top of that on Friday you’re gonna get another 500,000 credits
which means you’re going to get 1 million credits to use that means you
can send out 1 million emails when you grab the early birds now let me go to my
website to my review website because it’s all laid out in here there’s a link
below this video that will explain everything here the pricing etc so there
is it this is not a typical offer like I said this will be a one-time 297 12
won’t license that you’re going to purchase and on Friday here you can see
it’s on Friday you’re going to get let me zoom in 500,000 extra bonus email
credits why do you not want to buy this on Saturday because on Saturday oh sorry
or they might yeah on Saturday you’re going to get 400,000
email credits on Sunday the 10th you’re going to get
300,000 extra bonus credits on Monday you’re gonna get 200,000 on Tuesday only
100,000 credits and on the next day you’re gonna get a surprise not sure
what that is so you get the best deal this Friday even if you don’t have this
100,000 or the surprise it’s still a really good deal 500,000 emails for 297
dollars you’re going to get that when you purchase on Friday so that’s why I
said at the beginning of this video if you want to purchase this purchases on
Friday because that’s where you’re going to get the best deal now the front end
product is 297 so let me get my calculator so what that means is when
you purchase this so let’s say 297 and you’re going to divide this by 12 means
that per month this is twenty four dollars and seventy five cents for a
complete system with marketing automation etc with a super high
deliverability rates now when I go to to my system Infusionsoft if I want to use
marketing automation here I’m going to need this one this is $44 per month for
five hundred contacts now let’s say I want to have 10,000 contacts when it
scroll down here you will see that I need to pay $200 I’m paying two hundred
forty-four dollars per month to get the same amount of credits that I’m getting
with mil vo and that’s why I said this could be the only email platform that
you’re going to need and maybe you’re going to ask him are you switching to
mil vo or not and I think that’s a good question
and I want to be totally transparent with you that I’m in the big doubt what
I’m doing right now because I really like the deliverability of this platform
and the pricing that it comes with but the problem is that I work with
Infusionsoft and I have a lot of automation within Infusionsoft and
there’s a lot of things are possible let me quickly show you Infusionsoft here
that what I’m doing here with Infusionsoft is not something that you
can replace if I were with a weber or get response probably I would have
switched the next day but let’s say here a demo campaign with Infusionsoft what
I’m using but this is also an expensive email platform but it allows you to do
things so quickly so I can say here when somebody signs up through this forum or
this form or this form I’m going to redirect them to this email sequence and
do you see how fast I can build my whole sequences I’m gonna say okay then I’m
going to send this email I’m gonna wait a day then I’m gonna send them this
email I’m gonna wait a day and then once they click my email in here so they
click a specific link in the email I’m going to send them an other email
campaign and once they click another link in the email I’m gonna send them
this specific campaign and there are so many things possible I can also check ok
then when somebody visits my website from both of these channels they go to
continue with this email sequence now as you can see this runs it really quickly
and I’ve got this connected to many of my campaigns and also to payment systems
etc which makes it difficult for me to swap over to Melville however if I would
have had an get response or a weber where I only sent out weekly emails it
was no doubt that I would switch this Friday to min ovo why because the cost
let me look at a weber here when you go to the pricing of a weber when you want
you have 10,000 contacts you’re going to pay $140 per month when we go to get
response and I want to have a list of 10,000 for example I’m gonna pay 85
this is euros so this is probably $100 a little bit more than $100 a month when
we go to active campaign and I want to have 10,000 contacts with the cheapest
plan I’m going to pay one hundred eleven dollars now mil vo comes with the
pricing here of 297 which I just showed in the calculator which is 2475 now how
many credits do you get when you buy this Friday you’re gonna get 1 million
credits if you divide this by 12 means that you can send out 83,000 emails per
month with mil-mil vo and to me personally this is a very good deal
especially with all the automation with the possibilities that it comes with
with the deliverability rate this is a very good offer
now there’s also an upsell you can read everything here on my page so there’s an
upsell one which is 497 which is also a 12-month license which will give you 6
million email credits up front and hundred additional pre-made email
templates superior IP allocation which even even gives you a better deliver
ability and a higher minimum starting limit for account protection so there
will be an account protection to build up your list also there’s a down sell
for forty nine ninety or ninety nine for this same offer and there’s an upgrade
to four for ninety seven which is an eight week master class where you focus
on list building and paid traffic email writing better in boxing and all lessons
are being held live now what I’m going to do if you decide to purchase mil vo
through my link I’m gonna give you my bonuses also that are very congruent to
this product I tried to get the best bonuses out there for you so what I’m
gonna do first of all I’m gonna give you a free social clout pop-up account you
don’t see it right now but I’m gonna add a video to my website here where you can
see exactly what this is and it’s going to create pop-ups on your website that
will increase your conversions when you do email campaigns and send them to your
offers this is definitely something that will will increase your sales
tremendously so I’m gonna give this this is a cloud builder a social cloud pop-up
builder with all different kinds of possibilities you’re going to get access
to this my second bonus is my free lead sidebar leads account this is also cloud
based where there will be a bar at the right side of your screen where people
can only enter your news articles or whatever you put in there when they
leave their email address so this way you’re also able to build your email
list very very cool bones that you definitely
want to have I’m also gonna give you ten strategies how to build your list so
I’ve built my list of thousands of subscribers I’m gonna show you how I
personally done that in this training also I’m gonna give you 2,000 freebies
because people love to get freebies I’m gonna give you those freebies that you
can use to build your list with Mailvio so that you can send out offers to your
list lady ROM then my next bonus is an email video scriptwriter
and most marketers are having a hard time writing their emails and scripts
for videos but not any longer this bonus will tell you exactly what
you need to write with high converting messages and on top of that also you’re
going to get fill-in-the-blank email templates and this is another bonus that
will help you to write your emails and simply fill in the blanks and to engage
welcome and to sell your products to your lists now a good headline will
double could double your open rates so what I’m going to do is I’m gonna give
you 400 fill-in-the-blank headlines also so you could use these
headlines for any kind of product that you’re going to sell through your emails
and this is filling the blanks so you simply take these headlines these
headlines converts have been proven to convert fill out your own product in
these headlines and yeah this takes away a lot of headache from you now another
bonus is 160 day email follow-up Siri you know the money is in the list but
the fortune is in the follow-up you want to follow up with the people that
subscribe to your list so you could add this to your Mailvio account as a
follow up where you can sell your products over and over again and then my
latest bonus is a countdown timer so you can add scarcity also to your emails you
can set up these emails you can change the colors you can change the dates etc
and when you put scar s’ti in your emails you will sell a lot more Syria
also going to get access to dance now if you
buy one of the upgrades I’m also gonna give you my reengage ur bonus which will
bring visitors back to your websites this is a plug-in that’s developed by
myself and I’m gonna give you that as an extra bonus also so all-in-all this is a
great product that I can highly recommend the vendor by the way has
teamed up with an eight-figure business partner so don’t worry that this email
platform has gone tomorrow the great thing is that you don’t need to connect
an SMTP server everything is already there done for you so that you can start
immediately the same day with sending out emails alright that’s my review for
today again please give a like to this video if you like this video subscribe
to my youtube channel if you want to stay updated with the latest reviews and
also hit that notification button to get notified each time I upload a new review
alright that’s it for today thank you for watching and hope to see you in my
next review have an awesome day and talk soon

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